Lecture Circuit

I will be very excited when this day is over.  Know why?  Because right now I'm feeling like a hamster in a lecture wheel.  I gave the lectures on last Wednesday, this Monday, and another one today in the ethics class I'm assisting.  At least today's lecture will be very short since one of my classmates who was lost in Haiti is speaking to the class about covering tragedy.  I also gave a more relaxing lecture about my career to future broadcasters last night.  I think some of them were kind of disappointed that I don't want to ever find myself in local news again.  Those are the breaks!  When you know what makes you unhappy, why torture yourself like that?  I'll pass.

I decided to not spend another post today talking about all the stuff I have to do and just go do it.  I need to get focused man!!  Tomorrow's post is amusing to me.  It would've been today's but I don't feel like locating my camera and the cord.  Ah well.  I was trying to do that no purchases thing you guys have been talking about but when Nine West and Amazon want to make things 45% and 50% off I really can't pass those up.  Plus I spent a stupid amount of money on the Super Bowl party.  But it will likely be the last party I host here.  Maybe a food gathering.  Who knows?  OH!  Speaking of the Super Bowl party.  DUDE!!!  Lots of people brought beer and did not take it with them when they left.  I have an OUTRAGEOUS amount of beer in my house right now.  Normally that would be GREAT!!!  But I'm at a point where I'm not so much into the beverages.  I might have a food gathering just to make them drink their own beer!  Lol.


Mrs Count said...

You are a lecturing maniac! I admire people that can do that, I don't have the stomach for all that.

You fail money spender! Maybe you could make some money by turning into the local liquor store, just a thought.

I ordered a purse for Vday as a gift from TheCount to me, but they can't fill the order :( I guess I'll stay on the no spending kick.

Rashan Jamal said...

Since you are spending, what'd you buy me? I wish your classmates would have left bottles of wine. I could help you out with that one.

Glad your done with the lectures for awhile!

Adei von K said...

I never thought I'd hear the day when you're not excited to have inordinate amts of beer in your house!

What's up with no purchases? Why not??

DaniColoredGlasses said...

Cook with the beer! Get Beer friendly recipes and go to town!

Jameil said...

tm... i know! it's crazy! but i should be done until march. phew! let's not talk about how you're buying stuff for yourself under the guise of a VDay present from your husband!!!!!!! How's THAT for a moeny spender fail? Hmmm??? Turning into a liquor store... interesting... *wheels turning* lol

rj... nunna yo business. i'm sure you'll help yourself to beer, too. i'm glad i'm done for a while, too.

adei... i know. just to keep myself from overspending unnecessarily. when i don't keep track of my money and just spend crazily, i end up like what do i have to show for this? thanks for the non-encouragement, tho.

dani... hadn't even thought of it! Even tho I clearly have a beer-battered fish recipe. Mmmm! Let's get jiggy wit it!