I know this is horrid and not socially acceptable but I have a ginormous pile of laundry at the foot of my bed. If you read my twitter on the sidebar you already know this about me. I go through these phases with laundry where (and someone else blogged about this too, Siobhan?) I either have to wash everything in sight or I can't wash anything. Rarely in between. But I don't really like when I have all of my clothes washed. I don't have enough drawer space. That sounds bad doesn't it? But it's true. Emptying out my closet also forces me to get creative and put together combinations from clothing I haven't worn in months or years.

I know you're supposed to get rid of clothes you haven't worn in years but there are a couple of button-downs I keep hanging on to. There are also some that I've long gotten rid of. However, I definitely need to clean out the bottom of my closet. There are lots of clothes down there.

It's rare for me to wash less than 4 loads of clothes. It's not rare for me to wash 6 or more. 6 is my usual number. Once I get started, WATCH OUT! I'm like that with ironing, too. It's soothing for some reason (the ironing, not the washing). I iron one thing then go around the house looking for other things to iron. Not jeans though. I don't iron jeans. I never met anyone who did until I got to college. This golf-dressing dude I was friends with freshman year. What in the world!??! You STARCH and IRON your JEANS!?!? So from then on, no matter what my jeans look like, I refuse to iron them. It's casual wear. If I want to look that pressed I'll put on some slacks. I mean really. What next?! Your underwear!?

Speaking of which, no not underwear, but my friend had me cracking UP when she told me she ironed the sheets when her mother-in-law came to town. I was DYING!! She said, "Girl I'm not gonna have her saying I don't know how to keep a house!" I could not stop cracking up. Remember how I told you I love Here Come the N.ewlyweds? The black couple is so fab. And I've also decided I want Joy & Kesi to hurry up and get married and go on that show. But the black couple on there now? The husband is HILARIOUS. And she's so good-natured. They're definitely the couple you want to see win and that you would want to hang out with on a regular basis. They kind of remind me of my cousin and her child's father. I wish they would go ahead and get married. Apparently he's the offending party when it comes to that. Just awful. That made me sad because they are so hilarious together and fun.

Watching that show definitely makes me know I have to marry someone who has me cracking up all the time. He needs to know how to be serious but not HAVE to be serious. I've definitely met some dudes were I wanted to start singing Pcat dolls songs to them on some "Chill out!!" type stuff. (It's insane to me how old some of those chicks are! My goodness! That redhead looks old enough to be my momma! God-willing I'll be that flexible ever when I'm her age.) How is it people don't know yet that plastic surgery on the face too often makes you look hard? It's the plastic. Similar techniques yield similar results and everyone starts looking fake-- you know-- plastic. Botox is frightening to me, too. But I do like to point out the botox. That's the main reason I watch the AM shows. They always have lots of cosmetics to point out in their guests. (Even further off topic but Bravo has the worst website ever.)

If I'm not laughing, you are seriously doing something wrong. I LOVE to laugh. And I do it full-force. You're not laughing if you're not throwing your head back and guffawing. Belly laugh, falling on the floor. Whatever you got to do to get that out of your system, let it go! Hahahahaha.

Those of you worried about my laundry will be overjoyed to know that I woke up at 3:15 this morning and started washing and washing and washing. A load of towels, 2 loads of darks, a load of brights already done. A load of dark delicates (i.e. sweaters, scarves, my velvet blazer) is in the wash right now. We're gettin things done! I also need to finish my homework for Bible class today. While I'm on this cleaning frenzy I may as well take out the trash, wash dishes and sweep the kitchen floor. The recycling has got to go, too. I have to take it to the park which is ridiculous to me. What backwards community discourages recycling? Wack.

Liz told me not to go to the gym this week and to just rest up instead. (I'm still looking for some vegetable-filled recipes if you want to slide some of your faves my way.) I promise it's taking every bone in my body to not go!! I did do 10 minutes of yoga this morning. If you're saying that doesn't count you obviously have never done yoga. Especially since I've been coughing so hard my abs and back have been getting a workout... yeah... like that. Now I want something good to eat. I'm going to T.rader Joe's tonight. Can't wait. Anyone have any favorites there I should try?


PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

my laundry is always out of control too. well, between hubby and baby...its like this monster that stalks me. and laundry days are the worst because the whole house becomes a wreck!

i like the newlywed show....but sometimes the black guy seems as if he's trying too hard to say something funny :-S

Sparkling Red said...

Now that I have my own washer and dryer set right off my living room, I like to keep on top of my laundry. As in, I do a load as soon as the basket is full. I hate to see it pile up, and I don't have very many clothes either, relatively speaking.

1969 said...

Feel better soon and I agree. Take a gym break until you stop coughing.

Trader Joe's? I love their Potsticker Dumplings!!!!

dejanae said...

oh gosh i hate laundry
6 loads tho?
no thnx

i need to marry someone who'll keep me laughin too
i aint got time for folk who cant laugh with me

feel better

jameil1922 said...

PCD... a kindred soul!! oh laundry. johnny is just like my cousin's ex johnny. always with something to say about everything so him trying to be funny doesn't bother me at all.

red... stop trying to make me look bad!! but then you said you don't have many clothes so maybe... lol.

1969... i'll have to see. you know how i feel about asian-inspired cuisine. i was trying to be conscious of other people b/c i know if someone in my condition was on the bike next to me (they have been before), i would be dirty look queen. so that's why i'm staying in the crib until the coughing and sneezing subsides-- which today was much better but still not there. if only it wasn't so dreary outside... fake spring...

dej... 6 loads is the story of my life. today will be 5-7 loads, not including towels. probably another 2 tomorrow. thx for the well wishes!

the joy said...

Aw jam... He and i would so rock that show. We're good at games. Like in mind.

I was just talking about my drawers today! I folded laundry, just because I had to empty the basket for the new laundry, and my cousin gave me a bedroom set which I have not set up and I have nowhere to put the clothes, lol.

Yes stay home and rest. You're gonna be achy if you go to the gym. You deserve a break!

The Goddess said...

Ok, now feel like I need to go check my laundry cause it piles up SO fast around here. I had been doing it daily, but I've been so busy and feeling lazy.

The Newlywed show sounds interesting. When is it on?

Sandy C. said...

Whoa! 6 loads? I used to do the monster pile when I had to go to a laundromat. doing it all at once can be pretty efficient.

I definitely agree that you should rest up before hitting the gym again. And yes, Yoga can be killer!

Sha Boogie said...

OMG!! Why come we have the same laundry complex?..lol I have a closet just for my laundry, a mess! And I let it pile up until I have nothing.else.to.wear. Which in turn, as you pointed out, makes me put together combo's I never considered! I hate doing one or two loads, I'm going for broke when I wash! All or nothing, baby!

Opinionated Diva said...

At least you are currently doing yours and will have that mountain under control by tomorrow. THIS is why I need a maid! lol

Starching and ironing jeans? Thought that went out in the 80's with the permanent crease! lol

Yoga DEFINITELY counts!

jameil1922 said...

Joy... nowhere to put clothes?!?! what a nightmare!! oh gym break... how i can't even imagine a life with thee.

goddess... go check it girl!! lol. i have no idea when it comes on! i just watch it on abc.com. sunday? idk. lol.

sandy... i should have a system and i've started them before but laundry is never a priority until you run out of underwear. i was still very far from that. yoga is scary.

sha... GO FOR BROKE GIRL!! lolol. you're too funny.

diva... get one for me too!! lol. maids do laundry?? ironed/starched jeans are a hot mess. see yoga comment for sandy! lol

Rashan Jamal said...

I used to be known for the piles of laundry.. buying more towels and tshirts instead of washing. Then I got a washer in the house and I pretty much still have piles of laundry. I can't bring myself to do it until the situation is dire.

jameil1922 said...

rj... that must be a man thing. drew buys new stuff when he runs out. that is ridiculous. i've always had an in-house washer/dryer so i've never had an excuse. yes, i know that makes it worse. ah well.

X Factor said...

Trader Joes pizza is fantastic, but I feel like you already know that. The roasted vegetable ratatouille of Rachel Ray's is fantastic.
Now did you say that you were WASHING a velvet blazer? In the WASHING MACHINE?? **confusion**

Open Grove Claudia said...

We moved our gym into the basement so I do a load of laundry/day. It works pretty well. At least, I don't get as behind in laundry!

Ironing... man, I haven't ironed one thing in about 20 years.

jameil1922 said...

X... i definitely already know that. i'll have to check that out you know rach is my girl. you put it on delicate wash and hang it to dry. that actually wasn't in that load i found out but it comes out fine.

claud... STOP JUDGING ME!! lol. ironing is for the week.