Movies 2011, Week 4

January 23- 29, 2011
22) Chinatown.  Pretty good film (despite the director's issues) starring Jack Nicholson about a private detective trying to solve a murder.  I enjoyed it.  Faye Dunaway is awesome.  I need to see more of her films.  4.1 stars
23) The Last Picture Show. Hm.  This 1971 film follows teenagers in a tiny Texas town and stars a bunch of familiar faces-- Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn.  I was pretty lukewarm about it.  Didn't love it, didn't hate it.  Wouldn't throw a fit if it was on in the background.  3.4 stars
24) Waste Land. 2011 Oscar-nominated documentary about recycled material pickers at a garbage dump in Rio and their collaboration with an artist.  Really awesome and touching.  Definitely see it!  4.8 stars
25) The Adventures of Power. Silly movie about a nerd who fights all odds to get recognition & respect as an air drummer.  I can see people loving this movie.  3.3 stars
26) The King's Speech. 2011 Oscar-nominated film starring Colin Firth about the speech issues of King George VI.  Loved it.  Dramatic with moments of humor.  You should definitely see this and Firth should win best actor.  I knew I wanted to own it after the first third.  The rest did not disappoint.  5 stars
27) True Grit.  2011 Oscar-nominated western about a teenage girl avenging her father's death.  Moments of utter boredom and predictability.  The ending felt hollow.  Did not like at all.  And yes, I like some Westerns.  2.6 stars


Happy Nappy Bride said...

Oh no!! I was really looking forward to seeing True Grit!! I heart westerns.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

The King's Speech is cleaning up this award season. I always have a movie weekend with all the Oscar winners

Jameil said...

hnb... you should go see it anyway if you like coens bros. productions. if not? you should probably see it anyway if you're looking forward to it. let me know what you think!

gp... it should! really well-written & beautifully acted!

Jameil said...

also... an oscar movie weekend sounds AWESOME!! i spread them out over the time they're announced and awards day. so exciting!

JOB said...

See, I am STILL chewing on True Grit. I thought the ending was amazing and not hollow at all.


she shot and killed her father's killer, then fell into the hole full of snakes and death and evil, etc. The only one who could save her was Rooster - because he had access to that world. In saving her, he saved himself. Yada yada yada... I loved it.

My 5¢ review.

Jameil said...

Job... I'm blinking at you right now. I never look that deeply into films laid out in such a silly manner like this one was. Rashan didn't like it either but admits he can't stand the Coen Bros.' films.