Goals: January Update, February's New Beginnings

So as I said at the beginning of the year, my goals for the month will coincide with my goals for the year.  I'll update how I did last month, then set a goal related to that goal.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  I was pretty half-hearted with this one.  I started strong but toward the end I was reading daily devotionals with half of my mind on something else.  I'm not sure what kind of jump start it's going to take but I don't want anything traumatic so I better get it together!!  I need a tangible goal so here goes.  Daily Bible study.  If only a verse.  I want to get all up inside that verse.  I want to attend a group Bible study at least twice this month.

2) Finish my film.  I made some decent progress toward this but I could certainly do more.  This month I will complete all of my transcription and logging, write the 2nd draft of our script and churn out a rough cut.

3) Take the next step in my career.  Application to Wake completed.  This month I want to try to arrange an internship for the summer if only for a few weeks.

4) Try new restaurants.  Actually I didn't do that very much this month because I was trying to keep my spending to a minimum so I'm okay with this one.  This month I will probably try three new restaurants, though, since I'm going to Atlanta and there are 3 Mexican spots we want to hit up!  Lol.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I did pretty great with this.  The majority of the recipes are on my food blog, The Record Dish.  Since I'm constantly collecting recipes and have a million spices, it's pretty easy to cook 3 new recipes a week (when I'm not lazy).  I didn't post chicken tacos which were my least fave Rach recipe EVER.  I will never make even a version of those again.  The tomato paste was DISGUSTING.  I regretted it the second I put it in the pan.  I made (in reverse order) Lime Zest Coolers, Egg Nog Cupcakes, Strip Steaks with Blue Cheese and Bacon Spaghetti (the spaghetti was AWESOME & even better day 2 with sriracha in it and may become one of my new staples), Peach Cobbler with Cranberry Streusel, Winter Veggie Curry in a Hurry, Chicken Burgers with Barbecue Onion Jam, Garlic, Spinach & Mushroom Stuffed Chicken Breasts and Spaghetti with Zucchini (AWESOME!! My most impressive meal to date.),  Oatmeal Raisin Cookies, Ham and Cheese Fritatta with Potatoes with Green Chiles.

6) Watch more movies.  Yep.  My goal for the year is only 365.  I definitely still like watching a movie a day and sometimes more so I'm about 9 ahead.  I deserve a break... but I probably won't take one.  I'm kind of afraid to.

7) Workout more. Uh... this was strangely scattershot.  Sometimes I was all over it and other times I was a lazy bum.  I'm shooting for 4xs a week right now.

8) Statecations.  I did go to S. Florida (W. Palm Beach and Miami) (no, I haven't forgotten about my day with the kinders post) but I want to get a real statecation in next month.  I want to go see the Pirates in spring training.  I know they are perennial losers but that's kind of why I like them.  Go underdogs!  Except in college football... and basketball.  Lol.

9) Call my grandma once a week.  I seriously cannot do this.  I talked to her once this month.  Sometimes she wears me out.  I'm revising this goal to once a month.  That's probably more than her other grandchildren combined.


Not So Anonymous said...

Oooh, the pirates spring train in my hometown -Bradenton. I only went to one game there and that was in the 7th grade...that's a shame.

Good goals, I need to start checking out your other blog for recipes on my off cookbook days.

Naima said...

Ooh, let me know which Mexican restaurants you end up in Atlanta!

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I just wrote my grandma a letter.....I figured she could still appreciate it. I don't have anything phone worthy, but I know she's miffed that I don't call her....next up email!

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

My goal for the new year is to be more spritual also. I hear you on getting on that. I don't want anything to happen to MAKE me. I do have things to be thankful for. I am trying to get onthe fit band wagon as well.

Jameil said...

nsa... did you go to see any other teams? there are some great recipes and some not so great ones as you know. lol.

naima... will do!

dani... lolol! my grandma sure does appreciate ANY communication. maybe i'll write her a card or letter a week and call once a month. good idea!

gp... right? that would be terrible to be forced back into church. i remember the last time and it was NOT pleasant. i need to get my 4th workout in tonight for the week. oh yeah!!