Movies 2011, Week 2

January 9-15, 2011
It was unintentionally old movie week at casa Jameil and quite a good one!  Way to be there!  Looking forward to more good ones this week!
11) Move Over Darling. Doris Day stars in the remake of the fabulous Cary Grant film "My Favorite Wife."  Amusing and I've definitely decided I love the many incarnations of this film.  I wondered who would play in a modern adaptation.  Just please not Sandra Bullock.  4 stars
12) Sophie's Choice. Meryl Streep stars as a Polish immigrant who survived concentration camps and slowly unveils the grim details to her Southern neighbor who is also an unwilling witness to her tumultuous relationship.  Interesting, yes.  But also tiring and long.  I could feel what was coming pretty early on.  3.9 stars
13) Cabaret. Liza Minelli stars as an American cabaret singer in Germany trying to make it big as Nazis are coming to power.  Pretty good.  It's a musical for all you musical haters.  The end felt a little stretched out.  4 stars
14) The Thrill of It All. Same stars as Move Over Darling, ironically.  Doris Day and James Garner are a couple who struggle when a company's president wants Doris Day as his ad girl.  Not in line with modern desires a bit amusingly.  Cute if a little too long.  3.7 stars
15) Yankee Doodle Dandy.  James Cagney won an Oscar for his starring role in this biopic about an entertainment legend.  Thrown off by an unexpected blackface sighting again.  :/  It dragged toward the end.  3.4 stars
16) Splendor in the Grass. Natalie Wood and Warren Beatty star as a young couple with too much feeling in their uptight Kansas town.  I really enjoyed it.  3.9 stars


Trish said...

While I haven't seen any of these, I love Carey Grant, so I'd be up for watching anything with him in it. I was looking at a movie on TCM the other day but I typically just watch old movies when I'm alone because most people of our generation aren't interested in the oldies.

I'm not sure if this has been asked before, but how do you pick which movies you watch?

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I've never seen any of these. You truly do like the earlier films. Yes I hate musicals! Hate! However, it's more of the genre of the gospel musical where they break out in song instead of dialouge. *eye roll*

Completely different from the Sound of Music which I recently watched and LOVED!

Jameil said...

trish... CG is the bomb! By far my favorite dead guy after Malcolm X! My sister balked at watching an old movie, but once she started watching it, she was all up in it and loved it! I think most people hear b&w and think GROSS & boring but sometimes you just have to make them! LOL I pick a lot of my films based on what Netflix thinks I'll give the film. LOLOLOL Sometimes based on what's on HBO, On Demand, what I've heard a lot about, what's on TCM, the AFI list, Academy Award winners & nominees, indie films, stuff on Sundance, some movie Rashan wants to watch that I don't all the way object to, other people's recommendations. Any Cary Grant, Bette Davis, Hepburn (both) film. Almost any William Powell & Myrna Loy. There's really not a lot that will keep me from watching a movie! LOL Oh wait. Excessive violence, nudity & profanity and a 2 star or lower recommendation from Netflix.

gp... I do! I find them interesting! And I like watching stuff people have long forgotten about or ignored and getting really into it. It's pretty cool. Musicals don't bother me. I've seen all or part of SoM AT LEAST 50xs. My sister used to be so obsessed w/it that she watched it daily for a month, rotate to something else (The Wiz, Wizard of Oz, Annie) and watch that every day for a month then go back to SoM. So I almost never want to see any of those great movies...