Naked Raisins for Everyone!! or Homecoming 2007 to the Nitty Gritty

It started on Thursday, very early in the morning. The only official party we knew everyone would be there was a birthday party for one of our classmates that night at Mc.Fadden's. Of course when you're flying US Airways and you have things to do, your flight will most certainly be delayed.

I have a question. And I need y'all to be honest with me. If you knew, you'd tell me, right? Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "Get your airport holla on"? Because I think I must. It NEVER FAILS. I get in the airport and the craziest people approach me. This dude who works there who looks about 50 (which in the black don't crack world means he's actually 60) asked if I was in school. I said no. Then he asked if I gave out my number. Of course I said no. Then he asked if I'd take his. No again. (Why take it? I'm not going to call. No need to even waste space in the phone or lie to the brother.) To quote Veronica, "Sir." If you thought I was a college student, your persistence is extra repulsive with a dollop of please stop. I say, "I'm not dating right now." (This was before the revelation but even if it hadn't been, he wouldn't have had a chance. I already have a father.) He says, "I'm not dating right now, either, but can we be friends?" At this point I just laugh and walk away. Too. Much. Gentlemen. This was more than a hint. I was super polite but everything from my body language to my WORDS said, "NOT INTERESTED!!" Geez.

Once I get to my gate and learn that not only is my flight delayed, but I have plenty of time to grab a drink or two since I've talked to my homie Kevin and he's let me know that he's already tipsy. WHAT!? No indeed. I head to Zona Mexicana for a margarita. Quite tasty. But there's some white man next to me at the bar who keeps turning to stare at me for several seconds at a time. Next spot! So I head to Friday's to get the bay breeze (parrot bay, cranberry, pineapple juice) requested by two of my coworkers. Tastes lovely! But on the way, I hear an elderly gentleman (at least 70) say to his youthful companion, "Wait. Stop." Then to me, "Excuse me, You're very beautiful." "Thank you," I reply smiling graciously at the toothless man. Then I look down thinking what am I wearing??? Is it a different perfume? I don't even wear perfume! My outfit is regular enough. I never wear jeans and a t-shirt and certainly don't wear sneakers outside of the gym, but still... I guess my pheremones were hummin comin atcha that day! I DEFINITELY NEED TO GO OUT!! Lolol.

When my flight gets to Norfolk, only about 30 minutes late, I'm ready to go out immediately. My friends say, "But why are you so skinny? Is the rest of you getting off the plane, too?" "And did you shrink? Because I swear you weren't that short either." First we get our hotel room and then, do you know they don't want to go out? Ridiculous!! The don't want to go to McFadden's because we're supposed to be going there Friday night. REALLY!?!? This is the only guaranteed party and you don't want to go??? Ridiculous I say! We did have fun spending the night talking about everyone who wasn't there and their drama, friends and friends of friends and such. Good times. We could've done that over many drinks at the spot while I was being my social butterfly self. No matter.

They'd messed up our room so there was one bed. That meant I got to sleep in the middle of a queen-sized bed sandwiched between my homies. There were most certainly times where I was sleeping on about 3 inches of bed. The next morning we wake up and go get Lady Glancer aka Ash aka China Girl from the airport. Then we head to CRACKER BARREL!! Are you aware of my ridiculous love for this place? I say, "I'm starving!!" CC and Bran, the smart arses say, "Yeah, we know. We already discussed that." "She was on the homecoming starvation diet. One month to homecoming, no food." BIATCHES!!!! So funny. At the barrel, I have 3 strips of bacon, 2 eggs, two helpings of grits, hashbrown casserole, and a biscuit. Yeah. I was gettin it in!! Yummy, yummy food. After that we go back to the hotel so Ashli can get dressed, run a few errands, then its off to the bazaar!!

We see lots of people we know... not lots but more than I expected, anyway. Then I head to the Scripps Howard Open House for Alumni. I meet my homie Kevin there. Afterwards we go back to the union where I see one of the guys I crushed on FOR.EV.ER. Well, at least a year. I used to talk to the ex about him all the time. After that, I walking over to the library to meet back up with Kev when I see a large group of the Ques. Hugs all around and someone called me beautiful. Good times. Then me and Kev went to Chili's to discuss life lol over food and drinks. Good times, good times. He, too, commented on the weight loss. Whooo!! He also said I

Then I met back up with the crew at Target. One person bought her shirt for the game in the maternity section... excellent fodder. The next day we told her we saw a pregnant girl with her shirt on. You should've seen her face drop!!!!! HILARIOUS!! It would've been even funnier if it was true, but alas! Lolol. So funny. We were definitely up to our old shenanigans. It was like we'd never parted. Granted they all see each other more than I do. Working weekends and holidays and not being able to take off for ratings periods in February, May, July or November (yeah... all that) has seriously impeded me attending the girly gatherings.

After Target, we met up with MORGAN!!! YAY!!! We headed to McFaddens and start drinking and mingling. I started with a sex on the beach and it was delicious!! Next was a captain and coke. I know I had another sex on the beach and an apple martini with crown (disgusting, especially since I don't like apple martinis). My bar tab was around $42 but I can't tell you what else I drank other than those drinks. Wait. I think I had 3 SOBs. I remember getting the itemized bill and being like, "I drank all of that!?!" Anyway. I was flitting around, as I've done all my life, inserting myself in conversations, taking pictures, generally enjoying myself. Everywhere I go, I'm stalked by the Steelers.

There are car tags and jerseys and that up there EVERYWHERE around the country. It's insanity. That was my proof. McFadden's in Hampton. COME ON!! Same thing in Miami, Charlotte. Everywhere. It's ridiculous. I realized I can't show you most of my pics because I don't know how these people feel about having their faces on the internet. Also, I'm selective about how much of my face I'm willing to show on the internet! Send me an email or find me on myspace and I might let you check out my pics. I did find out 2 people I knew while I was in school live in Pittsburgh, too!!! Yay!! That's so exciting!

The next morning me and Brandi were up early (630 or so. Friday and Saturday am, she got up at 7 to do her hair, then went back to sleep for an hour. So funny. I called it her 7am ritual.) and woke everyone else up. Then went back to sleep. Morgan and I went to Tommy's for breakfast (diner with ridiculously cheap, good food) while everyone else was showering. We came back, got dressed, then it was GAME TIME!! As we were waiting in the line of cars headed to the stadium, everyone but me was eating raisinettes. I don't do those things. They look nasty and the flavor has never been up to par for me. I like raisins, chocolate is okay, but the combo? No. Ash says, "Did you know if you put a naked raisin in a glass of champagne that's gone flat, it brings the bubbles back?" We were all like, "A what?" She's like, "Ooops... hahahaha. A raisin without chocolate on it, a regular raisin." HUHLARIOUS!! Naked raisins for everyone!!!

Side note: Look at these fabulous shoes, would you?

My crew doesn't pay $25 to go to the game. We now go to the tailgate parties which last the entire game, and hang out in the union. We chilled on the steps of Holland (the gym) next to the Alpha tailgate, got some oil and blue juice from the Que and Sigma tailgates, respectively, and barbeque chicken from a variety of places. We also got funnel cakes and non-alcoholic daiquiris. And someone was handing out beers at some tent. Regardless it was yummy and fun. In the 7 years since I officially joined the Hampton family I'd never been to a homecoming tailgate. TRAVESTY, I know!!!

I think this post is long enough and I'm tired of writing it. Plus I'm entering a burger contest for Rachael Ray's magazine and I told my dad I'd try out one of my recipes on him today. He gets home at noon for lunch so that means I need to start cooking in the next 14 minutes. More later loves.


1969 said...

Cute shoes, as always! Thanks for the recap...I feel like I was at your home by the sea along with you.

the joy said...

i 'll be back to read the rest later but i must say, if you have that sign, so do i. why would you ask if i want your number? boo!!!

Chris said...

Homecoming just seems a little more meaningful when it comes from one of the HUs...I'm going to get myself so I can steal the show at DSU's '08 homecoming.

And old dudes hitting on young women...not hot. Sometimes I wish some older chick who's along the lines of Thelma from Good Times and Sheryl Lee Ralph would step to me. That'd be off the hinges.

Stacie von Kutieboots said...

NAKED RAISINS!!?!!!? I LOVE IT!!!! My brother calls bread 'raw toast'!! LMAO!!!!

Yo, Bran and CC tripped me th fcuk out with that "1 month till homecoming, no food"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am STILL laughing at that!!!! lololololol

ix-nay on the old an-may. gross.

Vdizzle said...

I think those old men are just nasty in general at the airports.

When I was standing outside of LAX waiting for my aunt to pick me up, the raggedy old guy who sweeps up shit tried to holler.

Waiting on the bus to the train station at BWI (B'More), dirty old bag checker tried to holler.

(uber gag!!!!)

Glad you had fun girlie!! Nothing beats an HBCU homecoming. NOTHING!!

jameil1922 said...

1969... THANKS! Sorry I didn't get a kir royale... savin up for next trip!!

joy... let's all get rid of the sign!!

chris... that's because it is!! go PIRATES!! LMAO @ you and thelma.

stace... naked raisins and raw toast for all!! cc and bran are insane!! loved reuniting.

v... HBCU's stand up!!! maybe its the transportation spots that make people go crazy!

Sha Boogie said...

Fabulous Hampton Times! Sounds like fun, fun, fun! Mmmm..cracker barrel...

More importantly, did you check on the pigeons?!..lol

Sha Boogie said...

Oh yeah, old men that flirt are nasty..eww and gross! Turn down some of that gorgeous you got on high!