Additional Insanity

1) Sweater colors at B.enetton. It was COLD in Charlotte Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I mean lows in the 30s, highs in the 50s, maybe nudging 60s (that would be warm in Pittsburgh (average) but in Charlotte it's supposed to be in the 70s this time of year and no where near 30) and I brought 2 jackets and not much to match either and no coats. Why? Because even though I obsessively checked the weather, I refused to believe it would be that cold. I work with meteorologists. I know how unreliable those forecasts are beyond day 3 and even day 3 can be shaky depending on a myriad of forces. They'll tell you themselves 7 and 10 day outlooks are a crap shoot. So I leapt out on faith and was forced to huddle in the house for a few mornings! Wednesday morning-- record low of 29!!!!! NOT FAIR!! It was warmer in Pittsburgh!!

Anyway. More excuses to shop. Except of course when you're in the market for just about anything, you can find NOTHING you like. I go into the aforementioned store. The sales associate asks if I'm looking for anything in particular. I love their skirts and pants but am not shaped like a board and am therefore unable to wear them. I think for a moment, then say, yes. I request a ROYAL blue or GRASS green scoop-neck cardigan. I told you I specialize in specificity. I know I have a tendency toward prolixity at times (told you I would use that Rashan!) but if you ask, I'll answer as concisely as possible when the situation allows.

Very specific and yet still simple enough for a child to understand, right? I think I've scored when she tells me she has a blue and a green cardigan and goes to the back to get them. Hurrah! Until she comes out with PERIWINKLE and ARMY CAMOFLAGE green cardigans. Wrong. I visibly draw back, offended. Can we review my request again? ROYAL blue and GRASS green. BRIGHT. You brought me two of the dullest colors in the blue/green family. I recommend for your firing or removal to a section of the CLOTHING STORE (the size of a closet) which does not require you to identify BASIC colors. It's not like I asked for chartreuse or true maroon, not to be confused with cranberry or H.arvey brick (last paragraph). I can't. *throws color wheel at her head*

2) Speaking of heads. Old heads. My line sister and I have had a moment. We celebrated 6 years of sorority membership this year. She's the advisor to the undergraduate chapter at Syracuse right? WHY did one of the girls introduce her saying, "This is Nichole, our advisor. She's old school, Spring '02." OLD SCHOOL!?!? Save that for the 90's! And early 90's at that because I used to chill with Spring '96. Okay I will let you classify her as an old head. Lol. But US?! We're 25! And when I told Shani she had the nerve to say, "Well... you are kind of old." *face* Neophytes.


cherry's kid said...

LOL! Really, throwing the color wheel? Stop the violence. By the way, I'm a Sweetheart for Iota Phi Theta and I'm on the Regional Exec Board, I'm Sp 01 and I'm considered Old School...join the club! LOL! Congrats on the Anniversary!

Desy said...

hahahaha... i just kept thinkin when i went to go visit my highschool (since they are tearin it down next year) that these kids must think I am just SO old... 24 looked so grown at 18...lol. but i got stopped in the hall, so i guess i could still pass for a high school student. Class of 02' stand up!

PERIWINKLE and ARMY CAMOFLAGE green cardigans.....wooooooooow; they make cardigans in those colors? why?...*smh*

Rashan Jamal said...

Finally someone called you old, instead of you calling me old. LOL

prolixity - Niiiice!!

LOL @ you throwing a color wheel at her head. So violent!

Not shaped like a board? I thought your peeps said you were anorexic?

Adei von K said...

daaaaamn! its been 6 years already!? ollllllld schooool! that's closer to a decade than not, you realize that right?

when i hear 'chartreuse', i think of the web color; almost tennis ball looking yellow. i had no idea it was a perfect mix of yellow and green. tre interesant

and camo green? CAMO GREEN? *shuddering*

she tried your life.

Sparkling Red said...

Blue is just a starting place for "what colour is it?" If she can't tell the difference between Royal blue and Periwinkle, she needs to go back to seeing school.

JayBee said...

the sweater isn't blue...it's cerulean. (what's that a reference to?)i'm annoyed too when people bring me something i didn't ask for. a color wheel might not be a bad idea. that way when people ask for stuff they can check the color wheel to make sure they are saying the right name for the color. in your case you knew what you wanted, but i'm just saying, for other people. *screams*take off that dang comment verification!*end scream*

Jameil said...

ck... i thought she needed it... old school is insane!

desy... my sister is 02. its one thing for h.s. kids to think i'm ancient but college kids?? come on now. they shouldn't make cardigans in those colors. they were so ugly. i guess they're for the republicans.

rj... but you are old. i thought she needed it! it slipped from my hand! you're a jerk for the anorexic comment.

stace... you know you're closer to 30 than i am, right? camo girl!!! HORRENDOUS!!


jay... 1) i don't know what that's a reference to. 2) did you just yell at me? b/c that's a sure way not to get anything you want. 3) i don't like spam comments which have popped up on blogs i read. i hate deleting them. i can't stand having them show up in the first place. stace has been begging me to nix the verification for a long time. if i haven't done it for her & i love her, you seem to be out of luck. verification stays. *snickering*

also. if i come in a store and say green or blue and you work there you should be able to take me through the colors w/o use of a color wheel. ridiculous.

CNEL said...

Ooh given that this year will mark the 22nd anniversary of my first breath...naw 25 ain't old.

Even though we joke with a grad here that because he's 25 and has been a grad adviser an extra year he's the closest to registering for AARP.

Jameil said...