Vanity is thy name you selfish media maven you

I am so vain its ridiculous. I don't even do it on purpose. I look in every reflective surface available. Most of my Hampton friends have this same problem. A mirror, any mirror, every mirror, a giant plate glass window. The plate glass is my fave because you can walk past them and pretend you're not looking or that you're only looking at the display. Except I always manage to preen somehow whether its a hair pat or a slight turn to get a different angle as I walk past. It's ridiculous. But great. Hahahaha.

We had a legal seminar at work and I loved it. I was like wow I'm TOTALLY going to law school. Not. Legalese bores the crap out of me. I just like news of the weird-type stories and other stuff out of the ordinary. That's it. I was captain of the debate team in high school. My coach tried to get me to consider a career in law. I passed on that (obviously). Plus reading dream's law school tribulations, I do not have the study patience for law school. I like to read, but COME ON! No thanks.

I can be so selfish sometimes. Kyle has this long lost friend who went to his mom's house to say hi and get his phone number. She called while I was talking to him and he was like, let me call you back. I go ok, then throw a temper tantrum as I'm hanging up. He heard it (hahaha) and when he called me back was like, "What was that?" I go, "What? I didn't feel like sharing you right then. I can't help it. Sometimes I'm just bratty." Hilarious. I'm spoiled. We know it.

How about I love my bf. He's fab. One of my co-workers told me every time she asks me about him I get this giant grin. Know why? Because he makes me sooooooo happy. He's wonderful. AND he's coming to visit me for Valentine's Day. YAY!!!!!


I'm going to kick

something or someone. I don't know who or what but it's coming. It's either that or punch a hole in a wall. If I borrow my dad's steel-toed shoes, I can cause more damage to what or who I punch than if I were to use my hand. Plus I haven't given up on my dream of becoming a hand model. So there. I am going to lose all my frustrations very soon. I'm on the edge. I am going to KICK SOMEONE (or something)!!!!!

That is all.


Dear God (Part 3)

I can't take it. I really can't. The foolish people. I know I'm not supposed to question you so I won't ask why. I'll just request a limit to my contact with them? Right now I feel like I have a ridiculous amount of them bothering me. Not like earlier in life when my patience and tact were a lot closer to zero, but still. Sometimes I really want to shake and choke folk and I know that's not what you want.

You'd probably like me to go to church more, too, since I haven't been in about 15 months now (oooh, heathen). I could give you a myriad of excuses (hmph), but there really isn't one now is there? (show ain't). Especially since the amen corner is so loud over there!! (well, you are wrong, ain't you?) But that's not the point. I'm kind of scared to go to church. I don't want to get struck by lightning. (that surely is a danger with your attendance record right now). That's enough amen corner. (what? tell the truth, shame the devil).

ANYWAY!! How about I just make an effort (any effort at all would be nice). *sigh* I'll start with Bible Study. K, God? On Wednesday nights so there's no excuse of being too tired and working for 11+ hours.




You know how when little kids get upset and start crying they get unintelligible? That's how I feel right now. I saw the bf for 20 minutes yesterday. I drove to the airport to see him during his layover. Then I had a 40 minute drive home. I was happy to see him. As soon as I turned around from leaving the gate, I thought, "Is that all?" And I had something in the car I wanted to give him AND I FORGOT IT!! So pissed. I'll mail it to him now but STILL! Whatever.

As I was leaving, I just felt overwhelmingly sad. All I could think is, "I WANNA GO HOME!!" (hence the title). I haven't seen my mom since April 2006. I may not be able to get home before March. I'm trying to figure out a way to change that. 1) I want to see my mom, 2) one of my closest and oldest friends from home just had a baby and I want to see the adorable Tristan Joshua in person, 3) I just want to be home, in a thriving, metropolitan city. Did I mention I want to see my mom? HOME SICK! And I never get like this. I'm used to not going home a lot. Freshman year one of my fellow Hamptonians from Charlotte whose mom is in the Hampton Alumni Assoc. in Charlotte w/my mom used to take me home with her. After that I only went home Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and Summer. No middle trips. But this is different. It's been nearly a year.

Sigh. Someone send me home.


Kyle's Crazy Question 2

You've heard about the NYC "subway hero," right? The black man, a Navy veteran, who saw a 20-year-old white guy* having a seizure, then falling onto the tracks with a train coming. The hero jumps down with his two young daughters standing nearby, rolls the man underneath the platform, saving his life.

Kyle's question: is this man a hero or should we call him what we would have called him if he'd died, stupid?

*I mention race because when I saw this story I was amazed by it. Sue me. I'm a cynic.


New Year, New Blog

Not really. But I like to make things up to make y'all pay attention. LOOK AT ME!! So, it's 2007. FINALLY!! I'm usually the girl dragging her feet into the new year. I never really care about celebrations. Big Kyle (not my Kyle) had hotel parties in Charlotte two of the years we were at Hampton so those were always mucho fun.

Otherwise, I'm not really into going downtown to crane my neck upwards at fireworks, I don't want to drop $50 on some wack club that's $5 any other night, I don't want to spend all my money (is that the same? yes and no). Basically I want to do the same thing I've done the last 3 or4 years, either bring in the New Year on the phone with Kyle or speak to him and a million other people within the first 15 minutes of the New Year.

I also am not the type to make resolutions. This year I decided I will commit myself to a few things. Not world peace. I want something attainable. I am not Miss America though I could give her a run for her money with my gangstalicious fiyah walk. That's right. I said it. Though I guess a fab walk is more model. Too bad I'm 5'1. Whatever. Semantics.

Les Resolutions:
1) continue working out. I'm in the rhythm now and paying too much money a month to let it go to waste. I will need to start switching my routine up a little though because my eyes are starting to glaze. I reallly (count the l's) need a workout partner.

2) as a result of the aforementioned fitness, buy a Rosa Cha bikini because I only have about 3 years to wear it. Go to collections, Summer 2007. 2nd on the left, 3rd on the right. I would prefer them in other colors. Something to make my skin pop but those are the styles that caught my eye. Her 2006 collection was ick. (No, I don't want to be THAT skinny). Yes I will have to do some strategic placement to make either of those work with my Black woman body.

3) get somewhere to wear #2. clearly i can't go to va beach or rhode island (right t?) w/that on. I'll get arrested and that will NOT be a resolution. Never been to the Carribbean. I'm overdue.

4) Go to Canada!!! Geez! Its ridiculous that I'm this close for a year and a half and have never been to Canada. It's something crazy like 2 hours or less away. So field trip for me.

5) Save $3000. This starts with nine west. sigh. I just bought 2 pairs of shoes. They were on sale, but they will be my last for a while. Ugh. Why did the sales lady show me a pair of white slouch booties? *shudddddder!!!* WTF are you thinkin about? White shoes? And booties at that??? *vomitttttt!!!* Why don't you just spit on me? Absolutely not. These shoes were so ugly I can't even find them on the website. Not that the site is AT ALL easy to navigate but still.

6) Budget. I'm already a step ahead b/c I've written down all of my bills, including food, entertainment and gas. Now implementation is the key. My first test is Friday when I get paid again.

7) Promotion. I've made August 23rd (my birthday) the promotion deadline for each year as long as I'm at a relatively entry-level position. Not quite entry-level, but still not in a job I would want to keep for more than a year. 23rd birthday, got the associate producer job, promoted to weekend morning producer by 24th birthday. 25th, I don't know what it will be, but not weekend mornings. Onward and upward people, onward and upward.

8) Meet a blogger. This is ridiculous. I'm sick of y'all comin to Pittsburgh, or me going to your city and suddenly we're unable to connect. FINE!! Don't meet me!! You smell like feet anyway.

That's enough, right? Those are the goals. The Carribbean may not happen because of the whole saving money thing but I'm down for an October or December trip. That would be so fun. I'm thinking December. While you guys are freezing, I'm heading South! Way South! Speaking of the Carribbean, has anyone seen the Bahamavention commercials??? HUH-LARIOUS!!! Please watch Lyle. I couldn't stop guffawing for like 15 minutes... at work! Hilarious! SOLD! But I think the Bahamas is the place Stace doesn't like. Is that right?

So! Thanks to Wise, I'll be reviewing the last year in blogdom and revealing somethings about my blog that my bloggiversary (how rambling is that post??? wth? pick a topic!!!!) and 100th post did not.

Inspiration for This Blog: Jamar, Erin and Talia's blogs. All fellow j-school Hamptonians. I wanted to get in on it too!! Only Talia still blogs. Booooooooooo!! But I've started a few people blogging myself which I'm quite proud of including my line sister and sister (both no longer blogging boooooo people, booooooo!), Wynel (never posts), and now for my proteges, Ashli and Stace. Love them mucho. I couldn't live w/o their blogs.

Why the Name Mindspace: Because I liked it. It was also around the time I became addicted to myspace. Well, not addicted, but first introduced. I can go days w/o myspace, but not w/o the blogs. I come home and run to the computer like crack.

My Fav Blog Entry: Hmmm... many of the early ones. They were so truly free and hilarious. I go back and read them and can't stop giggling. Some mindspacing. Good times, good times.

Fave Concept: Letters to God. CRACK me up.

Defining Moment: I don't know that there's one. Any suggestions?

Most Popular: State of Black America. All of y'all stop pressuring me. Those take a lot out of me and I ordinarily have to be in a really bad mood or pushed to my wit's end to post them. Why Men and Women Can't Be Friends.

Entry I Wish I Never Published: I don't think there was one. I think very carefully before I post things. They are all representative of who I am whether its unpleasant to others or not. There are, however, some posts I wish I had published but who knows if I will.

Why I Blog: Because I am vain. And bored as all get out. If I hadn't created a blog la familia, I really don't think I would've made it in Pittsburgh. Thank God for computers and the internet.

Blog Resolutions: continue to be me. B/c who wouldn't want to by this fly?

My fave blogs: there are so many. I don't even know where to start. Plus I really don't want to leave anyone out. If pressed, the blogs I check most regularly would be Stace, Ash, X, Cnel, Dream, Wise, Joy, La, and Veronica. If Karamale would come back to regular status, I would be overjoyed. I cannot link all these people. I don't have the patience. Read the comments dammit.

First regular reader: Ashli. We weren't super close in college, but through her reading my blog and sometimes bullying me into posting when I thought no one was reading anyway, we've become pretty close. I love that.

The State of Blogging: Ya know... I really don't care. The dramatics and antics can't ever keep my attention. I don't keep negative people in my life, I'm certainly not going to read it on someone's blog. So. Folk will do want they want to and that's fine. Do you.

Most Personal Entry: it's all personal. Life with D. It's also hard for me to divulge too much about me and the bf's relationship because I know there are people who read this who don't need to know my business. Plus there are some things so good you just want to keep them to myself. So when I do, that's very personal.

Funniest Entry: Fresh AzImiz, Ugly Sweaters, I don't know! Office Ebola and Open Toes? Like I said, a lot of them make me giggle. I can't walk you through 151 posts people! Hahahahahaha

My Blog Style: fluctuates with my mood, pensive, angry, hyper, romantic, political, suppressive, oppressive, brooding, silly, crazy, evil, bitter, I think it pretty much runs the gamut. I also promise lots of posts and rarely deliver on them. I just forget. So if you have something you've been waiting for and I haven't gotten to it, you should tap me on the blog shoulder. But don't be too insistent. I'm known to slap at people who tap me.

The Entry People Still Email Me About: Well, since I hate forwards and try to discourage stalkers, only the few who've directly asked me for my email and sent me their email addy have my email addy. So I guess that's none.

Most Bizarre Encounter Set Off by the Blog: Hmmmm... since I've never met most of you, I have no idea. I don't think this one even applies to me. Now I have gotten some juicay (not juicy) stories from some of you from e-mailing. You guys have some faaaaaaaaabulous lives. I'm telling you, life is so much cooler than fiction. You wouldn't believe it if you read it in a book.

Biggest Disappointment: the first few months when no one read my blog. I felt like such a failure! Boo hoo hoo. Hahaha.

Greatest Blog Triumph: Being shouted out by bloggers I love!! Starting another blog. Getting others to blog. The post w/33 comments.

Place I Most Wanna Visit Thanks to Blogging: Colombia, Panama (Karamale for both of those). Both sound and look cool as hell. And actually, Rhode Island. Tdot makes it sound very picturesque. I don't think I should be lured, though. She's a writer. It's her job to lure people. Lolol. B-more. I'm really jealous Cnel, Epsi and Wise met up. Plus I just love that city.

Place I Least Wanna Visit Thanks to Blogging: Michigan. Y'all make it sound awful.

What I Think Other Bloggers Think of Me: Hyper. Geniastic.

What I Hope Other Bloggers Think of Me: Fabulous writer, fun, I would buy any book she wrote, I can't wait until she posts again. Hahahahaha.

What Readers Can Expect in 2007: Same fly me. But better. Yeah... better. Ow! Come on. How am I seriously supposed to answer that? I don't know. I just aim for the stars.