#22: Find my perfect shade of red lipstick.

I did it!  I know when you saw this goal on my 30 Before 30, you said to yourself, LAME! COP OUT!  But I've never been a make-up girl.  Okay I take that back.  I really, really TRIED to be a make-up girl when I was a little girly girl but my MOMMY wouldn't let me.  Meanie.  She told me I don't need make-up to be beautiful.  What a cop out.  Of course I didn't believe her and put "a make-up kit" in the Top 5 of my (up to five page) Christmas list for AT LEAST a decade.  I begged and begged.  What about when I'm 13?  When I'm 15?  16?!?!  No! No! No!  And NOT ONCE did I get so much as a lip gloss!!!!  So I gave up on being a make-up girl.  Then I got to college and was surrounded by women who knew how to put on make-up... and I no longer really cared about putting on make-up.  *shakes tiny fist at M* 

How did I learn how to put on make-up?  By watching Carmindy on What Not to Wear... LOL.  That is so sad!  I'm sure she's the one who said there's a red lipstick for everyone.  It's been embedded in my head since then.  But with my complexion, when I go to make-up counters, they pick raisins for me.  I'm looking for something unexpected.  But when I told the lady at Lancome a red, she was skeptical and picked out three HORRIFIC shades of red.  Truly terrifying.  I had Rashan with me and he was of course, 0 help. Poor thing.  He begged me to bring someone else, ANYONE else with me, and I didn't.  This woman, in her desire not to talk herself out of a sale, refused to say anything HONEST about these awful colors she selected.  I thought they looked terrible on me and she was like, "It depends on what you like."  Girl. BYE!!!

My next stop was at Ulta where I thought I could get a reasonably-priced lipstick.  A sweet little guy really, REALLY wants to see me in a non-red gloss.  Hold up.  I came in here SPECIFICALLY knowing I want a RED LIPSTICK and you try to send me off with a non-red gloss?  I humor him, this time I'm with a friend, who also doesn't understand my desire for red, (SN: Why did I keep going with people who thought I was crazy?) and hate everything he does.  He says, "I told you red wasn't for you. Let me show you some other stuff."  I proceed to hate everything he shows me.  Why?  Mostly because I resent him for that!!  What you are seeing here is the anatomy of how to lose a sale with Jameil (half rhyme...) part II.

My third stop, with the same friend but on a different day months later, is at the JCPenne' (LOL) Sephora store.  This timid-ish chick hears I want a red and is again looking at me like I'm nuts.  WHAT IS IT WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?  I'm the only one who watches WNTW??  You're IN make-up and still want to do the same boring thing everyone else wants to do?  NO. RAISIN.  This chick hears red, looks skeptical and asks her cohort for advice.  What do we have hear, people?  If you guessed how to lose a sale with Jameil part III, DING DING!  You're right!  You get a blog post!  And you get a blog post!  (Don't get excited. It's this one.)  She gives me some atrocious colors to try on, I scowl in the mirror and leave.  I've never had a good experience with that store so I really should stop going back.

My fourth stop... y'all I'm so DEDICATED!!  ... To finding a lipstick... fail... epic fail.  Anyway, the 4th stop was where the first stop should've been.  The store every make-up crazy black woman (with a little money) I know is a stan for: Mac.  DUH!!!  I said after the first place, I should stop playing around and just go to Mac.  But did I listen to myself?  (Sheepish) No...  So this time I have my sister with me.  I said red and she said really?  But she said it with an open mind because she's the make-up fiend in the family.  Plus I'm the big sister!  Off to Mac we go.   I'M DETERMINED we are finding my lipstick TODAY.  By this point I was feeling rather discouraged and had amended it to 'an unexpected color' from red.  But when I told the Mac chica I wanted a red but people were hating she said, "Why!?  I think there's a red for everyone!"  Oh honey.  You need to teach 'how to take all of Jameil's money!'  LOL.  Clearly I agree so we tried several and.... decided on Ladybug!  How cute is that name??

I wore it out for the first time to a casual NYE house party and was still easily one of the most dressed up people there.  LOLOL.  I love it.  Why did it take me four tries over 6 months (almost to the day) to find a red lipstick???  That is so not cute.  But I have it!  Kiss kiss!  


1969 said...

I love this search and as a product junkie...I can so relate to the search for the perfect red. My favorite red's tend to have more of an orange tint. I would have sent you straight to MAC in the first place. Well, Mac or Chanel. LOL

Patti said...

I would have sent you straight to Mac too. Very few lines (if any) can compete with the variety of reds - they really do have one for everyone. However, my mama's favorite red lipstick (the shade she's been wearing for easily 30+ years) is Fashion Fair's Sangria Red. Looks amazing on her. I own red lipstick (from Mac, naturally), but I dont wear it - lol.

Trish said...

I love that color on you! I've never worn lipstick, although I've tried it on. I don't really like how it feels on my lips and I've yet to find a color I love. I do however, LOVE eyeshadow! Lol!

One more thing off your list!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

If you hadn't of finally said MAC at the end I wanted to cyber punch you in the arm!

I also was going to say find out what your undertones are and if you're warm or cool with that you can find you perfect shade of ANY color. Example your pink, your purple, your red etc. Revlon makes awesome red lipsticks but it tastes weird and is too fragrant to me but I still wear it...

Sparkling Red said...

It is indeed perfect! Finding just the right shade of lipstick can be an epic quest. I live in fear of my favourite daily colour being discontinued.

K. Rock said...

Good for you for sticking with it. I would have backed off after the first crazy look from behind the counter. It looks cute on you.

Sha Boogie said...


Why did I love this post? Because you are hilariously nuts! I want a red lipstick too ::side eye:: I don't think I'm ready to embark on that hard journey though.. It looks great on you! Well... hmm.. I think I want a lipstick that looks good on me period. I'm stuck on 'tinted glosses' right now. #notadult

Nerd Girl said...

I like the shade you ended up with. And appreciate your tenacity - I'da been at home with my lipsheers after the first encounter.

mia. said...

Hey there... just stumbled upon you when I saw the title of your post on a friend's blog roll.

I can completely relate with the hunt for a red lipstick. I've been buying red lipstick for years and they always look too orange or pink on me.

Until... I was in Sephora and found Du Wop's Private Red.

I hate to be so frivolous and self centered to say that this red lipstick has changed my life - but it has. Here's what they say:

Private Red's formula adapts to each person's unique chemistry and will adjust accordingly, providing the perfect red shade that complements each person's coloring. The silky lipstick goes on smooth and the rich pigment leaves behind a slight stain so lips stay red.

The next time you wander into a Sephora store I highly recommend trying it on!


Jameil said...

1969... Chanel! That one's gonna have to be your treat! LOL

P... I mean they really do! Fashion Fair scares me. I'm sure they have some good stuff but I just associate them with an old lady brand. They need a good re-branding. I'm not a huge lipstick person but I want one for when I need one!

trish... thanks! :) i don't love how lipstick looks on my lips but to find one you like, i def. suggest mac! i am delighted by eyeshadow, too! crossin em off!!

GP... hursh! undertones? that's so complicated! somebody just tell me what to wear!

red... it really can! not daily fear! lolol

k... thanks! i wasn't gonna let these people bring me down!!

sha... lol. i really am! if you start at mac, your journey will really just be a trip! thanks! i knew i couldn't have a tinted gloss for the same reason!

nerd... thanks! lolol. i was like I AIN'T BUYIN NO MORE GLOSSES OR SHEERS!

mia... i never have a good experience at sephora. in general i find the salespeople snooty and unhelpful like they think I might not spend enough. then there was the trip i wrote about they weren't informed enough. 8th time's the charm. i'm definitely not going to continue going.