I'm sooooo excited about this week!  I've gotten lots of stuff done for my film and my assistantship and it's only Wednesday morning!! I really think I'm at my best when I'm busy but not overwhelmed.  And I feel like I've managed to get past that overwhelmed feeling I had at the beginning of the semester. I've read ahead almost 2 weeks in the readings for the assistantship, finished the additional book for that class, ordered my cap and gown ($70.09 down the drain... and really what is the $.09 going to?), gotten some good transcription, put together some scenes, picked a font (remember, big deal for my font pickiness) after seeing it on a screen larger than my computer) for my film, confirmed archival organization and picture scanning for the next two days as well as what I hope will be a great shoot for Friday!!  Woo hoooooo!!  Go me!  Go me!!  If all goes well, this could be one of the last shoots and we can focus fully on pulling our movie together.

I'm already excited about the direction this is going.  I like how my thesis partner and I work together.  I write a scene based on transcription, he puts the pieces on the timeline, we see how they do or do not work together, trim, consider possible text cards, move things around until we get to a point that we really love what we have.  Sometimes we work for 2 or 3 hours and only have :50... 50 SECONDS!!  It's daunting when we see that.  Then other times we work for 5 hours and have 2:45.  That's minutes.  Lol.  But if we can keep of this pattern of working daily, I think we'll be okay.  We get to have our classmates critique what we've done on Monday so I'm really excited about that, too!  I am loving life right now!!

I realized again that I need to eat every 5 or so hours or I start getting all yucky-feeling.  That's no fun!  But at least I know!


Not so Anonymous said...

You're on it!! way to go!! I certainly hope blog land gets to see the finished product as well (crossing fingers)

Trish said...

I'm with you on the .09! That's such a crazy amount to request in change.

Yay! It's all coming together for you!

Rashan Jamal said...

Sounds like you are getting a lot accomplished. Hope your shoot goes exceedingly well!!

Ladynay said...

Yay! I'm excited that things are flowing well and that you cap and gown stuff have been ordered.

They added the 9 cents to be difficult. They could have at least made it $70.10 to be nice and even!

Jameil said...

nsa... thanks! hopefully i'll be in a film festival near you! SXSW! i want it!

trish... exactly. and why does it cost so much to RENT a cap & gown? #lame

rj... i am... but the shoot... :( hopefully tomorrow will be better.

lady... yeah! or they could NOT charge me $70 to RENT!!!