Project Runway: Season 4 Finale!!

Joy. Endless joy. Now let's pray this is not anti-climactic. All together now! I'm on the edge of my seat. Just 6 minutes until Rami, Prince Christian the Small (c)1969, and Jillian go head to head at NY Fashion Week. Of course in actuality this was weeks and weeks and weeks ago but no matter! I've worked very hard to ignore the coverage so I wouldn't accidentally see any looks or read anything about it. This is a very organic process and I mustn't have it muddled!! Last week's recap of Part 1 of the finale was a voice post so catch it if you need to catch up. Basically, Rami won the face-off despite his draping because Chris had hair weave shirts and dresses and blazers oh my! It was as horrendous as it sounds. Usually hair shirt means someone with a hairy chest. Unfortunately in this case it means someone with hair... on their shirt... vomit.

Less than 1:30 until the show!! AHHHHHHH! Chris has the most amazing laugh!! Love it. It's here!! And Posh is a judge, which I already knew. Love her!!

PCS is trippin out. Ooh they have food. Let me get some of that food. Rami... you're not gonna win. Sorry. I'm over you and your draping and let's not forget your comments about Americans not understanding fashion. That makes me want to cut you. PCS! You can't lose your fierce right now! Calm down! How are you suddenly flipping out?? See I'm not like this. I don't get all crazy in the heat of the moment. I like how I handle pressure. Very calmly. Jillian you can't make a quick decision and stick with it???? What are you talking about??? *sarcasm* Duh chick. Tell us something we don't know. Ooh! They're already casting Season 5!! Consumers are so ridiculous. We are 6 minutes into the finale and I'm already looking to the next season. I can't help it. That's the hotness of doing TV based on reality. You never ever run out of people. There are billions of us in the world. Everybody gets a turn!

I can't stand when models complain about things being uncomfortable. "These shoes hurt" "This skirt's too tight." Waa waa. You're paid to wear that for, on a runway, all of 45 seconds tops. Longer only if it's a finale piece or there are no changes. Even still you are in that for less than 30 minutes. You know what's uncomfortable? Homelessness. PCS said "Be really skinny, don't eat." He's so silly. Go get 8 burgers just because he said that. And send me one.

OMG TOP CHEF IS BACK NEXT WEEK!!!!!!!!! Too bad there's no hot black guy chef this time. Booooooo.

Jillian are you serious? You really don't know how to cast and now you want new models the day before the show? You're on drugs aren't you? A bit annoying Rami? You are such the king of understatements. It's kind of funny. PCS, "No it's done, put it away." AMEN!! All of you stop second guessing yourselves please please please. The order: Jillian, Rami and Christian. And I think Tim Gunn is about to cry. He's so hilarious. They're an inspiration for you? What about me Tim Gunn!?! WHAT ABOUT ME!?!?!??! Lolol. I couldn't resist.

One hour til the runway show!! There's Jack!! Awww Jackalicioius!! Why are 2 of PCS's models late? Not cute at all. Padma! Back to work next week!!! Chick how do you show up 30 minutes before the show start. PCS did you say you don't have other opps coming up?? Have you even SEEN what Austin the fab is doing right now?? Stop.

Heidi. I don't like your outfit. The shirt is cute, your hair is cute, but the rest I'm not loving. Padma why with the lavender gloves? Why??? Becks I heart you. If I was a mom and my child was on PR I would be in tears from the 2nd he/she walked out. I'm feeling a bit wet in the eyes anyway right now.

Not feeling outfit one. Is that a burkha? The skirt on outfit 2 yes. Shirt on outfit 3?? ABSOLUTELY!! Ooh dress 4! Outfit 5 skirt. Outfit 6- skirt, those sleeves on the sweater scare me. Coat on outfit 7 yes. Sweater outfit 8 err??? No on the cutouts. Outfit 9, yes. 10!?!?!? NEED!! And Tyson's mouth just fell open. It's amazing. Dress 11 absolutely. 11 also a winner. Stop it. I guess that was 12. Did I miss something? I thought there were 12 looks. IDK but that was amazing. Tough act to follow. I'm in love with most of that collection. The added piece-- the sweater in outfit 6? No indeed. I need them to edit themselves. If you're adding, you need to make sure it's in the same line. That wasn't even in the same color palette. I don't get it. The skirt was. The sweater wasn't and it was too weird even though it looked way better on.

The Oscar thank you speech? Too funny. Dress 1- intriguing. Love the color. Dress 2 also intriguing a bit old for my taste. Dress 3 magnificent. Outfit 4 and 5 also intriguing. The pops of color and giant bags. outfit 5 yes on the skirt. 6 pants a bit much shirt LOVE. 7 I just can't stand the poo color. 8 dress nice. 9 dress i'd adore if not for that cap sleeve. 10 That model's walk is stilted. The dress no. 11 Dress yes and the hair piece is amazing. I think I'm missing stuff. IDK I'm watching and not looking at what I'm typing. Oh I think I know what's happening. I wasn't necessarily numbering the first ones, just typing. Ah well. You got the highlights.

Is that a pleather shirt? I already know I need these hats. Every single one. Outfit 1 no. 2- Yes, yes and yes. 3 absolutely. 4 not really. 5- hmmm. 6- noo. 7- that collar I need. It's ginormous. That is the statement I am in life. 8 yes the whole thing 9 the jacket. 10 no. too odd. 11- no again. these ruffles all over west Africa and India and Asia. Too much. 12- The feather dress is amazing. I can't deny that. And I need that hair piece yesterday. My faves in this collection were all the hats and hair pieces. The clothes were too much for me. If they were too much for me most people will hate them. I won't go that far at all. They're not horrid but no.

Commercial break. Overall, I was pleased with what hit the runway. Everyone had multiple pieces I would wear. Loved it. I don't even care who wins. 20 minutes left in the show. Can't wait to hear what the judges have to say! Stop telling me about the model competition!! I keep telling you I don't care!! She said she could design 45 things from one painting. Jillian you're amazing. The knitwear was very surprising. Nina is right, it did look a bit disjointed. Almost not like a collection. Like oooh! I like this and I like this!!

PCS is going to die b/c Becks just called him major and he loves her!! Def. too much black. Thanks guys. The ruffles, black and feathers. I know he's dying because he loves Becks and she is all over him!! He just said he would dress her daily!!

Rami... yes. The woven pieces really were fab. You don't like those colors MK? Really? REALLY?? Mr. Black blazer and tee? Stop. Other than the green and brown in that one piece, you're out of control on that statement. He said "Let's be Frank." You be Frank, I'll be Jameil. Hahahaha. That so reminds me of my homie Morg. HILARIOUS, that one. Super jerk. Now here Nina goes on the colors. What are you talking about?? How can you not love the hot pinks and turquoise? Are you dead? Yes, you're dead, aren't you? Poor things.

Aaaaaaaaaand who's the winner?? Who is it who is it who is it?!!? Not Jillian?? Wow. It was the lack of cohesiveness. Poor thing. Stop yanking up your dress. I can't stand to see people pulling on their clothes. That says, "It doesn't fit." Who won who won who won??


And Becks wants to wear his clothes?? Miss 1969 is losing it waking up the kids right now if she's back in town. Lol. I can't believe I'm not getting a text from her. Let me go check the email. No email either!? There's no way she missed that. Where are all my PR heads?! Where are youuuuuuuuu??? I found you and I was gonna wait to post this but I shant make you wait any longer! Oh and for the record, no, I did NOT find this finale anti-climactic because the clothes were so amazing and I really didn't care who won because they were all amazing. YAY!!!!!


Rashan Jamal said...

So whatchu gonna recap now? I admitedly dont know anything about fashion, and I only watched one and a half episodes, but it was cool seeing how excited you guys would get over it. Can you do a recap of Gone Country? You can critique Sisqo and 'em. LOL

Los Angelista said...

PCS cracked me up when he said he needs a va-cay, breaky break!

The hats were cute but a lot of his stuff was runway over the top! I guess I can see why he won though. He needs the money so he can get outta that hole in the wall he's living in.

And love Posh but homegirl needs a sammich!

Miss B said...

I was sooo Team Rami!! But I loved me some Christian...I was happy he won. Both of their collections were the shizz. Jillian's collection was good too. Her voice is the worst though!!

Did you see Jaslene from ANTM on the runway??

How about I LOVE Posh!!!! She is soooo MAJOR!!! YAY for Christian...I knew she liked his stuff it is sooo HER!!

Can't wait for Top Chef..I know you will have the BOMB recaps!!

jameil1922 said...

rj... miss b has provided the answer! perhaps top chef! def. not gone country... vomit. i was intrigued by the first ep. but not enough to go back regularly.

liz... lol. what do you need a vacay for child?! that's what i was thinking. his stuff was very over the top. posh needs 8 or 9 sandwiches. one of my coworkers said posh has such a nice body and i looked at her like she was on drugs. what on earth!?!? she's a twig and its unhealthy for you to even begin to look at her like she looks ok!

b... i liked all the collections. jillian's voice. sigh. horridnessocity. i missed jaslene. like i said in an earlier recap, i pay absolutely no attention to the models. i only noticed the one black girl b/c she was soooo late. she looked kind of like one of the models janice dickinson worked with but skinnier.

1969 said...

I missed the show and had to watch the ten o'clock so I didn' tex you but YAY FOR TEAM PCS!!!!!

He needs a vacay....a breaky break.

I loved his entire collection because it WASN'T all ready to wear, it was FASHION. Drama, excitement, etc. It was different not safe.

All three were grea but I just love that little boy...sniff. I'm so proud!

SimplEnigma said...

LOL @ this recap. I gave mine in your other PR post. Sorry, didn't know you were gonna get this detailed, or I would've waited. :)

Christian designs for fashion models, celebs and events. There were very few of his pieces that I could see me rocking everyday, but he did deserve to win.

LOL @ Jaslene as one of Jillian's models. Cross pollenation of reality TV shows. I love it.

Feel you on the no good looking black dude on TC this year. Hisss...Tre had me salivating last season.

I'm addicted to Bravo shows.

Desy said...

hahaha- this was the best PR post EVER cause I can see how you were watching it while typing. I feel as tho I was watching it with you...lol

show recappers- this is how it needs to be done..lol

Next Week- Top Chef Chicago! I'm all over it...(since I don't have a car and don't need to be anywhere since I'll be on spring break)

Indigo said...

Thanks a lot for reading my blog and leaving such a nice comment. I read bits of yours and I'm definitely going to read more of it.

Sandy C. said...

Your recap is hilarious! I didn't even watch the show...and didn't need to.
ROFL at "You know what's uncomfortable? Homelessness."-- So TRUE!

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

whaaaaaaaat?! PCS won?!?!? GET IT!!! I am toooooo excited for him!!!!

okay, i'm going to pr.com. brb

i see black and a collar that's cream colored and looks like a turtleneck gone wrong... why am i in love withe the dress that is half caramel, half chocolate, ALL ruffles?!.. ooh. feathers, and ruffles, and lace?. that's scary and has alicia keys all over it

ok, did not like nota one of jillians pieces. i'm surprised at her work. metallic and accordion pleats? rugby stripes and cutouts? very disjointed.

i love rami's attn to detail. that basket weaving tech is AWESOME! I love the teal satin dress and the gaza strip green one arm number is cool, the baghdad brown, gold lame' & cream, and black dresses are the ish!

jameil1922 said...

1969... i stared forlornly at my phone and gmail for so long! lol. very drama! i didn't mind it.

SE... its quite alright! i didn't have a winner preference b/c i didn't have a fave this season. i just had people i didn't like and none of them were there so it was all very YAY!! for me. lol. that was almost not english. tre is MINE ALL MINE!!

desy... LET 'EM KNOW!! TEAM JAMEIL!! lol. top chef! wheeee!!

indigo... awww you're welcome. you are coming at a time of craziness on my blog. daily blogging does something to your brain cells. i'm convinced. ask sandy!!

speaking of sandy... HA! i'm so glad you pointed that out! that was my favorite line of the whole recap!!!

jameil1922 said...

stace... you slipped in! "feathers, and ruffles, and lace?. that's scary and has alicia keys all over it" LMAO!! YES IT DOES!! SHE KNOW SHE NEED TO SIT DOWN!! always doing soooo much in one outfit. you know instyle big upped her this month and i was like stop. just stop. right now just stop. how can you not like any of jillians?? wow... not even the dresses at the end?

gaza strip green one & the baghdad brown!? stop!! lmao!! you are insane!!