Monday Mindspacing Vol. 89

1) Rashan... it's like he's never lived anywhere cold.  We knew his body was highly charged with electricity when it was cold a few weekends ago.  He didn't know how to release the charge so I told him to touch this GIANT metal pole... AND HE DID IT!  Then looked like a shocked toddler who doesn't understand what just happened.  I told him to do it because I didn't think he would!  For the record, he got the literal shock of a lifetime!  DON'T do that in the future.  Touch your rubber-soled heel to something metal... He knows now.  (I died laughing writing this! LOLOL)
2) Rashan said he'd never eat a grasshopper.  I didn't get it.  He compared it to me wanting to never eat a rat... even though he also never wants to eat a rat.  Okay is there ANYWHERE where rats are a delicacy?  Everyone tell him this is not the same.
3) Rashan raps aloud what feels like all the time to me.  I hate it.  And he raps way less than he wants to.  I've always hated people walking around rapping.  You look like a crazy person.
4) What kind of pregnancy announcement is: "I don't care what anyone has to say, I am documenting my pregnancy, the good or the bad"? O_O  Honey, who said something to you and you're only 8 weeks along?  Calm down.
5) Can someone ask the Investigation Discovery series "Disappeared" to have some sort of conclusion, please?  It's driving me crazy!!!  Of the 10+ episodes I've seen, there was ONE conclusion.  FAIL!  Find somebody!  Find A body!  Do something!
6) The show "Heavy" is the devil.  I go between wanting the terrible food they're eating and wanting to workout every second of the show!  "I Used to be Fat" is much better on the straight working out.  But the really overweight people absolutely inspire me to work hard in my workouts!
7) People.  Please stop complaining about gas prices.  YOU'RE STILL GOING TO BUY GAS!!!!!!  Which makes your whining irritating and ineffective.  I don't believe in whining about things you can't or won't change.
8) A few hours after I found out my brother & sister's mom died, I found out one of the girls my line sister and I brought into our sorority died of complications related to lupus.  Friday was not fun.
9) I found a 5k in my area that raises money for the same cancer my brother & sister's mom died from.  I'm running in it March 26th.
10) I watch enough crime shows based on life to be appalled by the disparity in sentencing for ALL crimes along racial lines.  It's not right.
11) I got fancy for our program's yearly Oscar party and actually did some research this year for our pool.  The previous years I came in last place both years!  This year I came in second.  ONE POINT out of first place!  BRUTAL!!  But I won $20.  And why was there an informal poll for best dressed at the party and no one I was sitting with was polled.  DA HEEZY???  I call shenanigans.
12) I have been in a horrible mood for the last few days and I'd really like to pull out of it.
13) 76 days until graduation.  Let's dance!  Let's shout!  Shake your body down to the ground!
14) I hate the birds chirping outside my window at 1:32 am.  GO TO BED!!!  There's nothing that urgent.  Also, what am I allergic to that I encountered today?  I hate it.


Movies 2011, Week 8

February 20- 26, 2011
Good movie week leading up to the Oscars.  I also saw the Oscar-nominated animated short "Day & Night."  Interesting... LOL.  I'll be watching the 10th best picture nominee today-- Inception.  I've now seen all the rest!
46) Toy Story 3. 2011 Pest Picture nominee.  So cute.  I really enjoyed it!  This after swearing off kids movies!  I never would've seen it w/o the Oscar nod!  4 stars
47) The Adjustment Bureau. I saw a sneak peek of this film starring Matt Damon & Emily Blunt about a senate hopeful who gets a look at the people who make fate happen.  There were some interesting happenings but toward the end you were like, "Okay hold on a minute now... HOW on earth are you gonna end this film?"  The end was a bit of a head-scratcher.  Not like I didn't get it but like I wasn't completely satisfied.  I'd watch it again.  3.4 stars
48) Get Low.  Indie film starring Robert Duvall about an ornery old man who decides to plan his funeral with him in attendance.  Multiple twists and turns as you find out why he is the way he is.  I would've liked a little more nuance in the story and to get some sort of satisfaction earlier.  I wasn't terribly pleased with the end.  3.5 stars
49) When Strangers Click.  HBO doc about stories of love on the internet. The stats were cute, amusing at first but they became a bit monotonous.  I don't often like essay-style films but I enjoyed this one... and not just b/c of similarities! LOL  It was nice seeing people's love stories.  I've always loved those.  I really enjoyed it. 4 stars
50) Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work. Doc about who else but Joan Rivers?  Funny and fun but some moments of difficulty I really didn't expect.  I also didn't expect to see her as a good mother.  Really, really enjoyable because of how open Joan was.  Well-edited, well-directed.  4.5 stars
51) In the Heat of the Night.  Awesome Sidney Poitier movie about a black police officer who ends up solving a crime in a racist Mississippi town.  4.4 stars
52) Too Many Husbands. Amusing Jean Arthur comedy about a woman who remarries when she thinks her husband's dead and has to choose when it turns out he's not.  Yes, this is at LEAST the third time I've seen a version of this film!  Still amusing!  3.7 stars



I guess I should explain the relationship first.  My dad dated a woman for years.  The result was my older sister and brother.   A few years later our dad married my mom.  My sister and I were the result.  Through all of that my brother and sister's mom was very nice to us.  All of us, my mom included.  Around Christmas we found out her cancer had spread throughout her body.  Last night my brother & sister's mom died and I have no idea what to say.


Guest Post: She Get It From Her Momma

Most of you know Rashan dropped out of the blogging world almost a year ago (because he's a punk).  He claims it's because it takes him so long to write a blog post.  Waaa waaa.  Anyway, I asked him to write a guest blog post and here it is.
The more time I spend with Jameil and her mother, the more it becomes obvious why she is the way she is... She get it from her mama! For real, all these things I thought were Jameil-isms are really Ellen Fay-isms. And it cracks me up. The little things that Jameil does that annoy me, annoy her when her mom does it. Par example...

Jameil likes to question EVERYTHING!!! It may or may not be a real question, but Jameil is gonna ask it. She may already know the answer, but that won't pre-empt the question. She may be actually telling me what to do, instead of asking, but she'll frame it in the form of a question, as if that's more palatable.  On a daily basis, I can expect to hear. "Why are you looking in the refrigerator?" "Where's my lip gloss?" "Why are you so handsome?" Well, maybe that last one was a bit of a stretch, but you get the point. She constantly asks questions. Come to find out, her mom does the same.

Saturday, Jameil and I were sitting in the living room and her mom came downstairs. Moms immediately started asking Jameil "Why is such and such out?" "Why are you doing such and such?" "How come Rashan is so handsome?" I cracked up. Jameil was getting so annoyed at the inquisition... which is how I used to feel when Jameil interrogates me... I mean before I learned to meditate... and chant... and do yoga... and put myself into a trance... and dru-.... What was I saying again? Oh yeah, the questions are hereditary... And that's not all.  

Jameil and her mom don't so much talk to each other, as they speak to the room and if the other happens to acknowledge the other, then that's a bonus...  It is almost impossible to follow along when they are conversing. A conversation can start off being about an old church friend, jump without warning to what they had for dinner August 12th, then dip into a discussion of something funny and handsome that I did, then 5 minutes later back to the old church friend. I've seen this conversation pattern many times with Jameil and her friends, but to see it happen with her mom gave me some more insight. THEY BOTH DO THAT!!!! So instead of the normal 4 conversations at once that I'm used to with Jameil, with her and her mom, it's like 8 convos at once. Lemme find out Jameil get that from her Mama too. 

Oh yeah... neither of them EVER finish a story. You'll be all into the tale, then they'll leave you hanging by changing the subject or just plain forgetting to tell the end. I was dying laughing at the similarities between Jameil and her mother. Well, at least I know what I'm getting into for the rest of my life.

I died laughing the first two times I read this!  Because it's so true... except no one mentions Rashan's looks as much as Rashan mentions Rashan's looks.  And another thing, when I'm talking, YOU BETTER BE LISTENING!!!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 88

1) Can people stop assuming all women love chocolate?  I'll eat it every once in a while.  But love?  No.  Why are you a caricature about your stereotypes?
2) I like mayonnaise less and less the older I get.  It's tolerable when adulterated with sriracha and lime and and and.  Essentially, it needs to not resemble mayonnaise.  But sometimes even still it makes me want to vomit.  Good thing it's so fattening.
3) Ironically? I like aioli a lot.  What a siddity, stuck-up FANCY wench I am.
4) Let's talk about Chopped again.  I think you've exhausted chocolate as an ingredient.  We get it.  Sometimes it's scary in appetizer and dinner rounds.  But it's done.  If I can always figure out what to do with it, these people who cook FOR A LIVING should have no problem.  And Jeffrey... why do you have the spice tolerance of a 12yo girl?  I'm as tired of hearing about that as I am of hearing about Scott's onion preferences.  Speaking of which, my mom had way too much raw onion in her tuna and I was very amused!
5) Does it make me a bad liar if I don't like to lie because I don't like having to remember what I lied about?  Or be racked with guilt after I've gotten away with a lie?  Because I can sure get away with lies.  I say everything with a straight face and people never know if I'm serious.  I am.  I say what I mean.  I'm not really even good at lies of omission unless it will spare someone's feelings.  I'll avoid saying things if I know it will hurt someone and it's not essential that they know.
6) Does it ring hollow when people in relationships say they love Valentine's Day even when they're single?  Because I totally mean it!!  You gotta have people in your life who love you and spoil you that day whether you're in a relationship or not!  I have my godmother and my mom and some great friends!
7) I hate when I'm working out and some dude is looking at me like I'm gross b/c I'm sweating.  STEP YA WEIGHT UP, DUDE AND MAYBE YOU CAN GET LIKE ME!!!  LOLOL  I'm gonna start grunting when I lift weights so they know I mean business!!
8) Twittascope is one of the most annoying things about Twitter.  Why do you have your horoscope broadcast to your timeline?  Can't you PUHLEEEEEASE get it sent to your email?  I'll love you forever!
9) Why do men pour from 7 feet above the receptacle/plate/bowl/cup?  DRIVES ME BANANAS!!!!!!!!!!!!  I thought it was just Rashan but I've seen it on way too many shows lately.
10) My Pakistani friend loves me & Rashan and we love her, too.  How does she show it?  Cooking for us twice a month.  AND IT'S GOOD.  God bless that girl!!!!
11) I used to LOOOOOOOVE Miss Piggy!  And I thought Kermit was THE MAN!! :)
12) I HATE Disqus.  If you have it and feel like I've been commenting less than usual, you're right.  My comments are often eaten if Disqus will appear at all.  I'm convinced it hates me, Mac and/or Firefox.
13) Rashan said I make better guacamole than 95% of the places where we eat it. *swoon!!!* I LOVE THAT MAN!!!  Also, please get me OUT OF THIS CITY!!!  As flattering as it is, that should not be.  Our "favorite" (see: most tolerable & clean) Mexican restaurant here?  Barely passable guac, good salsa, HORRID margaritas.  GO BACK TO MEXICO AND RE-LEARN WHAT YA MAMA SHOULD'VE TAUGHT YOU.  I'm not kidding.  The most well-known drink of your specialty should be the best drink on your menu.  In ANY restaurant.  I have zero tolerance for this foolishness.
14) I can't stop falling in love with people's children... it's very strange.  I see these photos and videos online and I just want to coo!  Over 5?  In person?  I'm awkward.  LOLOLOL  As a child that age I knew how to talk to adults.  As an adult, I don't really know how to talk to children.  I don't know enough of them.
15) Rashan's doing a guest post here Wednesday... I was crying laughing when I read it!


Movies 2011, Week 7

February 13- 19, 2011
Great movie week full of Academy Award nominees and well-known films.  I really enjoyed most of the films I watched!
37) Restrepo.  2011 Academy Award nominee for best doc about a company's tour in Afghanistan.  Company members took cameras with them and the filmmakers also shot there.  I'm guessing people love this movie because of the danger and that it feels like you're getting a clear picture of what life is like for soldiers out there.  Difficult to watch.  3.7 stars
38) Winter's Bone. 2011 Academy Award nominee in multiple categories.  About an Ozark girl looking for her jailbird father and the trouble she runs into along the way.  I mean... okay I guess.  I didn't hate it.  Didn't love it.  3.4 stars
39) Social Network. 2011 Academy Award nominee about Facebook's invention and subsequent lawsuits.  Rashan loved it.  LOVED IT.  Know why?  Because it has excessive dialogue.  Those are his favorite kinds of anything.  He's going online as I type this to call this movie 'smart.'  I'm certain of it.  He should really stop talking about chefs calling all of their food 'nice' since he calls every movie/show he likes 'smart.'  Anyway.  I liked it.  I'd definitely watch it again.  I understand why people love it.  4.1 stars
40) Eat, Pray, Love.  I loved the book but wasn't particularly encouraged by the idea of a movie.  Even despite me really liking Julia Roberts.  Can you tell me why this movie was 2 hours and 20 minutes??????  WHY!?!  WHO WOULD DO THAT!?!  AND DO THEY HATE ME!?!?!  There were moments where I saw glimpses of the book I loved.  But there were longer stretches of cliches and boredom.  2.4 stars
41) After the Thin Man. William Powell & Myrna Loy team up for the sequel to their hit detective film "The Thin Man."  Very enjoyable.  4 stars
42) Night and Day.  Cary Grant stars in this film loosely based on Cole Porter's life.  Not a great movie.  It focused more on the music than on a plot you could actually get invested in.  3.2 stars
43) Waiting for "Superman." Critically acclaimed documentary about the issues in the American education system.  Some really great moments.  More that dragged.  I stared at the clock for periods of this film.  Even though there were solutions, I still felt overwhelmed.  3.7 stars
44) The Gold Rush. Silent Charlie Chaplin film about a gold prospector in Alaska and the woman he falls in love with.  The music became repetitive and annoying but a cute story.  I wasn't thrilled about the ending, though.  3.9 stars
45) Exit Through the Gift Shop. 2011 best doc nominee about/by Banksy that I fully expected to disdain.  Fully.  I entered this skeptical about the idea of a street graffiti artist well-known for his obscurity and pranks making a "documentary" about street art that had the world in a frenzy.  I enjoyed the ride.  4.3 stars


The Weekend? Looking Forward to It!

Therapeutic Musings started us off with the things she's looking forward to this weekend so here are a few of mine!
  • Seeing my mom!  She's the best!  I'm very happy to be going home!
  •  Screening my film again!  Boom!  It's on!
  • Reading!  I'm so behind on my reading this month... You only have a little over a week but don't forget our internet book club meets March 1st at Nerd Girl's (e-)place.  We're reading Wench.  Mine is supposed to come Monday.
  • Beautiful weather!!
  • We'll just act like I didn't order a cowl and a crochet headband... Never you mind!  I'm still looking forward to getting & wearing them even if I only get to wear them at night!
  • Seeing one of the two Academy Award nominated docs I haven't seen, "Exit Through the Gift Shop" (streaming on Netflix).  I thought "Inside Job" was in theaters in Charlotte but I guess it was a limited engagement.  Now I can't find it anywhere.  BOOOOOOO!!!
  • Hanging with Rashan!  This 3-day weekend thing?  Love!
What are you looking forward to?


It's Christmas in Winston!

Fresh off of fake Valentine's Day (remember, me & Rah celebrate in March!), I'm posting about my Christmas!  What?  Don't hate!  I had a great Christmas!

My mom got me Jameil earrings (gold grape-cluster orb drops) and a headband! 

Pserendipity got me the Barefoot Contessa cookbook I'm already in love with! Stace got me the Lorna Sass book I was gonna beg for until someone got it for me!!  Rashan got me the Rick book I never even asked for but wanted!! :)

Stace also got me this awesome dress she had her dad pick up for me in Ghana.  I LOVE IT!!  How awesome do I look in it!?  I felt like she was taunting me since she's in the hottest SoFla and it was barely 30 that day.  :/
 She also got me this HAWT black clutch!
 And now for the funniest series of photos ever!! The anticipation of KNOWING the gift you want is in the box!
 I can hardly hold it in!
 This is where I said, "I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!!" Rashan said, "I love you, too!" I said, "Oh... I love you, too. But I was talking to my Le Creuset." LOLOL True story.
Twas a great Christmas!  Expect to hear about Valentine's day in oh about 6 weeks.  LOL.  I feel like I have 2 or three other posts I'm supposed to be doing here and on The Record Dish.  If there's a post you were looking forward to and haven't seen yet, do remind me, please! :)


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 75

I took the suggestion of some of my amusing bloggers and decided to make this a joyous make-up post since I missed this one a few weeks ago!

1) I HAD AN AWESOME TRIP!!!  I feel really great about the footage I gathered!  I also went to the courthouse & found my grandparents' original marriage certificate and the deed to our family land.  My great-grandfather paid $2200 for 160 acres in 1945.  I feel so awesome for seeing those things!  It was actually one of the first times I saw my grandfather's signature.
2) At Bablu in Jackson (a tacos and tapas joint), I had a foam for the first time.  I was super amused since anyone who watches Top Chef knows Marcel uses foams exclusively.  He once served beef foam with celery root foam topped with chive foam.  LOLOLOL!  J/k!  But at the restaurant I had a margarita with salt foam.  MMMMM!!!  That's CLEARLY the perfect place for a foam!!
3) I think brown eggs are so beautiful.  But I refuse to pay more when they taste the same.
4) Happy Valentine's Day!!  I love Valentine's Day!  Even when I'm not attached.  Really?  I like just about every holiday! :)  You don't have to hate Valentine's Day if you do.  I'll be your Valentine!  You should've let me know and I would have sent you a card!  If you still want your card, email me your address.  :)
5) I've now been working out 3xs a week for the last 7 weeks!  45 more to reach my goal!  :)
6) I want to go to a concert... but I don't know whose show I want to see.... Hmmmm...
7) I'm screening my first film at my aunt's church Sunday and I'm really excited!  The last church screening was awesome!
8) I have a new bed & I'm overjoyed about it!  No more sleep issues!
9) My hair is getting long!  I should do a post about it soon... I'll be late for that. LOL
10) You know how weeks ago everyone was all up in arms about their zodiac signs?  Since my birthday's August 23rd, the first day of Virgo for most astrologers, I'm considered on the cusp.  That means you have traits of both signs.  And I do have a lot of traits of Virgo & Leo.  So even if I were inclined to care that much, I was pretty well-prepared to make any transition.  Seeing as I might read my horoscope if a newspaper is open to it on that day... I think I'm okay either way. LOL
11) Y'all had me & Rashan ROTFDL during the Grammy's!   LOLOLOL!  True hilarity!
12) I have a goal to try 100 new recipes this year.  I had 12 in January!  Already up to 16 and where I need to be for the month!  Wheeeee!!


Movies 2011, Weeks 5 & 6

January 30- February 5, 2011
28) The Toast of New York. Cary Grant stars in this 1937 film about con men who will cross anyone to make a ton of money.  Didn't love it, didn't hate it.  3.3 stars
29) Alice in Wonderland.  The Johnny Depp & Helen Bonham Carter version from 2010.  I really, REALLY need to stop watching kids movies.  So not my thing.  3 stars
30) Client 9: The Rise and Fall of Eliot Spitzer.  Documentary about the former gov. of NY, brought down by his relationship with hookers.  Interesting information... with some good quotes from many sides, those who loved and hated Spitzer, and Spitzer himself, though of course he wasn't too forthcoming on the details of his downfall.  It dragged in some places, particularly toward the end, by focusing on things that really had nothing to do with Spitzer.  3.6 stars
31) Gasland. 2011 Oscar-nominated film about a process to drill natural gas in the U.S. after the filmmaker was approached about drilling on his family land.  The filmmaker's heavy-handedness, particularly with voicing was more than mildly irritating.  I wanted to shut it off after the first 10 minutes but I suffered through... for you.  You're welcome.  I wouldn't be surprised if this film won because of the topic and the fact that it takes on Cheney's company, Halliburton.  2.9 stars

February 6-11, 2011
I promise I didn't intentionally watch two films with wedding in the title!  The first one isn't even about a wedding!  It was an Oscar-watching weekend!  Wait until you see next week!
32) Tony&Janina'sAmericanWedding. The story of a family ripped apart by US immigration laws and the disastrous effect.  Pretty depressing but a good film. 3.5 stars
33) White Wedding.  South African comedy about a groom trying to make it to his wedding and his bride's trials with wedding issues.  Eh.  Just okay.  3 stars
34) The Fighter. 2011 Oscar nominee based on a true story.  Marky Mark... I mean Mark Wahlberg stars as the fighter with Christian Bale as his crackhead trainer brother.  I enjoyed it.  4 stars
35) Black Swan.  LOVED IT!!!  Another 2011 Oscar nominee.  Natalie Portman deserves all of the Oscar buzz she's been getting!  There is some confusion and dislike about the end but I thought it was great.  I don't need my every question answered.  4.6 stars
36) 127 Hours.  Another 2011 Oscar nominee based on a true story.  This one starring James Franco as a hiker who gets trapped in a desolate location for 127 hours.  There was a pretty gruesome scene.  Yikes!  One of the people watching with me got nauseous and Rashan got a physical pain.  Wow...  I didn't love it but I can see why people would.  3.2 stars


Mississippi Trip 2011 Vol. 1


1) Why was I stuck in TWO accidents in the sleet that hit the day we headed for Mississippi?  In Birmingham, we went 2 miles in 1.5 hours... our exit was at the second mile.  |||||||||||||//////////////////_________   Please slap me in the face.  We then spent a few hours in the city with my aunt.  Then right after we crossed the Mississippi state line, we got stuck about 200 yards behind an accident that required 8 tow trucks, 3 ambulances and a mess (yes, a mess) of police cars.  And when we finally got past it TWO HOURS later?  We saw a tractor trailer off to the side that looked like nothing or very little happened to it.  :/  I left home at 5:45 am.  I got to my grandma's at 4am EST.  NOT AWESOME.  Guess who  went to sleep & drooled her face off she was so tired.  My mama.  LOL!!  J/k.  It was me.
2) I hung out with Nerd Girl & Love Girl at a Vietnamese restaurant.  She was amusing & my mom adored her.  Pserendipity went to Memphis instead.  You chose your husband over me?  I mean... Is that dude gonna love you for the rest of your lives?  He is?  Oh... okay.  Then I guess I'll let it slide.
3) Fish balls sound DISGUSTING but the ones I had? Delicious!
4) Mississippi is batting like .988 on restaurants!  So awesome!  Every place I've been to here (minus the lowest rungs of buffet chains my aunt & uncle love-- BLECH), I liked most of the food I got.  Super great!  Can Winston-Salem do even a tenth of that?  We just want TWO good CONSISTENT restaurants.  One extra casual, one less casual.
5) I liked my grandma a lot more this trip.  Small doses are key.  It also helps when she was nothing but complimentary: (As I'm working out) "You have nice legs." Then later, "You look great in that color!" "You're like me, any hat you put on, you can wear it well." (That one was for both of us.)
6) My uncle & I cried together as he talked about missing my grandpa.  I feel a lot closer to all of my uncles than I've ever felt since making this film.  My mom, too.
7) The word grandpa looks weird in reference to him.  I've always called him granddaddy or my grandfather.
8) The dvr got up to 30% and counting with all of my shows and I'm so blown!  I try to keep it out of the double digits.  So Wednesday after I return?  I'll be watching more tv than necessary!  LOL
9) Why was my grandma sweeping the house at 1:28 in the morning?  I bet this is my fault since we took her to the Mexican restaurant at 9pm!  She eats dinner at 5pm but was tapas-in it up!  Son!  She'd never had guacamole.  (I'm gonna go ahead and give her credit for my food adventurousness.)  She LOVED it!  She was eating it by the forkful.  HILARIOUS!
10) Raise your hand if you've been working out at least 3xs a week for the last 6 weeks.  MEEEEEEEE!!!  Now put it down if you have also been eating WHATEVER you wanted with little regard to said workout.  *sheepish face*  For shame.
11) Y'all.  If you find yourself wasting money on things you don't need, take that wasted money and put it in a good trainer.  It's cheaper than you think it is and SO worth the money.  Mine is constantly suggesting things that sounds insane to me until I do them!  For instance?  One-legged push-ups on alternating legs.  (Get in position, lift one leg, do a push-up, repeat, alternating legs.)  A week later, I'm STILL proud I can do those!  My mom, Rashan & my grandma were all equally impressed! Most common response: Whoa.  LOL.
12) We talked to my Uncle Charlie Friday night to confirm an interview Saturday at 1-- his chosen time.  He called my Uncle James around 8am Saturday and told us to come on. O_O You live 3 hours away!  And we planned other stuff for that morning.  We MIGHT be 20 minutes early... Except we were 20 minutes late.  LOL.  Didn't matter.  He fed us the second we walked in the door.  We did the (AWESOME!)  interview.  He sent us down the road to his daughter's for some delicious gumbo and amazing banana pudding.  I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!
13) My new favorite Mississippi towns (villages?)?  Homo Chitto (chitta), Bogue Chitto (boga chitta) &... HOT COFFEE!!  FOR REAL!!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 87

1) I skipped vol. 78 or something and didn't notice until 2 weeks later.  I thought it would stop irritating me... but it hasn't...
2) I need y'all to pray for me about this semester.  It's making me absolutely nutty right now and I need it to stop.
3) Rashan noticed a sitcom cliche the other day that I now can't stop noticing: everyone has fertility issues.  That is so lame.  TV makes EVERYTHING about life painful.
4) Please stop being so sensitive about everything somebody says on the internet.  Everything is not a personal affront to you.  But if you think I'm talking about you, I probably am.  LOLOL
5) I am getting increasingly agitated by how segregated the fashion blog world is.  White & Asian fashion bloggers gush over white & Asian fashion bloggers and vice versa.  There are a few black fashion bloggers who talk about white fashion bloggers but there's still not much mixing.  IRRITATING.  I thought widening my fashion blogger circle would fix this.  It's actually made it worse.  By adding more, it became more apparent that the trend I thought was noticing was real.  Scowl.
6) I'm really good at scowling.  Partly because I have a very expressive face.  Sometimes my trainer laughs at how expressive my face is when she tells me to do something crazy.  LOL
7) My mom & Rashan both say "Bless you" to me when I sneeze and they're asleep.  It cracks me up!  You wake up to say that and roll over?  LOLOL!
8) I used to think in hahahas online.  Then hahahahas & LOLs at very specific times.  Now it's almost exclusively LOL & LOLOLs and LOLOLOLOLs!  LOL :)
9) Today is the 40th anniversary of my grandfather's death.  It's weird to miss someone you never met.
10) I'm really tired.  I never get 8 uninterrupted hours of sleep anymore.  I'm about to sleep my face off in the car!


February Goals

I think not having specific January goals and just setting goals for the year set me off my game a little.  I need monthly goals to achieve the things I want.  My overall goals for life are fitness, spiritual growth, relational growth and career growth.  I really got into the habit of following my 2010 goals to the point where I did them without thinking about them in January.  AWESOME!

I'm more than halfway through the Bible.  YESSSSSS!!  I've worked out three times a week for the last 5 weeks!  Yeeeeahhh!!  One of my yearly goals was to read 40 books.  This month I finished 4!  I've started a new page to track the books I read.  I'll update them monthly or as I go along.  I haven't decided yet.  Y'all.  I watched 27 movies in January!  That's pretty amazing considering I might have watched that many in the last 4 months of 2010!  LOL.

1) Finish transcription (typing out what everyone said on camera) for both Mississippi trips, complete first rough draft of script, begin editing.
2) Send out at least 10 applications.
3) Apply to at least 5 more film festivals with my last film.
4) Read at least 50 chapters in the bible.  That will bring me to 700 total chapters read out of 1189!
5) Continue to work out AT LEAST three times a week.  I feel myself getting into the mode of exercise becoming second nature and something I want to do more than 3xs a week.  FABULOUS!
6) Plan more meals.  I have horrible eating habits right now which make my body feel less attractive than it could with the amount of work I'm putting in.
7) Make AND KEEP a budget.  I have never been good at budgeting.  If I manage to come in under a budget one week, I use the excess the next week.  This will never do.  This month I want to get this under control.  If any of you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!
8) Read at least two books.
9) Complete one 30 Before 30 goal.  I have my eye on the bull ride!  LOLOL  Or a dance class!  Something!