Why Am I Surrounded By the Socially Decrepit?

I can't take it. I like Pittsburgh to a degree. However, I am surrounded by people who are socially decrepit. It drives me crazy. I never go out. EVER!! It drives me insane. I am going insane. I must be. Someone save me. I need to go out, I need to shop, I need to travel. I need visitors!!!! I'm also sick of the perenially bitter. Really sick. Who will rescue me? So that's why I haven't been blogging. I've been in a bad mood.


La said...

Aww Jam! Don't be in a bad mood.

Or no, scratch that. Be in a bad mood all you want to til you get it outta your system. We'll be here til you get back :-)

CNEL said...

Cheer up Jameil.

I know its hard for you not to live it up, but make the best of Pittsburgh.

I'm sure there's something that can make you smile and be vibrant and bubbly and fierce.

Anonymous said...

Sigh...shes cracking...it is getting to her.

Hold on darlin...just HOLD ON...God will deliver you soon.

as a native..i know the feeling all too well...which is exactly why I am 1400 miles away.

Just hold on..and thank you for your time served....errrr spent.

Jameil said...

oh yeah. and GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!

la.. sigh. it comes and goes. some days i'm more pleasant than others. but when i'm in a decent mood and i come home to talk to the bf on the phone and he's not joyous then i get pissed all over again.

cnel... you know its hard for me not to live it up? cnel... hunny... let me tell ya. you have NO idea. i don't even talk abt the going out queen i was in college and the year i spent at home. perhaps i'll blog abt that. what cnel? what can make me smile and be vibrant and bubbly and fierce???? i'll tell you what. to GET the hell out of pittsburgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dp... i IS crackin!! i can't even speak proper english anymore!! when i leave i don't want to come back. that's part of the reason i haven't gone back home. the first (and so far only) time, when i flew out of pgh i nearly cried. b/c i was like o.m.g!! i don't want to be here sooo bad. i felt the same despondency on the return flight. that was in april...

GreatWhyte said...

LOL. My girlfriend Kelly lives in Pittsburgh too, but she's in law school and claims that she's too busy to go out. So I guess she hasn't noticed that her city of choice is "socially decrepit!" Sometimes I feel the same way, but then I feel bad about complaining because after all, it's NEW YORK CITY! I'm just too busy to notice or experience that greatness that is the Big Apple. But Friday night... WHEW!!! Now THAT was fun :)
At least you're going to Homecoming, right? (to watch our now 7-1 Hampton Pirates... BOO HISS!!!!!!!!!!)

Don't Oppress Me said...

you know what always makes me feel better?

Slapping the shit out of random people. Try it, lol.

Naw, don't do that, that may not have positive results. Did I spell positive right? I'm trippin, let me go finish being drunk away from the internet.

Adei von K said...

Jameilionte!! You just need to leave. Perenially bitter is NOT who you want to be. Nobody likes an aguafiesta. Your year is up so what's the next move?? what's holding you in the Pitts?

Anonymous said...

This is the part where I remind Jameil that she is performing a service to the good people of Pittsburgh, PA by showing them how a real news program is supposed to look, along with holding it down for her people.

My mother and grandmother appreciate her time spent...and I appreciate her..on their behalf.

But...when its time to go..its time to go..and I aint mad at ya. Thank you for your time.

Madam DLBG said...

I know they say Pittsburg is depressing...but you gotta shake it off! how...i don't know...why...so you'll feel better:-).

Chris said...

speaking as a member of the perenially bitter set, we're not so bad...but yeah, Pittsburgh sucks.

the joy said...

jamiel's on team sienna, it seems. :-(

Jameil said...

x... i heard she was here. she taught one of my classes sr. year. yeah... you can't complain abt nyc!!!! crazy. lmao. but any city is less fun when you can't get out and don't have anyone to go with. i can't go to homecoming this year. soooo depressing. i still love them tho! GO PIRATES!

oppressed... LMAO!! you're hilarious.

stace. I'M not perenially bitter. i'm surrounded by them. i have a job. i cannot just pick up and leave b/c i don't like the city.

GreatWhyte said...

Wow, I thought Kells had faded into oblivion! It's always funny to run into someone who was in one of her classes.
No Homecoming? Oh NO!!!! Well, I wish I could say that I'll bring you a full update when I come back, but you'll have to rely on Jarrod for that (we all know how he LIGHTS UP A PARTY!!). Friday night me, Kelly, Leslie, and one of my linesisters are going to see TI, and I know I want to go to the game on Saturday. But after that, I'm on chill mode.

Jameil said...

DP.. thanks for the encouraging words. lol

mariah... i mean madam... thanks for that. lmao!

chris... actually the perenially bitter are awful. y'all get cut off!!! i'm looking for less drama and antics, not more.

joy... lmao!! but i'm not getting paid to do a movie abt pgh!! she's stupid. who would want to watch a movie abt pgh but people in pgh? no one. and after you bash the city twice, who then? oh yeah... no one!! dummy.

Dreamlover said...

Sorry you are blue, and that Pittsburgh sucks! ;-(

Anonymous said...

I think the cold weather is getting to you and everyone in Pittsburgh. I am 2 hours north of Pittsburgh and it is miserable up here. I am starting to feel the same way too.

Waddie G. said...

In the words of Sinclair James, "woo woo woo...woo woo woo"

Anonymous said...

woo woo woo woo

we still love dat baby, yes we do...

Miguel said...

miami...s'all i'm sayin

Jameil said...

x... yeah... some journalism site told on her when she left hampton. richard prince's journalisms. it told on all the former journalism profs there. i haven't looked for her or anything, tho.

ok but we need YOUR take on homecoming, too missy. how the HELL did t.i. get to come??? that is bananas for hampton. and is he the only one? i didn't see anyone else on the list. you're not going to any parties? x! fix that! like yesterday!!

dream.. yeah yeah.

epsi... the weather certainly does NOT help!!! ugh. not ready for this cold. not at all.

yuna... i know! i need something like that. i need like a january vacay at this point.

prof and a run... lolol. thanks both of you for the living single flashback.

peabo... ya know... i hear this a lot. one of my homies feels she can't do anything on memorial day unless miami is in the title.

sunshyne said...

Greetings, SoRHOr!

My first time on the site. I like it.

Hold tight there in Pittsburgh. There has to be one or two people like yourself that despise the socially decrepit and inept. Pittsburgh is a temporary stop on your journey to greatness, or at least a decent residence.

It's not that great in Atlanta...but I guess it's not Pittsburgn.

Veronica Marché said...

Okay, I guess this is my obligation to rescue you when I visit home...?


I don't know the next time I'll be in the 'Burgh, but soon as I find out, you'll be the first to know.

...well, after my parents, of course.

Jameil said...

sun... where are they????? atl is way better than pgh if for no other reason than there are multiple, MULTIPLE places to shop. and let's not forget all the negroes. i wouldn't want to live there, but i love LOVE visiting. it is a temporary stop but still!!

duck... YES!! and if you come here again and duck out w/o sayin something... we'll fight. you will get the internet backhand. parents 2nd! tell me 1st!! i'm selfish and need lots of attention.