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I've been tagged... again. Y'all know I hate these, but it's my weekend so I've decided to be nice. Plus BK and Royce's Daughter don't know I hate tags. I do like research so I researched myself. How else was I to come up with 8 things y'all don't know about me that I would actually tell you?

1) You know that game beer pong that white college students play? If you went to an HBCU, you've probably never even heard of it. I think its the most disgusting game in America. I don't know much about games in other countries so I'll need to just stick with America. I know that's shocking for the exaggerater in me, but no really though. Why would I want to drink a beer that has a had an over molested, floor bounced ping pong ball in it? I like my beer dirt, ebola, and scarlet fever-free, thanks.

2) Once I dated a model. I know you know that already but here's the story. Me and the drankin patnah (d.p.) went to 7-11 near campus, you know the one on Settler's Landing near the hole in the wall fish "restaurant" getting some chaser of course. It was senior year and we'd all just gotten back to school before the school year started. It was raining (of course). As we walk up to the door we see this 6'5" (I guess... after 6'4 it's all pretty much just tall to me since I'm 5'1), muscled man with long dreadlocks. He holds the door open for us and once we get inside we start doing that thing people do when they see someone who is quite attractive and they feel like being silly. Hitting each other, giggling and raising their eyebrows, even a little bit of "oh my!" He was behind us in line and asked the cashier for a pen.

We got the chaser (I'm pretty sure it was oj and cranberry), then headed back to the apartment. But of course while I'm trying to look sexy, I can't get the borrowed giant beach size ROCK THE BLUE AND WHITE umbrella down. I mean I worked with that umbrella for at least 60 seconds. You're thinking that's not that long. Yeah right. Time it and mess with an umbrella with someone attractive just a few yards away. HORRENDOUS! Smooth move.

We get back to CC & Ash's apartment and are about to walk up the stairs when we hear someone yell, "Excuse me, can I talk to you for a minute?" We both turn around and it's him. I'm like me? He nods. I shake my head. (Again, smooth). I'm thinking and say to d.p., "WHAT A PSYCHO!! HE FOLLOWED US HERE?!?! Hell no I'm not going down those stairs!! He'll try to kidnap me!" But the d.p. made me. She's like, "I don't care! He is fine!!" So I reluctantly walk down the stairs. He (let's call him W) tells me he was dropping someone off and hadn't followed us. He'd asked the cashier for the pen so he could get my number. He said he liked my hair. And I'd just cut it all off (holla perm!) the week before so that made me extra geeked... but still wary.

W said he was only in town for a few days for the Labor Day weekend and lived in Atlanta but he wanted to take me out. I said let me think about it and we exchanged numbers. I went upstairs and as soon as I get inside I hear "Whooooooooooooo!!" I'm like, "What???" CC says, "D.p. told us you were out there talkin to some fine guy!" Hater!! Clearly there was a dude already in the house who was previously tryin to holla and now less interested. Boooooooooo. Oh well. My friends convince me to go out with W the next day. I told my friends he'd said he was a model and Ash says, "Yeah right. If he's a model, make him come here to pick you up so I can see him." So I do, then we go to the movies.

We saw something horrible I think with Asht0n Kutcher. Maybe "My B0ss's Daughter." Whatever it was it was so bad we just sat and talked. He went to get more salt to drown the popcorn (ew) and I called Ash to ask what she thought... She now believes he's a model and approves; and asked if he could use those muscles to bring her tv inside. Lol. He agreed. When we got back she said she'd already gotten someone to bring up the tv, but bring him up anyway. I say, "Ok..." not understanding why... then I hear the raucous laughter and giggling as we're walking up the stairs. I freeze. WHAT?!?!

I knock and the laughter abruptly stops. The door swings open and there are SEVEN GIRLS sitting there. I just blink and am mortified!!!! This is all stuff out of something called the life of a lame! Introductions all around, then he goes to the bathroom and everyone is like "OH. MY. GAH!!!! YOU MET HIM WHERE?!?!? WERE THERE MORE?!?!" So funny. They all leave for a "party" and won't let me come and we're suddenly alone. He's already tried to make his move (how typical) and I'm not going there but there are drinks so we're relaxing.

The d.p. and another homie come over and see that it's just the two of us and are ready to walk out the door. I'd noticed that the one homie froze when she walked inside which was very odd. Introductions, then she said, "Jameil, can I talk to you for a minute?" I'm like WTH!?? but follow her and she says, "He was in my calendar freshman year. I recognized the tattoos." I start dying laughing. Too funny. They leave and I tell him and he's like "Wow. That's wild. I can't believe she recognized me." So I get curious because yeah he was attractive and he said he's a model but you hear that all the time. The next day I look him up online and see all the magazines and calendars he's been in. Interesting but still not enough of a spark. Oh well.

3) I love when guys do push-ups. I had to force myself not to stop, drool, or stare when this guy was doing them next to the indoor track at the gym the other day. But right now on Regis and Kelly this guy just did 20 and it was fab. Very fun. The first bf, my high school sweetheart, did them at band camp (drummers were always getting push ups) and since I was drum major, I got to stand on the hill and stare. But one of my homies said I was staring mouth open (this was before he was my bf)! Hilarious.

4) (No comments on this one no matter how encouraging you think it is) I changed my speed dial so the ex is no longer on there. I'm proud. He's been on the speed dial of every cell phone I've ever had. No more.

5) I'm terrified of being old and broke. I don't want to be 55 and have no idea how I'll be able to retire. And to feel like I'll have to (not want to) work for 20 more years because I won't be able to afford my life. I've had a 401K for about 2 years now. It was one of the things I made sure to get when I got my job. I also save, but it's not enough. I guess it's better to be concerned about this at 24 than at 54, right? Get that early start.

6) I once deleted someone from my myspace top 8 just because I knew it would piss her off. I really don't care about that stuff and most people I know could care less but I knew she would. So I did it to be spiteful. I know. I'm such a brat. This girl at work is trying to peer pressure me into starting a facebook page but I just don't want to. I'll just keep using Stace and my line sister's pages until they kick me off. And when that happens I'll survive.

7) I've wanted more than just a bachelor's degree for a long, long time. When I was in college a professor said master's degrees weren't necessary unless you planned to teach. Teaching has always been in the back of my mind, but in journalism they impress upon you how important it is to have experience. It's very true, but that doesn't mean I shouldn't have an extra degree. Never hurts! But after that point sophomore year, I didn't work too, too hard grades-wise because I was like well if I'm not going to grad school, as long as I stay above 3.0 I'm cool. Ridiculous, but that's how it was for me. Now I'm counting on it not biting me in the butt when I go back.

8) I see dead people. Not really. But as long as they didn't look disgusting like they did in 6th Sense or follow me around and make me do stuff for them, I don't think I'd mind. Someone to talk to. I've always liked fiction about magic and witchcraft but believeable magic. NOT Harry Potter. It's hard for me to get on the bandwagon for anything. I tried to read that book but I just had to stop. It felt too much like what everybody else was doing. No thanks. I value my individuality.


Organized Noise said...

For someone who doesn't like to do tags, you did a great job.

1. I agree. I'll stick with the Alphabet game or Dare (variation of truth or dare where you do the dare or drink a shot) as my drinking game of choice.

3. That brought back memories of band camps past. But when you had the baddest drumline in the MEAC ;-) you had to work hard to stay that way.

6. If she really got mad because of her place on your myspace top 8 then I would have removed her too. . . just for kicks.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Beer pong = never get THAT damn drunk to think that shit is fun.

Soooo, when's the last time you goggled the model? lol

Royce's Daughter said...

The model story was funny. So did you guys date for a while after that?

Myspace, facebook, I don't get it. My brother did my Myspace page and I always forget to check it...strange people in Myspace land LOL!

I promise to never tag you again *sorry I didn't know you hated them* but I enjoyed reading *shrug*

Liz said...

Did you have the model do some push ups for you? That sounds like it would have been a sight to see.

I worry about being old and broke too. That's why I have two sons that I can go live with...or at least they claim that when they get big and buy houses that I have to come live with them and their future wives. Yeah, we'll see what the future wives have to say about that in 30 years.

Always.Funky.Fresh said...

The model dude followed you to the crib. None of that I just dropped somebody off stuff :) You should've hit him off that way you can say you got some from calendar boy....(obviously I don't take morals into account) :)

Lucy said...

"It felt too much like what everybody else was doing. No thanks. I value my individuality."

I wish more people felt like that. No one thinks for themselves anymore.

'cept us fellow bloggers! Nice to come across your blog!

Vdizzle said...

nah, you see, the alcohol kills all germs and you have petitions set up to keep the balls on the table

can you tell I went to a white school? LSU is one of the top party schools in the nation according to the princeton review. lol. how' that for baton rouge, la

and I need some links to check out this fine model

Sha Boogie said...

I feel gyped!! I never saw any model-esque guys at that busted 7-11!! I want my mone back, HU!!..lol

Leela said...

LMAO@ you met him where? WERE THERE MORE!?!? too hilarious

beer pong is disgusting. and if i hear "the beer kills the germs" one more time, i will scream! it is not true people! thanks.

jameil1922 said...

noisy... thanks. baddest band in the meac? womp womp. but let's get a round of pushups to be sure.... i did remove her.

wise... beer pong *shudder* i haven't googled him in a while but i did find his myspace the other day.

royce... we saw each other off and on but when he knew he wasn't gettin any too easily he lost interest. myspace is aight but i don't take it seriously.

liz... i feel like he did. but it must not have been that great b/c i don't really remember it. the wives will NOT be having it! lol. my mom can live w/me as long as she behaves. lol. i wrote that in hopes that she'd read it. my mom is such fun. good luck on that tho!! lol

funky... i know he did!! and him being a model is exactly why i DIDN'T break him off. (part of the reason) he's so used to it. bleh.

lucy... thinking is so boring tho!! lolol. welcome!

v... that is a nasty reason. i see how lsu is raising yall down there. POORLY!!

jameil1922 said...

sha... you and the rest of my crew! hilarious!!

leela... WORD!! there's no excuse for that game.

Bklyn Diva said...

LMAO.. thanks for playing along!!!! OMG this made me laugh ;) teeheheee

and the model Umm can you share on email please so I can get ma fix LOL

Jarrod said...

Beer pong is so necessary. One of the perks of Weekend With Whitey. Note to self...do pushups in front of Jamiel when she comes to VA in August.

CNEL said...

Beer pong ewww never even watched, always find my way to a room with a T.V. when it's being played.

HaHa I've given someone the X on MySpace and Facebook before just for kicks.

You should def do grad school as a friend once told me, "You're too intellectual not to."

X Factor said...

Beer pong... um, no thanks. But I can't feel you on not reading Harry Potter. I didn't start because everybody was reading, but that's my kind of lit. Read them... they're GREAT!!!!

DollFace said...

Don't hurt em!

But yeah...I took dude's number out of my speed dial too...so yay for Jameil! LOL

jameil1922 said...

bk... glad i could make you laugh!

jarrod... how do you even know about beer pong. filthy game. blech. lmao @ you and the pushups.

cnel... oh its def gonna happen.

x... i just want to rebel!!!