Were You Worried?

I tried to post an utter but obviously it didn't make it to the blog to explain that last post. Ah well. Did you think I was never coming back? I contemplated it. I really did. I've decided how to do this blog365 thing, too. I'll post mostly daily but if it's too much when I go out of town, y'all are short! Need an example? Check the last few days.

Now to the business at hand. Son!! Why do airports bring out the crazy in folk? I get SO cranky when I'm leaving Charlotte. I get even worse when I land in Pittsburgh. Like my mom was worried. Like she was saying, "You sound so different. So sad. You're making me feel sad." Poor mommy. See what this filthy city does to me and that's just in the airport.

Today the woman next to me sits in my seat but looked like she spoke very little English so I didn't even bother to tell her to move. I picked that window seat for a reason. Aisle seats are wack. I need something to lean on in those teeny tiny uncomfortable seats (says the one who's 5'1 but needs to stretch). Then she asks the flight attendant for C.oke Zero.


*blink, blink*

Stop. Who asks for super specific specialty drinks? That's like me asking for a 4:1 mix of cranberry apple raspberry juice with a swirl of seltzer and a splash of lime-- just a splash. And crushed ice. Ever so slightly shaken, not stirred.

I just checked 50/56 emails in the AOL, 2/8 in the gmail, 1/3 on myspace and posted a twitter. There is so much to catch up on and I just sat in 70 minutes of traffic for a 40 minute drive from the airport. Of course 10 minutes later my father wants to walk in the house and ask 20 questions. I know you missed me, dear. But please let me decompress. Thanks.


Desy said...

Glad to see you're back to your oveerwhelming world *happy dance*

i was almost going thru fabulousity withdrawals... altho i shouldn't be bloggin anyway...lol *gettin back to report*

*stretchin legs out* it's good to be first...

Jazzy said...

I would have probably made the woman get up. Not being mean...but it bothers me when someone sits in MY seat!

CLT airport is not so bad, Pittsburgh is definitely the pitts, but not nearly as bad as NEWARK airport. That's a really rough smelling/looking airport.

You seem even busier now that you're home!

Southerner in Suomi said...

Diva.. ditto on Newark, New Orleans is the same, it's like the damn AC never works that well!!

Jam.. you need to brief pops before you even take off to head back to the 'burgh

heartinsanfrancisco said...

You should have taken her Coke Zero hostage until she vacated your seat.

She probably goes around looking foreign all the time so she can steal people's window seats.

Unknown said...

I am so mad at that lady for asking for that drink! I would of laughed out loud!

Adei von K said...

yeah, now's not the time to talk to you. sorry you're back.

coke zero? while you're at it, can i have a mimosa of minute maid orange juice with some pulp and cooks brut champagne with a wedge of lemon?

1969 said...

Welcome back. We need a vacation recap when you are done decompressing okay?

GreatWhyte said...

Dang, Coke Zero is a special order? Remind me to stop overwhelming the flight attendant with my request for salt-free pretzels!

Victoria Page said...

I would have made that lady get up....and co-sign on the specific drinks on a plane...it is a plane...not Applebee's...I am just happy you can still get a beverage when you fly.

Jameil said...

desy... lol. if i see you one more place talkin about you shouldn't be blogging!! get to work!!!

diva... i didn't even feel like being bothered. i wanted some good karma. i think detroit's airport is way worse than pittsburgh's. pgh has NINE WEST!! lol. i loved newark's bookstore but nearly everything else was not hittin it for me. of course i'm busier at home. I'M NOT ON VACAY!!

v... i was already back when i wrote this. he would be looking like a kicked puppy if i told him that before i returned.

heart... lol @ that whole comment! window seat thief!!

mem... i'm saying. what do you think this is? you should've bought that in the terminal.

stace... yes you may. coming right up ma'am!

1969... thanks miss pushy!! lol.

x... coke zero is not everywhere. if you can't get the soft drink in a vending machine, don't expect it on the plane. w/o coke zero she didn't even want diet coke, she wanted a regular coke. you get no pass for that.

vic... i doubt you can get coke zero @ applebee's! that's not a normal request! you know on northwest you have to pay for the pretzels and such. i think it's northwest. that is such garbage!

cherry's kid said...

I read this morning from my phone but couldn't comment!!!! I was worried!!!!!

GreatWhyte said...

**in my smallest voice** they have it in first class!