It's Friday (Updated)

For me anyway. That means all of y'all who worked my nerves this week are sooooo in my rearview. Not caring. Someone tell me something good and fun and happy and what you love about me. Go.

While I'm not saying you shouldn't be able to love me and tell me why, I realized I like to hear about your lives even more. Tell me why you're happy and why you love your life.


Soldier said...

Didn't Soldier say today was gonna be a better day ?
Yay !!!

So today is a beautiful sunny day in Montreal and i'm getting ready to go out in a park with a bunch of teenagers to play soccer... it's part of an after school program at my community center, we do things with them that make them EXHAUSTED after school, so when they come back home, they're too physically dead to be anything but perfect angels with their (single) mothers.

I love you because you're fun to read, i'm 100% sure u must be fun to be around too... you're spontaneous and genuinely cool. Now, let's rub bellies and drink a pina colada !!!


Southern Girl said...

You lucky duck! It's only my Tuesday...boo! But that's not happy is it...

Ummmmmmm.....I'm very happy today, bc I have lost a couple of pounds. Me and the gym still aren't the best of friends, but we'll get it together!

And I like you bc although we have never met, our blog relationship makes me feel like I have someone I can depend on..your comfortable. Love it!

PAJNSTL said...

Lucky you! What are you doing with your off days?

Let's see something good... I'm relatively healthy and happy, I have strong marriage, I'm employed, and I'm kicking butt and taking names in school this semester!
I love your blog b/c you have a fresh opinion, and you're upbeat and positive!
Enjoy your days off!!

Organized Noise said...

Tomorrow's my Friday, so I'm not too mad at you. Whatever you do this weekend, have fun.

jameil1922 said...

thx soldier!! i don't like pina coladas but we can find something else to drink!!

southern... i earned it girl! hurray for the gym!!

paj... hurray for strong marriages!! i loooooove to hear about that.

noisy... REPRESENT!!

turns out i like to hear the good things going on in other people's lives even more. so tell me why you're happy today.

X Factor said...

Good news: tomorrow I lose a pound or two- back to the natural hair! And I'm away from work for another 24 hours and that's ALWAYS good news!
As far as what I like about you... you keep it fresh and oh so funny. Plus who else can provide a complete pictorial of every place that they go and make you feel like they were there? **mwahhh**

CNEL said...

I love that you're persistent you never fail to tell me to calm down, and even when I don't, you hammer it! And you give insightful advice about my prospective profession.

What I love about my life is I have some great friends and some solid acquaitances.