Feelin Kinda Warm

No, it is not that warm here. Its not that cold either, but I feel like whining because I know what's coming. Y'all know how I feel about winter and ugly winter clothes. Feelin kinda warm is a line from a Luda song. Miguel/Peabo, whatever he's calling himself now said I needed to listen to it. I haven't been too impressed w/Luda's last two cds. Matter of fact, I liked the first one. The 2nd was ok. Chicken and Beer I was lukewarm about. Red Light District and whatever the name of the last one was, I didn't even buy. Or maybe I bought Red Light District. Damn maybe that was the last one. Anyway I think I bought one after Chicken and Beer and was less than impressed and bought the next one, then said you know what, I'm not going to keep spending money on his less than stellar products. He's gonna have to wow me before I drop them dollas.

That being said... wait a minute. It just struck me the different tone this blog is taking on. It's becoming a food/music review and randomness that is I blog. Which is ok. I just realized it. Its kind of fun. I'm becoming quite addicted to blogging. I just like to write endlessly and get some feedback, commiseration, what have you. And I love that reading other people's stuff inspires me to write some myself. Quite fun.

Anyway back to what I was saying, Peabo said he didn't really like the previous albums, so I thought hmm.. maybe. But first, AOL Music. I'm tryna toldya. AOL Music is that jump off. First of all you can listen to the newest cds IN THEIR ENTIRETY for free. Then AOL Radio keeps me connected to the south when I need it and also has WPGC which isn't as fun to listen to not in DC and when you can listen to commercial free radio stations. But on Saturdays, WPGC has the perfect clean the house crunk music.

I've decided I will never listen to another cd w/o first previewing it on AOL. For what? AOL saved me from Beyonce. Hahahahaha. And made me buy Justin which I can't stop listening to. Then Lupe Fiasco. Of course people told me about Lupe. The bf has been going on and on non-stop b/c one of his boys had a preview copy for months. He's been stalking me about buying this cd and he usually only does that with people from VA. (vomit)

Luda has this hilarious song called "Slap" that's gonna make me buy this just so I can listen to it on my daddy's bangin surround sound w/4 speakers and a 10. Oh yeah! Excerpt, "I feel like slappin somebody today (slap slap!)" See why I need the surround? The slap slap would reverberate off the walls. "Girls Gone Wild" (despite its title) and "Ultimate" are OFF the chain. And not just those disgustingly hot beats. Take back ya crown.

Hey! Guess what guys! Tomorrow's my one-year bloggiversary! :D Aren't you excited?! I would like to thank E.Hill and Jamar for inspiring me to blog though neither of them bother to anymore. Your purpose was to get me to bloggin! And by off shoot, my l.s., sister, and four friends including Ashli and Stace! :D

Today is day one of my three-day weekend. Yay! Its 9:42 and I've been up since 430a. Can't help it. Went to bed at 7 last night after being up forever (and a day). So today I am preparing myself for my MOMMY AND MY SISTER COMING TO VISIT!!!! I'm soooo excited. I've seen my mommy ONCE in the nearly 15 months I've been here and that was in April. Momm-eeeeee!! Can't wait. But when I say that, my sister gets jealous and asks, what about me?? Sigh. Yes little girl I'm excited about seeing you too. Its different with mommies. Duh. But she's never gone more than a month, if that w/o seeing mommy.

I'm supposed to go out with work homies again tonight but I don't think I want to. Daddy's out of town which means I have the crib to myself. I'd like to enjoy it. And OH YEAH!!! A new episode of Project Runway!!!! I can't wait! GO MICHAEL KNIGHT!! Isaac doesn't start with the new shows until Dec 5th! Hurry up!!!!!!

Finished Luda, now on to Janet's 20 y.o. So sad this has no hype at all. I've heard no one say, I just HAVE to have Janet's latest when it drops. That being said, I WILL want to watch her on the Today Show Friday in hopes she'll do some of her old stuff. So far, I like this first song, "So Excited." Let's hope its not the only one I like. 16 tracks including intro and outro, and only 50 minutes. Sigh. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ARTISTS TO PRODUCE AN ALBUM AN HOUR LONG?!! WHY IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO YOUR ENTIRE ALBUM ON MY DRIVE TO AND FROM WORK!! This cd is very pop-y. I don't think that's really what I want from her. I don't know what I want from her other than for her to evolve. This cd actually isn't bad, though, despite my reservations. Sigh. Damn you AOL. But I don't HAVE to have this cd. I think mostly b/c I'm tired of buying cds. Its like every week I'm in Target and Best Buy fighting with the teeny boppers.

Sidenote: WHO on my buddy list has an icon that screams 50 cent's Magic Stick? Because I don't like you right now. It keeps yelling, which is distracting number one, and number 2 pisses me off b/c I can't stand that over-swelled bullet head.

Guess who cooked before she went to work yesterday? Oh yeah! Its me! I made the Black Bean Stoup with corn cakes courtesy of Rachael Ray (of course) I told you about. I took some to work and my co-workers were raving over the deliciousnessocity! Yay!! I couldn't make my chicken cacciatore stoup b/c of the spinach scare!!! Y'all know how I feel about my spinach!! I love baby spinach leaves!! **TEARS!! SCREAMING WHYYYYYY!! PULLING HAIR!!** And they're saying you can substitute w/arugula!!! ARUGULA?!! Every foodie worth her salt knows arugula looks like A WEED and has a peppery bite. NOT THE SAME. And I don't want to use canned or frozen spinach because I like fresh ingredients. I don't care what you say Best Week Ever!!! Come back to me spinach!! I love you!!!


More Mindspace Wandering! Yay!

I've been hanging with the work homies. Wednesday we went to this place called the Locker Room owned by Super Bowl LX MVP Hines Ward. Its ok. There wasn't really anyone there. Some dudes were trying to get with L so they bought us shots of SoCo and lime. (That's Southern Comfort for those of you who don't drink). I'd never had one until April's grand good-bye two months ago.

Then of COURSE b/c they bought us shots WE DIDN'T ASK FOR (but drank), they felt the need to act stalkerish. So we bounced. Walked down the South Side less than a block to Town Tavern. Went inside. There weren't a whole lot of people inside but the music was decent, ESPN was on a million screens and we were just chillin actin up. Some dude came up as the ice breaker for his two shy friends (so lame). So they were standing off to the side, then slid up when they felt the ice was sufficiently broken and we weren't evil.

K said she wanted to have a dance competition. I did one moderately low dip and she backed off. Hilarious. You don't challenge Jameil to a dance! Know ya place! Last time I went out w/my co-workers, one of them asked me why I wasn't a Wild 'N Out girl. Um... because I have a college degree and I hate Nick Cannon. He's the worst.

So when the two dudes walked up they asked my name. I had forgotten my fake name for the night was Tanika for just a second because "My Love" by Justin Timberlake was on. I told the first dude my name was Tanika. 2 seconds later, the other dude asked me my name and what did I say? Jameil. STOP DISTRACTING ME JUSTIN!! The first dude looked at me crazy but I was like oh well I don't care. I'll never see you again anyway and even if I did. I'd tell you a third name. I had to walk the one dude through getting at L. He bought her a drink, then stood on the other side of the table. I was like, "WRONG SIDE OF TABLE." (in his ear) Silly man. So he moved.

But I know most of all you want to know... WHAT WERE YOU WEARING?!!! i was wearing a light weight cream sweater, a navy blue velvet blazer, big gold and green circle earrings (the green looked blue next to the blazer), skinny jeans, and tan cowboy boots. i know what you're thinking. why are you wearing all these CLOTHES?!! but it was 42 degrees. 42!!! in SEPTEMBER! i'm leaving. *throws down the mic* (malik b, get on the mic, get on the mic)

Anyway me, K and KK are going to Houlihan's for lunch tomorrow. Then Wednesday, me and L are supposed to go out again. Look at me getting a life! Ooh la la! My Panthers finally won a game after an 0-2 start. Biotches!! Act right! Ain't nobody payin all that money for you to lose games!!!

How about I talked to the bf for 18 minutes last night, well at 130am, and he fell out. Just sleepy. Can someone give me and the bf the same off days again please? We had the same ones at least once a month for the last 9 months. Now there's a conspiracy and IT MUST END!! If you watched any of the ESPN coverage of the Bills game yesterday, then you saw the bf's work and why he was not able to stay on the phone longer. So sad. We're turning into the elderly.

Also... I just saw two of my fave episodes of Cosby Show back to back. The one where Rudy's taking tap lessons and Cliff goes in w/the old dude and they're cutting up and saying, "Challleeeenge!" So hilarious. Then the one where Cliff, Elvin and Martin are all competing to be the most romantic for $25 or less and they say they won't but then they all love their gifts. Fab.

Also the folk at work still look concerned when I talk about haters or people hating... How do I explain this term to the melanin deprived??? I thought everyone knew what it was... but I've been at this conundrum for months now... So odd.


Moving On

There comes a time in our lives where we have to grow up. And sometimes that means leaving behind people you've outgrown or who have outgrown you.

From a very young age, I've had to let go of friends at different stages in my life. In first grade, my next door neighbor Adrienne was also my closest friend. Her father did not approve of our friendship (they were white), or her family's kindness toward us, so they moved away. Though I didn't realize it at the time, I was being prepared for the rest of my life.

When transitioning from elementary to middle school, I lost several people I considered friends. Transitioning to high school from middle school, more people fell to the wayside. I wasn't as upset, though because I had created my core. Some of the friends I made in middle school are still my closest friends from home. I'm friends with nearly no one from high school. Again, not really a problem.

People leave our lives for a reason. But the WAY they leave is key. My best friend in middle and high school just stopped talking to me. For a month I would call her and get nothing. A solid month. This after we were used to speaking daily or every other day. Who does that? Then she didn't understand why when she finally called me and there was no normal explanation I didn't really have anything to say to her. So that was a wrap.

Then there was my high school sweetheart. We started dating the end of our senior year in high school, but we had been friends throughout. We were in the band together. We went to Europe together the summer after senior year with American Music Abroad. We stayed together through freshman year in college even though he was at NC A&T and I was at Hampton. The end of that year was kind of rocky but we fixed it over the summer. Or so I thought. When we got back to our respective schools, suddenly e-mails and phone calls weren't being answered. And I knew he was getting my messages because his roommate was in the band with us in high school too and he sounded mortified to talk to me. We were all friends. The last straw was when he missed our two year anniversary.

Wouldn't you call that the last straw? Yeah... then about two weeks later he called me making some excuse about not having a computer or a phone card to call me. Phone card, doubtful. Computer? Liar. He was a computer science major. There are computers all up in and through your academic building. I told him not to contact me anymore. We didn't speak again until his brother and my sister (who were friends) graduated from high school. And that was only because I'm ridiculously friendly. I had already spoken to him kindly because I recognized him before my brain kicked in and said, "WAIT!! You don't like him!! He's a (insert inappropriate language)!!!!" But it was too late. CURSES!! But it lasted that day. We haven't spoken since. That was June 2002.

The next person was my closest friend in college. We were inseparable. People always asked about the other one when one of us wasn't around. We met at Honors College Orientation freshman year. But we didn't really become friends then. Sophomore year we lived next door to each other. I knocked on K's door to see if she wanted to go to church with me and my friend C and she said sure. So we all went to church, then breakfast. Then me and K went to our first class, saw each other. Went to our second class... saw each other. Exchanged schedules and found out we had 6 out of 7 classes together. So that was pretty much it.

She became my drinking partner (scuze me, drankin pahtah! hahahaha) and librarian. Best combo ever. We had our knock down, drag out fights. Then less than a year after graduation, the talking stopped completely. Of course I was hurt but in the last month or so (yes it took almost 2 years) I've gotten over it. We were growing in different directions. Better we just stop talking than kill each other.

I've had to cut some people off myself. Its a necessary evil. We have to be willing to grow up and move on. If a relationship is not working for you, dragging you down mentally, infusing your life with negativity, let it go. Move on.


Feed Me Seymour

I don't know anyone named Seymour, and despite what you may think, no I'm not writing solely about food again.

I love facebook's mini feed. It cracks me up. I be all UP in people's business. My fave people to torment? My sister and my line sister. Its hilarious. I'm like, "You're going speed dating? What is a "Blue Light Special" event? Why are you being invited to something called "Summer Secrets, Fall Fantasies" ya nasty?" Oh its hilarious. I also found out this guy we went to Hampton with became single at 5:41 pm. Of course the main reason it doesn't bother me is because DUH I don't have it. Hahahaha. My homie lets me use her page so I can view the madness. Its great. My l.s. says, "I'm going to have to change my privacy status. You not gon be questionin me about my whereabouts!" HILARIOUS I SAY!! HILARIOUS!! HAHAHAHAHA!

I neeeed some fashion food. I bought this fabulous black skirt at Arden B the other day. Originally $98, it was on sale for $35. Its a little longer than knee length, tight, then flares out at mid-thigh with alternating ruched panels. FABULOUS. Then I got home and thought I didn't have anything to wear with it to Daddy/Daughter night. But I pulled out my Guess mohair cardigan with the ruffled collar and ruffled three-quarter length sleeve. Under that I wore a black tank with lime green lace trim and varying shades of green flowers all over it. In my ears, my diamond earrings and green leaf earrings. On my feet, black patent leather thong sandals. And bright red toenails.

First we watched Celebrity Fit Club and drank some wine. Then we went to Mad Mex. Yumm. I had a California Wrap w/grilled chicken, sour cream, lettuce and avacado and a glass of sangria. Went to Target so I could buy Justin Timberlake and replace the Raheem DeVaughn cd someone stole from me. I put in the JT. You should've seen my dad JAMMIN to Sexy Back. HILARIOUS!!! The highlight of the night. No doubt. Came back to the house, watched Grey's Anatomy and drank some more wine. OMG!! Next week I'm cooking because I am NOT missing the season premiere! How am I just discovering this show?! Because I always ignore the hype unless forced. Plus it came on when I'm always asleep.

Krispy Kreme. OMG! I see a hot doughnuts now sign and lose my mind. I will break traffic laws to get there. But the other day my doughnuts were lukewarm and I was pissed. I was born and raised an hour and 1/2 from the FIRST Krispy Kreme. Don't play with me. I know hot doughnuts. How do I always get the horrid food service? Do I have a disrespect me sign on my forehead? The girl at Mad Mex last night got a bad tip b/c she was inattentive and took too long to take our orders and THE MONEY?! Someone explain to me how you take your time getting someone's money. And I took the comment card to fill out. Don't try me HEATHER!

Also... unrelated but is Tracy Morgan borderline retarded? I really think he has to be. Either that or on drugs. He was on Conan the other night ni his usual interview mode. He's not much different from his mentally impaired characters. No eye contact, blank stare, shaking, the odd voice. And Conan was encouraging his behavior, of course. It was hilarious but only further convinced me Tracy Morgan is mildly retarded.


Justin Timberlake... and a tangent

Not a fan of the guy. I think he tries too hard to prove his Black influences. We get it. You think black people are "awesome." Stop tryin so hard.

I also did not like the way he threw Janet under the bus after the wardrobe malfunction fiasco. I know he apologized about that like 2 weeks ago but its too little too late.

That being said... had my bloggers not stalked my comments section into submission, I would never have given that cd a chance. Ever. I went to my usual source, AOL Music to shut you guys up.

And fell in love. DAAAAAAAAAYUM! Wow. The cd is really good. Its a solid, quality album. I can see why he apologized to Janet. He knew Black people could and would love his album, but first he had to go try to right a wrong because we don't forget stuff like that. We still haven't forgotten. But my bloggers (damn you) made me open my eyes. So now I have to go buy the cd because it only has 12 songs (you know that's one of my pet peeves), but its 66 minutes... whoa. Five minutes per song? That's what I'm talkin about. And 5 minutes well spent.

Take note Beyonce! Ooh low blow. I'm gettin death threats after that one, right X and La? The cd is horrid. Ok maybe horrid is too strong but absolutely not one of her best releases. She should've waited. Throwing that cd together in 3 weeks, then telling everyone like you're proud of that... should've kept that to yourself. Because your dirty draws are showin (southernism for you yankees). That means you put your business on the street and its not too cute. Beyonce is talented, there is no doubt about that. We heard Dangerously in Love.

So let me give you the B-day review I'll give anyone who will listen (also heard this one on AOL Music in its entirety. The difference: it made me keep my money instead of spend it). I actually like "Ring the Alarm" a lot better w/o the visual of that psychotic video that makes everyone think she would kill Jay-Z if he ever tried to leave her. Upgrade U is a great club banger. Deja Vu... not so much. Irreplaceable is replaceable. Green Light... ehhh. Sugar Mama.. pass. Resentment... DING DING DING! Best song of the cd. Too bad its the last song. I'll pass on this one B. Let me know when you get back to singing. *yawn* Anyway this post is dedicated to Clay Cane who does a wonderful job on Beyonce for the sake of comedy. I LOVE CLAY CANE!! :D And ladies and gentlemen, his latest, which garnered an amazing 15k hits and some aaaaaaangry beyonceans. Is that what B fans call themsevles? That woman has some true Stans (thanks dp :D lolol).


Thursdays w/D

So I've decided now that every Thursday is me and Dad's day. We will hang out or go out or cook or eat. This week we're going to see Godfrey (the 7up guy) at the Improv. Now that I have Thursdays and Fridays off I can make these kinds of weekly arrangements. Ahhhhhhh yeah. Also I will be posting more now. I've put my myspace blog to bed b/c it was boring me. I need some stimulation! Not enough comments. Y'all know I'm spoiled. Shoot. I NEED ATTENTION!

Also... may I just say I love the Block Party soundtrack. Because I bought Danity Kane, Gnarls Barkley, The Roots and Outkast after Block Party, its been a while since I've listened. But yesterday.... wow! Put it back in and its FAB! Love. I also like Danity Kane. Gnarls Barkley has too few songs. The Roots is ok. Its growing on me. I like Outkast. Very blues/jazz rap. I love that they continue to evolve w/every cd. Now THAT'S stimulation. I can't stand a 30 yo still talking about standing on the corner, dealing drugs, his whips and hoes. So wack. Viva Outkast! Yous outkasted meaning now you have a choice like that! (takin it back.. recognize).


Ahem.. Take Note


Hampton 46, Howard 7

Enough said.


Foodie Alert!

So after this Olive Garden waitress tried my face, I felt the need to cook. Actually buy groceries. My homie Stace does it all the time. She gets bored and heads to the kitchen. I got bored and felt the need to spend some money. I bought a myriad of ingredients. The first day I made a turkey, ham and swiss sandwich on a whole wheat kaiser roll (shut up ashli and stace). The second day I made these delicious gourmet burgers. Ground turkey, spinach, mushrooms, fresh garlic, grill seasoning. Soooooooooo yummy. Of course on a whole wheat kaiser roll with a slice of swiss cheese. You know I love burgers! One of my fave foods. I have to eat one at least once a week. But usally turns out to be more than that.

Today I wrapped sliced turkey and ham, fresh baby spinach leaves, ranch dressing, swiss cheese in a sun-dried tomato tortilla. Soooooooooo yummy and surprisingly filling. I think tomorrow I'll make either my chicken cacciatore stoup or black bean stoup with corn cakes and maybe chicken quesadillas. No broccoli soup for me! How gross does that sound? Sorry Stace! Lmao! Remember my chili recipe? My dad's still asking about it. How adorable is that? The first 50 degree day I'm making it for him. I also bought some artichoke hearts. What should I do with them? Hurry up before my inner Rachael Ray goes back in. I do have 365: No Repeats but I want to give you guys a chance. Don't let me down! (You probably will). Hahahahahaha. Anddddddddd.......... go!


I Hate Black People

Seriously. No, I don't want to be in your bootleg book club. After my fabulous book club at home, I'm very very picky. I'm picky anyway. But after seeing how a fun, successful book club can work, I want another one. I'm tempted to go to Pitt to join one of theirs. If I can find one that meets on Wednesday or Thursday night, I'm there.

Look at this book club invite I got today for "Manna: Soulful Intellect."

Two groups:
"What is Christian Fiction?Christian Fiction books that include realism and themes that involve Christians dealing with actual current problems that they encounter in today's society.
What is Urban Fiction?As a rule, urban fiction portrays African-American protagonists (often anti-heroes) coming of age and trying to survive in a hostile environment with positive outcomes. The Soul Pitt also wants to use the Urban Fiction group as a platform for adults and young adults to speak about subject matter they relate to and encourage group discussions. Hopefully we can challenge the community to face the issues and not fall victim to them. "
Nice enough concept. Definitely not my cup of tea. More on that later.

Now look at the "Urban" selection:
"Hope Evans is an eccentric college student, born and raised in Miami’s notorious Pork and Beans Projects. All her life, Hope has dreamed of becoming a lawyer and one day helping her people out of ghetto oppression. By some uncanny fate, Hope meets the handsome thug, Life, in the midst of his desperate attempts to elude a massive police manhunt. Their brief encounter leads to a liaison of lust and passion, but with vast differences they soon part ways.
Years later, Hope and Life meet again on opposite sides of a courtroom. Life, one of the biggest drug kingpins in the United States, is on trial for his life. On the other side of the courtroom is Assistant US District Attorney Hope Evans, who is holding a deep, dark secret. The infamous kingpin, Life, is the father of her child.
Adult/Young Adult Discussion Topic: Why do good Girls fall for Bad Guys?"

GET the hell out of here. Really? REALLY?! Huh uh. Do we really have to read b.s. like this? There are plenty of Black writers out there who are writing about something other than the PORK AND BEANS PROJECTS!! With characters named Hope and Life. This is not Who Moved My Cheese?, a book whose charm I never got. We already know how I feel about education and reading. Wise and her readers made some interesting comments on the state of black fiction as well.

"Dues for the book club will only be $5.00 per month (paid in advance). This will be used to defray the cost of attending and hosting book club events. It will be for things like food, bookmarks, and bringing in national authors. The first dues will be in the amount of $10. $5.00 will cover the Oct meeting and the other $5.00 will cover the next meeting. This way you will be ahead. "
I'm not totally opposed to this idea. Our book club was rotated at people's houses. Everyone lived in that neighborhood at first, but me and Mommy. So we could do that with a small group. Who really wants to regularly invite a bunch of strangers into their homes? No one. So the dues are not a bad idea.

My book club...
I was the youngest person by at least 20 years. My aunt and her friend started the book club in their neighborhood. There was me, Ann (my fave, 50 yo white woman from GA. We were always HERE), Aunt Louise (55 yo black woman), Rosetta (60+ yo black woman whose 5-star chef husband cooked themed meals coinciding with whatever book we were reading), Mommy (50 yo from Mississippi), Sharon and Sandra (both 50+ black women). I can't remember several of the other people's names because they didn't come as much. A young Indian woman came once or twice. She was around 30. There is one woman whose name I can't remember and its really bothering me because she was so nice, came a lot and hosted. It was great fun. Every month one person chose a book and hosted the meeting. When you hosted, you chose the next book. The only requirement to host was wine. You had to have wine. Didn't matter what kind or how expensive, as long as you had at least 2 bottles.

The thing I enjoyed most was the fact that because of the different backgrounds and ages of the book club members, we had a range of book choices. The one whose name I can't remember was one of the first to start with the theme. We read Angels and Demons, so she had angel food and devil food i.e. angel food cake, deviled eggs. It was very cute. I read so many books I never would've read, but really enjoyed. The Secret Life of Bees was one of them. Angels and Demons was another. Lovely Bones. Cane River. I didn't always like the books though. Ann picked some 500 page book none of us read. I can't even remember the name of it. Lol. She was so disappointed. Poor thing. I suggested one of my faves Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. They didn't like it that much but I didn't mind. The Seven People You Meet In Heaven by Mitch Albom was fair. We also watched it together when the movie came on tv shortly after we read it. The Poisonwood Bible, The Hot Flash Club were pretty good too. I think we agreed not to read The Notebook. I was one of the loudest objectors. Most of us had already read it anyway. Hated that book. Too sappy. Before I got there (I joined after I graduated from Hampton), they also read The YaYa Sisterhood which I loved.

I was afraid to join the book club. Temptation by fellow Hamptonian Victoria Christopher Murray was the first book we read. The plot was incomplete to me. I thought they wouldn't value my opinion because I was so much younger. But they actually enjoyed my presence. It gave them a different view on the book and the world. Aunt Louise, the retired teacher, was our secretary.

Just before I moved here, the book club began to break apart. The newer members stopped coming. Ann moved to Georgia. Aunt Louise and Rosetta moved to Sun City, SC near Hilton Head. Then I moved to Pittsburgh. But its a good thing the book club began to dissipate. It would have been one of the hardest things for me to leave.


She Tried Me!!

So I took my dad to Olive Garden the other night. I ordered the Tuscan Garlic Chicken. A new entree. I saw the pic, with the whole roasted garlic cloves. That made me a bit wary, but I said what the hey? After a disgustingly long wait, (btw i wanted to get the stuffed mushrooms as an appetizer but she didn't bother to ask so I didn't bother to order), the food finally came. She says,

"those hard pieces on your plate are garlic. i think there are 10-15 pieces. you don't have to eat them."

Excuse me?
FIRST of all. i know wtf garlic is!!!!
2nd they are not PIECES they are CLOVES.
3rd there's a HEAD of garlic in my kitchen right now.
4th since you don't know they're cloves, you probably don't know garlic comes in heads which you break apart to get the individual "pieces" actually known as cloves.
5th ever heard of rachael ray? yeah she taught me 90% of the food tricks and language i know. she's the garlic queen so please believe i KNOW!!
6th i watch food network more than any other channel, style network takes a close 2nd.
7th, and most importantly...

*insert hip hop dalmatians, "she don't know don son! she don't know!"*

I'M A FOODIE!! I was too through. That's why her tip got cut down. And I didn't order the drinks I wanted or the dessert I considered all because I didn't want her to get any extra money. I left her 18%, but i would've left more if she had been a decent waitress. When someone tells you they want water for now, you come back and ask what they want now about 15 minutes later. Ugh. Cnel! handle my light work son. and i'm out.


Part II

Ummm... because I started it a while ago, it posted below. Here's the link to part II of my trip.. Enjoy! :D