"Hey Tyreek, Can we join you?"

Has anyone else seen this MTV commercial? It shows "the black guy" (will the Real World ever have more than one per season? or has there been a season like that and i just missed it? whatever happened to tek? how did he spell that?)

The commercial is very Harold Ford, Jr.-esque. You know the infamous commercial in Tennessee's current Senate race between the aforementioned 36-year-old, unmarried Democrat who comes from a long line of politicians and Republican Bob Corker. The Republican National Committee paid for an add featuring a blonde white woman saying, "I met Harold at the Playboy party! ... Call me Harold." Are you joking? You're running so scared of losing this election that you have to play on the familiar fear historically held by white Southern men? We won't even talk about the white guy in black face.

That's not what this post is about! But similar. The new MTV commercial shows the black guy (TBG), Tyreek, in a hot tub. Three white women in red bathing suits walk up to the patio door and say, "Tyreek, can we join you?" And he starts daydreaming about all the white women mutliplying. Suddenly he's surrounded by white women in bathing suits who all want to get in the hot tub. Then he snaps out of it and there are just three who say, "Tyreek! Hey Tyreek! Can we join you?" Tacky MTV. Very tacky.


The Good Things

1) I bought John Legend's cd and I really like it. Review forthcoming coming here. I'm only one person! Wanna know if you should "Press Play?" Head there now!

2) I talked to the bf for 3 hours yesterday. We argued, but we ended on a good note, which is always a good thing and makes me jolly. Our one year anniversary on Dec. 10th came up. Um... when he mentioned he was off on the 10th and 11th, do you know what I said, "Ok... and? What days of the week are those days?" I TOLD YOU I'D FORGET!! I told him I would anyway b/c every month, the 10th comes and goes and THEN I'm like oh yeah, another month. I'm convinced I'll forget in December, too.

3) I went shopping Tuesday. I bought a pair of boots-- black, pointy toe, 1 1/2 inch heels from nine west (of course), 2 shirts, 2 tanks, 2 sleeveless sweaters (i know its too cold now, but it was an end of season sale), a pair of beige, wide-legged dress pants, all from cache and express, some stuff from victoria's secret. They were having a 10/$25 sale on their pink line! How amazing! I couldn't resist. So sad. My feet gave out before the rest of me. By the time I finished it was about 2:45 and I'd woken up at the time that morning to get ready for work.

4) Tried the Y near my house. Its a family Y, though. Too small and too old. I have no desire to be around children that don't belong to me, even if I only have to walk past them to get to the gym. Now I'm considering Bally's. Not as close but we'll see how the facilities are. I don't really like their class offerings. Kind of wack and boring looking. I'm also thinking of the place at the bottom of the hill here. They don't have any classes but I'm starting to think maybe I don't need the classes. But I'll need something else to stimulate me. I get bored easily.

5) I BOUGHT AN IPOD TODAY! YAY!! I got a turquoise nano. We get about a 10% discount w/the job. The engraving says "who am i to be gorgeous & talented? i'm jameil" so fabulously me right? yeah, i know. lol.

6) The bf sent me a package with all the stuff I left the last time I was there (the things I bought from the ESPN store and my leaf earrings) along with "The Little Mermaid"!!! I was so excited. When I saw it was back out again, the Platinum ed. this time, I wondered if they got them at work since he got Cinderella when it came out. They didn't so he just bought it for me. What a sweet bf he is. "Never underestimate the power of... body language!" Fave line in the whole movie. Cracks me up!!! Hahahahahaha.

7) Did I mention I love this John Legend cd?

8) I'm off today.

9) I watched part of "When Harry Met Sally" and am now watching "The Stepford Wives." Both of which make me giggle.

10) Tonight is Daddy/Daughter night and I get to pick where we eat. Hmm... where shall I choose? Maybe John Harvard's. Its one of my fave places. Last week we went to Max and Erma's. My dish was ehhhh. I shouldn't have ordered pasta. That's definitely a burger place. They have yummy burgers but I wasn't impressed with the pasta.


Why Am I Surrounded By the Socially Decrepit?

I can't take it. I like Pittsburgh to a degree. However, I am surrounded by people who are socially decrepit. It drives me crazy. I never go out. EVER!! It drives me insane. I am going insane. I must be. Someone save me. I need to go out, I need to shop, I need to travel. I need visitors!!!! I'm also sick of the perenially bitter. Really sick. Who will rescue me? So that's why I haven't been blogging. I've been in a bad mood.


State of Black America Part VII "I'm a Conservative"

Someone I have regular contact with made this statement to me earlier this week. Just before we went to lunch. I was stunned. I know she's white, and has made some questionable comments, but I don't automatically assume anything about people's political stances. My first reaction was to say to myself, "Really? How can you have friendly relations with me when you're a conservative?" I don't understand. Because when I think conservative, I think, "You don't like black people." At the very least, you're removed from reality, Clarence Thomas.

Conservatives believe in the bootstrap theory, i.e. I did it, my parents did it, so anyone else can bring themselves up from abject poverty on their own. Nice thought, but illogical. Do you understand that there are people who wouldn't know a good role model if he or she slapped them in the face? Do you understand there are children who have never been told they could do anything? Who attend subpar schools where rare is the teacher who has been there more than 2 years? What do you understand about poverty and some people's reality? If you're a conservative, I'd say not much. And considering you care far more about dog abuse than human abuse, I don't know what to say to you.

Do you get along with me because you see me as an exception, not the rule? Because I've met those people too. The ones who think they're being benevolent when saying, "You're not like the others." The others? But you thought I was until you had a conversation with me and realized I'm a third generation collegian, a second generation Hamptonian, grew up in the suburbs, and have never lived in a ghetto. But guess what, because you and people like you will always see Black skin and first think negative, I will never be separated from other Black people. And that's okay. Because the more you include me with all Black people, the more likely it is you will be able to stop thinking of me as an exception and see the many varied faces of Black America.

It's life as a Black person. I can understand that. It becomes a problem when your prejudices and stereotypes make the lives of others miserable and you preclude you from learning from other people. When you no longer even attempt to have a unique, unbiased thought.

Another person, who holds many conservative ideals close to his heart, I speak to regularly says he would never hate all cops, even if he was stopped every single day.

Pause. Take a minute to let that statement sink in.

"Even if I was stopped by a police officer every SINGLE day, I would NEVER hate all cops."

Perhaps you can say that as a white male who, though you never graduated from college, was able to move up through the ranks. That's excellent, but not a reality for most Americans, and even more unlikely for a Black American. Let's attack this you would never hate all cops statement. First, never say never. Second, have you EVER been stopped by a police officer for no reason? Has your child ever been accused of being a gang member for walking with a group of his friends? Has anyone ever locked their doors when you walked by the car? or clutched their purse? or crossed the street? or passed you when you were trying to hail a taxicab? regardless of your educational background or socioeconomic status?

I can almost guarantee the answer is no. If you haven't experienced that, then you should stop talking. You don't know what your reaction would be to consistent mistreatment, not only from ordinary Americans, but also from the people who have pledged to serve and protect, police officers. When you have that kind of daily reaction to something you have no control over, the color of your skin, it tends to color your actions and beliefs.

None of the aformentioned examples are to say I'm a liberal. I'm not. I'm a southerner. You will be hard pressed to find many liberals in the south. Its just not realistic. Liberals are looked at as tree-huggers. People overly concerned with the environment and animals, against gun ownership. Many people in the south own guns. I don't have one, but I'd like to. Most of my family members own guns and several of my uncles hunt.

With the hotly-contested mid-term elections approaching, I'm using the same logic I use with every election. I want the candidate who will most uphold the values I hold true, whether Republican or Democrat. I have no blind allegiance to either party. I know each party has its strengths and weaknesses. Republicans use the foolish "Party of Lincoln" statement in an attmept to attract the Black vote. I know history; and this is not the same Republican party of Lincoln. I also know Lincoln is not the Black savior he's made out to be.

I believe Democrats take the Black vote for granted. Your grandparents and parents have voted Democrat since they were allowed to vote without poll taxes and other Jim Crow methods, since the Civil Rights Movement. Don't buck the system. You need us. And most follow this blindly. What has either party done for me lately? I don't recall either party making the Voting Rights Act a law, instead of merely renewing it for another 25 years. I do recall the Southern Republican congressmen who did not vote in favor of renewal because it was supposedly unduly harsh on Southern states. So create something better with more even-handed justice. It would not behoove either party to shoot down such a law. Though Hispanics are now the largest minority, outside of the Southwest, life is overwhelmingly Black and White. Especially when at this point everyone is angling. The Republicans to retain control of the House and Senate, the Democrats to regain it. Regardless, I need to see some real changes from both political party before either will get my consistent vote. Even then, I will keep my eyes open and be aware of the platforms of each candidate. I will be voting for the best candidate for the job, and I suggest you do the same.

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CT Trip October Edition Pt.II

We fell asleep at 1130 that night. Again... ELDERLY! So sad. But he had to go to work the next day. We watched the aforementioned movies Thursday morning. He bought my favorite cereal, Cinnamon Toast Crunch. So sweet. I dropped him off at work, then came back and watched the Food Network (of course). The bf told me I'm gonna be the best cook in the world one day w/all the food network I watch. Then rolled his eyes. Brat. Just because I don't wanna watch ESPN ALLLLLL DAY. Don't get mad. Hater. You'll be real happy when you're filling your belly on my food goodness!!

Took a nap, then got dressed to meet Ashli and her sister at Wood and Tap. I had a bacon bleu cheese burger. It was soooo yummy. I love a good burger. Had a bad waitress again. Tipped her accordingly. So wack. When we have to say something to the hostess TWICE about your service, there's a problem.

After dinner, I went back to the bf's, watched the end of Grey's Anatomy, then fell asleep. Went to pick the bf up, went back to sleep, woke up at the crack of dawn to go catch my plane. So what was the shocking conclusion? I was being sarcastic about my mental state. The longer I'm away from him, the harder it gets to leave. Particularly because I never know when I'll see him again. Could be 3 weeks, could be 6. Its the most frustrating thing ever. I feel the need to make every moment count. Then I'm despondent for days afterward. Will this last forever??? Because that's what it feels like. I miss him. We've been together 10 months.


CT Trip October Edition Pt. I

I'm back from Connecticut. On my way there, I was reading Essence magazine's annual power issue. It was fabulous. The did an interview with Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice that I can't wait to review soon and very soon. She set off some fire inside me with that one. Essence did an excellent job. Kudos to the editor, my fellow Hamptonian, Angela Burt-Murray. The magazine is on a roll.

The flight was fine. No screaming children. Thank God. I'm not the most patient when it comes to other people's unruly children. Scratch that. I'm evil when it comes to people's unruly children. All I'm saying is grab it when it starts running around throwing things, screaming its head off disturbing/pissing off other people.

I get to the airport in Hartford/Springfield and the bf is actually already there. Amazing. Ok he this is the 2nd time he was already there but the one time I had to wait for him, I was not a happy camper. Y'all know I'm spoiled. We got my bag and made plans for dinner. We hung out at his apartment, watching tv, etc. I had been up since 11 the previous night so by 5 I was exhausted. Fell asleep at 6. He was supposed to wake me up at 7 so I could shower and get ready to go to First and Last Tavern in West Hartford as suggested by Ashli. He let me sleep. Sweet but not in the plan. I like adventure but sometimes I can be a little rigid. I woke up at 8 and we decided to eat a candlelight lasagna dinner at his house (his suggestion). I agreed... but neither of us smoke so we had no matches and no lighter... that meant no candles. So we just ended up eating the lasagna and falling asleep by 1130. SO SAD!! WE ARE ELDERLY!! This is the at least the 3rd trip where there was one or more days we didn't make it to midnight! Sigh... I blame the station. If I'm anywhere near something soft (couch, bed, chair, pillow, non-crusty loaf of bread), my body clock kicks in and I'm knocked out.

The next day we're up at 830, I go to McD's to get us some breakfast, then laid around reading until it was time to go watch his ESPN basketball team play. I got to sit in the bleachers (yes at espn they have bball teams, a court, bleachers, REFEREES, a score keeper and a scoreboard. OUT OF CONTROL right? and hilarious). So people were watching the game on their lunch breaks. I'm of course the ever so fly Jameil. Cream tank with silver sequin detailing along the sweetheart neckline, short cuffed sleeve black angora cardigan, jeans, adorable black and white polka dot satin flats from Nine West that I bought at the airport before heading to CT. Met one of the bf's homegirls from VA. Very nice. Saw a girl I can't stand because she always calls me sweetie and felt the need to name drop seconds after we met. So lame. She looked at me literally 6xs before speaking and then only b/c the nice VA girl said, "Have you met the bf's gf?" She said, "Oh yeah... we met... hey." Hater. Don't be mad b/c I'm fly and you are (obviously) not. Btw... next time the bf is having a party for my bday or any other occasion and think about coming, do everyone a favor and stay at home. Thanks.

After the game (the bf's team won), we stayed to watch part of the next game. Since its the playoffs, his team would play the winner of that game. Elaborate right? Whatever happened to pick up games? We didn't stay long b/c seriously, why would I want to stay forever? I wouldn't. Went back to the apartment, hung out some more, then got dressed to go to dinner. I had on a beige button down shirt with sequins and beading, a fitted tan blazer, jeans, and my other pair of new Nine West shoes, tan tweed peep toe, sling back pumps with gold trim and a wooden heel. Too cute. We went to his friend Courtney's house for his haircut... 45 minutes later I went upstairs to call for an end to the cut. I mean seriously folks. That's ridiculous. I know you guys are talking and all but wrap it up. He did come down looking adorable though. Courtney'd suggested a place downtown called Blue-eyed Sally I think. It was a Cajun-Southern-style place. (I'm always weary of these types north of NC/TN). They had an open mic night and a band performing. Too loud for my particular taste that night so we went to Hot Tomato. Not bad, but not great. I'll be reviewing it on The Record Dish later.

After Hot Tomato, we headed to Blockbuster, picked up Lucky # Slevin b/c its quite popular with the bloggers and Akeelah and the Bee. LOVED Akeelah again. So fabulous. Lucky # Slevin was good too. What did we do for the rest of the night and the next day?? Stay tuned. You don't want to miss the stunning conclusion.


The Record Dish

Someone has a new blog... IT'S ME! I'm not going to be one of those people who abandons her old blog. The new blog is a joint one with me, Ashli and Stace. About food and music, hence the title....


aaaaaaaaaaaaand.... guess who's going to Connecticut??
Going to see the bf again FINALLY!
Are you in CT? See me!