Change Comes Anyway

No matter what you do and how hard you try to fight it and how you plan to brace yourself, it comes. Sometimes it punches you in the face, sometimes it smacks you upside the head (I said oops upside ya head, said oops upside ya head). Sometimes you like it. Right now I'm trying to brace for change because I sense it coming. And I don't know what it is. And that's scary.

I've worked out a lot lately and I'm really enjoying it. One of my co-workers and I trade healthy recipes and workout tips. My new fave is Kelly Ripa's alphabet workout. It's uber fun. And she's funny. I used to love her show "Hope & Faith." My bathing suit came on Friday and it fits!!! Whoooooooo!!

More importantly, I LEAVE FOR VA A WEEK FROM TOMORROW!! YAY!!! And wonderful wedding weekend will commence. I've already been told I will receive an itinerary when I get there. Ooh la la. I'm doing the calligraphy for the place cards. I told her to send them to me along with the guest list so I can start... considering there are a minimum of 125. It doesn't take me that long but call me crazy, I just have no desire to spend hours and hours writing names while I'm there. I'd rather do it leisurely here when I'm bored. But whatever. I'm not going to stalk the bride. I'm sure everyone is driving her batty at this point. BUT if I must write names, then I'll be writing them in my hot new bikini on the beach!! Holla if you hear me!

The last week of college, me and one or more of my friends went to the beach every single day for a solid week. Here you don't have that many consecutive days without rain. It wasn't warm and sexy every day but it wasn't rainy or cold. Hot fiyah! We had a blast. No class because it was over for seniors. There was the pretense of studying. Yeah right. Plus I was a broadcast major so anything other than Media Ethics I may have taken there was no test to study for. The test is with a camera. I used to go to the d.p.'s (drankin patnah) creative writing class even though I wasn't registered for it just because I liked this guy in her class. (Did I tell you my mom says I've been boy crazy since birth? It's true.) Then I ended up having fun and writing some decent stuff. But the dude I liked... wow... he and my line sister are two of the best writers I know. He can take the most mundane topic and make it dream enducing. Yeah. Like that. Made me like him either more. It wasn't reciprocated but that was fine by me. I made sure to keep a stable of crushes.

Anyway I haven't been to the beach since that last week at Hampton 3 YEARS AGO!! I hung out with Wynel and her now fiancee for Thanksgiving but I haven't been back to campus since Homecoming 2005. Unacceptable. So we're supposed to get back to campus so I can get some more alum para but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. Esp. since her mom gets there on Wednesday, too. I'm sure they'll be uber wedding. I'm bringing at least 5 books including the bible. Speaking of the bible, how about I sent a letter to the webmasters of those churches on the summer Jesus breaks and one of them responded by asking me to pray to God that perhaps I'm called to be the webmaster since they're currently looking for one. Uh... don't think that's my particular calling. I can do blogger because it's essentially point and click. Everything is made super easy for you.

Did anyone see "Victoria Beckham: Coming to America"? I don't do celeb gossip. I just don't care and I think famous people should be allowed to live their lives like the rest of us. But one of my fellow journalists sucked me in. She had to write about the show so apparently everyone else had to watch too. Turned out this show had me on the floor dying. The DMV (the good part starts at 5:06) and the dolphin lady. Wow. Reminded me of Simple Life Goes to Camp. Paris and Nicole crack me up. I don't like to know every detail of their lives but pseudo-scripted comedy I can deal with. It's almost like watching a sitcom. But don't ask me their kids names or how many they have or what they do for a living. I don't care!! I don't even know my co-workers' kids names. I certainly don't care about someone I've never met (unless you're a blogger). Holla!


shani-o said...

Ok. I was SO gonna blog about Coming to America. I LOVE LOVE LOVE her! I never realized how awesomely amusing (and motherly/wifely) she is...

My favorite line was when she was house hunting and was all, "Sooo... Lionel Ritchie laid this wood floor whilst he was Dancing on the Ceiling?"

Miz JJ said...

I am gonna check out the VB show. Everytime I read Coming to America I think about the movie.

I would love to go to the beach!

1969 said...

Okay, I too love Posh Spice.

She is fabulous like a drag queen but straight. LOL She works that haircut, the attitude, everything. So Strang`e!

And you know I loves me some Beckham. *sigh*

Royce's Daughter said...

Brooklyn, Cruz, and Romeo...yeah I am a Beckham stalker LOL!! If Victoria ever slips up I am on David before she can friggin blink. I loved the show (I actually like Vicky too but I hate on her cause she's got my man URGH!) It was hilarious when the personal asst asked if she'd ever be assting Dave *music scratch* Vick was WTF?!?!?

Hampton...booooooy do I have a hundred and one stories about my days at Hampton WOW!!! I used to date a guy who played basketball for Hampton but of course this was many moons before you got there...ok I feel hella old right now. But I'd honestly kill for a fish sandwhich from the little fish hut place up the street from the Marriott...YUMMY!

Ladynay said...

Enjoy your vaca.

Still don't care about them beck...whatevers

jameil1922 said...

first... i can't believe you all (except nay nay) like the show!! so fun! i'm muy excited.

shani... i loved her reaction when she walked in the socialite's house and said she just wanted to go back to england. i was like me too!! take me!! lmao!!

jj... you HAVE to watch. i think the same thing every time i hear it. beaches are fab.

69... tres strange' and d becks can TOTALLY GET IT!!!

rd... er um... BACK OFF!! HE'S MINE!!! LOLOL mad at you and the kids' names! hilarious. the asst. question had me dyin too!! too funny. and she was extra serious w/the no boo you are trippin. that's MINE!!

oooooooooooh HAMPTON a thought sent from heaven above to be a great soul's inspiration!!! man i love people who have good HU memories. fantastic!!

Sha Boogie said...

YAAY for VA Beach! *sigh* its the little things I miss about HU, like walking over that long @ss bridge to KFC..LOL!

And hitching a ride back, like I done lost my mind, ahhh...good times :)