Squirrel Away Stuff Repellent

Can I have some? I realized the other day as I was pulling out of the parking lot at work that I have a HUGE aversion to squirrels. I used to love them. I wanted to pet them. Until I went to Mississippi. They're red down there. In some places anyway. Tell me that doesn't look like the devil's pet. Oh. This is the American red squirrel... looks less psycho and is therefore less suitable to my point. Whatever. After that it was a wrap. I decided if they didn't want me to pet them, there must be something wrong with them!! Hmph. I'll show you squirrel.

Plus once a squirrel fell down our chimney. My dad trapped it in my hamster's old cage to release it and that sucker was EVIL!! I guess he was just a tad pissed to be in a tiny wire cage. But whatever. I was young and I didn't appreciate his lack of benevolence. I WANTED A PET SQUIRREL!! Hater (the squirrel).

When I saw the squirrel at work, I stared it down and said, "I dare you to run under my car. I'm not going to intentionally hit one of God's creatures, but I won't swerve to miss you or cry about it if you die." Maybe that sentiment was just as bad as actually hitting it...

Stuff is attacking me again!! Today I was making up things to do before I went to noon Bible Study. It was quite ridiculous. I get to the church and OF COURSE THERE'S NO BIBLE STUDY. Soooooooooo trying to make me through with them!! Drives me to drink I tell you!! I have other things to do with my life than to make up things to do in the 2 hours between me getting off work and noon bible study!! DID I DO ANY OF THEM?!?! THAT'D BE A NO!!!

Breathe in Jesus.
Breathe out peace.

After I left there, I mentally re-grouped by listening to Maw.on, dropped off more clothes to give away, then came home and cooked. Oh. I went to Trader Joe's and wrecked shop on Sunday after church. I've already eaten the pesto, plum tomato, sundried tomato and mozzarella pizza. I cooked the chipotle chicken sausage. I had some of the fresh salsa and for lunch the last two days, I've made myself wraps. Rosemary ham, ranch dressing, smoked turkey breast, and champs elysee blend lettuce (radicchio, frisse, green leaf lettuce & carrots) on chili flour tortillas. BANGIN!!

Today I cooked ground beef with green peppers, onions, garlic, diced tomato, corn, cumin, salt & pepper, one chipotle pepper with adobo sauce, topped with hot red pepper cheddar cheese. Yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... So now I'm calm again, but after I get out of rehearsals tomorrow I'm sooooo done with "stuff". No "stuff" tomorrow. Especially since this week it's NOT my Friday. Booooooooo. I have more work after my regular work day, then go home and sleep. I may or may not go to another lesson in the series. I don't think so, though. I've gotta get some sleep at some point. OOH! I'm not going. I can go to the one on Saturday since I don't have to work this Saturday. SCORE! HOWEVER. I'M MISSING THE TOP CHEF SEASON FINALE!!!! SON OF A!!!

Jesus. Peace. (Sometimes you have to condense it to get the most important parts).
Hopefully no one ***1969 ARE YOU LISTENING?!?!*** will send me any notes until I can see it. Maybe I need to stay off the internet so I don't get angry! Too bad I have to watch tv at work all day on Thursday. Sigh. The 2-parter does rerun early early in the am when I could catch it, though! If I miss it then, it doesn't rerun until 330 on Thursday!! I will be STRRRRRUGGGGGGGGGLIN to keep my eyes open. I'll have to take a nap and set the alarm! Yes, it's that serious. Holla!

*Listening to Trey Songz for free on AOL Music... he opened with Bun B... DONE!!!!! But why is this cd 51 minutes?? I'm really, really over artists releasing cds with songs shorter than 3 minutes, really 3:30 should be your minimum, unless you're 50 or Ja.Rule or Ash.anti.... VOMIT!! Please don't let any of them release another track.... and not talkin about anything anyway. If you don't fall in that category, YOUR CD SHOULD NOT BE SHORTER THAN AN HOUR!! GET IT TOGETHER FOLK!! I'MA START LEAVIN Y'ALL'S CDS IN THE STORE. ITUNES AND BEST BUY.*


dreamyj said...

LOL girl, that squirrel looks too crazy! out here we have gray, black, and the standard brown. but in so cal we only have brown, so when my mom came up here in august she was too surprised by the variety. she wasn't, however, in need of repellent, lol

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

"Tell me that doesn't look like the devil's pet" has me DYYYYYYYYING!!!!! OMG, that lil thing look like straight satan!!!!!! Squirrels ar bout creatures that don't know how big they are. i'm like you and won't lose any sleep over something that thought it was bigger/stronger than a car.

yo, the menus you enlightened us with??? off the futhermucking chain!!


X Factor said...

That last minute Bible study cancellation thing is for the BIRDS. I agree wiith you on that.
I freaked out when I was walking to the subway one day in NYC and saw a jet black squirrel. That thing had me SHOOk.
Now about those menus... my spare key is under the doormat. Pots are in the cabinet to the left of the stove.

CNEL said...

LoL the thing about squirrels is funny. You know I babysit lil kids no not the freshman ... the real kids. This first grader mischevous little black boy named Tre was straight chasing a squirrel saying he wanted to capture it. He made the squirrel run for its life. The squirrel got low.

So with you. CD's need to be worth my time when you in essence pay $1 a song. It needs to be worth it.

Vdizzle said...

Man the squirrels at LSU were vicious!! If you made the mistake of sitting outside eating, they would come and post up right next to you on the bench like "hoe I ain't got all day, throw sumthin this way!!!"

jameil1922 said...

dreamy... and scary!! squirrels are so gross.

stace... doesn't it tho?? so gross. holla at the menus son! hotness!! i'm soooooo over the jesus breaks. apparently they don't have bible study at noon on first tuesdays.

x... i'm gonna throw things. black squirrels are scary. they're supposed to be grey. lmao @ the spare key. don't be scared when i show up!

cnel... squirrels are so gross. lmao @ it gettin low!! sooo funny.

v... that's b/c y'all kept throwing it there. ridiculous. i don't mess with those things.

Liz said...

I miss the black squirrels from the northside of Chicago. Those were too cute. I used to feed a couple of them Cracklin' Oat Bran and tell them that one of these days they'd be emancipated from the bondage of the grey squirrels! LOL!

And yes, Trader Joes is amazing. I don't know what I did before they came along.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

black.squirrels??? oh mi freaking gosh. ewww and no ma'am.

Chris said...

somebody's a touch peeved about album length. Then again, there are some albums that are entirely too long. Chrisette Michele's was kinda short, but if left me wanting more -- of her sexy full-figured self, and her music.

Squirrels in DE are timid as hell, I remember my cousin's baby sneezed in the park and all of them suckers hauled ass in the opposite direction, I'm like "The Cowardly Lion has nothing on you chickenshits...ah-haw-ah-haw-ah-haw!"

1969 said...

Please note that I stayed away. Have you seen it yet???????

jameil1922 said...

liz... black?!?! ew!! lmao @ the liberation. too funny.

stace... i know right!!

chris...i don't like her. lmao @ the baby sneeze-scared squirrels!! po thangs. that's hilarious.

1969... TOTALLY meant to email you right after! i suck!! lol