Gettin Too Old

I'm not the shopper I used to be. Just over a year ago, I spent 8 or so hours shopping in Columbus. EIGHT. I think that killed the shopper in me. Granted we ate twice and got massages, but I haven't been the same since. It's quite sad.

Yesterday I went to Old Navy which always takes just a quick perusal to figure out if they have what I'm looking for. Today the answer was a most emphatic no. What is up with all the muumuus in the stores?!? I need this trend to go away yesterday. This is not flattering. Nary a shape among them lest a belt step in to do the job. Pathetic. I've seen pregnant people wear better fitting clothing. THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Next I headed to the mall on my long list of errands. I actually accomplished a lot yesterday. I went to the grocery store, washed all my clothes so I have plenty to choose from when packing, started packing, took out the trash, finished a good book (The Girls), made my delicious peach lemonade, went to the bank, Target and Chick-Fil-A which is always EXTRA crunk with the lines. I was able to try the strawberry milkshake. Wow. I mean wow... no words. Thanks Organized Noise!!

Once I found the dress I was ready to go and I hadn't even accomplished half of the aformentioned yet. I'd only been in the mall for maybe an hour and a half. Oh yeah, I also bought 2 jackets at Express. One is a short-sleeved black eyelet. The other is beige and very work appropriate. I can always justify work purchases. Must look fantastic at all times.

The trip to Target made me want to claw my eyes out. Remember how I had to shop for one of my co-worker's baby shower? Note to self: thou shalt not shop for that stuff in person!!!! The most convoluted experience ever!! It's so much easier to look at the registry online, say yes, that, then pay and have it sent to said person's house. That's what I did w/Wynel's registry. Most relaxing process ever. Right about now I'm still getting over the shakes from trying to figure out which stuff I was buying and I'd looked at the registry online first. @#$%^&*() horrendous. Please God, never ever again. "That just let me know, she just know what she want outta life." *name it*

X called me out a few posts back and wondered if I'd bumped my head with the excitment over this trip which got me thinking. Why am I so excited? Well 1) because I finally have a friend jumping the broom, 2) I haven't been to the beach in a million years, 3) it just fills me with joy to be near Hampton University again, 4) I NEED TO GET OUT OF PITTSBURGH!! I'm used to blowing this taco stand (I guess that should really be pierogie stand) at least once a month. I haven't been anywhere in more than a month and the last trip was less than satisfying. So a good, relaxing trip is long overdue for the kid.

After that trip, Mommy's coming for the big 2-5 to celebrate with her first born. Then the very next week, I'm off to sunny south Florida to hang with Stace and Dreezy. Miami here I come!!!!!!!


Stacie von Kutieboots said...

awwwww, mommy in the 'burgh with her first born!

where is she staying?

the joy said...

woo, jet setter! i am the same way now. but i think mine has more to do with lack of money. i havent been to the mall in so long and its not so fun anymore. i hang my head.

dreamyj said...

yay for shopping @ old navy and target! two places i love! i'm still thinking of what i will be doing for my 25th birthday next February! Spending time with mommy should be fun!

CNEL said...

Damn you shop a lot.

Yay for travelling.

Yay for mommy's. I can't wait to see mine this weekend, though we talk OFTEN.

Sha Boogie said...

You got a lot going on chic, take me with you!!..lol.

All I'm getting is trip to Memphis, TN next week with Hef that I am starting to dread..(hef is in one of his funky moods..yeck!)

Have fun!! Send me some sand! :)

jameil1922 said...

stace... at a telly.

joy... lmao @jetsetter just going around the nation. i'm trying to jetset around the WORLD!! i def. have less of a desire to spend up all my money.

dreamy... can't wait! old navy is too often a miss for me. booo.

cnel... no. i really don't tho. you're going home already?

sha... bout time i get out dontcha think!?! i'm going stir crazy. memphis is fun. i'll send you some virtual sand.

Omar Ramon said...

*name it*andre 3000 intro to prototype...! holla!

i will now return to reading the post...

Vdizzle said...

So what does it mean if I've never liked shopping?

Oh! I know, I have the shittiest wardrobe ever!

So...Wise...Sista said...

Vaca is what makes the world go round. I convinced of it.

Honey-Libra said...

Awww gotta love good times with the Mommie. Cute dress!!! What shoes are you wearing with it. I love work purchases...always an excuse to buy those :)

Have fun in the Tidewater..oh how I miss it so :)

Chris said...

is this your pre-retirement speech? Jameil il Fabulosa, shopping queen hanging up her purse? let me know, I can have the press releases ready to roll and we can make a press conference out of this :)

jameil1922 said...

omar... ahhh yeah!

v... THAT'S SO SAD!!! *tear*

wise... thou art right.

honey... thanks :) still deciding on the shoes. may have to go buy some tomorrow. i plan on having a blast! ;)

chris... not retirement but sabbatical perhaps. i'm givin up on the marathon shops tho. they're too much.