And yet, so much to do. Even when my dad is at the house when I go out of town, I like to clean the kitchen and the bathroom and leave everything in order before I go. Granted I don't leave until 8:30 tomorrow night, but STILL!! I have to pack and I have some things on my agenda before I bounce tomorrow including hair and nails. I wanted to come up with a playlist, but I just don't care enough to do that. Bran and CC will be getting me from the airport, Ash and Mor get in Friday!!! PARTY TIME!! Man I can't wait!

I've already taken drink requests from my coworkers- what they want me to drink on their behalf. Here's what's on the list: a margarita, a key lime martini w/a graham cracker rim, 2 bay breezes, johnny walker, bacardi 151. A manager who shall remain nameless, "Lots of anything. And through one of those funnels." LOVE IT!! Any others? I have 3 days to get it all in.

Oh also, I am not complaining about the weather. I'm only saying I was mentally unprepared to create summer-esque outfits. I was thinking fall so there is definitely some rearrangement needed on my part. BUT, that means I can wear the purple trench that is so fab. WHOOOOOOOO!

Also... I've been using Facebook to do much of my homecoming festivities investigations. One of my classmates (QTV REPRESENT!!) is having a gathering at a bar on Thursday. But why are there people RSVPing who graduate (notice no d) in 2011. 2011?!?!?! I will be partying with someone's child! I'm praying this will be an "Oh... so sorry kids!" type thing. Like when they get to the door, someone will say, 21+ only. I don't mind partying with younger alum, and even seniors, but freshmen? No indeed. Regardless, I like the RSVP list already for the most part. There are several old flings/crushes on there. Not a problem. When you have a team in college, this is likely to happen.

Do I need to explain the team? I was the coach. I had a starting five and a few benchwarmers. The former were the ones who were acting right. The latter included some who had the opportunity to move up. Try to monopolize on my time too much or don't pay enough attention? Get to the bench, rotated OUT of the line up, or even cut from the team. You can be replaced at any time. Particularly since some of them were no more than phone folk trying to get some PT (playing time for you non-sports folk). I had so much fun in college!!! This. Is. The remix!

Want some music that reminds me of college?

Soggy cornflake? Hilarious. I was such a pretend hoodrat in college. Any Lil Jon I was all over.

Also... my fave roomie LOVED this song.

So ridiculous with it.


1969 said...

I have been to several Hampton homecoming parties and they were all good.

Enjoy Jameil....I would like you to consume one high quality Kir Royale for me. Made with top notch champagne. It's pink, of course, and so pretty in the glass :)

Have a great time! (Take pictures)

La said...

AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! The Starting 5!!!!

I'd give you a drink request, but it's almost guaranteed that I will be consuming it myself. Let's compare notes on Monday! lol

Sha Boogie said...

Ok, I want you to do just one thing for me - please check on the pigeon to rotissere chicken ratio, I'm sayin..lol

Omar Ramon said...

enjoy darlin....YES FOR THE TEAM!! I'm lovin' it!

jameil1922 said...

69... yay!!!!!!! and that Kir Royale sounds deeeeeeelish!! oh my!! can't WAIT to have that one homie! I think that will be drink no. 1 tomorrow night. I think bran and cc get one, too. It's on me ladies!!! Can't wait. WHOOOO!!

la... lol you're so funny. that's cool. I AIN'T SHARIN WITH YOU EITHER!!

sha... shut up!! lmao!! so funny.

omar... I PLAN ON IT!! :)

Zackory Kirk said...

I know how you feel about being tired. One of my former students goes to Hampton and she loves it, so far. Have a great time!

CNEL said...

Shit drink for me doubt I'll be doing any of that this weekend.

Up with '08 down with '11 so not impressed by living with some members of the class. Do you know a few of them offered to take me out to drink? I'm like pass. Even though free liquor is free liquor. But we are not contemporaries 3 years is shorter than 7 but still.

X Factor said...

Yeah... no drink request. Just throw up the deuces as you pass White Hall for me, okay? **sigh** Better yet, throw em up at Miss Gladys herself if you see her.

Chris said...

smh@coach Jameil. NO shame, LOL

jameil1922 said...

zack... that's b/c hampton is great!!

cnel... i'll drink for everyone. i'm just that nice.

x... i will treat her like the celeb she is and make sure to call you by your actual name instead of x when i say hi. lololol.

chris... shame for what? my affability? no indeed!

X Factor said...

As self-proclaimed President of her fan club, I thank you :)