Thursdays w/D

So I've decided now that every Thursday is me and Dad's day. We will hang out or go out or cook or eat. This week we're going to see Godfrey (the 7up guy) at the Improv. Now that I have Thursdays and Fridays off I can make these kinds of weekly arrangements. Ahhhhhhh yeah. Also I will be posting more now. I've put my myspace blog to bed b/c it was boring me. I need some stimulation! Not enough comments. Y'all know I'm spoiled. Shoot. I NEED ATTENTION!

Also... may I just say I love the Block Party soundtrack. Because I bought Danity Kane, Gnarls Barkley, The Roots and Outkast after Block Party, its been a while since I've listened. But yesterday.... wow! Put it back in and its FAB! Love. I also like Danity Kane. Gnarls Barkley has too few songs. The Roots is ok. Its growing on me. I like Outkast. Very blues/jazz rap. I love that they continue to evolve w/every cd. Now THAT'S stimulation. I can't stand a 30 yo still talking about standing on the corner, dealing drugs, his whips and hoes. So wack. Viva Outkast! Yous outkasted meaning now you have a choice like that! (takin it back.. recognize).


Ladynay said...

I always like how you can never guess what the next outkast song/album will sound like, they keep you guessing.

K said...

Since I heard about your flair from style (I linked over to you from X-Factor's blog) I had to stop by and check you out. Here is a fix for your need of attention.

Love love love Gnarls Barkley... It fulfills my need for funky and southern at the same time.

Oh and ah-ha at the Blue and Gold shoe comment.... yeah I'm slow.


Toni "Turtle Dove" Phoenix said...

Yes I love that Outkast is always reinventing themselves. Forward movement only.
Thursdays and Fridays off?? Thats fab.
I want that Idlewild soundtrack...

Clay said...

i just cant get into the dainty kane girls ... there were nice when i interviewed them though

Elle Willa said...

I co-sign the Roots, although I give them more respect than I do the Danity Kane, which is BANGIN', best POP CANDY I've bought in awhile. I liked Gnarls Barkley too..that St. Elsewhere cut is my shit. Don't have Bloc party but I'm bout to cop it, THanks!

P.S. That's so sweet that you are making time for your dad like that. I have a similar tradition with my dad (although I see him everyday) but I haven't always...we go to the U.S. Open tennis tournament every year together.

Dreamlover said...

I love Gnarls Barkley, I am addicted!!


Anonymous said...

I love the Gnarls Barkley album. I havent heard the Block Party album yet. The Roots album is insanely good.

Jameil said...

lady.. yes!

kris... lol thanks hahahahahaha. just what i need another enabler! lololol. my biggest issue w/gnarls is the length. that really pissed me off. i feel like you need to give me at least 15 tracks.

toni... thurs and fridays are cool... sat and sun would be better! lolol. the most annoying thing abt thursdays and fridays is that no one else is off. idlewild is delish.

clay.. lol. they seem sweet. i love their album.

miss ashli! yes!! that's my joint!!! damn!!! i don't love bday tho. and i will tell anyone who will listen. i heard it on aol music and was less than impressed. upgrade u and resentment are the only two i can't live w/o. the rest.. ehhh. she definitely needed some more slow songs.

elle... st elsewhere is the BOMB!! setting sail for st. elsewheeeeeeeeeeeeere! (i just sang that. y'all missed it). i live w/my dad but b/c our skeds are so diff, we rarely talk more than 5 mins a day when i'm not off. how much did you love the open this year?

dream... can you tell them we need more tracks next time plz? damn.

epsi... look at you w/the new pic! i didn't even recognize you! get it! lolol

Rell said...

that roots CD is off the chain.

I know you're going to think this is crazy but the Justin Timberlake is FIYAH!

Also look out for John Mayer and Lupe Fiasco.

Madam DLBG said...

Oooooh... John Mayer...YES...I have eveything Lupe as it is, but I'm with Rell!!! My fav on Block Party is "Brooklyn" *sigh* I miss the Mos/Talib/Blackstarr thang...

"What did u do, what did u say, did you smile or did you run away" -'Smiley Faces' Gnarls Barkley

the joy said...

i need to know this, cause i noticed, that youre smilin...

i need them to make another album. elsewhere is awesome. also justin! i love that people have the same taste in music as me. like, good music.

4EverJennayNay said...

I want too, but I can't get with the MySpace Blog thing.

Too many folk on there that I know! Lol!

Thats sweet that you and dad are chillen like that.

4EverJennayNay said...

I want too, but I can't get with the MySpace Blog thing.

Too many folk on there that I know! Lol!

Thats sweet that you and dad are chillen like that.

Jameil said...

rell... john mayer another day. after jt i needed a break.

madam... i don't like that song so much. and if the bf says lupe fiasco one more time, i'ma scream. loudly.

the joy.. i know! ain't it fab?!

jenn.. and we had a good time. more of my friends are on myspace than can comment on my blog as i don't allow anon comments. so i go back and forth. i was posting there everyday for a while.