That Different?

I showed my license this morning and the woman I showed it to said, "This doesn't even look like you anymore."
I said, "Oh. I lost weight."
She said, "I can see that. That's amazing. What did you do?"
"I've just been working out 3 times a week for almost a year."
"Wow! Well you look great!"
Sheepishly, and mumbling a bit because she's kind of making a scene in this small office, "Thanks."

Then she shows my i.d. to another woman and says, "Look at that. She doesn't even look like the same person."
"Wow! What did you do?!"
So I repeat myself and she has the same incredulous response and starts to tell me how she lost 22 lbs. but has lost the motivation, but hasn't gained any back.

Ummm... ok... first, do I really look that different??? Because if I do, when I go to homecoming I might not be recognized! Lol. People usually have to stare to notice that I lost weight and only after I mention it. Then they say, "Wow... you have." I only bring it up because they usually make some smart comment about my booty. Everybody's a comedian.

Also, what am I supposed to say in response to your lack of motivation? Hang in there? Don't give up? Don't stop til you get enough? Keep hope alive? I don't know how to encourage people about weight loss. I can't motivate you, you have to motivate yourself. It definitely never works when people try to motivate me, except my one work friend. We push each other.

My line sister definitely noticed the weight loss when she came down here. My mom noticed... and asked me not to lose another ounce, coupled with a very concerned look. Really mom, all that? So dramatic. It's not like I'm eating right all the time. I just have a smaller appetite and work out regularly. I did realize, though, that I sounded really nonchalant about working out 3xs a week for the last year. That's dedication!! Too bad the last 3 weeks I've been terrible! This week was just too much running around. Oh I forgot to tell you guys I heard James Earl Jones reading a children's book at a library near my job yesterday. It was pretty cool. Except I couldn't hear him that well because I was kind of toward the back and there were all these screaming children (go figure), so I left after about 15 minutes.

I'll post the best picture(s) when I get back from homecoming. Naptime, packing, hair and nails, then Hampton or bust!! Maybe I can find some cute shoes at the Nine West at the airport since they always have a great selection. I have 8 shoes laid out to pack. What's one more pair? Too bad the only decent clothing store (i.e. not Coldwat.er Creek or something) at the airport is the Gap. Bah. I feel like I need one more dress or something to really set off my attire for the weekend. I'll miss you guys. I know it's just a few days, but please try to post so I can have something to catch up on!!


1969 said...

Safe travels. Congrats on maintaining the weight loss for a year! I know you will look good on the yard at Hampton Roads.

X Factor said...

Okay. I need you to cease and desist with, "I work out three times a day." Who does that? That infuriates fat people.
I was gonna say something else... shit. Oh yeah. I was gonna say ROTFLMFAO @ "don't stop til you get enough."

Don said...

Enjoy yourself, Jameil. Be safe. You, and your nine pair of shoes. LOL.

Chris said...

it's funny to me that since I've lost over 80 pounds, people want to wow and ooh and ahh when they were the very folks clowning me because I was extra heavy. Now that I'm toeing just chubby/stocky, I'm a marvel to them. GTFOHWTBS!

And enjoy homecoming, Jet Setter!

Anonymous said...

i hope you have a wonderful time!!

jameil1922 said...

69... thanks love!! :)

x... i meant 3xs a week, not day. Don't be mean!! And ok I saw pics of you on facebook and YOU ARE NOT FAT!!! WTF ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT!?!? you are not ever ever ever allowed to claim heftiness again. real fat people would curse you out. that black bathing suit w/the cutout??? NEED IT!!

don... thanks! i cut back. now there are just 6 pair. :)

chris... enjoy and revel in the admiration!! i will have a blast!!

real... merci beaucoup!! :)

X Factor said...

Womp womp. I've gained weight (a lot of it) since then. Size 16- sweetie, that's plus sized :( But thanks!

dreamyj said...

yay for reunions and homecoming and the like! mine was last weekend, so much fun! =)

Vdizzle said...

"but I've lost motivation.." And she hasn't gained it back? You shoulda been like, "well don't worry, you're metabolism will slow down again, just hope you gain that motivation back before it does."

That'll make her ass get back on the treadmill.

Have fun at homecoming!!!

LoveMyselfFirst said...

congrats on your weight loss.. isn't it great when people look at your license pic and notice the difference?

GC said...

wow. only 3 times a week can do it. Congrats on needing a new license photo next time around.

Tasha said...

Have a great time. I'm proud of you for maintaining the weight loss.

But really you were gonna tell her "Don't stop till you get enough" when she was looking for motivation? *dead*

Liz said...

Girl I lost 20 lbs in the past year and this heffa I hadn't seen in a minute had nerve enough to tell me, "Oh, you look so much better. You were sooo fat before!" Wow.

Have fun with your six pairs of shoes. Kill them with your style and your sass!

Liz said...

Oh, and the thing is that chick that said that to me is rockin' close to 200 pounds on her body. Crazy!

Nitty-Gritty said...

Thanks for stopping by!... WHo said she could pass the pic around anyway?

Sha Boogie said...

Have a fabulous time by the seaaaaa!!! Remember..pigeons..check on it!..lol

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

you can't hear over screaming children?

lol i'm remembering the time i called you at the end of the day and you were like, " OMG, what is that? are they singing? i have a vein throbbing. for you and me, call me back!"

Omar Ramon said...

my upbringing trained me to tune screaming children out. living on my own has worn that down a bit tho. when i go back to mama's it always takes me a minute or two to adjust again lol. anyway, have a grand esapade on my behalf!

Mademoiselle M said...

have fun and do tell all when u get back. and i wish you had told that lady "don't stop till you get enough" so you coulda described the look on her face! lol

Rashan Jamal said...

You ever notice that when you lose weight people think you are either sick or on drugs? No, maybe that was just me. How she just gonna pass your id around? She woulda got cursed out... in my mind.

BK said...

I hope you had a blast at homecoming..

LOL @ the weightloss woes.. girl just smile.. folks just don't know WHAT to say!

Royce's Daughter said...

waiting on pics...

Hope you had fun at the other HU (cause I don't get involved in all that real talk LOL)

Mr. Jones said...

Congrats on maintaining the weight loss. I lost 70 pounds, but gained 20 back. But I'll lose that by January and be good to go again.

Don't you hate when peopl emake a scene? She could've just left well enough alone. She didn't even have to bring the other woman in.

Congrats again.

jameil1922 said...

i'm glad y'all liked "don't stop til you get enuf!" lolol. y'all are hilarious.

liz... that is so trife. did you ask her to please go sit down?

stace... i absolutely remember that day. horrendous.

rj... HILARIOUS!! people def. thought i'd been starving myself.


jones... work it work it work it!