Soy creamy orange creamsicles from Trader Joe's? DELISH!! One of those vegan products I picked up just because it looked good. Why are there only 3 in a pack? I, for one, believe that should be illegal. As should the deliciousnessocity of the fire-roasted salsa which I just tried for the first time. You already know how I feel about the chipotle salsa. Love. in. a jar.

Father. I don't know how to tell you without you getting all pissy that I do. not. want to talk to you the second I walk in the door. Especially since you don't know how to talk without picking. I rarely react anymore but sometimes you are really getting on my nerves. I ply you with food because it keeps you quiet for a few minutes. Just like a little kid.

I like to freak people out with my typing. The first time people hear me type they're usually like, "What the..." because it sounds like what kids do when they're faking on the computer. But I type daily, all day long, so what else would I sound like when I type? But I sounded like this a long time ago. What I love most of all though? When people are talking to me and I'm looking at them and listening and typing. I only have to stop typing to respond. But I can absolutely hear everything you're saying and comprehend. It really makes me giggle when I do that to my dad.

It's so PRETTY today! YAY! It could snow late Monday or early Tuesday when the temperature drops to 32. That's right. On April 29th. If you know that ain't right say, "THAT AIN'T RIGHT!!!"


Hmph. Evil weather. But this just means I get to wear my favorite outfit one last time this winter. (Pray on that one last time part.) I'm not going to consider it spring until I stop seeing 30s on the five day forecast. You don't want to look like spring? I'm not gonna call you spring. All together now.


Thanks for your participation.

I looked so cute today. But why did some man say to another man as I walked past, "That's a sexy walk." AT CHURCH!! See huh uh. I don't want no parts of that. Foolishness!!

My daddy just said, "Chocolate tortilla chips?" "No, D, blue corn tortilla chips." Lol. He was already eating them. If I thought I saw some chocolate tortilla chips, I'd put on the ill grill and quickly remove myself from the vacinity. I'm already not that much of a choc fan and I'm pretty sure that would knock me right into the I don't like chocolate category.

*I love these stream of conciousness posts and I don't care if you don't! Naa naa na boo boo! Hahahahahahahahahahaha. I'M CRACKING MYSELF UP TODAY!!*


Open Grove Claudia said...

I love the orange creamsicle an the stream of consciousness post! ;) It was 30 this morning here. I think it's warmed up. Yesterday it was sooo cold - beautiful, bright and clear - but very cold.

Desy said...

Soy creamy orange creamsicles

hmmm, i'm a little concerned about that... but am so ALL about some good salsa... Chipotle has this medium one that is the perfect blend of heat and freshness... man, i'm makin myself crave it now...

couldn't these men have a bit more decorum at church?... i mean, so loud you can hear? that's a little rude...smh, oh well...

makes me think of that steve harvey stand up 'God aint thru wit me yet' when he was talkin bout yolanda adams; people lookin at him sideways when he reacted to her sexiness (in his eyes)... it was funny

Southerner in Suomi said...

@ the man at church. I'd be like let me step away from you before you get struck by lightening!!!!


Sparkling Red said...

I can just see you at your computer, snickering to yourself like a crazy woman. ;-)

I also type machine-gun fast. If someone comes into my office while I'm in the middle of a thought, I'll turn around and listen to them while my fingers finish the sentence. I don't think they trust I'm really listening, but I am. I can multitask! One stream of input, one for output, not dependent on each other.

Jameil said...

claud... yay! boo on the cold tho!

desy... don't knock it til you try it. salsa is love. rude? it's out of order!

v... that's what i'm sayin!!

red... lol. it's more than snickering! i was crackin up! and on the typing? precisely.

Rashan Jamal said...

That Ain't Right!!!

They say you can find good women at church. Your sexy walk hooked him, but your god fearing personality will keep him. LOL

LOL @ you using child psychology on your father.

Unknown said...

Your father is HILARIOUS!!! LOL

This weather is crazy...hot one day cold the other...I mean its spring, the weather needs to get its self together!!

p_nami said...

Chocolate tortilla chips?


How many words per minute can you type?

1969 said...


Jameil said...

rj... no it ain't! he needs to get some fear in him, too or he can fall back! hey man any kind of psych i can! reverse is hot too. you are going to that bar in a few weeks!!

miss b... don't encourage him!! the weather seriously needs a bottle of ack right!!

doll... hahahaha. idk a lot?

1969... WORD!!! lololol

Momisodes said...

Ooh, I love creamsicles! I will have to try those :)

I'm with you on the weather. It's freezing today! And I was just wearing flip flops on Saturday :(

Sha Boogie said...

After crying and snotting on myself for the better part of my evening, that post put me in a better mood -- all kinds of hilariousness!!

Jameil said...

sandy... you really should! it's just starting to warm back up now. let's hope it sticks this time! no more 30s.

sha... oh no! i'm glad i could help you!!