Oh whatever. Remember two weeks ago I went to see N.E.R.D. then the next day I went out with my coworkers and never talked about it? I was gonna catchup today since I'm going out with coworkers again. But I don't feel like it. I went to the gym again today even though I felt like hot bubbling garbage juice after the last time-- remember my cough resurged? I did squats with the medicine ball and side leg lifts. Yeah... so my backside is KIL.LING ME!! It's insanity. I also did the elliptical and the track.

Today I did the bike, the track and these situps with the medicine ball. You start with the ball extended over your head. As you come up you bring the medicine ball up and reach forward through the situp, past your knees. 3 sets of 15 and worked the obliques. They're one of my favorite body parts and I never get tired of working them. It's what helps your waist look sooo small. And HOOOOOOOT! :) When people have a coke bottle shape, it's the concave part. I would show you my personal example but can't get my picture cropper to work.

Tonight we're going to S.eviche, B.ossa Nova, & O.live or Twist before ending the night at S.oho.

Are you aware that I will be on my way home one week from today!?!? I can't wait to see my mommy!!!!!!!!!!! I still have not done my itinerary. I'm waiting for a huge lull in my day to be bored enough to do that... I may never find one or it may happen today. Right now though I'm taking a nap before I get up and wash my hair before I hit the town!


Momisodes said...

Good grief! What a night you have lined up :) Glad your catching a nap before.

1 more week until warm(er) weather! So excited for you :) I'll be following you about a week later.

Unknown said...

Thanks for that medicine ball exercise...I may have to try that out!!

YAY you get to go home!!! I'm so happy for you!!! Have fun...even though I know you are!!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Yay home!! Get on that intinerary

Open Grove Claudia said...

Boy, it sounds like you have a fun night planned! And only a week to wait! whoo hoo!! Are you going to get something sexy to wear?

Anonymous said...

yaaay for going home! have fun tonight!

JayBee said...

i got a real good visual from "hot bubbling garbage juice." i need to get my azz back in the gym--especially if i'm still planning to go to essence in july. vanity is insanity.

Claire said...

I'm at home with my mommy at the mo - it's been awesome. But soon real life beckons. And the gym!


Rashan Jamal said...

Sounds like fun. Don't drink too much and then have conversations that you don't remember the next day. LOL

Good luck on that itinerary. I'm not really a planner, especially when I go home to Savannah. I only have 2 things on the agenda...See Grandma, and drive around the city aimlessly.

Desy said...

sounds like a full night tonight! have fun

one week huh?... man... i remember when you first started talkin about goin home... it seemed like so far way and now look... luv how time flys (sometimez)

Adei von K said...



have fun


That sounds like a good night! Woo hoo for getting out!

Jazzy said...

lmao @ hot bubbling garbage juice...you have SUCH a way with words Jam!!

*sigh* I wish you could somehow work out my body during your workout...impossible, I know...but I still wish it were possible.

Chris said...

Yay for a night on the town and a chance to go home. I imagine you touching down in Charlotte at the airport and getting outside and just singing "To be loved! Oh, what a feeling! To be loved!"* And yeah, hot bubbling garbage? Such a unique way to describe one's feelings, LOL

*Coming to America reference.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe there are that many happening places in Pittsburgh for you to be able to hit more than one in a night.

Jameil said...

sandy... naps are so necessary. WARM WEATHER I LOVE YOU!! and sandy come on down!!

miss b... its hot! YAY HOME!! i will have a blast!!

v... i know i know!

claud... oh yeah! less than a week now! I NEED A SEQUINED DRESS!! it's driving me bananas!

cali... danke! when are you gonna start posting again?

jb... the juice be bubblin! lol. lmao @ the vanity quote. get back in that gym!!

claire... welcome! booo real life!! it's so unnecessary!! can't wait to see mom!!

rj... conversations you don't remember are the best. let's hope someone remembers them.

i always have too much stuff on the itinerary but i live 8 hrs away and go home once a year. if it was closer and more frequent, i probably would be able to have more laid back plans. don't rub it in!! JERK!! (soft j) i can't stop doing that.

desy... fun is in the plan! yay flying time!! yay!! this time next week i'll be HOOOOOOME!!!

stace... awwww! you know i thought about you the whole time! i missed seviche! i needed some! i was feenin!

diva... thanks! if you come on to pittsburgh we can work out together! you'll love it! not at first but eventually! lol.

chris... i'm sooo trying not to cry when i get there out of sheer exhaustion! it's been a long couple of months!

ink... chile you and me both!