Wedding Ramble

I'm tired of talking about details.  I want to walk into the church and get married.  I don't care about candles and flowers and dresses I'm not wearing.  My mom said I need to call my future MIL and find out what color she's wearing.  What the heck for?? I don't even care what color YOU'RE wearing.  As long as it's in the scheme and she's not one to try to be a scene-stealer so I know we'll be fine.  I had a bunch of other things to talk to her about so I asked and it was answered, no discussion.  Someone tell me the point of that, please?  Especially the week of the wedding.  She already has her clothes at that point so it really doesn't matter.  Wear whatever you want.  As long as you're not wearing a veil, we'll really be okay.  Yes.  She could even wear white.  Did I say I don't care?  WEAR WHATEVER YOU WANT!!  I trust your style and common sense enough to know you'll walk in there looking correct.  I can say that about 97% of my guests.  I'll be fine even if the other 3% look slightly crazy.  What else would I do? Become a bouncer?
Rashan and I will be sequestered in an undisclosed location after the wedding.  We'll probably be on the internet sporadically because that's who we are and we won't be talked out of it, but I'm not answering any phone calls from Friday at 1am (LOL) until checkout Sunday.  Best of luck in your weekend endeavors.

How the heck am I gonna be able to sleep Thursday night?

It makes no sense to me that people keep requesting pictures... on the internet.  Um... REALLY?????  Have either of us EVER held out on pictures?  Like ever.  Let's all calm down now.

No, I don't need to be talked off of a ledge or calmed down, I just need to be able to fuss somewhere.  No, none of this will matter Friday morning.  Yes, I will enjoy my day.  But right now?  I just want everybody to leave me alone.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 106

1) I hate tweets simultaneously posted on fb. I said this at least a year and a half ago when it first started happening frequently as everyone was getting on twitter.  It's starting to worsen again as the late adopters join.  -_-
2) I always get this look when people say we're living in the last days.  You have no idea when the last days are.
3) Please give me a warning when you're going to talk about bowels so I don't read that part of your post!!!!!
4) For future reference, makeup artists, when I say I want a nude lip, I mean nude for ME, not for a red-haired white woman of a certain age.  Thank you ever so much.  Also... I won't be filling in my bottom lip so that the pink part disappears in the center.  That's how my lips are and it's fine every other day.  So shall it be on my wedding day.
5) I love Giada's recipes.  Howsomever... I can't trust her on the best fried thing I ever ate.  I just don't believe her.
6) Y'all... I'm getting married on FRIDAY!!!!! THIS FRIDAY!!!  Picking up Stace and the flowers on Wednesday (after looking at Whole Foods' selection, it clearly trumps the selection at HT so I'll be going with them!) and heading to Charlotte.  Thursday Rashan's family gets into town.  THEN FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7) Rashan has never had pork rinds... WHAT?!?!?! What kind of fake Southerner are you?? Trust and believe this will be fixed ASAP ASAP.
8) Savannah's Broughton Street thrift stores? OVERPRICED!! I am not paying $20 for a shirt that has already been washed and worn 30 or 40 times!!!  Or $35!!  I was hot.  This was weeks ago and I'm just remembering it with disgust.
9) Please stop making me say this. If you watch awards shows, you MUST get on twitter before the next show!!!  If you only use it for watching awards shows LIVE, GET ON TWITTER!!  It is hilarious!!  I would never ever watch an awards show w/o it!
10) But stop calling it an honor to present... or even be at the BET awards.
11) My DVR is oppressing me. THERE'S TOO MUCH STUFF ON THERE!!!!


*Whispers* Seven Days

Were any of you frightened by "The Ring"?  I WASN'T!  I thought it was hilarious!  And kind of boring.  The first time I watched it, my friend got mad at me because I fell asleep and she was too scared to watch it alone so she had to turn it off.  ROTFL!!  My mom gave me the gift and the curse by not letting me watch scary or R-rated movies basically until I was in high school.  One or two may have slipped in while at friends' houses (Jason's Lyric aka the first movie that ever made me cry) but in general, she's the reason there are tons and tons of films I had never seen.  But the gift?  I wasn't regularly terrified by things my little brain couldn't handle and now NOTHING scares me!  LOL  I don't like gory movies because they're just unnecessary but regular old "scary" films?  Bah!  I do like a good story that feels like it could happen to me with frights and startles at every turn.  Those are the BEST!!!!

What's my point?  My sister said she's gonna start calling me today whispering, "Seven days..."  LOLOL!!  DO IT!!!  Also, she was approved for her vacation and she'll be in town several days before the wedding!!!!  YAY!!!!  WE SO EXCITED!!!  For a minute it looked like she'd have to drive down Thursday night.  The last 24 hours have been AWESOME!!  Everything's falling into place!

My line sister and I went to the Mac counter to get my eyes done and it was AWESOME!!  It took far too long at over 2 hours but it came out marvelously!  Minus the brows.  My brows were near Groucho Marx territory.  I have kind of sparse brows (she get it from her momma) and she overfilled.  Then my other product junkie friend went with me to Clinique and Sephora then Walgreens.  I learned so many makeup terms my head is spinning!  Actually the second one wore me OUT!!  I literally had a headache and had to go home and take a nap!!  LOLOL!  Then I asked my future SIL, a long time makeup artist, to do my makeup and she said, "I'd be honored!"  Awwww!  Extra sweet!

The two places I went didn't have any of the colors I was looking for but OPI was buy one get one half off so I got two colors, one for the fingers (pinkish white) and one for the toes (bright purple)!  Did I ever tell you I hate manis?  I never ever like how they shape my nails no matter what I tell them.  I want my nails to look NATURAL. Not rounded, not square, just like they grow out of my nail beds!!  (My nail beds suck... NAME THAT MOVIE!!)

I asked my sister to do it and she looked nervous.  It will come out marvelously.  I'm not worried!  She does a great job!  And I know the style I want with pictures so everything should be fine!

Rashan, God love him, has been working my nerves with his attire.  We discarded any of the clothes he owns and decided to go the tux rental route.  Until we got to the place and he HATED all of the vest options.  He decided to just buy something... a nice suit most likely since tuxes can be so expensive.  I saw some of those same tux vests online the next day and was like Oh heck no. Right decision for us.  When I was looking for makeup Wednesday, I also decided to look for suit or tux options on sale for Rah.  Yesterday, we hit the jackpot!  Tuxes were on sale for $100 at Belk!!!!!  FOR REAL!?!?  The tux shirt, black tie, black bow tie, button covers, & cuff links came in a box set also on sale.  The bright tie he'll wear in lieu of the black one?  ALSO on sale!  When the dude rang it up, we saved $183!!!  And he spent just a little bit more than the cost of a rental and looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!  He said, "Does this mean I have to take you to the opera now?"  "IN NEW YORK!!!"  LOL  Porgie & Bess or Carmen, please!

The list is shockingly shrinking as we get closer to the date.  There are currently less than 30 people and that is how it will stay.  MARGARITAS FOR EVERYBODY!!!  Did I tell you we're doing a three-course Mexican dinner?  I CAN.NOT WAIT!!!  Rashan said I need to get someone on margarita duty if they're not strong so I don't have to yell at people to get better margaritas.  I need a volunteer!  LOL

My aunt left me the most awesome message this morning!!  (She still doesn't know I'm not an earlier riser and thinks I'm just avoiding her calls when I'm asleep... LOLOL)  She said essentially, "I'm so happy for you! Make sure you let me know the next time you're in Savannah. In the next week, things will get very hectic.  Most of all, enjoy your day."  AWWWWWWW!!  LOVE HER!!  SO the reason she's one of my favorite aunts!!

These doggone flowers have been the bane of my existence.  I finally decided on Tuesday when I was told it was too late to special order............... that I'm just gonna have to give these flowers over to God and let him handle it.  The next day a dozen roses were on sale at Harris Teeter for the week for $5.  Thanks God!!!  So I'll be buying my flowers there on Tuesday.  They better make it last forever!  OR ELSE!  Or else nothing... if I can't get decent looking flowers, I'll really just have none and nothing will happen.  I'll still get married to a marvelous man!

I almost forgot music!  If you have some good, jazzy music suggestions, we're open.  We like Duke Ellington, Ella Fitzgerald kind of jazz so if you have some good love songs or romantic sounding instrumentals, leave your suggestions in the comments.  Also... I do not like Billie Holiday so leave her off of your lists.  Thank you much!

Y'all... I can't wait!!!  In a little over 7 days, I'll be his Mrs.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


People Please

Just a thought: Writing me two lengthy (error-riddled) emails bringing up all of your grievances over the last seven years is not the way to show me you could care less about not being invited to my wedding and are a grown woman with better things to be concerned about.  Rude.  I really hate that weddings bring out the worst in some people.

However!  I have a fantastic blog la familia!  You guys have shown us such love online and offline and our house is filling with the love!  So sweet and amazing!  I had a quick, rather funny post fully written about my cousin who thinks she's showing me by reading my blog (umm... it's not a private blog and I hope you know enough about Google to be able to find it) and not pleased with statements I've made about her over a year ago... (email me and I'll send the post to you LOL) but I'm getting married to my beloved in 9. DAYS. (EEEEK!!!) and I'm so excited about that!!!  Y'all... we got our license Monday!!

So excited that whatever else happens between now and then, all that matters, as my dad says, is that me, Rashan and the officiant will be there.  Many of the people who love me best will also be in attendance and you guys most certainly do care about and love us and THAT IS AWESOME!!  We really appreciate all of your support!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 105

1) My right hand is still killing me.  Please make it stop.
2) I know two nail polish nuts and I asked them what colors I should wear for the wedding.  SON!  They came through with a vengeance!  So awesome!
3) Close your eyes, MrsTDJ & GP!  Vicarious kitty makes her triumphant blog return!!  That Charlotte... LOLOL Love her!!  LOLOL
4) I let my inner foodie run wild on one of our registries!  I added fleur de sel, sea salt flakes, grey salt, black lava salt, truffle salt, SAFFRON(!!!) and nutella!  LOLOLOL  Man I love the internet!!  Someone (probably multiple someones) will look at that and go WHO IS HE MARRYING??? The rest will say, "That Jameil has crossed a bridge... there may be no way back..."
5) Mrs. TDJ and GP, can you escape Charlotte's eyes?  Or is she still staring at you? Tee hee hee!!!!
6) You know that wedding ring shot where the rings are balanced on/one tilted on top of the other?  Yeah... about that.  Mine is a size 5 and 2mm (see: skinny), his is a size 10 and 6mm (see: wide)... they look kind of stupid next to each other.  LOL  Mine fits inside his with room to spare.
7) I never get it when people are either cooks or a bakers...  Isn't it all following a recipe until you learn?
8) I WANT TO WIN SOMETHING AWESOME!!!  Either one of those fashion giveaways or magazine giveaways or a trip or like cold hard cash.  Can we please make this happen???  Please???  Doesn't anyone love me enough to make it happen????  I've been entering contests furiously (at least 5 contests per week) for weeks now (and several times a week for almost a year I'm sure) and I WANNA WIN SOMETHING!!
9) I hate those family connection things on fb... but when Rashan's mom wanted to add me as her daughter... I just felt pressured so I added everyone who asked.  I had like 4 lined up and I'm sure there are more ignored somewhere.  Ugh.
10) I know it's been weeks since K. Rock hated on exclamation points but I have been called to speak in defense of exclamation points.  PEOPLE!  You need to express yourselves more fully! We've already spoken about Happy Birthday.  Or the even worse HBD.  LAZY.  'Congrats' is the same.  DRY.  If you're happy for someone, use an exclamation point!  Or don't communicate on the internet.  Then it will be clear how you really feel.  Yes.  I threw down the gauntlet.
11) Rashan cracks me up!!! LOLOLOLOL  And I love the way he stares at me amusedly when I start cracking up uncontrollably. :)  We can so often tell what the other is thinking that we are confused when one of us says something cryptic and the other one has the ill blank stare.  LOLOL
12) Y'all. Some of the responses to terrible Terrible Father's Day statuses are as bad as the statuses themselves. You can't make people say what you want them to say.  And are you really territorial about this Hallmark holiday? I couldn't count on some of my most frequent bad baby daddy ranters yesterday but others came through in spectacular fashion!  There were even some unexpected ones!  Some examples if you will:

A. Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there and to all the moms who had to be dads. Response: Um, Mother's Day already happened. They got their due. :)
*Note: That smiley face doesn't make your response less unnecessary, just makes it passive-aggressive.

B. Happy Father's Day and much respect to all you daddys out there! And not to be too bitter but happy fathers day to all the moms that act as daddy too. And also to all the men that act as daddy to a child even if the child not their own blood.
*Not to be too bitter? But you're SO bitter every other day... Come on! Have some fun! Live a little!  Also, it's daddies. Not daddys.

C. I refuse to say happy father's day to single moms. You are not a father. If anything give that child's grandfather, uncle, cousin or some male role model in that child's life some love. Women can't teach a boy to be a man and every girl needs a positive male to teach her about the knuckle heads to stay away from.
*Le sigh

D. Happy fathers day to all the real fathers not sperm donors or baby daddies!
*Hey! You don't know! That baby daddy may be better than your daddy!
13) If you have 'stay fly' or 'swag' or anything else like that in your name, I don't care how long we've known each other, you can't follow me on twitter.  FB?  Maybe.  Twitter? Absolutely not.
14) 11 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


Movies 2011, Weeks 21-23

Oh my!  I have not been watching movies of late!  Ah well...

May 30- June 4, 2011
99) MASH. 1970 war movie about a medical outfit.  I didn't enjoy this at all.  I came in with a negative outlook because of the tv show and it was justified. 2 stars

June 5-11, 2011
Wow... I watched 0 movies this week.

June 12-18, 2011
100) Gigi. Musical about a girl who hangs out with an oldish dude and they progressively fall in love.  Kind of creepy.  I didn't enjoy it.  2.4 stars
101) Jaws. Steven Spielberg thriller about shark attacks.  I love that any time people are in the water, you think, who's going to be the next victim?  I LOVE being on edge!  And I love that "That's some bad hat, Harry" comes from this movie.  Ha!  Toward the middle of this film, the Disney movie-like musical adventure swells are THE. WORST.  BUT overall, the film was quite good!  3.8 stars
102) Sullivan's Travels.  Comedy about a movie director who sets out to learn about poverty.  Terribly boring and cyclical.  And way too over the top.  Trite ending.  Womp womp.  2 stars



Please don't arrest me!  I'm soliciting!  One day only!!  (Okay two days...)  I'm looking for some DIY stuff that costs less than $10 to decorate a ceremony or reception site or just general wedding stuff.  Yep.  I said that.  Less than $10.  Total.  Not per table.  Total.  The theme is peacock but don't get too crazy.  I don't want it to look like a peacock exploded.  The colors are turquoise, magenta, royal purple.  Basically colors of a peacock and that would complement a peacock.  I want it bright and beautiful!  I don't need it to look like we went to the country either.  (Even though the ceremony is in the country.)  And I promise I'll talk about something else on Monday! LOL

Before you go, though, from the some people don't know how to act files: one of my mom's friends.  I knew there was gonna be a problem with some church folk who have known me for almost 20 years.  If I can't invite my family (some of them, gladly), I can't invite you.  It's not necessarily (depending on the person) that I don't want you there and don't care about you, it's that I am not having a big wedding.  I really want people to get out of their feelings on this.  I really, really do.  Or at least stop making it clear that you are so put out that you, along with at least 100 other people I know, weren't invited.

The point.  One of mom's friends does flowers.  Mom said, "I'll ask her if you want me to."  I said, "I don't feel comfortable since she's not invited."  She says, "I think she would want to do it."  I say, "I don't know..."  She says, "I really think it will be okay."  So I finally agree to let her ask.  Mmhm.  You already know.  My mother is a lot less skeptical of people.  As is Rashan's mom.  Rashan and I are both far more cautious of people, him sometimes to an extreme, in other circumstances, I'm the more cautious party.  But anyway, the friend after asking why we're getting married so soon, to which my mom replies, "She's not pregnant." Mom... SMH.  You really don't need to throw that out there if it's not offered. Friend: I wasn't even thinking that.  Me (in my head): See? But NOW SHE IS!  I've really got to focus... this is like my blog posts used to be in the good old days.  I can't believe September makes 6 years since I started blogging.  That's insane to me.

The question of why so soon is irritating to me not so much because of the question but because of the implication behind the question.  There's always a real question beneath.  Does it matter why so soon?  Are you coming or not?  Our families may have looked or sounded shocked at the closeness of the date, but they've also known we were going to get married for over a year now.  It's not really a surprise.  Our next wedding (notice I said wedding, not marriage), we're inviting everyone to a big party and not telling them what it is.  If you come, you come, if not, you missed ANOTHER wedding.  LOLOL  This is to stick it to all the people who couldn't act right.  And don't think this is your warning!  Nope!  We will throw frequent parties.  :P

Friend!  So friend starts asking about all these details, what flowers (says one of them isn't in season now, she doesn't think, even though I know it is... also if one more person gives me the 1997 "tip" that flowers in season are cheaper...........................), what colors, what color ribbon do I want around my bouquet?  I'm thinking this is done.  One more thing to cross of the list.  Matter of fact I think I did cross it off.  You know what's coming, right?  My mom asks me the details she doesn't know, calls friend to report back, friend doesn't answer the phone.  Friend doesn't call for three days.  Friend finally calls to say she doesn't work with live flowers.  You know what?  If I cursed, I would be cussin you out right now.  Y'all don't have to cuss in the comments on my behalf but you're more than welcome to do so on your side of the screen.  Are you serious with that?  Really?  You knew FROM THE BEGINNING that you didn't work with live flowers.  You just want to be able to say you know something that nobody else knows so you can spread it around.

RASHAN DON'T READ THIS PART IF YOU WANT TO BE SURPRISED ABOUT MY BOUQUET.  *snicker*  Like this will make any sense in his head anyway.  So all of the internet knows as well, I'm having white peonies and roses with peacock feathers, wrapped in a purple ribbon.  Take that, friend.  Ugh.  UGH!!!  Why do people act like that?!!?  I'm not at all insinuating that she's trying to ruin my day but she is most certainly making part of it about herself.  You're all up in your feelings so much that you have to basically steal time from me?  #cmonson  That is so unnecessary!!  I am planning a wedding in 4 weeks.  Why?  So I can start my life with my husband!!!  BECAUSE I LOVE THAT MAN AND HE LOVES ME!!!  But you want to get petty.  And do silly stuff.  I could've had those flowers ordered elsewhere at least a week ago.  Now I'm two weeks from my wedding with no flowers.  But you wanted to... you know what?  I'm done.  Wait.  I'm not done.  And when we have this big surprise party wedding, you, friend, will be the only one not invited.  NOW I'm done.


Well I Never!

I always thought I'd get a dress made.  But who on earth has time for all that in 30 days?  So I went on the great dress search.  I was pseudo-optimistic about what I'd find (I had the closest thing to success at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus before landing at a bridal salon) then shocked by what I selected.  SO not what I thought I'd want. I haven't put it on since I bought it two weeks ago.  Guess who's RUNNING up the stairs of her mom's house Thursday? MEEEEEE!!! WE SO EXCITED!

Also, my mom hates shopping.  So we were both quite surprised she was so game.  I sprung it on her.  I was like, "We're getting married... July first... Let's go shopping right now!  Like put on your shoes right now!"  Lol.  Extra fun.  It only took two days so that was cool.  And we bonded.  Awww.  My mom's been the best throughout this.   Not pressuring us at all to do anything.

I've gone back and forth on the ring I thought I wanted enough in the last 8 or so years that I'm extra glad I didn't get married at 22.  I would've had a huge princess cut something or other.  Princess cuts are pretty but no longer me.  Especially once I saw my cousin's BEAUTIFUL round brilliant cut.  Umm... yes please!  Rah bought a place holder ring that is pretty but not my final ring.  Also, I love skinny bands!!  2mm or less please!  I can even get with 1.5 maybe.  Can I see a 1.5mm somewhere???

I envisioned either a giant dance party or a small dinner party.  I will MOST DEFINITELY miss the dancing as we've decided to go the dinner party route.

planning details...
people who know me didn't believe me when I said I wouldn't care.  I so don't.  I wish I could afford at the very least a day-of planner who can handle all of that stuff I do NOT want to think about.  My mom's helping but pretty much no one else.  I don't even really know what else to delegate.  I don't really want our guests or moms to have to do anything that day but I certainly don't want to do it.

Unsolicited advice is annoying in the most leisurely of times.  It's 10xs worse when you're planning a wedding.  EVERYBODY can tell you how to plan.  Even that person who's never held so much as a dinner party.  Ugh.  Please shut up unless I ask.  I don't mean like an idea on who can plan for free/cheap... someone please tell me this?  I mean like giving me ideas that will cost me hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Don't give unsolicited advice.  Why is this general rule of thumb ignored with weddings???? Why?

one step at a time, people.  the SECOND you find out i'm engaged is not the time to talk about procreation.  know what?  let's just make a blanket rule (though i know this won't help at all): that department is never your business.  it is straight up RUDE to ask me if I'm pregnant.  and that's why you're not invited.  if you have to ask, you clearly don't know me.  also... can we be reminded that it's 2011 and shotgun weddings are soooo 1953? 

I knew I'd never be this person. See: planning.  I hate when people try to call me this even jokingly.  It smacks of the 1800s when women were considered hysterical and irrational.   Stop that.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 104

1) You guys, I LOVE the outpouring of support y'all gave us!  It's so sweet!  Rashan, however, does not love you.  He was going to give me $3 to tell y'all on Friday that we broke up and we're not getting married.  WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM!??!  I might have considered it... But I love y'all more than that!
2) I sent a request for well wishes to our Prez and I'm hoping he sends us a nice letter!  I will be SO excited!  It'll be framed with our wedding photos! :)  BUT when I did that, Rashan said, "You're just like my grandma."  .... Just what every bride wants to hear.
3) Speaking of brides... I want one of those bride tank tops that just has bride bedazzled across the chest.  Ooh! And a Mrs. MyNewLastName something or other.  Shirt, apron.  IDK.
4) My decision to hand-write our invites?  Oh my haaaaand!  Okay.  Enough wedding talk.  If there was more time, I'd start a wedding blog.  This thing is working hard to consume my life.  Raise your hand if you wouldn't mind hearing about it.  More importantly, raise your hand if you would mind.  Look at our stationery!!!
5) I love talking to people who don't like children.  I like them in small doses when they're well-behaved but I totally get people who don't like them and their conversations amuse me!
6) If I'm ever making potatoes for us, I should just make at least 8 servings because 4 is never enough.
7) Please tell me to stop using recipes that don't have amounts on them, just the ingredients!!!
8) I want some really delicious food!  That I don't have to cook.  Thank God I'm going home Thursday!  Get to work, mom!
9) I'm starting to like tomatoes.  Whaaaaa??  Like raw tomatoes w/some salt and pepper.  When I tell you I NEVER thought this would be me, I mean NEVER!  But they do remind me of these (sometimes) sweet little old ladies from my church, a now deceased mother-daughter duo, who were some of the most awesome cooks and bakers ever!!  Always served up raw tomatoes with fried chicken and homemade biscuits.  They were awesome.  Sometimes I really miss them when I go home.
10) Have you ever watched Match Game 74 on Game Show Network?  It's like the celebrities on that show are drunk!  It can be pretty funny.
11) Have I told you lately how much I love Dwight Shrute?  Watching old eps of 'The Office' from my fave season (2) is cracking me up!!!


Friday Fourteen: Reasons We're Getting Married in Exactly Three Weeks

1)    My daddy said we can’t be livin in sin no more.
2)    Rashan’s in the family way.
3)    I had a dream that the world was gonna end on July 2nd and I didn’t want to leave this earth unmarried.
4)    Rashan bet me $7 I couldn’t plan a wedding in under a month.
5)    Because neither of us has faced charges in the last week and we were really starting to miss the courthouse staff. (Word life, if one more person asks why we don’t just go to the courthouse, I’ma scream!  Do you think we didn’t consider that as an option???  You’re working my nerves. Go that way.)
6)    Rashan needs a green card.
7)    When you get a good murse, you lock him DOWN! Do you know how well I lived while I had a sprained ankle???
8)    One of us… we’re not saying which one… is gonna take out a HUGE insurance policy on the other…
9)    Rashan wanted to crush the hopes of every last one of his stalkers.
10) And I had a hankering to become the newest object of their obsession. (Please don’t kill me, crazies… Oops. I mean loving women… and men.)
11) We lost a bet. WE HATE YOU KEVIN GARNETT!!
12) For our new reality show... title TBA.
13) Because Rashan finished reading, “Think Like a Lady, Act Like a Man” and/or whatever else Steve Harvey’s peddling these days.
14) I always said I don’t believe in 3-year relationships. At that time it’s time to go or get off the pot!  We’ll have been together 3 years July 18th!

All of these are tongue-in-cheek so I don’t want any of you coming along worried about us or writing us offering your support and telling us we don’t have to rush into marriage. LOLOLOL It’s hilarious that it must be said!  But experience tells me… IT MUST!!



First, let me just say how much I love that some of you guys didn't know whether to believe me! It truly warmed the cockles of my heart that we have become such delightful pranksters that you're never quite sure no matter how matter of factly the facts are presented!  I LOVE ALL OF YOU FOR THAT!!!! 

BUT, no matter, YES, this is real, YES we are actually getting married in 23 days.  ACK!  Let's talk some of the FAQs.  There wasn't really a proposal.  It was more the fact that we've wanted to get married for more than a year and we ain't gettin no younger, we might as well do this.  KIDDING!  We did not use Jagged Edge logic to make this decision.  But we decided last Thursday that we don't want to wait.  We want to be married now.  Tomorrow even.  We almost went to the courthouse Friday.  But I have this thing about going through a metal detector on my wedding day... I don't wanna.  (Plus a few days before that I had a dream about getting married on the spur of the moment and being sad because I didn't have a pretty wedding dress... so I was gonna need a dress!)  There's also not a traditional ring at this moment.  Just another expense.  We're doing simple bands, I LOVE MINE (and his LOL) and getting the prime time diamond later.

Why so soon?  We don't want to wait anymore!  We said we were getting married in 2011 and having a longer engagement is just going to make the guest list balloon out of control.  More on that later.  Plus I love the idea of spontaneity!  Like you just want to get married.  All other forces fall to the wayside!  We are ready for the next stage in our lives!

Where?  Most likely Charlotte with a restaurant dinner party afterward.  Our moms will host receptions in their respective cities in the months after the wedding to get in all the people they know and love who can't be there.

Dress.  I bought one.  Classic, timeless.  YESSSS!!  You most certainly will not be able to squint at my wedding pictures and say with a self-satisfied smirk, "Hm... 20...11, right?"  Rashan asked me if I cried when I put it on.  LOLOL!!  Stop watching so much tv!  I couldn't stop smiling!  And my mom and this other lady who was there with her future daughter-in-law couldn't stop talking about how awesome I looked in it.  Wheeeeee!  That's all I'll say about it since Rashan wants to be completely surprised.

Bridesmaids.  Not having any.  It's just 70 million more details to think about and more money to spend.  But I have plenty of friends who want to help.  Too bad I don't even know what help means.  I mean really.  I haven't told my two friends from middle school I still keep in touch with who originally would have been my bridesmaids because they haven't bothered to call me back since Sunday.  Makes me delighted that I'm not having bridesmaids, though.  With this timeline, I absolutely cannot be the bridesmaid wrangler.

And of course the little girl who's loved weddings her entire life (come on... you're not actually SURPRISED I'm that girl are you??) needs daily talks from Rashan to keep this thing small.  Only I would go from our moms to 40 people in 3 days.  And can I say thank GOD I have someone who will do this?? And help with the budget?? THANK GOD!!  Can you believe I'm trying to figure out how to cut this guest list and there are just 40 people with 0 members of my LARGE extended family (8 uncles, 5 aunts, 36 first cousins to recap, not to mention their dozens of SOs and children)?  Can you believe I still have only told the one uncle I wanted to marry us (can't, too short notice) out of all those people?  I haven't put it on fb because I don't want to deal with all the people who aren't invited.  Awful.  I'm avoiding the inevitable.  But by not having ANY aunts, uncles or cousins, it makes it a lot easier.  Also, all of our parents and grandmothers and my godmother are completely excited and support our decision 100%.  HUGE help. 

Details.  I've always told people I will not care about wedding details when the day comes.  That I'll just care about a dress and a big party and it turns out no one believed me!  And I'm so serious!!   OMG!!!  Y'all!  I do not want to haggle over 19 shades of white.   JUST PICK ONE!  I don't want to fight with you over ANYTHING that is immaterial to me becoming Rashan's wife.  #cmonson  At Crate and Barrel I was going back and forth between the shape of two wine glasses for MINUTES and then I was like, "WHO CARES?!?!  No one is going to look at my wine glasses and say, 'Can you believe she picked the slightly peaked bowl instead of the ever-so-slightly peaked bowl??? The horror!'"  After that, registering became fun again.

Know what I love though?  One small and silly thing and then one other, less small, thing.  Picking out our stationery (sending hand-written invites because I love my handwriting and so do many others... plus I thought I would have far fewer to write! LOL)!  I loved ordering something with our names together!  And I found the perfect embossed stationery for us together after we're married and for me with my new last name.  Oh yes, professionally I'll have both last names (not hyphenated, though) and I will not, cannot, care about whether people call me by two or just the new last name.

The best thing I love?  In 23 days I will be Rashan's wife.  EEEEEEEE!!!  I'm SO excited about that!!!!  And that's really all that matters!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 103

1) When all of your status updates are about your delighted materialism... I just get the feeling you really aren't as happy with your life as you'd like us to believe.
2) I often crack a bone in my foot when it's out of joint... but it's a bone that seems like it should never be out of joint.  Like why and how is it out of joint?  It's halfway between my big toe and ankle bone.  Extra weird.  But it feels good to crack it.  I'm a disappointment to myself.
3) Speaking of weird things... Rashan thinks inhalers sound like death... BWAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE YOU BABY!!
4) Now he's trying to declare a moratorium on Bwahahahahaing.  He insists only hahahaing.  #nobodycarestho
5) People who limit their meat or eliminate meat from their diets are almost always shocked when I say I never had a meatless meal until after college.  (Not counting cereal for breakfast or something like that.)  Lunch and dinner always had meat.
6) Me and Rah were apart this weekend for the first time in over a month, and before that, it had been months since we were apart.  No mas!
7) We were apart for good reason, though.  I was in Charlotte buying my wedding dress!!  We're getting married July 1st! Yes. 2011. LOLOL :)  And no, I'm STILL not pregnant!!  Y'all just don't know how to take good news.
8) My mom cooked popcorn every day when I was there and never offered any to me ONCE!  Hmph.  So when I got home, I cooked a bag and didn't share any with Rashan.  That'll show her!!
9) My DVR got up to 40% over the weekend.  I tried not to have a conniption fit.  It worked.  But I wasn't happy about it!!!  The high DVR, not the lack of fit.
10) I had a burger that was quite good this weekend!  It was topped with flash fried feta (AWESOME) with a side of fried pickles.  (If you said ew about fried pickles and have never had them,  you should live your life much better.)  But I felt ill at the end of it and decided to give up fried foods this month.  Let's see what this does for my complexion.  It better be amazing.
11) I haven't had oysters in over a week.  I should really get my life together.
12) I had an AWESOME workout last week!! Can't wait to fill the rest of my month with them!  Go me!!  And go you if you did it, too!  Two of my favorite bloggers, Aretha & Nineteen69, are competing in triathlons soon and I'm SO excited for them!  Go ladies, go!


June Goals

First, let's talk about May. Ummm... I should've paid more attention to May goals before yesterday!  I read 68 chapters, my goal was 65.  Forgot I wanted to finish Acts along with Ezra & Judges so I didn't finish that but that's fine.  I'm slightly off of the workout goal because of the ankle issue.  My ankle feels good now but those few weeks that it didn't.  Blech.  But this month?  I'm back!!  Oh and I also DID THAT with the books goal!  I wanted to read 3 and I read 7! Oh and I am challenging myself sartorially!  Yay!!!  I had Rashan dress me and it inspired me even more to dress myself!  Yay!  So for June, let's renew the goals with slight tweaks!

1) Read 65 more books of the Bible to reach 961 .  I'm including the completion of the books of I Chronicles & Acts.
2) Increase my weekly workouts to 4 times per week.
3) Track my meals to ensure I'm eating better.
4) Make and keep a budget.  Guess how I'm already fixing this?  By actually writing a budget.  Boom.
5) Read at least 4 books.
6) Watch at least 5 movies on the AFI list.
7) Complete at least two 30 Before 30 goals.
8) Challenge myself sartorially.