Monday Mindspacing Vol. 82

1) Have you seen "Mexican Made Easy"?  That show is AWESOME!!!
2) I traveled so much at the beginning of break that I'm tapped out.  It was impossible for me to leave the house last week.  I blamed it on my steep, icy driveway.  I'd be able to get down... but I wanted to be able to get back up.  That was my excuse for 3 days.  Then I decided I wanted to go out for dinner.  Typical, right?  LOLOL
3) Have I ever told you how much I hate the name Jamie?  I think it is incredibly ugly.  The most awful unisex name ever.  I hate when people try to shorten my name to that... or really most things they try to shorten it too.
4) That brings me to Mel.  I also hate the name Mel.  Don't call me Mel.  My name is Jameil.  Juh-mell.  Not Mel.
5) I love the name Thad after a camp counselor I adored.  I could never get past boyfriends to agree to name our possible future children Thad.  What awful men.  Be better, Rashan!!  I'm willing to go with Thad as a middle name now!
6) For the first time ever, I was really, REALLY offended by the rampant materialism surrounding Christmas.  It made me really sad, too.  I was able to block it out in previous years but it was all up in my face this year in a way that threatened to steal my excitement.  BUT I REFUSED!!  It wasn't so much the stores.  What else would they do?  It was more people I was around who were only concerned with what they were receiving.  It's particularly distasteful in children.  If they're like this now, they'll be monsters the older they get.  MONSTERS!!!  But to soothe myself, I'm still rocking the Christmas music!  And I told Rashan it will last for 3 more weeks.  But let's be real... I'll be listening to Christmas music well into February and whenever else I need a boost.   Merry Christmas II You (Mariah's latest) is my definite new fave!  Guys, you need a new fave song or album every year!  Don't forget!
7) I am SO sad that Therapeutic Musings is in the midst of a blog break!!!  I love hearing about her fetus, who I adoringly refer to as BPL-- Baby Pickle Lover-- because he (I think it's a boy) learned how to be a fetus from sitcoms and only requested pickles in the early days.  With every meal!  Hilarious!  Please no pickles and oatmeal!  He now loves Mexican food!  BABY AFTER MY OWN HEART!!!  Blog auntie loves you!
8) Yes I'm crazy.  Obviously...
9) Although I'm weird about January 1st, in general, I adore January.  EVERYONE'S full of goals!  I can always remember the new year and often accidentally start writing it in November or December.  So future focused.  (Which can be annoying.)  Howsomever... February.  Oh you.  I always start writing the previous year in FEBRUARY.  Right when everyone else has stopped.  Absolute foolishness.
10) Rashan hates Valentine's Day because it's his deceased father's birthday.  I love V-Day (and every holiday, really) and/but it was too hard on him so we decided last year that in the future we should celebrate on March 14th instead.  I completely forgot about this until he reminded me the other day.  I love it.  And him.  We are the cutest.  On that note, I hate when people try to price gouge me because it's a special occasion.  It made me want to stay in the house for New Year's.  But it makes me extra excited about celebrating V-Day in March!
11) These last few months I've had to learn to live in the same city as my boyfriend for the first time in 10 years.  So bizarre.  And such an adjustment!
12) Boyfriend is such a stupid word for my 36-yo old man and belies the magnitude of our relationship.
13) I may as well start off this year with a confession... we live together... and have since September.  I never tell people but it's not exactly a secret if you're on twitter and fb with either of us.  It felt weird to not telling people when I was in Mississippi and every once in a while it feels like lying when I avoid talking about it.  It doesn't jibe with my religiosity and was completely unexpected but was a necessity of sorts.  I NEVER thought I would live with anyone before I got married.  But I'm actually more delighted than I could have ever imagined to have him here.

Anyway, I know this year has great things in store!  There will be some difficulties as there always are but with a new year and a new decade, like every new day, comes new opportunities for greatness.  I'm excited!  Aren't you??


Naima said...

#2. It was impossible for me to leave the house last week too, but that wasn't because of travel...it was because I was just being lazy! Judge me if you must.
#5. LoL! Such a random name.
#8. What? You?? No...
#10. I'm sorry about his father, but it's great that you two have a compromise that works. I don't necessarily love V-Day either, but I don't think it's the worst holiday ever.
#12. Agreed!
#13. I kind of figured as much, but that's not exactly something I'd come right out and ask. No judgement here (for obvious reasons) -- you have to do what works best for you, your sig. o, and your situation. Go ya'll!

Sha Boogie said...

I agree that the term 'boyfriend' is somewhat silly after a certain age. I always hated introducing the hubby as that my 'boyfriend'. You guys are totally cute for moving V-day! As a former 'co-habitating specialist' I have three words: wrap it up, LOL!!!

Not so Anonymous said...

3. Uh...ok, lol. You're such a Jamie hater.
4. In my head, I've been calling you Juh-Meal...hmmm, it's going to take me months to readjust.
5. You hate Jamie, but you like Thad...for real? LOL...now I'm hatin'
10. You two are cute...and what a nice idea of March 14!
12. Well, what would you call him.

Unknown said...

Thad Jameil...really? Wondering what Rashan thinks about that name. Lol

I had the pleasure of witnessing a 10 year old boy complain about each and every gift he opened. Gifts from people that didn't HAVE to buy him a darn thing. I was SO annoyed and couldn't believe that a child at that age didn't know better. We debated on getting this child something for the holidays and I'm SO glad we opted not to. Little ungrateful brat! UGH!!

Not sure how I missed the news on you and Rashan moving together. I caught that he moved but didn't realize you two were living together. YEAY!!! How exciting. I SO love you guys together and am so happy for you two.

K. Rock said...

5. Thad is a terrible name.

13. We all knew you guys were shackin' up!! No secret. Time to get married now.

Anonymous said...

5) Had a crush on a boy named Thad in 8th grade. Ahhhh.

12) Yeah, boyfriend used to kinda irritate me too before hubs and I got married. We were grown and had been together for ages.

13) Um, DUH!! That was supposed to be a SECRET??? No CIA badge for you missy! *lol*

Sparkling Red said...

3) My ex went by "Jamey". I kind of like it spelled like that.

5) Thad is a name?

6) Yup. Greed is grosser than a dirty cat litter box. But Chrismas music after Christmas? Wow. I couldn't do that. On December 25th I was done.

12/13) Hey, congratulations! I agree there aren't enough nouns to express the intricacies of modern relationships. Don't worry, soon enough you'll get to call him your husband and it'll be all good. ;-)

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

1. It's okay. Ina should me how to make a flaky buttery cobbler crust now that was awesome!
2.Hmmm after #13 revelation sounds like some cupcaking was going on. LOLOLOLOLOLOL!
3&4 Thanks for the clarification I pronounced it JayMeal in my head. I won't even call you Mel cause you just said you hate it!
5. Is it Thad and the h is silent?? like Tad?? Because I can't get with Thad short for Thadeus?? LOL!
6. I am SO glad Christmas is over! For the first time EVER, everything is down and put away not a trace to be found. I couldn't figure out why. But materialism may be the culprit. I can be guilty of materialism. *hangs head in shame* It was less spiritual for me this year.
8.You??? Yass! Only someone crazy can be an authority on crazy!Bwhahahahahha!
9. O_O O_o
10.Days before my B-day and March being the second most wonderful time of the year!!! Great compromise!
11-13 Yaaay! I'm just ghetto and say my dude! How cute! Yep cupcakin!

Yes! I'm extremely excited about what this year has in store. I hope everyone acheives all their goals!!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I meant showed!

Jameil said...

nai... 2) lolol. ditto!
5) LOLOL. I think I've met 0 Thads since then. MAYBE 1.
8) I agree!
10) :)
12) Hahahaha! We are so in the same-ish sitch!
13) LOL. Thx, you!

sha... We are the cutest. As far as co-habitating, girl BYE!!

nsa... 3) I am!
4) It's okay. JuhMEL, JuhMEL! You can do it!
10) We are the cutest!
12) I have no substitute! Which is clearly the problem!

TG... LOLOL! He thinks it's stupid. LOSER!! Were we in the same place? We gave that 10yo $10 and did he even thank us? NO! That little brat just added up the money totals in front of us. UGH!! You get nothing next year. JOYFULLY. I didn't announce we were living together so that'd be how you missed it. Thanks! :)

k... 5) LIES!
13) Calm down.

mrstdj... 5) YESSSSSS!!
12) SO DUMB.
13) LOL. I don't want one!

red... 3) Ew. I don't like it in any carnation.
5) A hot name!
6) LOLOL! Nice metaphor! I looooove Christmas music!!
12/13) :)

2) Not even. That dude was at work. I was chillin in the house.
3&4) Fix!
5) Nope! Short for Thaddeus! Love it!
6) :(
8) O_o
9) Shut it.
10) :)
11-13) Hush it.
I'm so excited, too!!