Not Loser Week

More like recovery week. I partied so hard this weekend. My pictures... are insane. I uploaded them all because Ashli gave me a close of business Monday deadline. I'M NOT SCARED OF YOU CHINA GIRL!! Anyway... they're all up on myspace. I'll be selectively adding them here in the next day or so. Catching up on blogs. Shout out to X for leaving me lots of things to read!!! Whoooooooo!!! I had a delightful lunch from Panera today-- turkey artichoke panini & black bean soup with chips and a piece of baguette. Yum!!!!! Have I toooooold you lately that I love food??? (Get to work on a new song with that one Chris!!) Man oh man. Love on a plate.

Also here's the only pic of James Earl Jones that looked like anything. I really was tempted to use my work i.d. to get closer and start passing out business cards. What else am I going to do?

You can't see the screaming children, but I promise they're there. My sister is only 19 months younger than me and all of our nearby cousins growing up were at least 3 years older than me except one and he was maybe 10 months younger than my sister. That means I know very little about children and have spent very little time around them.... and subsequently have very little patience for the ones who feel the need to be mouthy. These weren't necessarily mouthy, I just had so much other stuff to do that sitting around straining to hear the homie talk wasn't really in the cards that day... or any day.


So...Wise...Sista said...

Pics! Pics! Pics!

Recovering is so much better than losing. Good for you!

And how did you do in the "butterflies" dept?

La said...

that makes one of us. I'm convening a special meeting of the "Keeping La from Tossing Herself Under a Bus" Committee this evening just in case my first night back is too much, lol.

but you know what would make me feel better? PICS! Get on it.

M-Dubb said...

SO basically you went to Hampton and all you got was this lousy (distanced) photo? Geez...

dreamyj said...

i LOVE panera bread. i miss it so much, there aren't even any where i live now. sad times!

X Factor said...

Yeah, well. I do follow orders well if nothing else! Glad you're back safely.

jameil1922 said...

YOU ARE ALLLL SO NEEDY!! question... am i getting pic requests from three people who NEVER post pics on their pages? yeah... that'd be a large helping of quiet and a side dish of simmah dahn nah for wise, la and dubb.

wise... negative. so negative. bah.

la... i hope the cmte meeting went well!! lolol.

m... yawn and womp baby yawn and womp. if you'd read the previous post, you'd understand that that's from BEFORE homecoming, brat-tastic.

dreamy... me too!!!

x... yay!!!!!!!!!

So...Wise...Sista said...

"am i getting pic requests from three people who NEVER post pics on their pages?"

That is SO beyond the point...

Pro' said...

*Wondering...Is this my first time here; why and how did I miss this spot; or is the layout, clad with cute azz shoes just different - meaning I've possibly been by before said cute azz pumps?*

I've got crumb snatchers, but they know the deal. Seen and not heard.

Why am I in enamored with Panera's Fuji Apple Chicken Salad? Perhaps the dressing? The apple chips abounding? The pecans? The gorgonzola cheese? What I know it's not is the - hunk of baguette that I can't seem to resist -regardless of the two slices of bread that accompany my 1/2 and 1/2 meal's sandwich. I feel all kinds of guilt (the hide under the covers kind ;) after I partake of the 1/2 Fuji Chicken Salad and 1/2 Portobello mushrooms on Focaccia.

*Shoos Pillsbury Boy poking my belly*

Royce's Daughter said...

Me and babies...nah, I'm cool!!

Pictures here please, myspace...cryspace Boooooooooooo!

P.S. Gimme dem shoes...HOTT FIYAH!!!

WhozHe said...

I would have loved the opportunity to meet James Earl Ray (frankly I'm just glad he's still alive). He is one of my favorites.

Epsilonicus said...

Recovering can be rough. Lol

I am definitely going to be looking at the pics.

Sha Boogie said...

Love the shoes, first of all! I have 3 nephews (7,2,6 months) and I will never get used to screaming/raging/crying children..lol

Chris said...

James Earl Jones rocks. And I see you have you Purple Rain shoes up. Get em girl. OOOWEEE!

La said...

Seriously, I don't understand your point. Just post the pics.

Ahhh! The shoes! Deep and abiding love!!!!

Tasha said...

*cough cough* pics please. That is all.

Minerva Exertion said...

You know I am a shoe addict. What size do you were? You need to send those home! LOL

jameil1922 said...

hahahahahahaha. i love you guys.

wise... and yet inside, wrapped around and encapsulated in the point!! that being... SHUT IT!!

pro... lolol. you've been here before but you should kick off your shoes and stay awhile this time! i just changed the pic. quite beguiling, no?

i SO almost had that portabello on focaccia the other day. i LOVE focaccia but i'm just getting the hang of this no meat in my meal thing. esp. sandwiches. that's so foreign to me. i don't do fruit or nuts in my salads. just scary. but that sammich? yeah... it might have to GET IN MY BELLY!!

RD... MY SHOES!!! LOLOL. nine west girl. that was my bday present to myself. one of them anyway. i can't do the chiddlers right now either. i can't be showing off all my fly in this space! did you just say myspace...cryspace? hilarious.

whoz... no meeting, just reading. but hot nonetheless.

epsi... i got an accidental prep day so i'm sooo peachy keen. i got 12 hours of sleep last night. it was almost like being a real person... all because i got to sleep in until 2:30 this am. so funny.

sha... danke!! children. sigh. one day i'll like them. i just know it!! i mean i like children when i can give them back... and when they're not yelling.

chris.. yay!!

la... and you have myspace. ENOUGH!!

tasha... hmmmmm... you obviously didn't see what i said to the first three posters. please see above.

minerva... 7 1/2 but YOU CAN'T HAVE EM!! LOLOL