Let's Talk About Nothing

I worked 60 hours last week. Since last Saturday as in September, I've only had one day off. One. That's also why I haven't blogged in a couple of days. Sorry guys. I worked more than 12 hours yesterday. I've skipped the gym multiple days.

Hey Fat Arms!!
This guy at work said guys don't care about that skin under your arms, only women care about that. He said you will never hear a man talking about that part of a woman's body. Hmmmmmmmm. I never thought about that. Men... is this true? I will TOTALLY never lift a barbell or free weight or ANYTHING again if 5 of you confirm. GO! LOLOLOL. GOOD THING I SKIPPED THE GYM!!

I'm drinking a beer. Yep. At 11:30am. But I've been up since midnight so for me it's happy hour. Like some people have a glass of wine, I'll have a beer or two. Today it's Amber Bock. Yum. I used to start at 10:30 or 1, right when I got home from work. When I first started working there I was sooooooooo extra stressed. The last 3 days have been extra crazy, too. I didn't get drunk, though.

Homecoming. It's in 10 days!! Geez. Well, that's when I leave. I'll be reunited with the homies!! If we don't do anything but go to a couple of bars we'll have a blast!! Especially since I've put J-rod in charge of our entertainment and he's agreed. Should he flake I'll hunt him down and will feel a-ok about it. It'll be great!

I love my mom. She's so great. AND she just cut off her hair and went natural! Get it girl! Can't wait to see it. Her hair is extra soft and curly anyway (ol' 1/8 white self) so I don't know what she was waiting on. But she loves it.

OPRAH'S BOOK CLUB!!! This month's book is Love in the Time of Cholera. I loooooooove that book! It's fab. Go read it. It's long. Be warned.

Rock of Lov.e R.eunion. I'm watching it now. Da.llas said she doesn't date black guys. Sigh. The self-hate is soooooooo un-cute. There is no reason for you to be black and not date black guys. You can listen to rock and date black guys. There are black guys who like rock. I promise. So wack. Get that together girl. Please. That might be the reason you have the extra straight weave pulled over one shoulder and the extra nappy bang pulled to the same side. You know I love the nattys (naturals) but you have to rock it right. Get it together honey!

And He.ather looks sooo drunk and botoxed. But I like her. She's fun. Now I'm about to watch America's Mo.st Smarte.st Mode.l. Hahahahaha. Can't wait. So funny. This one girl looks frighteningly thin. Yikes. For Daddy Daughter day me and dad had wings, pizza, beer and watched Ugly Betty and Grey's. I let him talk through the former but quickly shushed him all through Grey's. He was a bit miffed by that but it had to be done. Sorry D! Still love you mucho. Promise! Lol.


Mr. Jones said...

re: Fat Arms

I really only notice it, if that area is extra meaty. A little jiggle never hurt no one. lol.

Re: homcoming

I wish I could get excited about my alma mater's homecoming. The experience is quite different than at HBCUs. We do play our bitter rival UVA. That's something to look forward, right?

La said...

Beer at 11:30am? You're like. my idol. lol

Organized Noise said...

11:30 is a bit early for beer. The earliest I started was 12:30 and I only did that twice.

I leave for homecoming on Friday morning. Three days of trouble. I am so looking forward to it.

As far as the arms, we notice when it asks to be noticed.

Chris said...

arm fat is not a big deal for me either...especially if she can still...heh heh heh. I've never had an alcoholic beverage in my life, so I can't relate to the happy hour biz, but I know my way of de-stressing is called SLEEP, lol.

And I've seen a ton of sisters with Biff, Tom and Peter on their arms and I end up giving myself a forehead smack, it's so frustrating. Hey hon! Educated, goal-oriented, focused, humorous and straight black man over here! SHEESH!

jameil1922 said...

jonesy... jiggle it baby, go head daddy. HBCUs rock!! bitter rival uva? uh...

la... I LOVE YOU!!!!

noisy... stop hatin. trouble, trouble!! you need to clarify on asks to be noticed. you mean is it so fat that it YELLS AT YOU?

chris... count on you... sleep is good. sleep is really good. i'm not saying don't date white dudes. i'm saying don't cut yourself off from black dudes. what is that???? i'll tell you what it is. WACK!! did you just toot your own horn? WATCH OUT LADIES!

Kacie said...

lol! This post struck me as hilarious. What a stream of consciousness! I hope this week goes better for you. A 60-hour work week is bad news.

Uh, did I just make a pun?

LoveMyselfFirst said...

i think we women notice arms more than men.. but, then again when i was a gym rat in college.. my ex bf and his friends used to tell me i had "guns".. i wish those days were here again

re: ROL reunion.. I think Lacey really struck a low blow with the Michael Vick t-shirt.. Then Dallas' self-hating self wasn't smart enough to come back with a clever retort and said that bs.. (rolling eyes)

X Factor said...

I am MUY sick of George and Izzy's bullshit. He's a pussy and she's just... grimy. But man up already!! Tell the truth and shame the devil.
Arm fat? Bitch, please. I weigh 200 pounds. Alas... were that all the fat I had. **sigh**

Vdizzle said...

I love you guys daddy-daughter days

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

fat arms... that is soooooo interesting!! I know I notice it on women. its usually older ones though.

i can't believe homecoming is in 10 days! that's insanely early; like TOMORROW! Have fun, I have a feeling it'll be a fun one :-)

Love in the Time of Cholera. You know I dont like that ending but I think the book is so presh!

"There is no reason for you to be black and not date black guys."
did she tell the audience why she doesn't date black guys?

and as for her hair, JAMEIL YOU ARE A NUT!!! LOLOL You should tell her, "honey, your ponytail is asia and that bang is africa...them two continents don't meet"

DollFace said...

60 hrs...I remember those days.

Rock of Love...like Flavor of Love? (obviously I've never seen it!) Was it better?

Homecoming...have fun! Knowing me, I will decide at the 11th hour to make an appearance

Liz said...

Oh you crack me up! Too funny with your beer in the morning! LOL! I feel you. A tough work schedule will do that for you. There were days when my crazy schedule made me realize why folks either buy calgon or smoke crack!

And I totally feel you on that silly Dallas. She just needs to realize that she made herself look so wack that nobody's gonna want her, black or white.

CNEL said...

I can speak for me it seems to be a new phenomenon girls 25 and under with "Grandma arms". I don't think its sexy, it might not hurt no body but I take notice.

You'd love one of new friends she hangs with the big dogs. She's a beer drinking, cigar smoking, young black professional. She gave me a drink and said here, "Grow some hair on your chest." I thought to myself she's my J substitute because I had no e-mail access over the weekend.

Beer is still yuck and I made a new friend who agrres.

Anonymous said...

Remind me to bring you a six pack of Shiner Bock.

Aint no Bock like Shiner Bock..the official beer of Texas.

No..Arm fat doesnt matter, but Lady Guns are sexy.

That is all.

Ima need Shonda to break out another man to replace Burke.

The show is actin REAL whiny right now.

jameil1922 said...

for the record, we are at 4. 4. one more and i'm ignoring the free weights.

kacie... i call it mindspacin. lol. i like your pun! nice! i'll use it at work tomorrow and see how many eye rolls i get.

THIS JUST IN!! jamar makes 5! he notices but claims not to discriminate. more men can weigh in. there is still time.

love... isn't it fun when people appreciate the body? so hot! i thought the shirt was kind of funny. lol.

x... but you're still fly, so what's the prob? g&I are soooo pissin me off!! poor callie. ugh.

v... i know! and i def. have him conditioned. it's great.

stace... i actually call them oprah arms. i was just tellin m i need to read 100 years of solitude since you love it so much you can't breathe. africa and asia is parfait!! they just cut her off at i don't date black guys. fool. I CAN'T WAIT TO PROVE YOU RIGHT ON HOMECOMING!! YAY!!!!

doll... yes, like FOL. young, some pretty, girls perplexingly throwing themselves at an old former star. at least he has a decent personality tho a bit shallow. if you appear w/o calling me so we can meet, i will hunt you down!!

liz... you are so fab! 60hrs is for the birds. it really does make you want to go to extremes. dallas is so sad.

cnel... you would notice. THERE ARE NO SUBSTITUTES FOR ME!! but glad you thought of me! :) i don't care if you don't like beer honey. but i will get you drinkin something.

dp... come on cletus! there def. needs to be a strong black male presence on the show. i like the chief but he's backin off the power right now.

GC said...

fat arms
hmm... that's would be cool if I didn't care what other women thought.

re beer
beer is better than wine. Sweet alcohol is for punks.

re working so damn hard
I would cut that out. When you work yourself into an early grave they will just hire somebody else.

Sha Boogie said...

Nice to know I'm not the only one that drinks beer at random, inappropriate hours..lol