The Good Things

1) I bought John Legend's cd and I really like it. Review forthcoming coming here. I'm only one person! Wanna know if you should "Press Play?" Head there now!

2) I talked to the bf for 3 hours yesterday. We argued, but we ended on a good note, which is always a good thing and makes me jolly. Our one year anniversary on Dec. 10th came up. Um... when he mentioned he was off on the 10th and 11th, do you know what I said, "Ok... and? What days of the week are those days?" I TOLD YOU I'D FORGET!! I told him I would anyway b/c every month, the 10th comes and goes and THEN I'm like oh yeah, another month. I'm convinced I'll forget in December, too.

3) I went shopping Tuesday. I bought a pair of boots-- black, pointy toe, 1 1/2 inch heels from nine west (of course), 2 shirts, 2 tanks, 2 sleeveless sweaters (i know its too cold now, but it was an end of season sale), a pair of beige, wide-legged dress pants, all from cache and express, some stuff from victoria's secret. They were having a 10/$25 sale on their pink line! How amazing! I couldn't resist. So sad. My feet gave out before the rest of me. By the time I finished it was about 2:45 and I'd woken up at the time that morning to get ready for work.

4) Tried the Y near my house. Its a family Y, though. Too small and too old. I have no desire to be around children that don't belong to me, even if I only have to walk past them to get to the gym. Now I'm considering Bally's. Not as close but we'll see how the facilities are. I don't really like their class offerings. Kind of wack and boring looking. I'm also thinking of the place at the bottom of the hill here. They don't have any classes but I'm starting to think maybe I don't need the classes. But I'll need something else to stimulate me. I get bored easily.

5) I BOUGHT AN IPOD TODAY! YAY!! I got a turquoise nano. We get about a 10% discount w/the job. The engraving says "who am i to be gorgeous & talented? i'm jameil" so fabulously me right? yeah, i know. lol.

6) The bf sent me a package with all the stuff I left the last time I was there (the things I bought from the ESPN store and my leaf earrings) along with "The Little Mermaid"!!! I was so excited. When I saw it was back out again, the Platinum ed. this time, I wondered if they got them at work since he got Cinderella when it came out. They didn't so he just bought it for me. What a sweet bf he is. "Never underestimate the power of... body language!" Fave line in the whole movie. Cracks me up!!! Hahahahahaha.

7) Did I mention I love this John Legend cd?

8) I'm off today.

9) I watched part of "When Harry Met Sally" and am now watching "The Stepford Wives." Both of which make me giggle.

10) Tonight is Daddy/Daughter night and I get to pick where we eat. Hmm... where shall I choose? Maybe John Harvard's. Its one of my fave places. Last week we went to Max and Erma's. My dish was ehhhh. I shouldn't have ordered pasta. That's definitely a burger place. They have yummy burgers but I wasn't impressed with the pasta.


Adei von K said...

a turquoise iPod!!?!?!? that is so fcuking FABULOUS jameil!!!! I gasped and sat up after reading that!!!! get it!!!

i don't want you to forget the annies. he would be the one that remembers though, ole sentimental cancer behind! lol

ewww on the Y. be a buppie and go to Bally's.

burger place! you KNOW you LOVE your burgers!!!

love the post J!

Veronica Marché said...

OMG, I want an engraved iPod just so I can say I have one now. That is so. Effin. FLY!

Sheeeeeit, what other colors did they have?

Anonymous said...


As long as regular ole MP3 players are cheaper AND more flexible, I am all about those. I think ima hold out for the Microsoft Zune

Engraved is a good look though.

Max&Ermas does do a good burger...

Me and FW are hitting the Burgh for Christmas...im sure you are making your escape though....FYI though.

12/10 is FWs birthday btw.

like I would EVER forget that.

Wonder of wonders...SHE wants a Ipod...

Jameil said...

stace... i know!!! eeeeeeee!! (our thing... oh how i miss thee!!). i don't think i'll really forget now but i could have!! the y is wack right? i DO love burgers!! :D

duck... i know! :D lime green, black, red ltd. edition (for AIDS research), aluminum, and black.

dp... i hear you but it was on sale! and its so little and cute! and i couldn't find anyone to tell me other nice mp3 players so... ipod it is.

actually i'll probably be here. ipods are fun. and the engraving is free. how hot is that?

the joy said...

i so want john legend. might buy it for my bro cuz he loves his music and its an easy gift option. please dont forget the anni. i always start planning gifts a month or two ahead just in case i have to save up or search alot.

Southern Girl said...

Jameil, do you have the Robin Thicke CD yet?? Get it if you don't...girl!

You know you are wrong for forgetting your anniversary!! Right?

I think my parents are getting me an ipod for my bday, if I do, I hope they got it engraved, my dad is all about stuff like that.

Dreamlover said...

Man, I want an IPOD so bad, soooo soooo bad, sob, maybe oneday!

And I hope u remember the anniversay, ONE YEAR!!


Omar Ramon said...

I love J. Legend. even tho it annoys me to no end that folk compare us all the time (mainly because we are both lightskinned with curly hair) ans try to say I sing like him. NOT!! Anywho!!

I LOVE disney movies and was mad souped to see Lil M out again. That is also my fav song in the flick. My lil sistas used to ask me to sing it all the time...of course I'd act it out and everythign and they'd squeal with glee!! Aaahh....memories...

I used to work at express....love their clothes(mostly shirt and tie sets)

Omar Ramon said...

Oh yeah and thanx soooo much for the info on the quote!!. It was driving me crazy not to be able to remember it correctly or find the author.

Jameil said...

joy... not gonna forget. i have a couple of really good ideas but i know he reads my blog so i don't want him to have any clue and won't be saying anything. the cd would be a great gift.

southern... ehhh... kinda wary of him. the bf loves him tho. i still got a month. haven't forgotten yet. i just got confirmation my ipod has been sent out!!! yay!!!!!!!!!!

dream... i've wanted one for at least 6 mos. i'm sure more but that's when it became an "i must have one" thing. i'm sure now you guys won't let me forget. lol :D

omar... john legend is the bomb. as is lil mermaid! yay!! i think i'll watch again tomorrow. i used to work there too. i can tell express people from a mile away, esp. the dudes. don't think i'm a genius. i just did an internet search :D you only got it b/c i was uber bored. i rarely know what to do w/myself on my off days.

Madam DLBG said...

Well, since I've had an ipod since the 3RD Generation cam out...I'd say its about time, so CONGRATS, LOL

Let me find out I'm not the only woman in the world with a male mentality when it comes to special days :-).....

Jam, if you liked JT, u'll LOVE Robin Thicke...he can get da PAN-TEES alright

Taking ur word, i'm gonna download the J.Legend album tomorrow and see how I like it, I wasn't too big on "Save Room", so I'm kindof sleeping, well, snoring, on him righ tnow...

Anonymous said...

Max and Ermas is good!!

I am not a fan of the Y. I feel uncomfortable changing there.

Anonymous said...

could this be true nine west and rachel ray ... we must be soul mates ... i think i may go pick of that j leg cd since you like it so much ... i have some gold leaf earring too now that you mention it and i think my sister stole them ... gotta get those back ... you cant forget the one year ...lol ... put in your phone as a reminder ...or upload it into you calender on you ipod ... even better ... glad all is well!

Jarrod said...

Max & Erma's is aight...good margaritas.

Elle Willa said...

John Harvards CALAMARI, that's what's up. Oh, and beer.

CNEL said...

I'm pretty sure I pre-ordered John Legend, we shall see when I head to my mailbox tomorrow.

LoL please set a cell phone reminder for the anniversary, add it to Google calendar, or something.

Engraved IPOD, dare I say it, "That's Sexy!"

I love, love, love "When Harry Met Sally", that DVD was one of my smartest purchases, the movie makes me smile, and instantly turns me from cynic to optimist!

Jameil said...

madam... was that the sound of you offering to give me a quick lesson so i don't have to read the instructions? b/c that's what it sounded like. i NEVER forget special days. but when the 10th passes every month i'm always oblivious. i've now made myself obsessed w/the date so i won't forget! you ain't gotta like save room to like the album... kinda iffy on the robin thicke... ehhh... we'll see.

epsi... only feel uncomfortable changing at the y?

amber... lol! i'm a ninewest and rach groupie! its not a game. when i get my digital camera i'm most def. gonna be taking pics of my nine west kicks. my ipod will have a calendar??? that's too much. i just need you to play my music well, give me some playlists, not skip, all that good stuff. i have no idea what kind of good stuff is on there. i guess we'll see in the next 2 days.

jarrod... now you KNOW i'm a maragarita queeeeeeeen!! wish i'd known that before i went! i show would've given them a try. i usually try to stick to margaritas only at mexican places b/c i know they won't f it up.

elle... yes! i enjoyed both of those when i went there! :D

cnel... yay! and you know i'm gonna be uber fly w/the ipod! :D when harry met sally is the bomb!!! its one of my fave movies! :D

Don't Oppress Me said...

I know little boys aren't supposed to watch The Little Mermaid over and over again, but I think I was the cutest baby I’ve ever seen. Yeah, I don't know what those two things have to do with each other either, but it just seems so appropriate.