Top Chef Chicago Ep. 3

I missed the first few minutes of this because of my food obsession... I was at T.rader Joe's. Yes, 1969, I did get the pot stickers. I will let you know how they taste later. I also got the fruit floes popsicles. Mmmmmm!! Strawberry is my favorite. They have real fruit in them and TASTE LIKE IT! Because I missed the first few minutes, though, I missed one of my favorite parts, THE QUICK FIRE!! SON OF A!!

This episode was all about going to people's houses, stealing their food (ok asking for it) to create meals for the annual block party. I don't like corn dogs. There was a group that did those, sliders (mmmm! y'all know how I feel about a burger!), some other stuff and pasta salad. The pasta salad and corn dogs were determined to be the bottom dishes. The giant made the corn dogs. (He still might not be CJ tall. That was a huge man. And the visiting chefs would say stuff like, "You're quite tall chef." And he would say something like, "Thank you sir." Thank you because I didn't notice? If you hadn't pointed that out I might have gotten the 28 shorts instead of the 28 longs? I don't get this. Pointing out to short or tall people that they are so... is stupid.)

There's a lesbian couple competing as separate chefs. I got pissed when at first it looked like they were a team. I was like WHAT IS THIS!??! THERE AIN'T NO TEAMS ON TOP CHEF!! Then I calmed it on down. For this challenge, they were on the same team. The one part of this couple (Z) got left with the wack dish-- the pasta salad. She didn't speak up even though she didn't want it. Here we go again. This week they learned from last week's group challenge to TASTE EVERY DISH. They all thought the pasta was fine, the judges all said it was bland. You all look stupid. They did NOT heed the common sense theme for all reality shows requiring a group, "IF. YOU. HAVE. RESERVATIONS. SPEAK. UP. OR. YOU. COULD. GO. HOME." I'm tired of having to say this. They sent home corn dog man "because you make these every day and should've known they would not hold up for hours." They did not send home Z even though her pasta is bland.

I BLAME THE PRODUCERS!!! They know this early in the show it is more fruitful drama-wise and more people will tune in to watch the lesbian couple than the giant. WACK!! You sent people home for two consecutive weeks for having poorly-seasoned food. One of those also broke the cardinal reality tv rule: SPEAK UP!! This chick did both of those and stayed. I'M CRYING FOUL!! Y'all made me mad producers. Do better next week i.e. STAY OUT OF THE KITCHEN!!


1969 said...

I agree. She should have gone home. But I believe Top Chef has a huge gay following so the lesbian couple will be safe for another week. *sigh*

Opinionated Diva said...

I also think she should have went home...how the hell do you screw up a pasta salad? Even if you don't want to make it...you're supposed to make.it.work!

The quick fire was to make Tacos. There was this one dude who made an uber taco...hell I couldn't pronounce half of the spanish ingredients and I heard dude say it. I just knew he was going to win and apparently so did he....sucker! He wasn't even one of the top three picked...LOL.

Rell said...

What channel does this come on? I've never even heard of it.

But you know how dudes are (not me, just saying dudes in general, lol) only thing better than one woman cooking in the kitchen, is two! ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh — did I deliver the punch line well?

Note: Just in case it wasn't obvious, I kid... I kid.

Miss B said...

I actually fell asleep before I saw who got sent home. I figured it would be the giant though...his dishes were always subparr...like he worked in a truck stop diner.

The lesbian couple are stupid...I honestly only think one of them are any good.

Desy said...

i honestly wondered how 3 other chefs tasted your cuisine and didn't feel that speaking up was necessary... some PUNKS in the kitchen... hopefully next week gets better...

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

i don't think i would have liked going into people's houses. that is just weird!

and i just want to say that i would like for padma to get the boot. she serves no real purpose except to look pretty and eat...and personally, i could do that. i LOVE food, love to try new things and i don't cook either. then i'd top it all off by coming out with a cookbook full of stuff i didn't make but like to eat...just like padma

*p.s. i hate the way she chews, its like a grazing cow....sorry, just kinda turned into a rant*

*p.s. to piggyback off of diva, richard (mohawk guy with all the tools) made a taco without a traditional shell. actually it was made of jicama. i think it had avicado, mango and something else in it...and it will be added to the menu at some restaurant*

jameil1922 said...

1969... that is RIDICULOUS!! send someone home if they can't cook! that's the whole point of the show!!

diva... they even said if you can buy a better version in a grocery store!!

omg how'd i miss quickfire tacos!?! LIFE'S NOT FAIR!! just using spanish ingredients don't mean you win!! lol. that's how people always lose. trying to do too much.

rell... bravo... you're pitiful. and you might want to get lost after that comment.

b... lmao @ truck stop diner. i've been ignoring the lesbian couple until they give me a reason not to just like everyone else on the show. equal op. snob.

desy... this is what i'm saying. "we all tasted it and it tasted fine." mob mentality right there.

pcd... what was way weirder was these people actually having 100 lemons in their house and acting surprised to see them. YEAH. RIGHT.

padma is absolutely ridiculous on this show but i've determined the host just needs to be married to someone famous (in her case, salman rushdi, for the previous one, billie joel). she's def. better than the other chick.
i'll have to see this taco before i decide. i dont' see anything wrong w/the normal taco. hmph.

Sparkling Red said...

I always have other women telling me how small I am. Yes, I had noticed what size my clothes are. It's half a compliment and half them expressing envy, because apparently being tiny is desirable. I tell you, it is convenient on a crowded subway train. I can squeeze myself into any little space.

Open Grove Claudia said...

Um... what?

Sorry, no TV. I hesitate to tell you that... given what you do for a living... but... shrugging.

jameil1922 said...

red... i don't understand people who feel anything less than joy over their size. stace gets those comments, too. you're so tiny and some slick ones, too. so unnecessary.

claud... it's quite alright. i watch enough tv for you me and several other people.

Rell said...

I kid... :-)