February Goals

I think not having specific January goals and just setting goals for the year set me off my game a little.  I need monthly goals to achieve the things I want.  My overall goals for life are fitness, spiritual growth, relational growth and career growth.  I really got into the habit of following my 2010 goals to the point where I did them without thinking about them in January.  AWESOME!

I'm more than halfway through the Bible.  YESSSSSS!!  I've worked out three times a week for the last 5 weeks!  Yeeeeahhh!!  One of my yearly goals was to read 40 books.  This month I finished 4!  I've started a new page to track the books I read.  I'll update them monthly or as I go along.  I haven't decided yet.  Y'all.  I watched 27 movies in January!  That's pretty amazing considering I might have watched that many in the last 4 months of 2010!  LOL.

1) Finish transcription (typing out what everyone said on camera) for both Mississippi trips, complete first rough draft of script, begin editing.
2) Send out at least 10 applications.
3) Apply to at least 5 more film festivals with my last film.
4) Read at least 50 chapters in the bible.  That will bring me to 700 total chapters read out of 1189!
5) Continue to work out AT LEAST three times a week.  I feel myself getting into the mode of exercise becoming second nature and something I want to do more than 3xs a week.  FABULOUS!
6) Plan more meals.  I have horrible eating habits right now which make my body feel less attractive than it could with the amount of work I'm putting in.
7) Make AND KEEP a budget.  I have never been good at budgeting.  If I manage to come in under a budget one week, I use the excess the next week.  This will never do.  This month I want to get this under control.  If any of you have any tips, please leave them in the comments!
8) Read at least two books.
9) Complete one 30 Before 30 goal.  I have my eye on the bull ride!  LOLOL  Or a dance class!  Something!


Serenity3-0 said...

When you come in under budget one week, do you have a designated place for that money to go? It might help and then you could jsut transfer it to wherever. Great job on the working out! My goal is 3 times a week too. I'm still not excited about going to the gym yet though.

Gorgeous_Puddin said...

I can relate. I was totally thrown off by my year goals. I started a post... then stopped. I feel like a slug LOL!

Girl you're getting through that Bible!! What book are you in and so far what have you learned/gleaned from your reading?

Congrats on the working out!!

You definitely have to have a place for the money to go. If I don't put my money into savings I buy something!

K. Rock said...

Glad you are treking along. Keep up the good work.

Trish said...

You know that you can tackle some goals! Bull riding looks so fun, you must take pics when you do!

Not so Anonymous said...

Great list of goals! Make sure to take pics of the bull ride! And, I'm going to send you line items like tomorrow or tonight, lol.

Anonymous said...

The budgeting thing is really easy. I recommend putting a paper copy of it on your frig or some place where it will be highly visible. This wil serve ass a reminder.

Put the money you save in a separate account. If you want to create a rainy day fund, put the savings in a money market account. You want to try and save at least 6 months of your expenses.

Unknown said...

Glad you're accomplishing you're goals. GO Jameil!

I think that's always worked best for me...to have my long term (yearly) goals and then short term. I always feel like I'm actually accomplishing something that way. :)

I'm excited about your book list because since getting my Kindle I've been searching for good books to read..now I have someone to help. YEAY!!!!

Jameil said...

3-0... that's a great idea! I really like fitness on demand! Have you tried it?

gp... LOL. Get it together! I'm not reading in order so I'm almost done with Psalms but have finished 38/66 books. I feel like I'm in a strange place with my readings. I need to jump start them again. I buy suff anyway. :/

k... thanks!

trish... :) I will!!

nsa... Thanks & you know it! Got the line items! Wheeeee!

Epsi... In theory, I know these things...

goddess... Thanks! Short term goals are so essential! Yay for helping! I need to read some more books this month!