Grocery Gaffes

Excuse me. But is it really that difficult to get ORIGINAL?!? I don't want your sausage, basil and 5 cheese spaghetti sauce. I want traditional. I never found it in the brand I wanted and settled for mushroom even though I already had fresh ones I wanted to add. I don't want your garlic & herb wheat t.hins. I want original. Oh there they are. Behind another display ON THE BOTTOM SHELF. I don't want sour cream and cheddar or sour cream & onion R.uffles. I want original. And not in the family-sized bag. Never found those either. I don't want the family-sized original L.ay's either. I had to settle for the thick cut with sea salt... also on the bottom shelf. I don't want the BRAND! NEW! berry juice Capri S.uns. I want the regular, original tropical punch. My dad calls me picky. I know what I like. I'm attuned to my dietary requirements. Most of the time with food I'm adding something to it. That means I just want it unadulterated so I can add my own whatever. Food network is the love of my life and a curse. Everyone is more open to all these options because they see fun food all day every day. THAT DOESN'T MEAN I SHOULDN'T BE ABLE TO FIND ORIGINAL WITHOUT A SEARCH TEAM!! Sons of biscuits.

I was mildly hungry, bored but inspired when I headed to the store. Then I had the aforementioned experience and was no longer in the mood to cook by the time I got home. Ain't that... anyway. Ravioli & strawberry shortcake it is. I know. Sometimes I eat like a 4-year-old... or a bachelor who can't cook. My dad's rubbed off on me. He can cook but most of the time he doesn't.



It's at 9:30 tomorrow night which is smack dab in the middle or REM sleep for me usually, or right after a bathroom break (not a sleep bathroom break! lmao!) but not tomorrow!! Tomorrow, I'm going to the gym for the first time in almost two weeks, then I'm coming home and going to sleep! I'll wake up & cook, then me and my dad are going to see our boy! Wheeeeeee!!! I talked to Ash and she said CC saw him in Philly and cried because of the historic significance of the moment. That was a record-breaking crowd for one of his events with an estimated 35k in attendance. WOW!! Did you go 1969? I'm so excited! I was gonna use my work i.d. to get in but I don't want to be escorted to the press section (even though it might mean getting up close and personal) and have to act civilized. I want the experience! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Adei von K said...

that is tooooooooo awesome!!! tell him I said "HIIIIIIIIII!"

oh yeah, about those extra new grocery things, can we get original please? i don't want pineapple cherry blossom peach infused iced tea

cherry's kid said...

I guess I'm the only person who likes all the new fused items...so sad!!!

But tell Rocky I said what's up, I missed him when he was in Jersey because I had to work late.

Desy said...

ooooo- take a pic with him so that i can live vicariously thru u're closeness.... to be so close to suaveness is not an every day for me...lol

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm glad you finally get to see Rocky. It's probably best you don't use your work connections so you can get wild with it, Obama Girl.

Sons of Biscuits? Wow.

1969 said...

YAY.....Tell him I said hello.
He was down the street and I didn't get to go because I was busy being mommy. :(

And uh....sundried tomato wheat thins are the truth!

Jazzy said...

Your work I.D...gets you special treatment??? Let me find out you can get US on the red carpet somewhere! LOL

Tell Rocky to holla at me when he has a chance!

I am so with you on wanting the originals...spagetti sauce is becoming the worse. I'm starting to make my own! *thnx Rachel Ray*

Food network is my frenemy too!

Sparkling Red said...

I'm with you: plain is best. Especially when it comes to potato chips - all the flavours are so fake.

Son of a biscuit! I am SO stealing that. ;-)

GreatWhyte said...

Where is he going to be?

Liz Dwyer said...

YEAH! I'm so excited (and jealous!) that you get to go see Obama!

Those other flavors of Wheat Thins are DISGUSTING! They taste sooo salty and artificial.

the joy said...

Before we get to barack...

I hate that too! Can't find regular nothing! My mom was mad about some mushroom spaghetti sauce too, esp since my bro hates them since birth. But I recommend garden veggie Ritz. Yum! They go great with my sabra hummus.

Yay barack! Take a million pics! I can't wait til he's nominated and comes back to Atlanta. He's known to stay in my hotel. Hope he likes coffee...

JayBee said...

clearly you feel some type of way about original stuff. hadn't thought about it, but you're right. it's like original is antiquated and all the new fangled stuff is what is pushed. when i saw 'rocky' i was thinking another movie was coming out. didn't know that was a nickname for barak. i saw him when he came to durham in november. excellent orator. that's when i really got caught up in the dream...yes we can. fired up and ready to go. if you haven't heard these things, i'm sure he'll mention it in his speech.

Jameil said...

stace... lol. right?! what about tea. no qualifiers. just tea (even tho i don't like tea). you should order the peach one on a plane tho...

ck... yep! lol. i'll tell him!

desy... lol. i see suaveness in the mirror daily. it's hot. (you asked for that one)

rj... biscuits don't have kids?

1969... aww... i just want reg'l'r thins! reg'l'r!!

diva... just me! lol. yay rach!! you know she's my fave!!

red... steal away! go original chips!

x... petersen events center where pitt's bball team plays.

liz... barack the vote! booo fake thins!

joy... not so much on the ritz. i'll have to get some from you when i see you. lol. omg if he stayed @ your telly i'd die!!

jay.. it shouldn't take all that to find original!! i always call him rocky! lol. i've heard those things. you may not know b/c you're new here but i'm a bit obsessed. i've toned it down but yeah... YOU'RE MY BOY, BLUE! plus working in news pretty much requires me to know their catch phrases etc.

p_nami said...

I feel the same way about all these daggone remixes in the grocery! Did I tell you what I saw when I went home:
Grapples. yes...grape and apple hybrids.

Momisodes said...

Have the basics is always nice from time to time. I had the same problem trying to find just PLAIN yogurt :(
Can't wait to read about your visit to see Rocky today!

Jameil said...

doll... GET ONE!! THEY'RE THE BOMB!!!!!!