Monday Mindspacing Vol. 86

1) I hate seeing old people in tee shirts. They look so sad to me.  Your body can't support that flimsy material.  Please put on some real clothes.
2) I know people who have never seen me in tennis shoes.  I only wear them to work out.
3) I hate Chickfila for not serving biscuits after 1030. What kind of self-respecting southern chicken establishment does that?  All I wanted Friday night was to get a chicken biscuit from Chickfila on Saturday.  Apparently that was too much to ask.
4) Everyone pray that Mississippi plays nicely and is actually warm when I go there instead of the same 40s we have at home.  It's supposed to be in the upper 60s this week! NOT AWESOME to take that away for me!!
5) My workouts have been GREAT!!  I've been pushing myself not to watch the clock. LOL She works me out for real!
6) How is it already the last day of January?  I'm about to be all sorts of awesomely joyous if February flies by like that.
7) One of my friends never answers the phone or returns calls and rarely checks emails and facebook. I'm convinced something amazing is going to happen & she'll be the last to know.  I also feel like I've said that before... on the blog.  I know I've said it aloud.
8) Did I tell y'all why I love cooking Ina Garten's recipes?  Because she makes me feel like a rich white woman.  LOLOL.  I only need that while cooking.  LOL
9) If you didn't read my movies post yesterday, The King's Speech is AWESOME!!  Worth the hype!
10) I love Rashan.  We have so much fun together!  Le sigh.  That dude makes me a simp.
11) My classmates have turned me into an awards show watcher! It's so crazy!  I only like the snobbier movie-related ones, though (Globes, SAG, Oscars).  My fave is definitely the Oscars since we all dress up for it!  I'm wearing my sister's prom dress from 8 years ago this year!  LOL
12) The Real Housewives followers on twitter and fb make me want to do something drastic.  IDK what but I HATE hearing about those foolish women for what feels like hours and hours and HOURS 7xs a week.


Movies 2011, Week 4

January 23- 29, 2011
22) Chinatown.  Pretty good film (despite the director's issues) starring Jack Nicholson about a private detective trying to solve a murder.  I enjoyed it.  Faye Dunaway is awesome.  I need to see more of her films.  4.1 stars
23) The Last Picture Show. Hm.  This 1971 film follows teenagers in a tiny Texas town and stars a bunch of familiar faces-- Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn.  I was pretty lukewarm about it.  Didn't love it, didn't hate it.  Wouldn't throw a fit if it was on in the background.  3.4 stars
24) Waste Land. 2011 Oscar-nominated documentary about recycled material pickers at a garbage dump in Rio and their collaboration with an artist.  Really awesome and touching.  Definitely see it!  4.8 stars
25) The Adventures of Power. Silly movie about a nerd who fights all odds to get recognition & respect as an air drummer.  I can see people loving this movie.  3.3 stars
26) The King's Speech. 2011 Oscar-nominated film starring Colin Firth about the speech issues of King George VI.  Loved it.  Dramatic with moments of humor.  You should definitely see this and Firth should win best actor.  I knew I wanted to own it after the first third.  The rest did not disappoint.  5 stars
27) True Grit.  2011 Oscar-nominated western about a teenage girl avenging her father's death.  Moments of utter boredom and predictability.  The ending felt hollow.  Did not like at all.  And yes, I like some Westerns.  2.6 stars


*Taps Mic** Is This Thing On??

About a month ago, Rashan's mom texted him for my number.  This made me feel weird.  We have what feel to me like strange interactions.  It shouldn't be strange that she welcomes me so openly but it kind of is.  I'm not used to hugely demonstrative displays of affection like her infamous 10-second hugs.  Rashan and I showed my mom how long his mom's hugs are and she was pushing me away after 5 seconds.  LOL.  That sounds so much worse than it is.  Whereas they are physically expressive, my family is emotionally and verbally expressive.  They have a strict DADT policy.  Us?  Start talkin!

So Rashan didn't give his mom my number until she asked for it again about a week ago.  She called to ask me for one of the recipes I used for Christmas dinner.  Rashan & I both felt weird about it.  Couldn't we have discussed that on fb like we do everything else? Don't you know me & Rashan met on the internet???  Hold up.  I'm not sure she does know we met on the internet.  DADT...

Cue Monday afternoon.  I leave training to see she called.  I text Rah like, "Why is yo momma callin me????"  He's clueless.  Fat lot of help he is!

I call her back curiously and say, "Hello?"
She sounds confused as well, "Hello?"
"Hey darlin!"
"You called?"
"Yeah... a couple of days ago."
Color me confused... "Oh..."
"Is everything alright."
More confused.  Hesitantly, "Uhhh... yeah."
"You sure?"
Pause.  Does she have some sort of creepy sixth sense that I'm in a mood?  Did Rashan call her? "Yeah."
"You sound out of breath."
Oh.  LOL.  That.  "I just got done working out."
"Oh. Why didn't you take your husband with you?"
Hold the phone.  HUH????  I know you said you already claim me as your daughter but this is just WEIRD.  "Uhhhh... I have a trainer.  He works out at home."
"Oh really?  I didn't know that."

Why would you????  It starts to get a little cloudy here because my mind is racing (along with my heart rate) as I try furiously (and valiantly I might add) to figure out WHAT in the sam hill she's talking about!!
"Did you guys move yet? When are you moving?"
WHAT????  "Huh?"  You can tell I have 2.5 degrees, can't you?
"Are you still living with your parents?"
"Where are you living?"
THE SAME PLACE WE WERE 4 MONTHS AGO!!  "Oh! Um... Winston-Salem."
"Huh? Wait a minute... Who...?"

This... two and a half of the most awkward minutes of my life... THIS is where we both realize she has no clue who she's talking to.

Simultaneously. "Who is this?" "This is Jameil!"
"Oh! I thought you were Rah's brother's wife!"
Relief! Sweet, beautiful milk dotting the mouth of a six pound, 10 oz. baby Jesus relief!  I just... I just don't know WHAT to say I'm so relieved!  So I start laughing.  Really loudly.  LOLOL.
"My pocket book must have called you!"
Insert 30 seconds of only slightly less awkward explanations about how she thought I was her youngest son's wife, a quick, well I like to talk to you, too!
And then, a merciful goodbye!
I sigh with joy and attempt to get my body to stop trying to simultaneously fight and flight.

Rashan's response to the whole thing?  "I feel uncomfortable just listening to you tell this story!"  How does he think I felt???  And then, "She doesn't have caller i.d.??"


Him = theeeee worst.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 85

1) When people apologize for their long absences and they're less than 8 days, I have never ever noticed them.  I follow enough people on Google Reader that you have to be mighty talkative for a long time for me to notice.  And if you stay gone for a long time?  I might forget you exist... I mean... it's better than me stalking you, right?  Blame Rashan for me not stalking people anymore. 
2) In case you forgot Rashan was a jerk... I had to explain google reader to one of my friends the other day & Rashan said, "Wow... it's 2007 again. You're explaining google reader."  LOLOL.  Jerk. (soft j)
3) Why do kids always ask "where do babies come from?" on tv shows?  Cliche' much?
4) I watch "Chopped" all the time and you know what?  I'm tired of hearing ScottConant whine about his disdain for raw red onion.  I hate a lot of raw red onion, too, but this competition isn't about every chef making a dish to meet your standards.  Really?  STOP SAYING THAT EVERY TIME YOU'RE ON THE SHOW!!!  But I love Alex! :)
5) If you're not familiar, they have a basket with three or 4 disparate ingredients they have to incorporate into a cohesive dish.  One recent basket on that show?  Baby bananas, black eyed peas, poblano peppers & ostrich steak.  Da heezy!???  Rashan wants to do a "Chopped" challenge for me one day.  Hilarious.
6) Update on me working out to meet my trainer?  She said my form was GREAT and I didn't lose much over the break.  Yeaaaaah!  She also said she had a client who hadn't worked out in more than a month and almost died.  LOLOL!  Glad it wasn't me!  But I SEVERELY underestimated how it would feel to be back!  So crazy!  My body was like, FOR REAL???? 
7) Can someone tell me how I managed to accidentally follow at least 3 M.ormonFashionBloggers?  I'm pretty sure I've never even met a M.ormon before...  So weird.
8) Every time I hear there's a party where I should bring food, I come up with at least 5 recipes I want to make.  Someone tell me to calm down, please.  PLEASE!
9) I went to the outlets nearest to my house on Friday.  Ya know... the one with a Le Creuset store.  *faints*  You know baby had to get a lil somethin.  I got a giant cobalt pie plate!  Mine was $26.  I also got some great clothes at amazing prices.  My favorite deal?  The $129 BCBG dress I scored for $29.  *pat pat*
10) One of my 30 for 30 goals has got to go.  I seriously do NOT care about taking a picture a day for a year.  Suggestions on what to replace that with?
11) Funniest & most fun drinker?  The (non-slurring) CHATTERBOX!  Talk, talk, talk.  It amuses me.  I like that much better than some of the drinkers I knew in college-- overly emotional, mood swings (happy, sad, angry, "amorous" all in the space of half an hour), sick and vomiting.  And this is just one person...  Please drink responsibly.
12) It's been a while since I got a really stank comment.  Probably because I have fewer commenters than I once had and the ones who do comment are my own little blog la familia.  Sometimes I feel sad for the people who have to bring bloggers "down a notch or two" but sometimes I feel as sad when bloggers respond.  Some handle it well... others... really poorly.  That stranger (always hiding behind the cloak of internet gangstafied anonymity) needs to kick rocks!  And hard!  Don't let them drag you down with them... I feel like this is just inviting someone to say something stank... LOL.  Please keep your foolishness to yourself.
13) Why doesn't blogger automatically recognize blogger as a word?  To quote the wise bard, William of the Smith clan, "Dum dum dittaaaaaay!"  (It didn't recognize any of that at all... Hm.)


Movies 2011, Week 3

January 16- 22, 2011
A pretty good mix of films this weekend, not all of them great but some good enough.
17) Waiting for Guffman. Silly mockumentary about community theatre.  SO silly.  Amusing, though.  3.8 stars
18) Mostly Martha. German film about a loner chef who becomes the guardian for her recently orphaned niece.  I may have enjoyed this more had I not seen and (remembered well) the American version with Catherine Zeta-Jones.  It was almost exactly the same but quieter.  It felt a bit slow at times as well.  This one did feel less forced most of the time, though.  3.3 stars
19) A Village Called Versailles. Documentary about a Vietnamese community in New Orleans that united after Hurricane Katrina.  Some good moments but it felt separated into two halves, almost like 2 different films.  3.3 stars
20) Sylvia Scarlett. Katharine Hepburn & Cary Grant star in this 1935 film about a woman who poses as a man.  KH's accent sounds ridiculous.  Wow.  How can too fabulous stars be in such a colossally bad film?  Really, REALLY bad.  2.5 stars
21) On the Town. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra star in this 1949 film about sailors looking for fun in "New York, New York."  There was a dance sequence I'm convinced last 17 hours.  At least nine-thirds of the film.  I mean, I like a good dance sequence and all but #cmonson.  3.5 stars


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 84

1) I love people who share food with me... but I don't necessarily like to share my food.  This really applies to leftovers.  Nothing else.  If you eat my leftovers without me telling you to eat them?  We'll have a problem.  Rashan never does this.  THANK GOD!!
2) I can be rather abrupt when it comes to matters of the heart.  I have no patience for lingering in dead-end relationships.  He told you he'll never marry you?  You're still the side chick?  Get out.  What else do you want me to say to you?  I don't like long relationships.  I have no patience for people who proclaim each new beau as the one.  I'm not trying to kill your hopefulness, I just don't get it.  I have become more open-minded seeing as I did find my love on the interweb (how distasteful!) but it's still a struggle to get it when clearly I don't have to.
3) I put off a return to working out with my trainer as long as I could.  I mean as LOOOOONG as I could.  I'm so scared she's gonna murder me so I've been working out 3xs a week over the last 3 weeks in preparation to return to my trainer.  Is that stupid?  LOLOL  I just don't wanna die!  But return to her I shall this week!
4) I realized I didn't show you what I got for Christmas!  Some AWESOMENESS!!  I LOVED my gifts!!  I got myself that 30 Before 30 lipstick and my Marc by Marc Jacobs rain boots.
I love them!!!  Y'all know I'm all about bright colors!  These hit the spot!  I suppose I'll do a full Christmas post later because there are a ton of pictures I think it will amuse you to see.
5) I'm bored but I don't feel like returning to regular life.  I'm really dreading this semester.  I know that's not doing anyone any good.  :/
6) Am I racist?  Every person I talk to who's vaguely non-white, I have to restrain myself from asking them if they like to cook.  Gimme your recipes!!
7) I have been so incredibly restless for the last week plus.  My body is so hateful.  Why do you treat me this way???  I sleep a couple of hours at a time.
8) There's nothing worse than a durn Yankee talking smack about Southerners and snow.  There is NO comparison.  A few inches of snow shuts down Southern cities because they don't have adequate budgets for snow removal and tons of people who think they can drive in snow but can't.  If you don't move snow and it warms up during the day, which it always does in the South after snow, the snow melts.  Temps drop again at night and what?  Ice.  NO ONE deals adequately with ice.  Ice can shut down even the most Northern of cities.  But it's particularly bad in the South.  I've lived in both places and worked in a place where I covered snow and drove in it for 3 winters.  A place that's USED TO snow knows how to deal with it.  One that expects one "big" snow of a few inches and gets double or triple that?  Never going to react the same way.  Again, NO COMPARISON.  So shut your mouth.
9) I learned of 4 pregnancies in 48 hours.  Um... whoa.  Y'all have been really busy keeping warm.
10) My mom gets sad when I don't love gifts she gives me... so I break it gently... and sometimes... I lie.
11) I deleted a fb friend a few months ago when she asked people not to post pictures of her wedding and said she may or may not post any.  This after she wrote incessantly about the trials of planning a wedding.  Invite in and shut out?  STD.  Shut that down.  Now I kinda want to be her fb friend again.  Why?  Nosiness.  That is such a mess.
12) Are you as excited as I am about the return of 30 Rock??? :)
13) I complain about the layout of Target every single time I go in one.  Why?  Because every single one has a drastically different layout.  Why?  WHYYYYYY??
14) "I (Almost) Got Away With It" is an AWESOME show!! So hilarious!!  If you have Discovery ID or On Demand, WATCH IT!!


Movies 2011, Week 2

January 9-15, 2011
It was unintentionally old movie week at casa Jameil and quite a good one!  Way to be there!  Looking forward to more good ones this week!
11) Move Over Darling. Doris Day stars in the remake of the fabulous Cary Grant film "My Favorite Wife."  Amusing and I've definitely decided I love the many incarnations of this film.  I wondered who would play in a modern adaptation.  Just please not Sandra Bullock.  4 stars
12) Sophie's Choice. Meryl Streep stars as a Polish immigrant who survived concentration camps and slowly unveils the grim details to her Southern neighbor who is also an unwilling witness to her tumultuous relationship.  Interesting, yes.  But also tiring and long.  I could feel what was coming pretty early on.  3.9 stars
13) Cabaret. Liza Minelli stars as an American cabaret singer in Germany trying to make it big as Nazis are coming to power.  Pretty good.  It's a musical for all you musical haters.  The end felt a little stretched out.  4 stars
14) The Thrill of It All. Same stars as Move Over Darling, ironically.  Doris Day and James Garner are a couple who struggle when a company's president wants Doris Day as his ad girl.  Not in line with modern desires a bit amusingly.  Cute if a little too long.  3.7 stars
15) Yankee Doodle Dandy.  James Cagney won an Oscar for his starring role in this biopic about an entertainment legend.  Thrown off by an unexpected blackface sighting again.  :/  It dragged toward the end.  3.4 stars
16) Splendor in the Grass. Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty star as a young couple with too much feeling in their uptight Kansas town.  I really enjoyed it.  3.9 stars


#22: Find my perfect shade of red lipstick.

I did it!  I know when you saw this goal on my 30 Before 30, you said to yourself, LAME! COP OUT!  But I've never been a make-up girl.  Okay I take that back.  I really, really TRIED to be a make-up girl when I was a little girly girl but my MOMMY wouldn't let me.  Meanie.  She told me I don't need make-up to be beautiful.  What a cop out.  Of course I didn't believe her and put "a make-up kit" in the Top 5 of my (up to five page) Christmas list for AT LEAST a decade.  I begged and begged.  What about when I'm 13?  When I'm 15?  16?!?!  No! No! No!  And NOT ONCE did I get so much as a lip gloss!!!!  So I gave up on being a make-up girl.  Then I got to college and was surrounded by women who knew how to put on make-up... and I no longer really cared about putting on make-up.  *shakes tiny fist at M* 

How did I learn how to put on make-up?  By watching Carmindy on What Not to Wear... LOL.  That is so sad!  I'm sure she's the one who said there's a red lipstick for everyone.  It's been embedded in my head since then.  But with my complexion, when I go to make-up counters, they pick raisins for me.  I'm looking for something unexpected.  But when I told the lady at Lancome a red, she was skeptical and picked out three HORRIFIC shades of red.  Truly terrifying.  I had Rashan with me and he was of course, 0 help. Poor thing.  He begged me to bring someone else, ANYONE else with me, and I didn't.  This woman, in her desire not to talk herself out of a sale, refused to say anything HONEST about these awful colors she selected.  I thought they looked terrible on me and she was like, "It depends on what you like."  Girl. BYE!!!

My next stop was at Ulta where I thought I could get a reasonably-priced lipstick.  A sweet little guy really, REALLY wants to see me in a non-red gloss.  Hold up.  I came in here SPECIFICALLY knowing I want a RED LIPSTICK and you try to send me off with a non-red gloss?  I humor him, this time I'm with a friend, who also doesn't understand my desire for red, (SN: Why did I keep going with people who thought I was crazy?) and hate everything he does.  He says, "I told you red wasn't for you. Let me show you some other stuff."  I proceed to hate everything he shows me.  Why?  Mostly because I resent him for that!!  What you are seeing here is the anatomy of how to lose a sale with Jameil (half rhyme...) part II.

My third stop, with the same friend but on a different day months later, is at the JCPenne' (LOL) Sephora store.  This timid-ish chick hears I want a red and is again looking at me like I'm nuts.  WHAT IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?  I'm the only one who watches WNTW??  You're IN make-up and still want to do the same boring thing everyone else wants to do?  NO. RAISIN.  This chick hears red, looks skeptical and asks her cohort for advice.  What do we have hear, people?  If you guessed how to lose a sale with Jameil part III, DING DING!  You're right!  You get a blog post!  And you get a blog post!  (Don't get excited. It's this one.)  She gives me some atrocious colors to try on, I scowl in the mirror and leave.  I've never had a good experience with that store so I really should stop going back.

My fourth stop... y'all I'm so DEDICATED!!  ... To finding a lipstick... fail... epic fail.  Anyway, the 4th stop was where the first stop should've been.  The store every make-up crazy black woman (with a little money) I know is a stan for: Mac.  DUH!!!  I said after the first place, I should stop playing around and just go to Mac.  But did I listen to myself?  (Sheepish) No...  So this time I have my sister with me.  I said red and she said really?  But she said it with an open mind because she's the make-up fiend in the family.  Plus I'm the big sister!  Off to Mac we go.   I'M DETERMINED we are finding my lipstick TODAY.  By this point I was feeling rather discouraged and had amended it to 'an unexpected color' from red.  But when I told the Mac chica I wanted a red but people were hating she said, "Why!?  I think there's a red for everyone!"  Oh honey.  You need to teach 'how to take all of Jameil's money!'  LOL.  Clearly I agree so we tried several and.... decided on Ladybug!  How cute is that name??

I wore it out for the first time to a casual NYE house party and was still easily one of the most dressed up people there.  LOLOL.  I love it.  Why did it take me four tries over 6 months (almost to the day) to find a red lipstick???  That is so not cute.  But I have it!  Kiss kiss!  


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 83

1) The most possessive-looking couple pose in the entire world?  The one with the dude's arms around the chick's waist (cool) and her arms around his neck (THIS HERE? MINE!!!), both staring at the camera.  Y'all are scary.
2) One of my childhood friends is having a baby August 21st.  Well his wife is.  I say, "Wait until August 23rd for the 2nd best baby ever!!!"  Why does he interpret that as me having a baby???  HOLD UP, SLOW UP, STOP, CONTROL.  REALLY??????  Who doesn't know my birthday is August 23rd????  Stop trying to spread rumors and lies on fb!!!!
3) Speaking of lies on fb... I have THEEEE ghettoest cousin with presto-chango (red, orange, platinum blonde, blue) hair colors.  Our only contact in more than 10 years is via fb where I'm getting quite the education!  The other day she was SO upset people sent her texts that KeyshiaCole'smom had died.  "STOP SPREADING LIES!!!!!!!!!"  (She types in all caps with lots of exclamation points.)  Why are PEOPLE, not one person, PEOPLE, texting you this?  I would have to remove these people from my list. (SN: Who determines the no. 1 ring tone? Don't answer. I don't care. I hate ring tones.)
4) Y'all can back up off the marriage and engagement talk again.  It will happen when it's supposed to happen.  I see the mention of it makes you all crazy.  That's my bad.  No more.  Let's all calm down now.
5) I love encouraging my friends!  Blog la familia included!  If your homies aren't in your corner, then who is??  I won't be that weak link hatin on ya!   I'm gonna help you along!  You can do it!  But you have to set a goal to make one!  XOXO 
6) Was that deep?  Did I almost write a #fakerevruntweet?  *shivering and shaking on the pavement*
7) I wanna go somewhere.  IDK where but I'm headed back to MS next month... That doesn't count.  Sorry, Sip.  I could've gone to VA this weekend but wasn't really feeling that, either.  I know what I need: a FREE trip somewhere.  Preferably somewhere warm and exotic!
7) I have almost made myself into a coffee fiend on accident.  I don't really like the flavor of coffee that much esp. unadulterated but the smell?  HEAVENLY!  And people have been trying to make me join their addict-ville for a long time.  I love coffee ice cream and that makes me feel less bad but this is the 3rd year in a row I've had a Sbucks in the library.  Not cool!!
8) Am I done yet?  I should start a countdown to graduation.  My baccalaureate is May 15th, the 16th is graduation.  I'm gonna go ahead and make the bac what I countdown to.  125 days!  HOLLA!
9) Rashan doesn't believe in ugly babies.  I, on the other hand, see them everywhere.  Newborn?  Ugly baby.
10) I hate watching drunk people on sitcoms.  They always seem like they've never been drunk.  Exception?  Queen Latifah as Khadijah on "Living Single."  The tranquilizers episode?  HILARIOUS!!  Sooo funny!  LOLOL
11) It is way too hard to maintain 2 blogs.  Especially since I'm trying to do fashion AND food in the other blog.  Am I really gonna be posting 5 days a week over there and 3+ days a week over here?  Methinks not.  I would need to be paid for that to happen.  I'm at least 2 posts behind over here... and don't feel like posting.  Yawn.
12) I really want an $89 pair of shoes ... But I know I shouldn't.  They were originally $179!  That's a good deal.  You know it is!  I just want some impractical shoes.  How weird is it that those are more impractical for me than my magenta pumps?  LOLOL In the time since I wrote this, I talked myself out of them because the ones I really want are sold out in my size.  Way to save yourself money?  DON'T SETTLE!!  (Hence the reason I'm so difficult to feed. LE SIGH.)
13) Can you believe I still have 2 official days before school starts?  And I have 0 classes to attend this semester?  So weird.  I'm teaching a class on radio once a week, though so that should be cool.
14) I'm ready for the next new internet thing.  I'm coming up on my 3 year twitter-versary and getting a tad bored.  There are some people I like to communicate with primarily through twitter but eh... I'm sure part of this is the fact that I am currently wasting my days but NEXT!
15) Modern Love was great this week.  As was Vows about a couple who met playing Jeopardy online.  Rashan and I soooo related to "he discovered 'a certain awkwardness in meeting someone for the first time when you think you already know them well.'” LOLOL!  Been there!!


Movies 2011, Week 1

January 1-8, 2011
It's so easy to watch more movies than there are days in the year when you refuse to leave the house.  On a roll!!
1) The Man Who Came to Dinner.  A jerky lecturer overstays his welcome when he gets hurt and has to stay at a family's home in this 1941 film with a softer look at Bette Davis.  At nearly 2 hours, this film was far too long for a comedic film.  Get to the point already.  3.1 stars
2) Tooth Fairy.  Cute kids film starring the Rock about a guy forced to be the tooth fairy.  It's certainly not unexpected but can definitely keep your attention.  3.8 stars
3) Doc Hollywood. Michael J. Fox comedy about a Hollywood-bound aspiring plastic surgeon who gets stuck in a small town when he has an accident there.  Boring, predictable.  3.2 stars
4) Harvey. 1950 film starring Jimmy Stewart follows a man who confounds his sister and niece with his companion-- a 6-foot tall invisible rabbit.  Pretty amusing.  4.1 stars
5) Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Robert Redford and Paul Newman star as two (smokin hot) thieving outlaws.  Great action & a fun watch!  4.5 stars
6) Mississippi Burning. Film loosely based on the FBI investigation into the disappearance of 3 civil rights workers.  Pretty good despite some holes and plot contrivances.  3.9 stars
7) Angel of Mine. French film based on a true story about a woman who believes a little girl is her long-dead daughter.  Really creepy but good.  4.1 stars
8) Gidget. 1960s film about a girl surfer who's not taken seriously.  I didn't enjoy it.  3.3 stars
9) Going the Distance. Drew Barrymore romcom about a long distance relationship.  Cute.  I enjoyed it.  4 stars
10) Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. The first in the trilogy.  It was pretty good.  Not my kind of movie.  3.5 stars


2011 Goals

One of my fb friends said, "Face it, you're likely just gonna end up doing the same things in 2011 that you did in 2010...and 2009...and 2008...etc...."  Y'all.  Don't accept that attitude in your lives.  You CAN achieve whatever you want!  Said person then added a (lame) disclaimer, "Make those changes every day."  Womp. Womp.  Look, if you want to get all goal-oriented in January, who am I to stop or discourage you?  Start when it makes sense to you!  Start in March!  Start in July!  November!  Just make some real changes in your life.  We all need change and I believe you can do it.  Put your back into it.  Setting goals is the only way I get anything accomplished.  December?  I wrecked shop!  (I updated that post.)  I can and will just sit in the house and watch tv and read about your lives on the internet if I don't set goals.  Let's make 2011 one to remember.  Rashan and my mom don't get my goals but SO WHAT?  Goals, resolutions, whatever you want to call them, OH LET'S DO IT.

1) Complete at least 12 30 for 30 goals.  These goals encompass many of the changes I want to make in my life.  That's why I this list will be shorter than last year's.  I only completed 4 so obviously have quite a bit left to accomplish.  Definites are read the entire Bible (almost halfway there!), go whitewater rafting, ride a mechanical bull, make and keep a budget, take a dance class, workout 3xs a week, tour a vineyard in NC wine country, use my passport and yes, RUN A 5K!!  I did my first self-directed 5k run-walk over Christmas break and it was great!!  I felt really powerful!
2) Read 40 books this year.  I used to read every single night before bed.  Then there were some breaks in college.  Now I want to get back to reading.  Fiction, non-fiction, doesn't matter.  I want to read some great books!  I read The Help to get me back in the swing of things and loved it!
3) Try at least 100 new recipes.  Y'all know I love cooking!  I've lost a bit of my mojo with my crazy schedule but I think I can get it back in 2011!
4) Get a full-time teaching position in a great program.  This will be awesome. 
5) Work out more.  This will help me with my 5k goal and the lifetime fitness goal.
6) Make sartorial magic.  I shocked myself a little this year with unexpected combinations of the clothes in my closet.  It's really fun to do that and I strive to do that more and more and further develop my personal style.  I also want to find a tailor to make me some clothing.  Working out is making my body type more and more difficult to fit, particularly on the bottom.  I will feel much more pleased if someone makes my clothes instead of having huge waistlines.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 82

1) Have you seen "Mexican Made Easy"?  That show is AWESOME!!!
2) I traveled so much at the beginning of break that I'm tapped out.  It was impossible for me to leave the house last week.  I blamed it on my steep, icy driveway.  I'd be able to get down... but I wanted to be able to get back up.  That was my excuse for 3 days.  Then I decided I wanted to go out for dinner.  Typical, right?  LOLOL
3) Have I ever told you how much I hate the name Jamie?  I think it is incredibly ugly.  The most awful unisex name ever.  I hate when people try to shorten my name to that... or really most things they try to shorten it too.
4) That brings me to Mel.  I also hate the name Mel.  Don't call me Mel.  My name is Jameil.  Juh-mell.  Not Mel.
5) I love the name Thad after a camp counselor I adored.  I could never get past boyfriends to agree to name our possible future children Thad.  What awful men.  Be better, Rashan!!  I'm willing to go with Thad as a middle name now!
6) For the first time ever, I was really, REALLY offended by the rampant materialism surrounding Christmas.  It made me really sad, too.  I was able to block it out in previous years but it was all up in my face this year in a way that threatened to steal my excitement.  BUT I REFUSED!!  It wasn't so much the stores.  What else would they do?  It was more people I was around who were only concerned with what they were receiving.  It's particularly distasteful in children.  If they're like this now, they'll be monsters the older they get.  MONSTERS!!!  But to soothe myself, I'm still rocking the Christmas music!  And I told Rashan it will last for 3 more weeks.  But let's be real... I'll be listening to Christmas music well into February and whenever else I need a boost.   Merry Christmas II You (Mariah's latest) is my definite new fave!  Guys, you need a new fave song or album every year!  Don't forget!
7) I am SO sad that Therapeutic Musings is in the midst of a blog break!!!  I love hearing about her fetus, who I adoringly refer to as BPL-- Baby Pickle Lover-- because he (I think it's a boy) learned how to be a fetus from sitcoms and only requested pickles in the early days.  With every meal!  Hilarious!  Please no pickles and oatmeal!  He now loves Mexican food!  BABY AFTER MY OWN HEART!!!  Blog auntie loves you!
8) Yes I'm crazy.  Obviously...
9) Although I'm weird about January 1st, in general, I adore January.  EVERYONE'S full of goals!  I can always remember the new year and often accidentally start writing it in November or December.  So future focused.  (Which can be annoying.)  Howsomever... February.  Oh you.  I always start writing the previous year in FEBRUARY.  Right when everyone else has stopped.  Absolute foolishness.
10) Rashan hates Valentine's Day because it's his deceased father's birthday.  I love V-Day (and every holiday, really) and/but it was too hard on him so we decided last year that in the future we should celebrate on March 14th instead.  I completely forgot about this until he reminded me the other day.  I love it.  And him.  We are the cutest.  On that note, I hate when people try to price gouge me because it's a special occasion.  It made me want to stay in the house for New Year's.  But it makes me extra excited about celebrating V-Day in March!
11) These last few months I've had to learn to live in the same city as my boyfriend for the first time in 10 years.  So bizarre.  And such an adjustment!
12) Boyfriend is such a stupid word for my 36-yo old man and belies the magnitude of our relationship.
13) I may as well start off this year with a confession... we live together... and have since September.  I never tell people but it's not exactly a secret if you're on twitter and fb with either of us.  It felt weird to not telling people when I was in Mississippi and every once in a while it feels like lying when I avoid talking about it.  It doesn't jibe with my religiosity and was completely unexpected but was a necessity of sorts.  I NEVER thought I would live with anyone before I got married.  But I'm actually more delighted than I could have ever imagined to have him here.

Anyway, I know this year has great things in store!  There will be some difficulties as there always are but with a new year and a new decade, like every new day, comes new opportunities for greatness.  I'm excited!  Aren't you??


Movies 2010, The Finale

December 19-25, 2010
I watched more movies in one day than in the previous 2 weeks... Weird.  And I love comparisons like that.
208) TheKidStays in the Picture.  Documentary about the life of film producer RobertEvans (TheGodfather, LoveStory, Rosemary'sBaby, UrbanCowboy).  Pretty awesome.  Moving narrative, great visuals.  Really intriguing watch.  He had quite the life.  4 stars
209) Public Speaking.  Scorcese-directed documentary about comedic essayist Fran Lebowitz.  I saw Jimmy Fallon drool over her to my great discomfort.  She's funny but I feel like she's like other old people I know.  She just says whatever she feels like saying.  I guess what's supposed to make her unique is that she's been doing this a long time.  3.5 stars
210) Pirate Radio. Philip Seymour Hoffman is one of the stars of this Britain-based indie film about pirate radio (non-government regulated) stations in 1966.  I really enjoyed this entire movie.  4 stars
211) The Human Comedy. Old Mickey Rooney (as a teen!) film about the son of a widow working to help provide for the family because his brother's off at war.  Some cheese but a likable enough story.  3.5 stars

December 26-31, 2010
I did wonderfully this week!  Not leaving the house really makes you magical!
212) Mirage. A 1965 Gregory Peck film about an accountant who's lost his memory.  It got rather wearying after a while.  Just hurry up and end.  2.9 stars
213) The Kids Are All Right.  Annette Benning and Julianne Moore star as a lesbian couple whose kids decide to find their donor.  Interesting until it took an extremely predictable turn.  There were some unnecessary n.ude scenes.  The end was also less than satisfactory since the film just stopped in one of the story lines.  Good foundation but they didn't capitalize.  3.4 stars
214) The Searchers.  John Wayne cowboys and injuns flick about two searchers for a missing girl.  I was only mildly interested.  Not bad, just not my kind of movie.  3.3 stars
215) The Treasure of the Sierra Madre.  Humphrey Bogart stars in this 1948 film directed by John Huston about gold prospectors.  When one gets paranoid, things go from bad to worse.  Pretty interesting.  3.8 stars
216) Holiday Affair. Janet Leigh & Robert Mitchum star in a 1949 film about a war widow with a young son and two men who want to marry her.  Cute rom com with a Christmas theme.  3.9 stars
217) Rocky.  Yes, I'm just seeing this for the first time.  I understand why people love this movie but YUCK!!  I was more grossed out than I am when I'm watching a real fight!  I don't need to watch this ever again or any of the sequels.  3.9 stars
218) Regarding Henry. Sappy Harrison Ford movie about a jerky lawyer who gets shot in the head and becomes a better person.  Actually pretty enjoyable.  Just ignore the awful 80s music.  I think my mom would really like it.  3.6 stars
219) Easy A.  Emma Stone stars in this comedic adaptation of the Nathaniel Hawthorne novel "The Scarlet Letter."  My biggest irritation was the abundance of unnecessary curse words.  This could've easily been a slightly more teen-friendly movie without tipping into the kid-friendly zone by dropping some of those GDs.  I mean, is that ever necessary?  Really irritating.  I was like whoa... this is PG-13?  Other than that, it was a pretty cute film.  3.8 stars

Clearly I didn't watch nearly as many movies this year as last year (not even a third) but I (obviously) felt way less pressure this year.  I saw some great movies and fewer really awful movies.  Next year will be even more leisurely with the movie watching but I'll still keep telling you what I watch as they come!  HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!