It's Official + A Dash of Figure It Out

I'm going to Homecoming. I bought the ticket despite the fact that nothing like this exists this year and no one seems to know where the parties are other than something called a Flav.or of Lov.e party f/a woman who still allows herself to be called and spelled something like De.lishis. Vomit. Let's look at the details, shall we?

I don't feel like going to find it but it's supposedly a celeb bash. INVITED guests include A.I. and Marcus Vi.ck. Him? Him??? That's who you consider a celeb? The only reason anyone knows his name is because of his brother. I know he played for Tech, too, but still. Get out of here. Come party with a criminal! Yay! Please. They call us bougie for a reason. I've (unintentionally) partied with criminals before. That is not what I go back to my home by the sea to go to.

The same party says shuttles will pick you up from Hampton, NSU & ODU. 18 to party, 21 to party harder. LMAO!! We didn't go to 18+ events senior year unless it was a frat party. You KNOW that's outta the question at 25 baby!! AHHHHH yeah!! We're about to have a blast no matter what we do. I'ma get get get it poppin! 21 and over only, and please let's not be partying with the parents. Well, unless it's Ash, Bran & CC's parents. I rolled with them senior year at Homecoming and got toasted! So fun. But they won't be there so I have no intentions of partying with anyone else's parents! And finally, the shuttle. Awww. Boo, boo. No. Just no. Someone find me a party! J-rod! Where are the hot spots? It's your job to keep me entertained!


Royce's Daughter said...

One of my boyz is a Que from Hampton and him and Ademu usually through some party every year but I havent gotten a flyer this year...I'll email him to find out the happs cause he told me he was going.

*Be Right Back*

La said...

Lmao! I HATE those parties. For 2 reasons... #1 b/c you KNOW they ain't comin'. And #2 b/c the groupies come out in droves anyway just on the off chance that they might. Boo.

CNEL said...

I want to go to somebody's homecoming. Cause to me soccer and lacrosse are not what's hot on the street. This is one of those times of years when I say damn me for not attending a HBCU.

So...Wise...Sista said...

Shuttles are for airports and hotels.
Not parties.

And CNelly, u 21 now, playboy, and ur right down the street from an hbcu. I'll let u know what the young people have poppin off.

Jarrod said...

I got you homie! I'm makin plans as I type!

jameil1922 said...

rd... get it poppin! more fiyah more fiyah!

la... 1) RIGHT!! that's why they use the word "invited" & 2) and i'm too grown to deal with children tryin to throw shade!

cnel... come on cletus!! i can't imagine a school w/o football. that's criminal.

wise... right?!? hilarious. i did ride the shuttles as a freshman... but i'm not a 3 yr out alumna. i think not. you and cnel behave!!

j... WORD!! whoooooo!! i'm pretty sure we're going to mcfadden's on friday... which is sad. WHERE IS A REAL PARTY?!?!

X Factor said...

Jameil, like I've been telling Jarrod on the subject: Hampton homecomings are geared toward the much older alums. You know the ones? The ones who send them checks!!!! So I've had to adjust my expectations. If there's a good party, then WHOO HOO! I've been pleasantly surprised. But if not, just give me a good football game and a halftime show with music I can recognize, and it's a success :) But McFaddens, though?

DollFace said...

I'll see what I can do, but I don't know too many people from my class going b/c we have a million events planned for next year.

But I'll let you know

CJ said...

I say just make your way to DC the 19th;)

Honey-Libra said...

Man I remember I went to Hampton's homecoming (cause you know I live like 10 min from there lol) and Carl Thomas was there...me and my freshmen college friends thought we were the BOMB..ummm yea sure we weren't lol...I will not enter a 18 and over party unless I'm with one of my godsisters that I love dearly and even then I have to get toasted to put up with the young bucks who wanna dance close to my butt region lol

jameil1922 said...

x... def true which i know. guess i'll be hangin w/your grandma! tell her to get me in vip!! you know i'm not familiar w/these places b/c none of them were there when i went to hampton. spread love not hate x!! let a sista know!! geez.

doll... get on it!

cj... aaaaaaaaaand exit.

honey... LAWD! I was there! Lolol. Deja vu girl. He's back at homecoming this year along w/Chrisette Michelle who I'm NOT a fan of. womp womp.

X Factor said...

**GASP** WHAT???????? You're not a fan of Chrisete Michelle? WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY not?

jameil1922 said...

b/c stace and i decided she tries too hard. plus i saw her live on the today show and was soooo not impressed. i've tried several times to get into her music and just can't do it.

Jarrod said...

McFaddens?? Er...uh...I'll have to consult my sources.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

now carl thomas is an rnb singer that i actually like... although i was disappointed with his 45 min show that was only three songs our freshman year... oh yeah, i remember that ish!!

yo, where is the bomb website this year?!?! slippin ken doll and co.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

oh yeah, i forgot to get on chrisette michelle.


she looks a hot mess and she's not the cat's meow. i really don't see the big deal; she whines under the pretense of soul.

that's just me.

and plus, homecoming concerts are supposed to be crunk!!! i guess x is right; geared towards the older alums

jameil1922 said...

j... that's ya job. do what ya do. i don't know anything abt these places!! you down w/the hot spot? drop that knowledge! geez. tween you and x.

stace... most importantly where is the bomb party. sigh. so sad. i love CT. you know hampton don't do crunk concerts. come on.