Feelin Kinda Warm

No, it is not that warm here. Its not that cold either, but I feel like whining because I know what's coming. Y'all know how I feel about winter and ugly winter clothes. Feelin kinda warm is a line from a Luda song. Miguel/Peabo, whatever he's calling himself now said I needed to listen to it. I haven't been too impressed w/Luda's last two cds. Matter of fact, I liked the first one. The 2nd was ok. Chicken and Beer I was lukewarm about. Red Light District and whatever the name of the last one was, I didn't even buy. Or maybe I bought Red Light District. Damn maybe that was the last one. Anyway I think I bought one after Chicken and Beer and was less than impressed and bought the next one, then said you know what, I'm not going to keep spending money on his less than stellar products. He's gonna have to wow me before I drop them dollas.

That being said... wait a minute. It just struck me the different tone this blog is taking on. It's becoming a food/music review and randomness that is I blog. Which is ok. I just realized it. Its kind of fun. I'm becoming quite addicted to blogging. I just like to write endlessly and get some feedback, commiseration, what have you. And I love that reading other people's stuff inspires me to write some myself. Quite fun.

Anyway back to what I was saying, Peabo said he didn't really like the previous albums, so I thought hmm.. maybe. But first, AOL Music. I'm tryna toldya. AOL Music is that jump off. First of all you can listen to the newest cds IN THEIR ENTIRETY for free. Then AOL Radio keeps me connected to the south when I need it and also has WPGC which isn't as fun to listen to not in DC and when you can listen to commercial free radio stations. But on Saturdays, WPGC has the perfect clean the house crunk music.

I've decided I will never listen to another cd w/o first previewing it on AOL. For what? AOL saved me from Beyonce. Hahahahaha. And made me buy Justin which I can't stop listening to. Then Lupe Fiasco. Of course people told me about Lupe. The bf has been going on and on non-stop b/c one of his boys had a preview copy for months. He's been stalking me about buying this cd and he usually only does that with people from VA. (vomit)

Luda has this hilarious song called "Slap" that's gonna make me buy this just so I can listen to it on my daddy's bangin surround sound w/4 speakers and a 10. Oh yeah! Excerpt, "I feel like slappin somebody today (slap slap!)" See why I need the surround? The slap slap would reverberate off the walls. "Girls Gone Wild" (despite its title) and "Ultimate" are OFF the chain. And not just those disgustingly hot beats. Take back ya crown.

Hey! Guess what guys! Tomorrow's my one-year bloggiversary! :D Aren't you excited?! I would like to thank E.Hill and Jamar for inspiring me to blog though neither of them bother to anymore. Your purpose was to get me to bloggin! And by off shoot, my l.s., sister, and four friends including Ashli and Stace! :D

Today is day one of my three-day weekend. Yay! Its 9:42 and I've been up since 430a. Can't help it. Went to bed at 7 last night after being up forever (and a day). So today I am preparing myself for my MOMMY AND MY SISTER COMING TO VISIT!!!! I'm soooo excited. I've seen my mommy ONCE in the nearly 15 months I've been here and that was in April. Momm-eeeeee!! Can't wait. But when I say that, my sister gets jealous and asks, what about me?? Sigh. Yes little girl I'm excited about seeing you too. Its different with mommies. Duh. But she's never gone more than a month, if that w/o seeing mommy.

I'm supposed to go out with work homies again tonight but I don't think I want to. Daddy's out of town which means I have the crib to myself. I'd like to enjoy it. And OH YEAH!!! A new episode of Project Runway!!!! I can't wait! GO MICHAEL KNIGHT!! Isaac doesn't start with the new shows until Dec 5th! Hurry up!!!!!!

Finished Luda, now on to Janet's 20 y.o. So sad this has no hype at all. I've heard no one say, I just HAVE to have Janet's latest when it drops. That being said, I WILL want to watch her on the Today Show Friday in hopes she'll do some of her old stuff. So far, I like this first song, "So Excited." Let's hope its not the only one I like. 16 tracks including intro and outro, and only 50 minutes. Sigh. WHY IS IT SO HARD FOR ARTISTS TO PRODUCE AN ALBUM AN HOUR LONG?!! WHY IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!!! I DON'T WANT TO BE ABLE TO LISTEN TO YOUR ENTIRE ALBUM ON MY DRIVE TO AND FROM WORK!! This cd is very pop-y. I don't think that's really what I want from her. I don't know what I want from her other than for her to evolve. This cd actually isn't bad, though, despite my reservations. Sigh. Damn you AOL. But I don't HAVE to have this cd. I think mostly b/c I'm tired of buying cds. Its like every week I'm in Target and Best Buy fighting with the teeny boppers.

Sidenote: WHO on my buddy list has an icon that screams 50 cent's Magic Stick? Because I don't like you right now. It keeps yelling, which is distracting number one, and number 2 pisses me off b/c I can't stand that over-swelled bullet head.

Guess who cooked before she went to work yesterday? Oh yeah! Its me! I made the Black Bean Stoup with corn cakes courtesy of Rachael Ray (of course) I told you about. I took some to work and my co-workers were raving over the deliciousnessocity! Yay!! I couldn't make my chicken cacciatore stoup b/c of the spinach scare!!! Y'all know how I feel about my spinach!! I love baby spinach leaves!! **TEARS!! SCREAMING WHYYYYYY!! PULLING HAIR!!** And they're saying you can substitute w/arugula!!! ARUGULA?!! Every foodie worth her salt knows arugula looks like A WEED and has a peppery bite. NOT THE SAME. And I don't want to use canned or frozen spinach because I like fresh ingredients. I don't care what you say Best Week Ever!!! Come back to me spinach!! I love you!!!


Ladynay said...

You and Ms/Mrs. Ray! LOL I think of you whenever a commercial for her show comes on or I see her on/in a book/magazine! LOL

I didn't know Luda changed his name and I knew Janet wasn't gonna come with it!

Elle Willa said...

I keep trying to listen to that mess at AOL MUSIC and my dumb computer at work is blockin...dayum dayum dayum (good times)

Dreamlover said...

You sound like such a great cook and 15 months without seeing your mum, WOW!

Thats a super duper long time!!

Adei von K said...

you are so dramatic!!!! "come back to me!!!" LOL
I like this tone of mindspace! maybe you can start another blog abt being informative. i mean, yu work in the news, why talk abt it in your free time?
incredibly strange...oh janet.

Anonymous said...

can i just say that stoup is my new favorite word ... and i experimented with her recipe and came up with my own ... i used swiss chard which i am using for the time being in place of spinach ... cause its got me all scared too ... i appreciated the randomness of your blog though ... makes me not feel so bad when i do the same!

Miguel said...

"i feel like slappin a nigga todaaaaaaaaay (slap, slap)"

i told you it was the shit. ;-)

GreatWhyte said...

I WANT TO SEE JANET!!! For so many weeks, I have been saying that I could care less that Janet was going to be on the Today Show and that I would NEVER stand outside for her like I did for Beyonce. Don't get me wrong, I have always loved her, but a sister's gotta work, ya know? But now, I have seen her on Oprah, and something clicked... I want to take the day off again and go see her in Rockefeller Plaza! Damn... I already used my days for the month :)

Jameil said...

lady... that's my girl! luda didn't change his name. janet's not bad, just not what i'm looking for in music.

elle.. temporary lay off!!!

dreamlover... i've seen her once in 15mos. i can follow a recipe and have it turn out nicely. i'm no rachael ray, tho :D

stace... me? dramatic? i'm pretty sure i can cover all of it in one blog..

amber.. i LOVE her stoups. i'm scared of swiss chard. it looks scary.

peabo... hahahaha

ash... cornflakes?? i'm so confused. i haven't bought lupe yet but i like it. and its gotten fab reviews. glad you feel like you talk to me :D i feel like that reading your blog, too. not deja vu like beyonce i hope! lmao

x... that would be great. i'd love to read abt that. i bet janet does a great concert.

Southern Girl said...

I'm kinda pissed about the spinach too....it really depresses me when I can't have a really good chicken salad...

We don't have a real winter in Dallas, so I like dressing up bc winter here is like a year round fall, no bulky jackets and layers...just cute boots!! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

Ima have to check out AOL music. This way I can preview albums. I did not think of that.

Rachel Ray just doesnt know you are her biggest fan.

the joy said...

luda's album cover is my phone's screen. i loves him. he's gonna be signing autographs saturday and i might not be able to go. but i need him!

Jameil said...

ash.. saw that episode! they looked yumm-o! but i just made regular ones. you already know i'm down for the blog.

southern.. thou shalt not taunt me w/thy mild winter!!!! and this is what i'm saying abt the spinach!!!

epsi.. can you tell her please please please? and she can come cook in my kitchen. it would be FAB!!

joy... you need him? lololol hilarious.

We Go said...

Did you see Janet on Oprah? I was riding around so I listened in the car. I would have to see her facial expressions, because true to Oprah style she was all in her business, but with class. :)

4EverJennayNay said...

YOu are a mess! You ought to be right shamed of yourself for the "bullet head" comment about Fiddy.LOLOL my icon screams like a cat. I tried to pick the most annoying one I could find.


we are ->here<- on that one!