Movies 2011, Week 3

January 16- 22, 2011
A pretty good mix of films this weekend, not all of them great but some good enough.
17) Waiting for Guffman. Silly mockumentary about community theatre.  SO silly.  Amusing, though.  3.8 stars
18) Mostly Martha. German film about a loner chef who becomes the guardian for her recently orphaned niece.  I may have enjoyed this more had I not seen and (remembered well) the American version with Catherine Zeta-Jones.  It was almost exactly the same but quieter.  It felt a bit slow at times as well.  This one did feel less forced most of the time, though.  3.3 stars
19) A Village Called Versailles. Documentary about a Vietnamese community in New Orleans that united after Hurricane Katrina.  Some good moments but it felt separated into two halves, almost like 2 different films.  3.3 stars
20) Sylvia Scarlett. Katharine Hepburn & Cary Grant star in this 1935 film about a woman who poses as a man.  KH's accent sounds ridiculous.  Wow.  How can too fabulous stars be in such a colossally bad film?  Really, REALLY bad.  2.5 stars
21) On the Town. Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra star in this 1949 film about sailors looking for fun in "New York, New York."  There was a dance sequence I'm convinced last 17 hours.  At least nine-thirds of the film.  I mean, I like a good dance sequence and all but #cmonson.  3.5 stars

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