Monday Mindspacing Vol. 35

1) My dad's go-to meal is pork chops, rice and pinto beans.  Yuck.  This is the ugliest meal in the world.
2) I hate lemon pepper because my mom used to put it on EVERYTHING.  Really?  Every dinner we have to have lemon pepper?  Salmon, potatoes, green beans (which she hates but we loved), broccoli.  Ugh!!!!  And I was a good eater but I started rebelling against lemon pepper.  Don't give me a recipe with lemon pepper.  I don't own it and won't buy it.  I'm even kind of funny about using lemon sometimes.
3) I looooooved Bobby's World but hated that it started at 7am!  I could always start to watch it but no matter how late we were I never saw the end of an episode!  Sometimes I would even ask my mom if we could stay a few more minutes so I could finish the show if we were really late.  She always said no.  Maaaaaaan.  School is a hater!!
4) I used to LOVE popcorn when I was little.  I'd eat a whole bag by myself then run my hands along the inside of the popcorn bag to clear it of butter then lick my fingers until the bag had no traces of popcorn.  Fiend.  Now I rarely eat it.
5) I hate when someone over 90 dies and they say "The cause of death has not yet been determined."  I think we can all make an educated guess.
6) I think I want to try a pickled egg... but I want a fresh jar because the thought of going to the beauty shop (LOLOL) and having someone fish one out while holding a lit cigarette in one hand and a pile of grease on the back of the hand swirling around in the pickling juice is pretty gross.  Anyone ever had one?  I'm looking at you, Aretha!!! LOLOL!!  You, too, Diva!  Between the two of you with your country Florida summers, methinks I can get an approximation of the taste.
7) I read this design blog and this chick changes stuff around in her house near weekly.  I couldn't live with someone like that.  It would drive me BATTY!  I don't like change in my house very much.  It wouldn't bother me if the furniture stayed in the same position for years.  I don't mind change anywhere else for the most part.  I know I'll adapt and I like to try new things... except at home.  Strange.  I think I like to have a constant variable in my life and home represents that.
8) My neighbors probably think I'm sending signals to drug dealers.  I can never remember which light switch controls the outdoor light and am therefore constantly flipping the light off and on.  Lol.
9) Sometimes watching disturbing stuff like Dexter is easier when it's not fullscreen.  Lol.
10) I don't really understand the uproar at the death of the last member of a tribe at age 85... She was the last one.  You knew it was coming.  You couldn't stop it.  Let's all relax.  A meteorologist at the last station where I worked put things nicely in perspective: everything is not meant to live forever.  Amen.  Believe it or not people, we will all die, too.  The time to be in an uproar was when colonialists were killing off the natives.  It's too late for that white guilt crap now.  Let that woman be dead in peace.
11) I love the shuffle Rashan got me for Christmas.  It's small and sleek.  However... it is confusing.  It has all these features I have no clue how to use.  I can adjust the volume, turn it on & off, go to the next song and put it on shuffle or regular play.  There are at least 5 other things (I guess) it does including voice over...... Every time I read the little booklet I either get confused, bored or forget what I just learned.  I'm really not stupid.  I promise.  Lol.  I looked it up again so maybe this time I'll remember.
12) I learned something about my mom that I never knew when I was home for Christmas.  She used to be a coke addict.  She wanted it first thing in the morning, throughout the day and at the end of the night.  She had to get it at least once a day.  She knew the smell of it and if she smelled it, had to get some RIGHT NOW.  I remember her liking coke, but addicted to it?  Even her description of how she used to love coke was a bit scary.  Like really mom?  But now she's very proud when she can make it through the week without one of those (apparently addictive) little sodas.
13) I didn't like any dark sodas when I was a child.  Only Sprite, orange soda & occasionally Fresca for me.  I still can't stand MountainDew or MelloYello (regional soda).  They taste the same to me: both nasty.  Becoming a drinker is actually what got me to start drinking dark sodas.  A good ol' rum and coke was one of my faves.  I'll drink a dark soda every once in a while now but I drink soda very rarely in general.


Nerd Girl said...

3. You took me back with this one. Bobby's World was the joint! And yes, I was too old to watch it as faithfully as I did....

5. LOL! I say everyone dies of heart failure and leave it at that.

6. No ma'am. You already know how I feel about eggs. Blech. To pickle one is just a whole 'nother level of wrong.

12. Ha! My mom was like this with Mountain Dew. She used to drive around with cases in her trunk so she could have one whenever she wanted. Hot, cold, warm - she didn't care. And she was not sharing. Period.

Adei von K said...

ummmm, can't you say coca cola addict?! i was SHOCKED at how nonchalant you were talking abt your mom's coke addiction!! till I read "little sodas"...!

pickled eggs taste a bit petrified. the white part is harder than you'd imagine. the yolk is pretty much the same. it tastes like it smells. all those saturdays at ms katie's got me into the "corner store" snacks!

mom didn't let us drink mountain dew so I have an aversion to it. mello yellow too. those drinks are WAY too yellow to be any kind of nutrition to you! yeeech!`

1969 said...

Pickled Eggs? Yeah...I'll pass.

Dexter is the BEST! Let me find out you are watching all of my shows. :)

Mrs Count said...

2. My mom uses lemon pepper like it's the greatest thing ever. She ran out when we were cooking for Christmas and she didn't know what to do.

3. I loved Bobby's World too.

6. I'd cut my eye out before eating a pickled egg

7. What's the name of the blog?

Momisodes said...

You know, after you mentioned it, I had to run to my spice cabinet to see if I had lemon pepper.

I don't. But now I'm curious! :)

And I can totally relate to your mom's coke addiction. We were never allowed to have it as children, so once I went to college, I couldn't get enough of it!

Rashan Jamal said...

1. Not that it doesn't taste good, but that its not aesthetically pleasing. And you see why I wont cook for you. I'm a ugly food chef.
2. I love lemon pepper. My moms fish with lp was the business. I also like it on chicken and salads.
3. I always thought Howie Mandel was annoying, so no Bobby's World for me. I hated Bobby during his stand up act.
4.We used to have microwave popcorn all the time. Now I only get it at the movies, and I rarely go to the movies.
5. Official cause of death is oldness. I'm gonna agree with you on that one.
6. Not me. That reminds me of Ladies Man.. remember the gristle lump scene in the bar. LOL
7. Every 3 months is good for me, that's too much moving around for me.
8. well if you are signaling dealers, the neighbors with the clothes drying on the porch are also doing their part to make campus ghetto. And them ones that always leave their shoes outside... so weird to me. gonna have lizards, rain and squirrel poop in them.
9. I need to download season 4 before I hear more about it.
10. I have no comment since I can't get the link to work while I'm at work.
11. you want me to call you master, and you can't figure out an lil ole shuffle. Kidding, i read it was hard to figure out.
12. You waited way too long into that to let it be known you were talking about soda. I'm a tell yo mama!!!
13. Mello Yello is everywhere. It's owned by Coke. My fav growing up was NuGrape. I'ont care if you call me ghetto for drinking grape soda. That joint was good and I can't find that anywhere. I used to like Mountain Dew. Still do, but the caffeine doesn't like me.

Trish said...

I really liked Mindspacing this week.

2. I used to use lemon pepper alot too but I got that from my dad.

3. We loved Bobby's World too! I wish I could find it on dvd. My sister and my favorite episode was "Fish don't stink, under the water, the fish don't stink!"

4. I don't like popcorn unless its just come out the microwave.

10. I read the story about that lady. I don't see why they couldn't continue their population by planning ahead if that's the case. Also, is it mean to say how scary she looked?

13. My parents told me that back in the day they used real coke in coca-cola and people used to spazz out.

Sparkling Red said...

1. I would eat pork, rice, and beans every other day forever. That is a solid meal.

6. There is a Japanese/Korean restaurant near my house that serves up half of a weird egg in each dish of soup-noodles. I think it might be pickled. It's hard-boiled, the "white" is the colour of cafe latte, very salty, and briny. Little bites taste good with the rich, fatty pork slices, but if you think about it too much it gets gross.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

Pickled eggs no thank you!
I was a total Coke addict. I have calmed down to once or twice a week but it was SERIOUS and definitely a staple during undergrad I drank it in place of coffee for breakfast and all day everyday. The withdrawal process was terrible.

Blech! on Mountain Dew and I hate lemon pepper and do not understand it yuck!

Jameil said...

nerd... 3) hahahaha! awesome! 5) i say old age or natural causes. we don't need an autopsy! 6) lololol 12) really??? wow!!

adei... hahahaha. i did that on purpose. okay you make pickled eggs sound DISGUSTING. the color of md and my DEF. threw me off!!

1969... come on! you know you want some pickled eggs! i'm not watching lost despite rashan's desires and beggings. lol.

tm... 2) YUCK. i would die. i won't even allow my mom to break out the lp when i'm home. 3) score! 6) hahahahahahahahaha. you really had me rollin w/that one! 7) life in the fun lane.

momisodes... don't do it! my mom kept us away from fast food and i needed it multiple times a week as soon as i could get my hands on it!!!!

rj... 1) exactly. you still better cook for me! watch a plating exercise on youtube or something! 2) yuck. on your own time kid. 3) a travesty! 4) i rarely eat it. but i do like it at the movies. 5) exactly. 6) lolol. SO NASTY!!! 7) i'm like once a year? maybe 2xs? 8) lololol. we all have to play a part. i think the shoes thing is cultural tho. 9) come on! 10) i gave you the gist. 11) go sit down. 12) hahahahaha. just pullin a you! tell her! 13) i never liked any of those. MY isn't everywhere. mostly in the south.

trish... thakns! 2) yuck. 3) right!? lol @ that ep. sounds hilarious. 4) it's best then but i'll still eat it. 10) she was very scary looking. by the time she was 50 it was too late! i'm saying population planning was something they should've thought about before her family was the only one left. ridiculous. 13) lol. yes that is a popular bit of trivia.

red... 1) but ugly. 6) now that still sounds more appetizing than what stace was talking about. are there lots of super vegetarians up there like here in the states?

gp... come on! just a small one! lol. i had a friend in college who i think drank a pepsi in lieu of coffee in the a.m. it actually made sense to me if you don't like coffee. you can still get the caffeine. i never liked dark sodas enough to go through w/it. i've lived my life mostly w/o the aid of caffeine.

gee said...

1. that meals sounds great to me! LOL

6. no pickled egg, but i have had pickled pigs feet. how gross i know.

12. coke addict. ur crazy.

DaniColoredGlasses said...

I had so many comments then I got to the coke addiction and got so sad....then I got to the soda part, said "hell naw", and my comments went away

Jameil said...

gee... 1) but how does it look? UGLY. 6) yeah that's better!!! lololol. hilarity. 12) hahahahahaha

dani... ROTFL!!! you have no IDEA how hilarious it was to me to write that post!! so funny!!