Movies 2010, Week 8

February 21- 27, 2010
58) Umberto D.  Italian film by Vittorio De Sica about a poor old man and the pregnant maid who lives in his building.  It was so dramatic throughout you kind of wanted him to just go ahead and end it... is that bad?  Very open ending.  3.5 stars
59) Requiem for a Heavyweight.  1962 film starring Anthony Quinn, Jackie Gleason and Mickey Rooney with appearances by Cassius Clay and Jack Dempsey.  A washed up boxer tries to make it as something else.  I did not enjoy it.  I was bored after 20 minutes.  2.9 stars
60) Awakenings.  Penny Marshall directs Robert De Niro & Robin Williams in a film about people comatose for decades who are given a drug and miraculously awaken.  You have to tell people this is based on a true story or no one would ever believe it.  And even still it was a little too miraculous.  Wheelchair-bound people can start to walk immediately after decades immobile?  Yeah right.  Something about this script felt heavy-handed.  It may have been in the performances and wooden interaction between the characters.  The timeline was also unclear.  Cheesy ending.  3.2 stars
61) The Women.  Joan Crawford and Rosalind Russell.  Drama-filled, melodramatic down to the ending.  This film has been remade only slightly better due in part to the fact that the remake is shorter.  Praise God for that!  3.4 stars
62) The Importance of Being Earnest.  Original film version of the Oscar Wilde play.  Quite amusing.  Lolol.  4.3 stars
63) The Egg and I.  1947 film about a couple running an egg farm.  Claudette Colbert and Fred MacMuray star.  I certainly could've done without the deferential black role.  And white people as Indians...  Mildly amusing.
64) Topper.  Cary Grant movie about 2 fun ghosts haunting a boring man.  Amusing enough.  I could've stood to pay more attention to this movie but I was cooking, too.  Not really one you had to study up for though!  Lol.  3.6 stars
65) Shall We Kiss.  French film about friends who have an affair then develop an elaborate plot to make things right.  Intriguing but after about 70 minutes you wanted some sort of payoff and this one felt far off.  When it finally came it didn't feel big enough.  Still worth a watch.  3.5 stars (I really want to make this 3.45 stars but I'll refrain.)
66) Indescretion of an American Wife. 1954 by Italian director Vittorio de Sica starring Jennifer Jones and Montgomery Clift.  Is he supposed to be an Italian?  Since it's supposed to be about a woman's Italian lover... If so, his accent is horrific.  For the record, he IS supposed to be Italian.  Fail.  The film won an Oscar for best b&w costume design.  Makes sense since Dior did her clothes.  The pushy lover tries to keep her around which presents some problems.  Just okay.  Enough to keep my attention a little.  Since it's short I might watch it again.  3.2 stars
67) The September Issue.  Documentary about Vogue's largest issue ever: the September issue (always its largest).  Beautifully shot!  Loved the cinematography!!!  Light on Anna Wintour unfortunately.  You see her making cuts but don't really hear any reasoning or get a deeper look at her as a person.  I know that's part of the mystique but still.  There was more Grace, a top editor, who was alternately fun, a sympathetic character and irritating.  Interesting combination.  I think they were supposed to foil each other but that didn't quite work.  Andre Leon Talley had a ridiculous tennis scene, encased in LV.  Easily the laziest tennis lesson ever.  The timing of the film felt very uneven and somewhat uncomfortable as you got closer to the end.  A month would take the same length of time as a day.  Weird.  I know they were going for feature-length but I didn't really feel like there was enough of a story there to make it watchable for more than an hour.  Nice access to the major players at Vogue and a great PR move on their part because I definitely want to see this issue now.  Just 3.4 stars


I Just...

I can't.

Those coworkers = a MESSSSSS!!

First of all, we almost got off easily because we'd decided since we were there on time and the only ones there on time that we would leave if no one else was there by 10 after 3.  There were plenty of restaurants around I was willing to try.  You know ones more adventurous than Red Lobster... but anyway.  AS we were walking out the door, four people walked up.  WHYYYYYYYYY????  Wack.  The birthday girl, however, was 33+ minutes late.  We got some so-so food.

BUT one chick called me Rashan's future Mrs. and then HIS WIFE.  Whoa.  I'ma need you to BACK. UP.  AND every one of his coworkers (there were 4 of them) has had a gastric bypass... WHY ARE WE HERE???  And still I had the smallest amount of food.  Well... next to Rashan.  Super crazy.  Anyway there was a Twan there named K.eenist.  Shut up.  Why is that your name?  His ringer was 'Say Ahh' and I was like, "Of COURSE that's your ringer."  He started off the meal talking about his latest boo he had to get rid of for calling him his ex's name (K.eenan). 

I picked the most normal person to talk to.  Everyone else was mostly ignored.  I want them knowing nothing else about me.  EVER.  And don't say to him on Monday, "She's quiet!"  No, she just knows you're BEYOND nosy.  Mind ya business, that's all!  Just mind. ya business!  I'm not gonna have y'all all up in mine.  Talking about when I leave, "Oh we'll have to have a party when you graduate!"  I'm straight.  Thanks.  First and last time meeting.  And don't ask me to be your fb friend.  The answer is no.


Minimum Fab

So as you know, I'm meeting Rashan's coworkers who are more than a little bit obsessed with me.  Lololol.  That is hilarious with me.  I mean OF COURSE I understand why!  Who wouldn't be obsessed with me, n'est çe-pas?  Oui!  Lololol.  I crack myself up.  Now normally this would make me want to go all the way live and super fab in my outfit, getting incredibly fly and crazy that day. 


These are Rashan's coworkers.  These people are (I'm convinced) ex-cons and a bit... special... so I KNOW I'll be the most fab person there if I only put together a bunch of crazy colors.  Lol!  Loves it!  You know what else gave it away?  The choice to eat at Red Lobster.  Are you serious?  Red Lobster?  Of all the places to eat in Atlanta, you pick not only A CHAIN, but a boring, been in MONTANA since 1982 chain.  So wack.  Why couldn't you have at LEAST said Pappadeaux?  Wiggity, wiggity wack.  Yeah... you're not people to impress beyond my sparkling wit.  Being awesome... isn't it great!  Lol!  AND I got my Mexican food tonight after a SUPREME disappointment last night?  I. am. SMELLIN. myself!  And what?  Say somethin!  Lol.


Wasting Away

DUDE!  I need to get my life together again.  Guess who accomplished NOTHING but putting a bag of laundry in the car to take to Atlanta, taking out the trash & recycling, going to Publix for broth (I wanted the BOGO chicken stock but they only had beef), getting an oyster dinner (YUMMAY!!!) and checking the mail?  That would be me.  I wasted all of yesterday on a couple of episodes of Modern Family (still not on board with that one just yet but I'll give it another episode), and the bulk on.... 8 or 9 episodes of Newsradio.... after finishing the first 2 seasons in a little over a week, I waited MAYBE a day before starting the next episodes.  I'M ADDICTED!!!  Problem.  But isn't admitting it the first step?  Good thing seasons 4 & 5 aren't online.  I imagine I can manage NOT to get them from Netflix for a while.  PHEW!

My goal today is to finish packing, wash dishes, straighten up the living room, email the professor I'm working with and leave by 4:30 for the frigid north.  I reallllly don't feel like dealing with cold weather but I'm excited to see Rashan AND let out my inner fat Mexican girl, Guadalupe Maria Conchita Rivera!  Come on out, girl!  I haven't had Mexican food in WEEKS!!!  At least 2!  And we have THREE places on the agenda for the weekend!!  Hecks yeah we do!!  Woooo hoooooooo!!!  I have to get some work done, too so I'll spend some of the weekend doing that and watching movies and working out.  Rashan and I are in another competition to workout 4xs a week.  Aren't healthy competitions fun?  Yippee!!  Alright that was supposed to motivate me to go do something but it didn't really work... hmmm... I. CAN. HAZ. CHEEZEBURGER.  Wait.  I mean, I can do it!!!


The Power of Choice: HBCUs v. Non-HBCUs

So this morning got off to a roaring start when one of my folk started going in on my school.  Though it was in part about majority white schools not being there for black students, it felt very reminiscent of what I went through in going to Hampton as an undergrad... (we won't talk about how long ago that was...)

When I started telling my white classmates in my AP classes I was going to Hampton, after the requisite "Where's that?" questions, I then got from a few, "Why would you want to go to a school that only had black people?"  First, there aren't only black people, but it is majority black.  Second, for the last 13 years of my life, K-12, I have always been in the minority in my classes.  It got worse when I began taking gifted courses.  It went from 3 or 4 in elementary school to just me usually, occasionally one other black person and once me and 2 other black people.  I know you have no concept of what it's like to be the only person somewhere but sometimes it's lonely.  I get tired of answering your ignorant black people questions.  I even asked one person, "You're going to a school with mostly white people where you're comfortable. Why wouldn't I want to be comfortable?"  I don't remember his answer.

So I went to Hampton and I loved it.  LOVED IT!!  I had a blast, I made great friends, even made some we won't say enemies but there was a group of girls who started out as friends and devolved into girls I couldn't stand.  Not fun, but to be expected when people are living in dorms and away from home for the first time.  But best of all was being around so many intelligent black people who were TRYING to better themselves and aiming for the sky.  Even some of the ones who seemed shiftless at the time are doing well now.  For the first time, I wasn't answering a far too frequent barrage of "Do black people...?"  It was a great experience for me I wouldn't change for the world and that if necessary I would fight for others to have.

Before I got to Hampton my dad said, "Why would you want to go to an all black school? That's not realistic? That's not what the real world is like."  First, COLLEGE is not realistic.  When else will you be surrounded by that many people your age WITH SO MUCH FREE TIME and few responsibilities?**  Never.  Second, I have gotten a taste of the real world living in a neighborhood with 500 homes but a handful of black families.  Give me my four years.  Once I got to Hampton and made it clear I wasn't going anywhere, he finally left me alone.  But then one of those black people I had AP classes with said to me after my sophomore year, "You're too smart to go to a black school."  EXCUSE ME!!  The ignorance is outrageous.  Yes, there are black schools that allow people in who might not be able to get in elsewhere JUST LIKE FOR NON-HBCUS.  But only your own ignorance is to blame if you assume out of more than 100 HBCUs, they are all the same with the same standards.

This morning yielded an attack on non-HBCUs, mine in particular.  Here's my point in both cases: everything isn't for everybody.  You like it, I love it and vice versa.  You may even hate it but who cares?  If it's not for you, then leave me to my decision.  You can try to help me but maligning my choice or anyone else's is overboard.  We make decisions based on what we think is right for us.  If we're happy, wherever we go to school is really just icing.  It's about making connections and all of the things you do to apply the knowledge you gained in the classroom that end up mattering in the long run.  Just go somewhere.

**UPDATE: GOT IT! Retirement home.  Carry on.


Locs: A Hairstory!

The beginning.  The day after I started my locs, December 27, 2008.

Right: Slightly longer and more loc-like.


One year after I started my locs, in Charlotte, NC.  December 26, 2010.  Cute!
And February 22nd!  I love the progress I've made!  I'm glad I kept going with my locs!  I love feeling them around my face.  Woo hooooo!!  Long hair, don't care!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 37

1) I hate telling Rashan what I'm cooking.  Because then he asks too many questions.  Like I told him the VDay meal and he goes, "What about some dirty rice?"  I don't want to add rice all willy nilly to this meal.  I created it with a specific purpose and that right there isn't helping.  Just sit down and eat.  Then tell me what you think of it.
2) Looking at ?uestlove's afro made me want my afro back... just a little bit.  It was so big and fluffy!
3) Zack Morris on Jimmy Fallon (yes, I know I'm late but I don't watch anything other than 'Food Network' after 11) is hilarious... though a bit long!
4) I love how much work I've gotten done in the last 2 weeks!!!!!!!!
5) I hate when I drink a lot of water and I can feel it sloshing around.  STOMACH!!  That is disgusting.  Get it together.
6) I miss 'Mad About You' and 'Newsradio.'  "Good times, good times."  After a quick search, I found 'Newradio' is online with Netflix!!!!!!!  Yessssssss!!  (I subsequently found myself watching at least an episode a day and MAYBE up to 5 eps a day... but I'll never tell!!!)
7) When I get up after drinking coffee, I have to skip, hop or run which always causes me to break out into giggles.  Lolol.  Love it.  I found out coffee has little to do with this.  I think it's the excitement of feeling ideas coming to me during transcription that makes me all giddy.  Lolol.
8) It works my nerves when people post links but don't tell me what I'm supposed to be looking at.  ADEI!!!!
9) Remember when a while ago Rashan said he thinks liking a status is the laziest form of FB feedback?  Well every so often, I take the opportunity to "like" everything on his page.  It cracks me up.  Lololol.  He's like, "Why do I have 8 notifi... Jameil! Are we really doing this again?"  YEP!  Lololol
10)  Why are hotel clocks always wrong?  Like by at least an hour.  The hotel where we stayed: 3 hours and 14 minutes fast.  How?  How does that even happen?
11) The cran-grape juice Rashan made me buy tastes like the blood of Jesus.  I know they used grape juice at my church but how is grape the ONLY thing I taste in this juice?  I am promptly dropping it off in his living room, open and upside down.
12) I'm really glad my boyfriend is too old to wear jerseys and white tees.  And also smart enough to know that trend has been over for too long to even as an old man still be rocking it.  Now if we could just get him to THROW AWAY those Mecca and FUBU clothes he claims to only wear in the house.  Guess who doesn't even want to see them in the closet?  If you guessed me, YOU WIN!!  I wonder if a little public embarrassment would be encouragement enough...
13) The water pressure at my house has gone through the roof on the shower head recently and I really don't know why... Does it have to beat me up?  I mean really... what is the deal?  Shortly after writing this I found the responsible knob.  Geez!  Lol.


Movies 2010, Week 7

February 14-20, 2009
Too many bad or mediocre movies as evidenced by yesterday's post.
52) Couples Retreat. Stupid movie about couples who go on a retreat... predictable, predictable, predictable with too much freedom for the actors to improvise without the editors leaving some of that crap for the editing room floor or dvd extras.  2 stars.  Don't ever ask me to watch this movie again.
53) Humble Pie. What was the point of the opening scene?  Why were the opening credits so long?  Is an entire song really necessary?  Early on the film looks like one designed to make fun of fat people.  Not cool.  And quite boring.  2 stars
54) The Philosopher Kings. Documentary about custodians who work in universities, including UF.  Free showing on campus with a q&a with one of the custodians.  Very nicely shot and some really interesting stories.  Unfortunately there were too many stories which meant some of the interesting ones got short shrift and some people had a line or two and got lost in the shuffle.  Keeping it to 5 or less would've made for a more cohesive film.  The first 20 minutes or so were really great.  I was admiring the job the director did in weaving together so many stories but still giving me an idea of each person's personality.  Then it started to fall apart a bit because there was a lot of jumping from person to person.  There was also an over-reliance on quotes as devices to transition between scenes which became wearying after a while.  There were also 2 or 3 times where it felt like the movie ended before it did.  Still, overall worth watching.  3.7 stars
55) Coco Before Chanel.  Audrey Tatou stars as the formidable Coco Chanel before she was who she is.  Slow-moving French film.  I really don't think you'd want to watch it if not for Tatou and the fact that it's supposed to be somewhat related to Chanel.  However, that combination is still not enough to make this movie something I'd want to see again.  What a disappointment.  2.9 stars
56) Summertime.  Katharine Hepburn film about a woman who visits Venice alone and finds herself lonely.  But the film focused on this loneliness far too long.  50 minutes?  I mean really.  More than half of the film?  We get it.  Especially since it didn't jibe with the perception set forth about the character at the beginning of the film.  Lots of staring, sighing and watering eyes.  Then the end was incredibly melodramatic.  Boring.  3.3 stars
57) The Invention of Lying.  Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner, Tina Fey.  Why does not lying mean blurting out everything on your mind instead of just not lying when someone ask you a question?  I think my most enjoyable moment happened in the first 10 seconds.  The rest of it was just ridiculous.  Bad script.  How much did PizzaHut pay to get into this horrid movie?  Ridiculous.  And the overly long q&a session scene?  Just a way to get some black people cameos.  Dumb.  And just kept getting dumber.  One smart scene with 20 minutes left in a film that seemed like it should be over already.  And worst of all, predictable.  Sigh.  2 stars


Bad Movie Blues

Seriously, why is it so hard to make good movies?  I mean, I know that it is, but I guess the real question is why are so many bad movies made?  Why won't studios stop investing in terrible scripts?  These are all rhetorical questions so please don't pull a ----- and give me a bunch of obvious answers.  How about you just go tell studios these are stupid films with bad concepts and even worse stories.  If you set up a premise early in your film, FOLLOW THROUGH.  Don't change it in a way that makes the earlier part of the film false.  That is stupid.  And makes your movie dumb.  Also, if you have to have 8 montages, you don't have enough script.  I need some good movies.  Somebody gimme some good movies.  Just do it.  Don't ask about it, just do it.


State of Evolution

These last few weeks have served to help me adjust my ideas about how I will help generations after me in a teaching capacity.  With the amount of lectures I've done on top of my other work, I feel energized, but a little overwhelmed, too.  Not paralyzingly so, but just enough to make me rethink my position.  I still definitely want to go to Wake in the fall because it's a great opportunity.  I also know I want to teach one day.  But I'm also now pretty sure I do not want to be a full-time instructor.  I'd much rather be an artist in residence, adjunct professor or part-time professor with one or two classes.  I also want to be able to offer internships to the most promising students to come work with me.  I think that would be really cool. 

But I don't like working with lazy people who don't take their work seriously.  You're here to learn.  If you're not that interested, leave.  It's really the worst in the required courses because you get these people who really could care less and it shows.  But with the people who care, I really enjoy seeing them put forth effort and come up with some interesting and creative ideas.  It's also cool knowing they'll be out there making an impact on how news will be disseminated.  So in summary, I still want to teach, but probably not full-time. 

And I definitely want to get more documentary experience.  I also, much to the chagrin of some who shall remain nameless, feel pulled to write a book about the Civil Rights Movement, specifically those names you've never heard of, perhaps directly related to my thesis film.  Which means... I may seriously consider pursuing the PhD in African American Studies I've always wanted.  Yes, I want to work in documentary, but I also sincerely believe in the importance of recording our history.  It is disheartening to have such difficulty putting together historical records of events and to know there are so many people all over the world who ARE black history but whose stories are completely unknown and could be lost forever when they die.  I feel compelled to grab these stories before they disappear and simultaneously dumbfounded by the magnitude of such a desire.



Alright Wednesday and Thursday were busts so I have all my hopes, dreams and desires in Friday.  COME ON FRIDAY!!! MAKE MY DAY!! MY WEEK!! MY MOVIE!! PLEASE!!!!

This day has been utterly disappointing as far as contributing to my film.

I almost forgot to post today.  Thanks Rashan for continuing to post.  You have helped bring this day down.  Know why?  Because I do NOT feel like posting!!  I know your mom taught you better manners than this.  She's a very nice lady.  Why did you turn out the way you did?  Rebellion?  You're not a teenager anymore.  You can stop.  And while you're at it, STOP POSTING!!!  Since you claim to love me.  Which I'm certain is a lie.

I bought a pork chop sandwich tonight.  Yes, I'm in the COUNTRY.



I'm sooooo excited about this week!  I've gotten lots of stuff done for my film and my assistantship and it's only Wednesday morning!! I really think I'm at my best when I'm busy but not overwhelmed.  And I feel like I've managed to get past that overwhelmed feeling I had at the beginning of the semester. I've read ahead almost 2 weeks in the readings for the assistantship, finished the additional book for that class, ordered my cap and gown ($70.09 down the drain... and really what is the $.09 going to?), gotten some good transcription, put together some scenes, picked a font (remember, big deal for my font pickiness) after seeing it on a screen larger than my computer) for my film, confirmed archival organization and picture scanning for the next two days as well as what I hope will be a great shoot for Friday!!  Woo hoooooo!!  Go me!  Go me!!  If all goes well, this could be one of the last shoots and we can focus fully on pulling our movie together.

I'm already excited about the direction this is going.  I like how my thesis partner and I work together.  I write a scene based on transcription, he puts the pieces on the timeline, we see how they do or do not work together, trim, consider possible text cards, move things around until we get to a point that we really love what we have.  Sometimes we work for 2 or 3 hours and only have :50... 50 SECONDS!!  It's daunting when we see that.  Then other times we work for 5 hours and have 2:45.  That's minutes.  Lol.  But if we can keep of this pattern of working daily, I think we'll be okay.  We get to have our classmates critique what we've done on Monday so I'm really excited about that, too!  I am loving life right now!!

I realized again that I need to eat every 5 or so hours or I start getting all yucky-feeling.  That's no fun!  But at least I know!



Remember how a few weeks ago Rashan called me a song thief?  If not, allow me to give you a few lines from his wretched post.
If I randomly blurt out a part of a song, Jameil is there to finish it. It's hilarious. I noticed it the other day, although now that I think about it, she does it all the time.  I was singing some song and before I finished the first line, she broke out all loud with the next line.
 Now he tried to make it all pretty, talking about, it's cute and/or funny, but the undertone... hmph!  I DON'T LIKE YO TONE!!  AND I realized, this man is a HY.PO.CRITE!!!  I'm definitely the more R&B half of our relationship while he is the kang of the strip club  king of rap.  If I EVER say a SINGLE line of what others would consider an obscure rap song, that man is OFF!  And if he starts a verse, he has to finish it.  He might have to add the chorus and maybe, just maybe he has to finish: THE SONG. 

I can't.  Some rare days I let him go on and on as he gets on youtube and finds the original, the sample and all other derivatives but most of the time, I have to verbally slap him around until he gets it together and SHUTS UP.  So!  Lest you think it's a one-way street, know this, I'm not the only culprit!!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 36

1) Why do people make me talk about them on fb and/or twitter every.single.day?  It's just not right.
2) People shouldn't be allowed to comment on racially-charged news stories.  Too many idiots want to join the conversation and it's counterproductive.  Not like that many stories have great conversation anyway but when it comes to race people don't know how to communicate with each other and having a forum to spew hatred isn't helping.
3) I think my hand modeling career has ended before it even started.  I feel like it will be too hard to break into the industry and I keep burning or cutting myself with all this cooking.  Plus I'm not sure if my hands are up to the task anymore.  :(
4) Rashan and I want to win the lottery... but neither of us play.
5) Can someone please make me pay more attention to the physical and stop thinking so much while I'm moving so I can stop stubbing my toe and smacking my hand on really hard substances?  Because it hurts.
6) My boyfriend is so unsupportive.  Anytime I say anything about The Record Dish, he says, "Nobody reads that blog but you!"  And I say, "You can get the finger, THE MIDDLE!  Warm it up Chris!  I'm about to!  Warm it up Chris!  Cuz that's what I was born to do!"  Patti, Naima & Anitra read it!!  So there!!  What a hater.  Stop trying to kill my dreams.  He also told me I would never be a hand model.  *slow tear*
7) Dear blogger, there is no reason to have word verification if I still get Asian spam with only one word in English (s.ex).  Step 1, Fix.  Step 2, it.  Step 3, FIX IT!!
8) Choosing a new blog template is such a hassle.  Especially because I'm so picky.  Too dark, too light, too many white women (why do so many pretty blog templates have white women in the banner... I'm black just FYI so I would like my blog to reflect that... call me crazy).  Or maybe I like almost everything okay but hate the background.  Too many angled elements, too much splatter, too much stuff concentrated in the upper right quadrant.  Eye roll.  Sometimes my design eye is a hindrance.  But not one I want to lose so search on!
9) I had a shoot this past week, there's another this week and another next week.  CRAZY!!  Plus my first rough cut is due next Monday.  I absolutely deserve the trip to Atlanta I've arranged for next Thursday!!  3 Mexican restaurants HERE I COME!!!
10) It's so weird.  I can be mad at Rashan for about 30-45 minutes and then I'm ready to be next to him again.  There is no one else I've ever been like this with.  I used to pride myself on my ability to hold grudges.  Yes I know that's bad.
11) Food was all highs and lows this weekend.  Very strange.  Saturday dinner was AWESOME!!  Pics to come.  Sunday brunch was lukewarm.  Like temperature wise.  Really?  How hard is it to do eggs benedict, Emiliano's?  Also the smallest English muffin I've ever seen.  We've been her for brunch 2 other times and once for dinner last Valentine's Day so I was very disappointed.  Not cool.  Sunday dinner made by me, the blackened tilapia was just okay considering I didn't have 2 of the spices (garlic powder (I prefer fresh) and paprika (I have no clue how this happened)) and just winged it with cayenne and cumin in place of the paprika (plus I don't really like stuff blackened but it was a Rashan special request...) I also overdid it on the cayenne in this recipe.  With it I served chipotle corn OMG!!!  So good!  And sauteed spinach (which I forgot the s&p for... bizarre).  Yeah... like I said.  Highs and lows.
12) What does ZOMG mean?  Because it looks stupid.  (Yes I know I could look that up.)


Movies 2010, Week 6

February 7-13, 2010
I went to the movies twice... in two days.  A bit odd.  Made less fun considering I didn't particularly like either movie AND each cost $9.75.  Are you serious with that?  If they're that much in Gainesville (and in a theater the size of my bedroom), how much are they in NY and LA???  DC even?  No really.  Someone answer this so I don't have to look it up.  Anyway this was apparently the week of mediocre movies.  Womp womp.  Glad I didn't watch many movies since it's crunch time!  I guess you're like, why do I even want to read her puny little four-movie week?  Lol.  Far cry from the last week in December with 25 or something insane like that!
48) TheCove.  Documentary up for an Oscar this year about a dolphin activist who captured the 5 dolphins who played Flipper and now has residual guilt about their captivity.  I started to get weary of this film very early on and wondered how I could possibly want to watch this for an hour and a half.  Beautifully shot but depressing and manipulative.  The thought of becoming a filmmaker to get your cause out there obviously makes sense.  It doesn't make for a good film.  It was horrific and chilling to watch the slaughter but everything else around it was so IRRITATING it almost cheapened the effect.  2.4 stars
49) An Education. Film about a young girl studying to get into Oxford when she's swept off her feet by a (pervy) older man (played by Peter Sarsgaard (whose name I feel should be said like a pirate).  He shows her things she's always wanted to see... until the rose-colored glasses begin to clear.  Hasn't WoodyAllen made this movie ad nauseum?  I hate this topic.  The girl, Carey Mulligan, was amazingly well-acted.  I understand why she is nominated for an Oscar.  The film took an interesting turn in the climax then ruined it with a predictable ending.  2.8 stars
50) The Bishop's Wife.  Cary Grant film (upon which 'The Preacher's Wife' w/Denzel & Whitney was based) about an angel who comes to help a bishop and forms a relationship with the bishop's wife.  Kind of boring.  It didn't help that I loved 'The Preacher's Wife' and knew it a little too well to be seeing this for the first time.  3.3 stars
51) It's Complicated.  Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin & Steve Martin star in this film about a divorced couple who begin to date each other... but he's already married.  Other than that slightly interesting tidbit, this movie was filled with boring clichés.  The 3 main stars were decent but the script they were working with was not.  Womp.  AND the scenes were too long.  Why did you refuse to edit that?  3.1 stars


50 Years Ago Today

Today marks 50 years since two brave Florida A&M students, Patricia and Priscilla Stephens, led about 8 other members of the Congress of Racial Equality in one of Tallahassee's first sit-ins.  Neatly dressed, the group entered the Woolworth's on Monroe Street (a main thoroughfare in the city) as a part of a regional sympathy sit-in less than two weeks after the nation's first nationally recognized sit-in by the Greensboro Four on February 1, 1960.  They sat immovable as threats of bodily harm intensified from angry whites until the store manager closed the counter.  They spoke to reporters and left the store.

But they returned the next week.  On February 20th, while sitting quietly at the lunch counter, the Stephens sisters were among 11 arrested at that same Woolworth's for "engaging in riotous conduct."  When they were convicted, five decided to stay in jail rather than pay a fine to support the system of segregation they were fighting to change, marking the nation's first jail-in in the student sit-in movement.  They continued to make history in the weeks, months and years after that first step 50 years ago.  For more information, the book Freedom in the Family is a great resource.  This spring I will complete my film on two brothers, Dan & Jim Harmeling, and the Stephens sisters, and the affect of Florida's little-known Civil Rights Movement on their lives.  But for today, I'm grateful for the many people, names known and unknown who paved the way for so many things I can do today!


Bounce, Bounce, Bounce!!

I had a latte yesterday...

Jameil doesn't drink caffeine like that...

So Starcrack makes her like a small, hyper child.  You know the annoying kind?

I was like that, but not annoying.  Just really energetic.  And seeing how there's only ME to bother in the house, I was just amusing myself.  I got a lot done.  Or a decent amount done.  And I wanted to keep going so that I wouldn't come down before I got done but after I made my black bean burgers topped with parmesan cheese & an over medium hard egg and a side of greens gumbo, it was time for Project Runway!!!  PERFECT timing on that one!  As soon as my burger was done I was sitting in front of one of my favorite shows.  Yaaaaaay!!!  Miraculously I still haven't read the FoodNetworkMag I got a few days ago, or watched the Cary Grant movie I got yesterday.  I'm actually getting stuff accomplished.  WHAT??? 

I spent several hours in the lab today watching (some incredibly boring) footage looking for something that could fit in my film.  My thesis partner got these old videos from the library.  I watched 2hrs and 15 minutes of mind-numbing tape and got exactly 7 seconds that might be usable.  Shoot. face. now.  Thanks!  We laid down a possible beginning and a possible end but there's still a lot of work left.  Stace was like, "You're so busy!!"  And still not doing enough.  (Yes, I know I'm beginning to sound like a broken record but such is my life.)  Part of it is the craziness of a demanding assistantship on top of my film but I'm getting that work down to a science so that I can focus on the film.  I have about 50 pages left in this book assigned to the students.  I plan to get that out of the way a little at a time by next Wednesday which will have me plenty ahead of schedule.


New Boots: A Nine West Story

I tried on some sale boots at Nine West when I was in Atlanta with Rashan over the break and he didn't like them.  But he liked another pair that I also liked so I decided to try those on.  But they didn't have my size.  I went online and they had my size but by that time I had decided to save my money.  Then a few weeks later they didn't have my size in the color I wanted.  BOOOOO!!!  And when I went to South Florida, that store didn't have my size either.  CURSES!

I kept stalking the site until they reappeared in my size.  YESSSSSSS!!  I WIN!!  So I hurried up and bought them and somehow managed to get free shipping.  Woo hoo!!  The other day I came home from school to find this outside my door.


Mr. Postman... what makes you think this is okay???
Did you say to yourself, "Self, if I put this welcome mat on top of the box no one will notice."? 

Is that what you thought?

Because when I first walked up, I just started laughing at the ridiculousness of it all!  

A few more questions.

Did you really set my box next to my door with a mat on top of it like that was hiding it??  
Are you the guy who still hides under a cat when playing hide or seek, putting the cat over your eyes?  Like if you can't see me, I can't see you?  
I bet you are.

You ordinarily seem smart and cool and I'm glad I didn't have to wait another day for my boots or go to that nightmare of a post office to pick them up but come on now.

I opened the box and what do I find?  Tada!  Come to mama!!  In person, the darker color is more true.  Yay!!  I can't wait to wear them today.  I might wear shorts with them just to show them off.  Lol.  Just kidding.  It's only supposed to get up to 57.  Yes I said only!!  And what??  I'm wearing pants!


Lecture Circuit

I will be very excited when this day is over.  Know why?  Because right now I'm feeling like a hamster in a lecture wheel.  I gave the lectures on last Wednesday, this Monday, and another one today in the ethics class I'm assisting.  At least today's lecture will be very short since one of my classmates who was lost in Haiti is speaking to the class about covering tragedy.  I also gave a more relaxing lecture about my career to future broadcasters last night.  I think some of them were kind of disappointed that I don't want to ever find myself in local news again.  Those are the breaks!  When you know what makes you unhappy, why torture yourself like that?  I'll pass.

I decided to not spend another post today talking about all the stuff I have to do and just go do it.  I need to get focused man!!  Tomorrow's post is amusing to me.  It would've been today's but I don't feel like locating my camera and the cord.  Ah well.  I was trying to do that no purchases thing you guys have been talking about but when Nine West and Amazon want to make things 45% and 50% off I really can't pass those up.  Plus I spent a stupid amount of money on the Super Bowl party.  But it will likely be the last party I host here.  Maybe a food gathering.  Who knows?  OH!  Speaking of the Super Bowl party.  DUDE!!!  Lots of people brought beer and did not take it with them when they left.  I have an OUTRAGEOUS amount of beer in my house right now.  Normally that would be GREAT!!!  But I'm at a point where I'm not so much into the beverages.  I might have a food gathering just to make them drink their own beer!  Lol.


Sleep? Who Me?

I am on the most HORRENDOUS sleeping pattern in the entire world.  5 or 6 am to 11, 12 or 1 pm?  Me no likey.  AT ALL.  And last Wednesday when I was sleepy at 10:45?  I talked to Rashan and read until I wasn't sleepy anymore and was up until after 6 a.m.  FACE.

Now I did get three blog posts written, a book read, an episode of Dexter watched (I've now finished the first season.  I forgot to tell you guys how some of my classmates don't really watch movies and some of them don't really watch docs (hilarious) and two of them watch A LOT of tv.  So one of them tells me I shouldn't bother to watch more movies this year because tv is way better.  LOLOL.  I decided to give Dexter a try... I decided I like it for the most part but some of the story line isn't gelling all the way like they had different writers from conception to episode 1 and episode 5.  Or maybe the same one for conception and pilot.  Anyway, I can tell a difference.  Also like they may have had a different director though I don't know why on earth you would do that in the first season of a show.  Especially if it's doing well in runs which I suspect this was.  Anyway partway through the season I'm going with 4 stars.  Episode 3 with the human traffickers was AWESOME!), some emails sent (you forgot I was listing accomplishments, didn't you? Pay attention.), blogs read, google reader read, facebook and twitter stalked, ordered 3 non-fiction books about black people and a pair of brown boots I've been eye-stalking at Nine West for more than a month, maybe almost 2, added items to my Etsy faves, gave The Record Dish a new look.

You know, a bunch of stuff that doesn't REALLY matter.  My right hand is getting kind of crampy sometimes.  They have therapeutic massages on campus.  Too bad they're not free.  Rashan left me at 4 a.m.  Punk.  Lol.  We usually force ourselves off of the phone at 6 at the latest.  It doesn't help that I rarely have obligations before 4:05 p.m. (my classes on Monday and Wednesday).  I have to force myself to get things done.  Despite the Super Bowl on Sunday, Monday I lectured again so I planned on preparing for that this weekend along with some transcription, a little logging, some scanning, maybe some scriptwriting.  You know, film fun!  I did some of that and actually prepared for my Monday and Wednesday lectures.  I'm putting the finishing touches on the lecture I'm giving to future broadcasters about my career and about documentaries.

I finally built my bookshelves so I was also supposed put my clothes away this weekend (I like seeing my clothes on shelves instead of hidden in drawers where I can forget about them).  I also have my big monthly calendars up but I don't think they're helping... brats.  If they keep this up I WILL SELL THEM!!  And what?  I also had a shoot and a class yesterday.  Life is crazy!!  Anyway maybe I can get to bed before 4 every day this week.  I managed it on Sunday and Monday so here's hoping about the rest of the week.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 35

1) My dad's go-to meal is pork chops, rice and pinto beans.  Yuck.  This is the ugliest meal in the world.
2) I hate lemon pepper because my mom used to put it on EVERYTHING.  Really?  Every dinner we have to have lemon pepper?  Salmon, potatoes, green beans (which she hates but we loved), broccoli.  Ugh!!!!  And I was a good eater but I started rebelling against lemon pepper.  Don't give me a recipe with lemon pepper.  I don't own it and won't buy it.  I'm even kind of funny about using lemon sometimes.
3) I looooooved Bobby's World but hated that it started at 7am!  I could always start to watch it but no matter how late we were I never saw the end of an episode!  Sometimes I would even ask my mom if we could stay a few more minutes so I could finish the show if we were really late.  She always said no.  Maaaaaaan.  School is a hater!!
4) I used to LOVE popcorn when I was little.  I'd eat a whole bag by myself then run my hands along the inside of the popcorn bag to clear it of butter then lick my fingers until the bag had no traces of popcorn.  Fiend.  Now I rarely eat it.
5) I hate when someone over 90 dies and they say "The cause of death has not yet been determined."  I think we can all make an educated guess.
6) I think I want to try a pickled egg... but I want a fresh jar because the thought of going to the beauty shop (LOLOL) and having someone fish one out while holding a lit cigarette in one hand and a pile of grease on the back of the hand swirling around in the pickling juice is pretty gross.  Anyone ever had one?  I'm looking at you, Aretha!!! LOLOL!!  You, too, Diva!  Between the two of you with your country Florida summers, methinks I can get an approximation of the taste.
7) I read this design blog and this chick changes stuff around in her house near weekly.  I couldn't live with someone like that.  It would drive me BATTY!  I don't like change in my house very much.  It wouldn't bother me if the furniture stayed in the same position for years.  I don't mind change anywhere else for the most part.  I know I'll adapt and I like to try new things... except at home.  Strange.  I think I like to have a constant variable in my life and home represents that.
8) My neighbors probably think I'm sending signals to drug dealers.  I can never remember which light switch controls the outdoor light and am therefore constantly flipping the light off and on.  Lol.
9) Sometimes watching disturbing stuff like Dexter is easier when it's not fullscreen.  Lol.
10) I don't really understand the uproar at the death of the last member of a tribe at age 85... She was the last one.  You knew it was coming.  You couldn't stop it.  Let's all relax.  A meteorologist at the last station where I worked put things nicely in perspective: everything is not meant to live forever.  Amen.  Believe it or not people, we will all die, too.  The time to be in an uproar was when colonialists were killing off the natives.  It's too late for that white guilt crap now.  Let that woman be dead in peace.
11) I love the shuffle Rashan got me for Christmas.  It's small and sleek.  However... it is confusing.  It has all these features I have no clue how to use.  I can adjust the volume, turn it on & off, go to the next song and put it on shuffle or regular play.  There are at least 5 other things (I guess) it does including voice over...... Every time I read the little booklet I either get confused, bored or forget what I just learned.  I'm really not stupid.  I promise.  Lol.  I looked it up again so maybe this time I'll remember.
12) I learned something about my mom that I never knew when I was home for Christmas.  She used to be a coke addict.  She wanted it first thing in the morning, throughout the day and at the end of the night.  She had to get it at least once a day.  She knew the smell of it and if she smelled it, had to get some RIGHT NOW.  I remember her liking coke, but addicted to it?  Even her description of how she used to love coke was a bit scary.  Like really mom?  But now she's very proud when she can make it through the week without one of those (apparently addictive) little sodas.
13) I didn't like any dark sodas when I was a child.  Only Sprite, orange soda & occasionally Fresca for me.  I still can't stand MountainDew or MelloYello (regional soda).  They taste the same to me: both nasty.  Becoming a drinker is actually what got me to start drinking dark sodas.  A good ol' rum and coke was one of my faves.  I'll drink a dark soda every once in a while now but I drink soda very rarely in general.


Movies 2010, Week 5

January 31-February 6, 2010
I managed to slow down on the movies a little this week.  THANK GOD!  I have way too much work to be shoving in 2-3 movies per day.
40) Diabolique. 1954 French film about a wife and a mistress who team up to kill the third party in their love triangle.  Things unravel amazingly.  The end was awesome then took it away a bit by continuing a few minutes more.  A bit slow at times.  Did you need to extend that scene so much?  Probably not.  3.8 stars
41) Wait Until Dark. Audrey Hepburn film about a newly blind woman whose husband has a doll some criminals want terribly.  Really, really thrilling at times but bumbled through some of the early moments of the film which made it drag.  Such an elaborate plot, unnecessarily so.  Pretty satisfying end, though!  3.5 stars
42) Love Happens. Jennifer Aniston and Aaron Eckhart star in a film about a widower and a florist who meet by chance.  Mildly interesting open but all the "surprises" were alluded to multiple times so that you guessed them half an hour before they delivered.  Predictable.  I really wish Aniston would find a new role.  Sigh.  3.1 stars
43) Double Indemnity.  Billy Wilder directs and co-writes the screenplay for this thriller starring Barbara Stanwyck and about a woman and an insurance agent who plan a murder and all the things that go wrong.  Pretty awesome.  I heart Stanwyck!!  I can see why this won 7 Oscars.  4 stars
44) Rebecca.  Hitchcock classic starring Laurence Olivier and Joan Fontaine about a woman who marries a widower and finds his first wife's memory still runs the house.  Infuriating.  Rather long until you got to the twist but the last third was pretty awesome!  4.4 stars
45) Crazy Heart.  Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhall, Colin Farrell, Robert Duval team up for a film about a down on his luck country music star and his issues with lost fame and love.  The Bridges/Gyllenhall love story line was pretty gross and overplayed.  The story line with Bridges and Farrell and even w/Duval were much more interesting.  The last third of the film didn't quite hit the right notes and played a little too trite.  Still worth watching and I can see why Bridges was nominated for an Oscar.  3.9 stars
46) Sliding Doors. Gwyneth Paltrow stars (with a sliding British accent-- in and out) in a film about the effect of an instant and how a woman's life changes as the result of simply missing or catching the train.  You see parallel story lines for the same woman.  Sometimes it's interesting, sometimes confusing, sometimes exasperating, eventually a little boring.  I didn't really care what happened to the characters at the end.  The ending was a let down.  3.3 stars
47) Amreeka.  Indie film about Palestinian immigrant mother and son who come to America unaware of the ways their lives will be changed, especially with the war in Iraq just beginning.  Interesting and sometimes funny.  I loved the main character.  Still I don't know that the story line gelled like it needed to.  The end was just a stopping point rather than a conclusion.  3.8 stars


Selecting An NFL Team

There are 32 NFL teams.  In honor of the Super Bowl I will let you in on how I decide who to root for or against in approximate order of importance.

1) GO PANTHERS!!  I will always root for the Panthers not matter what other factors exist.  They're my number one team!!  YAY!  Gotta root for the home team.
2) Against Brett Favre.  This man annoys me to NO END with his constant retiring and team switching.  So over him.  Somebody put him out to pasture already.
3) Against the Patriots.  MOST. OBNOXIOUS. FANS. IN. THE. WOOOOOOOORLD!!  UGH!!  I can't stand Pats fans!!
4) Against the Falcons.  Not only are they division rivals but they're also Rashan's favorite team.  You know I LOVE to compete against that man!  Lolol.
5) Against the Cowboys.  More obnoxious fans.  Namely Adei.  But many more of you, too.  So annoying.
6) For the underdog.  I like the kid who gets kicked around, the long shot.  Like everyone else. 
7) If I don't care about either team, I'll go with the one with the black coach.  What?  Lol.
8) If none of these exist or I can't stand both teams, I don't watch the game, I don't pick a side, I hope they both lose.  End the game tied at 0 so I can taunt everybody.

Last year I didn't care who won the Super Bowl so I picked the team everyone in the house was against which just so happened to be the Steelers.  Strange turn of events.  Since they were in the news 95% of the days I lived in Pittsburgh I used to root against them (and because it was fun... lol.  People came to work DEPRESSED after losses.  HILARIOUS.).  When I moved from Pittsburgh, I eventually went back to Steelers indifference (it didn't take long since I haven't even been gone 2 years). 

All that said, I'm obviously going for the Saints this weekend.  The Colts bore me to tears.  Boo hoo.  Lol.  I have decided on a menu for my party which includes greens gumbo (GEAUX SAINTS), spinach balls (GEAUX SAINTS), bratwurst, guacamole (because avocados were on sale), creamy raspberry bars, daiquiris (GEAUX SAINTS) and Yuenglings.  So basically even if no one else brings anything, we'll still have plenty of food to eat!  PARTY OVER HERE!!!!


Goals: January Update, February's New Beginnings

So as I said at the beginning of the year, my goals for the month will coincide with my goals for the year.  I'll update how I did last month, then set a goal related to that goal.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  I was pretty half-hearted with this one.  I started strong but toward the end I was reading daily devotionals with half of my mind on something else.  I'm not sure what kind of jump start it's going to take but I don't want anything traumatic so I better get it together!!  I need a tangible goal so here goes.  Daily Bible study.  If only a verse.  I want to get all up inside that verse.  I want to attend a group Bible study at least twice this month.

2) Finish my film.  I made some decent progress toward this but I could certainly do more.  This month I will complete all of my transcription and logging, write the 2nd draft of our script and churn out a rough cut.

3) Take the next step in my career.  Application to Wake completed.  This month I want to try to arrange an internship for the summer if only for a few weeks.

4) Try new restaurants.  Actually I didn't do that very much this month because I was trying to keep my spending to a minimum so I'm okay with this one.  This month I will probably try three new restaurants, though, since I'm going to Atlanta and there are 3 Mexican spots we want to hit up!  Lol.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I did pretty great with this.  The majority of the recipes are on my food blog, The Record Dish.  Since I'm constantly collecting recipes and have a million spices, it's pretty easy to cook 3 new recipes a week (when I'm not lazy).  I didn't post chicken tacos which were my least fave Rach recipe EVER.  I will never make even a version of those again.  The tomato paste was DISGUSTING.  I regretted it the second I put it in the pan.  I made (in reverse order) Lime Zest Coolers, Egg Nog Cupcakes, Strip Steaks with Blue Cheese and Bacon Spaghetti (the spaghetti was AWESOME & even better day 2 with sriracha in it and may become one of my new staples), Peach Cobbler with Cranberry Streusel, Winter Veggie Curry in a Hurry, Chicken Burgers with Barbecue Onion Jam, Garlic, Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts and Spaghetti with Zucchini (AWESOME!! My most impressive meal to date.),  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Ham and Cheese Fritatta with Potatoes with Green Chiles.

6) Watch more movies.  Yep.  My goal for the year is only 365.  I definitely still like watching a movie a day and sometimes more so I'm about 9 ahead.  I deserve a break... but I probably won't take one.  I'm kind of afraid to.

7) Workout more. Uh... this was strangely scattershot.  Sometimes I was all over it and other times I was a lazy bum.  I'm shooting for 4xs a week right now.

8) Statecations.  I did go to S. Florida (W. Palm Beach and Miami) (no, I haven't forgotten about my day with the kinders post) but I want to get a real statecation in next month.  I want to go see the Pirates in spring training.  I know they are perennial losers but that's kind of why I like them.  Go underdogs!  Except in college football... and basketball.  Lol.

9) Call my grandma once a week.  I seriously cannot do this.  I talked to her once this month.  Sometimes she wears me out.  I'm revising this goal to once a month.  That's probably more than her other grandchildren combined.


So Selfish

Rashan's cousin died a week and a half ago.  The funeral is this Saturday... during our weekend to see each other.  We only see each other twice a month and I was really looking forward to it, like I always am.  Even though he hates me, I can't help but love him... boo hoo.  He was also going to be here for my super bowl party.  And I was planning on making two different pastas this week and sending him back with the leftovers.  I also wasn't eating out this week until he got here.  I guess I just won't eat out at all this week.

I know you're saying, why don't you just see him the next week?  I have a big shoot in Tallahassee for my film... WHYYYYYYYYYY?????  So am I supposed to not see him for a month?  That's not going to work.  The longest we've ever gone is 3 weeks and it was torture.  AND NOT FAIR!  Just like this.  Oh and my lecture went nicely yesterday.  Le sigh.  I was planning on going up to Atlanta on the 23rd but that's almost 3 weeks from TODAY and it's been almost 2 weeks since we last saw each other. TODAY.  UGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

So I wrote this in haste... then realized that my shoot is the FOLLOWING weekend, not next weekend.  Oops.  Lol.  Reunited and it feeeeels so gooooood.  Now I don't have to show my entire backside on the blog.  That's how you know you're family.  When people show all the way out and don't even care.  (Or they have to keep blogging to show up their hateful boyfriends. Can you believe this negro (me and HReid are so similar) told me I had more comments than him because I talked ABOUT him? Get over yourself dude.  You playin yaself!  And you killin me, Smalls!)  For the record, I'm a very caring girlfriend (obviously) and encouraged him to attend the service.  But it doesn't mean I will be happy about not seeing my manly love.


Week 4, Recipe 1: Black Bean and Rice Stuffed Peppers

Recipe from the Z.atarain's website

1 pound spicy pork sausage
2 3/4 cups water
1 package Z.ATARAIN'S® Black Beans and Rice
1 large red or green bell peppers, halved and seeded
1 1/2 cups shredded Monterey Jack or Mexican blend cheese

1. Break up sausage in medium saucepan. Cook on medium heat 5 minutes or until cooked through. Drain fat; set aside. Add water to same saucepan; bring to boil. Stir in Rice Mix; return to boil. Reduce heat to low; cover and simmer 25 minutes or until rice is tender. Remove from heat. Let stand 5 minutes.

2. Meanwhile, cook peppers in boiling water in large saucepot 5 minutes or until just tender. Immediately place peppers in large bowl of ice water to cool. Drain well.

3. Preheat oven to 350°F. Add sausage to rice; mix well. Place peppers on foil-lined 13x9-inch baking pan. Spoon rice mixture into peppers. Sprinkle evenly with cheese.

4. Bake 10 minutes or until rice mixture is heated through and cheese is melted. 

Results: You know I don't like boxes most of the time so I clearly used black beans and rice I already had seasoned with cumin, coriander, salt, pepper, onion powder & cilantro (the last ingredient added at the end).  I also didn't use sausage and instead made this meatless.  I stirred in some jalapenos & jalapeno juice.  And instead of boiling the peppers (that just sounded gross to me) I baked them in the oven after salting them.  I used pepper jack cheese and after I brought them out of the oven, topped them with salsa.  The point of this is to say this recipe was a base idea and I did what I want.  Lol.  They were pretty good but it irritates me how hard it is to season bell peppers when they cook.  That would've made the flavor even better.  I may make a version of this again one day.


My Boyfriend Hates Me

Rashan won't stop blogging!!  I have so much work to do!!  If he would just concede defeat, we could both move on from this competition and I would continue to love him.  However, if he won't, I might have to remove my love.  I have 4 hours of interviews to transcribe (type out word for word to cull into a script) which takes at least 2.5 hours per hour of tape, 5 tapes to log (write out what is on them in what order), four lectures to prepare for (tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday, March 29th), a 50-minute script to rewrite, dozens of photographs and documents to scan, grocery shopping and dishwashing and cooking to do (since I decided I won't eat out this week), movies to watch (I know... but am I supposed to work all the time?), workouts to complete, my car needs an oil change and strangely, I could still go on and on and on.  If you really loved me, Rashan, you would stop blogging.  And blog la familia, if YOU really loved me, you would pressure him to stop.  It would help me graduate and isn't that what we all want?  How bad would it be if I flunked out in my last semester?  HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!!  Everyone but Rashan.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 34

1) When I worked overnights I used to get Arby's on my way in to work 3-4xs a week.  So that the night workers knew me and were shocked when I changed my order...  My coworkers used to bring me coupons.  I had a collection of Arby's condiments in my desk drawer.  Yeah... like that.  It was near my house and one of the few places on the way open at 11pm and 1230am when I was heading in.  Well when I moved here, I went to an Arby's once and the dude irritated me AND the prices were higher (as if they're not high enough already!) and I didn't go back again until earlier this month.  I think I'm done eating there... end of an era for real.  I used to love it as a kid, too but rarely got it since my mom was very into us having home-cooked meals.
2) Did you see how the ball kids were dressed at the Australian Open?  Pink get ups with ball caps with flaps hanging down like ears.  Bi.zarre.  And during the matches they were standing on the sidelines with their noses in the air, arms to the side but slightly out, palms up, very stiff.  Again.  Bi.zarre.
3) 2010 still looks weird to me.  The fact that there are 2 zeroes equally spaced... but the other 2 numbers look nothing alike... ("Two dudes walk off in the fog... don't nobody know where they goin...") something's not right about that.
4) Men with embroidered jeans/bedazzled jeans/jeans embellishment of any sort raise red flags: "does not know that was last cool (to somebody) in 2002"  That's a big flag.  If he doesn't know passage of time how will he remember your birthday?  Anniversary?  Stop.  Think about it.
5) It drives me batty when I'm asking Rashan which movies we can watch together on the phone (both using Netflix instant) and he says, "I told you to add that." "You added that one because of me."  Okaaaaaay... so what?  Do you get a dollar for every movie I watch that you suggest?  Can you just say yes I'll watch that one?  It makes these things move a lot faster.  He doesn't know this irritates me.  I could tell him before I post this but that makes it less fun for you, no?
6) ROTFL @ this twitter explanation: iTampon is a popular topic on Twitter right now. People are making a joke due to unfortunate word associations in the name of Apple's new tablet, the iPad (Jan. 27). 
7) While we're on apple a) why did that 8-minute iPad commercial include only white males? #fail. and b) why does apple give you stickers with all of their products?  I don't need an apple-shaped sticker that's bigger than my sleek, itty-bitty shuffle.  That sticker would wrap around my shuffle 3xs.  Stupid.  And don't put it on your car.  That's an alert to a burglar to make his way into your house to get up on some apple.  Even stupider.
8) I decided to try not to say anything snarky for 24 hours after realizing how evil I've been lately... yeah we'll just leave it at lately.  Rashan said, "You?"  Ugh.  How unhelpful.  Then he said, "Might I suggest you stay off fb."  "Excellent idea."  I crammed some mean stuff in in the minutes before starting then thought of how terrible that is.  Rashan said, "30 seconds. Last chance."  HORRIBLE!!  Of course within 15 minutes of starting I see something his brother want and was DY.ING. to say something horrible... Get thee behind me fb!!!  I made it, though!
9) Why are you holding an Ash Wednesday fish fry on a Friday?
10) When Rashan told me he didn't like cabbage, I was disturbed.  Then at this Jamaican restaurant in town, he cleared his plate.  I said, "I thought you didn't like cabbage."  "That was cabbage???"  Lolol!!  So it turns out he doesn't like the poorly prepared cabbage he's had before.  I was wondering!  Because I LOVE cabbage!  Mmmmm!!
11) Why would I want a $65-90 coffee table book?  I wouldn't.  And you wouldn't want me to have one either.  Because every time someone came to visit, they would have to sit down and look at it.  No matter how many times they came.  Enjoy, Rashan.  You'll find something new every time.
12) I can't stand when someone says something blatantly WRONG and then 5 other people cosign.  Great.  Now the 6 of you are patting each other and yourselves on the back saying, "Must be right, 5 other people agreed!"  No.  You're all foolish.  Congratulations.
13) There is a radio station here raising "Pennies for Haiti."  The middle or high school that fills the most milk jugs gets... are you ready?  An appearance at their school from Trina.  TRINA!!!!  *drops mic* I can't.