Today's my mom's 53rd birthday! I can tell you because she has never been one to shy away from telling her age. She loves it! She's happy to have made it this far and looks forward to many more. She's absolutely my age inspiration. Plus she loves me so much! Her fabulous first born baby. Fabulous because of you, girl! I sent her a card that listed just a few of the many things she does for me. It ends, but most of all you're my friend. You know what she told me that I never knew? That growing up, she always wanted a daughter friend and now she has one. Since I moved to Pittsburgh, we talk almost daily and now my days seem oddly incomplete without it. I love her madly.



Really Though?

You're really gonna ask me who's going to be working my shift when I leave? Really though? That's a big I don't care.

Summer Jesus breaks have started again? Really though? I'm gonna jump off of something!! I might not get to say what's up to my pastor before I leave if I don't get the chance to make an appointment. That's no fun!

I can't stand Fridays because they suck with my schedule. I have 4 Fridays left. FOUR!!! Really though? LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There are also just 24 days of work left!!! YEAH!! My coworkers feel some sort of way when I say that. Don't be jealous. I put in work on this shift and now it's time to go. You really hatin? Really though? Whatev. I'm still leavin... YESSS!!


Breathing Exercises

I need some. The closer I get to the day I've planned to move to Gainesville without any information from UF, the more I want to rip all my hair out and scream...


It's really, really frustrating...


They told me I should allow 48-72 hours for a call back because of high call volume... yeah... I've done 68 and that's all you get. I don't have time to wait on you to figure out if you're going to call me back. THIS IS MY LIFE!!

I also found out that because my housing application is less than a year old I have a 5% chance of getting an apartment in the grad housing on campus...


This probably means I will have to work while going to school full-time and I don't know that an on-campus job is an option...


I'm being delivered platitudes like, "It'll all work out." THAT IS NOT HELPING WHEN I DON'T HAVE ANY INFORMATION!!!"


I've made 2 appointments to get my health stuff in order before I leave and those were the most headache-free portion of this process...


I hadn't told you this before but I've been dealing with this application process since October. That's when I took the GRE the first time. I took it again in November, turned in an app to B.erkeley in December, had an interview in March, found out I didn't get in (I'll get into that more later). That let some air out of my sails. I knew the UF app wasn't due until June so I procrastinated probably more than I should have... which is part of the reason I just found out I got in 3 weeks ago significantly pushing back the amount of time I have to prepare... The length of this process (and actually from the time UF had all my stuff to acceptance was about 2 weeks so that was actually nice...) ramps up the annoyance level just a MILLION DEGREES little.


I'm doing what I can to make this process go more smoothly for me... I just need to remember that I'm doing what I can... and to keep doing what I can... but it doesn't help when people want regular updates on my status... that just makes me think of it all over again. I have to literally shut my brain off at night or I will never get any sleep... Now I'm going to call the registrar and the financial aid office again... SIGH!! No wait...


3 minutes later update: "No advisers will be available by phone until July 7th because we're in the summer rush period."


6 minutes later update: Okay that was just for financial aid. I was able to get in contact with the registrar and confirm that my degree confirmation is on file and I can disregard an earlier notice that it wasn't. I also talked to the infirmary and got the information I need to have to register when I get there in August.

breath returning...


Goin' Gator: A Pictorial

My friends are all SO excited I'm getting into grad school and moving closer to them! Most of my friends are in the south so this is almost a universally correct statement. Party over here! Ash sent me a card. My other Hampton homie Christina also sent me a card. Stace sent a card and a shirt that I LOVE!! One of my homies sent a fabulous tank so I promised a photo shoot. Pose for the camera, now, click click!


Bo.red: The Second 25

26) My wanderlust has been quenched. I have too much to do to go on any trips right now! Plus I know I have 2 7-hour trips ahead of me-- Pittsburgh to Charlotte, then Charlotte to Gainesville... yeah... if that doesn't cure wanderlust, I don't know what does.
27) That does not mean I'm not open to visitors. Who wants to come help me pack? Raise your hands now. Put 'em in the air!
28) UF is still trippin. Guess who has nann nunna nothin from her university? ME!!! ME ME ME!! I'm about to start flippin out. Word life. Yes, I've made phone calls and left messages. Now Mellymell needs some answers or mama's finna go off. I'm mama and yes I just pulled out some Southernisms for ya!
29) I slept for 9 hours last night. I could've kept going but I decided to wake up and... IDK accomplish things! Lol.
30) I did accomplish some things today-- I spent almost $40 on gas and wasn't even on E and I got my oil changed. It only took 25 minutes. I was so excited!
31) I have 7 million appointments to make before the end of the month. Jesus keep me near the cross.
32) There's this old man preacher on the radio station I listen to who CRACKS ME UP!! The recordings must be incredibly old because you can't hear the congregation at all and my dude needs a laugh track! He said, "I don't like platitudes. You ask someone how they're doing and they say, 'I'm blessed.' Tell me the truth. That's like the woman who said to her preacher, 'I want to thank you for that wonderful lesson.' The preacher says, 'Don't thank me, thank the Lord.' She says, 'I thought about that... but it wasn't that good.'" BURN!! I was on the floor!! And he's moving right along, no pauses. I'm like, Dog! Slow down! This is hilarity!!
33) This extra pale "coach" on Made looks like a man... but is pretending? to be a woman? I'm confused. I don't know what's going on.
34) I keep seeing all these gorgeous locs and it makes me want to get some. I had a dream the other night of me doing my oral defense of my doc before I got my master's with one of my fave Hampton professors, my line sister, Stace and a few bloggers there. I was pushing my hair off of my neck. I don't know what kind of hair it was but I'll just say it was locs. That means I need to get it poppin. Stace's homie is gonna start them for me when I move to Florida. It will be so fab.
35) Stace said I'm gonna be a Florida girl now. WRONG!! I WILL ALWAYS BE A CAROLINA GIRL!! REPRESENT!!!
36) I like shredding. It's so satisfying to destroy things. Wait. I mean paper...
37) Is that allowed on television!?!!? I don't want to see your n.aked backside ever! Let alone at 2 in the afternoon!!! V.h1!!!! You're out of control!!
38) This chick just said the funnest. Stace says that to annoy me. It makes me want to kick her.
39) I like to kick... like a lot. I used to have the most amazing high kicks. I would kick my leg up next to the face of some 6 foot tall man and watch his eyes grow. Hilarity. You can keep poppin off if you wanna!
40) I don't like green or blue drinks. The former looks like liquefied grass. The latter looks like Windex. You can keep them both.
41) Diets annoy me. Don't tell me how to lose 10 lbs. in 10 days. I already know what I need to do to keep the weight off. Lean proteins, fruits, vegetables, water, exercise. Do I do it? Maybe... But probably not. Whatev. That's why I work out. But don't try to get me to buy into your fad diet.
42) Did you see the wedding on the T.oday Show this morning? ADORABLE! I know it's tv but I was like, "Dang that was fast!" That's what I'm talkin about! Now if we can get my cousin down the aisle that quickly this fall, life will be great!! Lol.
43) Tomorrow night I'm asking my dad what I can take with me when I leave. How about all the pots and pans, the leather couch and recliner, the 52-inch tv, the 6-disc DVD changer and the crock pot? You good with lettin all that go, D?
44) My mom has requested I not call her M anymore. She said it doesn't make her feel all warm and fuzzy. THAT'S NOT WHAT I'M HERE FOR!! Ok fine. I should've known she wouldn't like it. She doesn't like nicknames. Ever. That didn't stop my dad, whose family is nickname CRAZY from giving us multiple ones. Two of mine were fashion bug (I was regulating their clothes from at least 7. I kid you not.) and ash patrol (I was also stalking them about have lotion on before leaving the house. When my parents separated I used to meet my dad at our front door with lotion.)
45) Project Runway starts again July 16th. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will be stalking my television once again and I'm okay with that!!
46) When does the new season of Making the Band start? Ooh! The rumor is August 13th! That's just days before I go to UF! I will be stalking my friends' houses since M... oops MOMMY doesn't have cable.
47) Little-known Jameil fact: I call my mom Mommy. What in the bloody blue hazes? I don't know why I'm almost 26 years old and calling her that. But I'm thinking at this point I'll be 89 and still calling her Mommy! Insanity. I call her Mom when she's getting on my nerves. I was gonna call her M to get away from Mommy and she shut that down! I tried out Ma when I was 13 and she hated that, too. She calls her mom Mama so it doesn't fit to call her that, too. UGH!!
48) I need some good parties to pop off the 12 or so days I'm in the QC! I want to see some fly black folk before I head to the G! Let's make that happen! All y'all ready your resources!!
49) Speaking of parties. You are aware that my birthday is August 23rd, right!?!? I love that day! Did you know August 24th and December 26th are the worst days of the year? Yep. Biggest letdowns ever. Always boring and sucky and not my birthday or Christmas. Anyway, party in the G!! Or in O-town! Party over here!
50) And Labor Day? Party in Miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!! (And after that I'll start studying... I PROMISE!! School doesn't start until August 25th so I'm straight for the birthday. And we're off Labor Day.) But first... we gotta get UF TO SEND MY STUFF!!! *eye rolling*


Pop, pop!

We have new neighbors... I'm not exactly comfortable with them. I'm hearing pops right now that made me go upstairs and ask my dad what they were. He assumes firecrackers since it's near the 4th. Okay good. Because I don't know what gunshots sound like and I'd rather not find out when there's one lodged in my back.

My aunt is from Florida, the state, not the university, and she hooked me up with her friend's daughter who went to UF. She's giving me tips about churches and the MEXICAN restaurants in WALKING DISTANCE from campus. STOP. IT!!!! I did a happy dance off of both of those! LOVE IT! And the pastor's even on youtube so I can research him before I get to the G. That's what I'm talking about! These are the days that make me yell out, "I LOVE THE INTERNET!" Oh that interweb. Lol.

I made my requisite, and unanswered, call to UF for the day, then went to sleep at 12:30 this afternoon and didn't wake up until 10 when my alarm went off. I surely could've slept even longer w/o the alarm. Craziness. I got up, made a few phone calls, talked to my mom for a while (I let her off the hook at 32 minutes instead of the full hour (I really wish she would stop listening to Michael B.aisden. His show is such garbage.)), ironed a shirt I don't think I've worn in the 3 years since I've been here for precisely that reason. Though I like to iron, I don't do it very often. I don't wear a lot of clothes that require ironing because I like to get up 30 minutes before it's time to go, shower, throw something on and walk out the door. I like to sleep as long as possible. Low maintenance hair ROCKS!!

I found this crazy picture of me and my sister the day before my college graduation. I don't know why we were making faces. We have a tendency to do that when we're together and cameras are around. Hahahahaha.


Bo.red: The First 25

I'm gonna get my 101 things on again... I've done it before but am currently too lazy to link it. Sorry for you. We'll just start with 25... It was gonna be 50 but I'm too bored to do even 50.

1) IIIIIIIIIIIII'M 50! Ever seen that SNL skit w/Molly Shannon? It's hilarity but I won't link it. Remember that lazy thing? It's been only seconds. It still applies. **Amended to add link.
2) My hand hurts. Just the right one. Too much time w/the mouse. Now reverting to one-handed typing. It's been hurting for at least a week. Perhaps I should spend less than 12 hours/day... nearly every day on the computer...
3) I talk too much. How do you spend 6 hours a day on the phone with a person multiple times a week? "Girl wouldja shut up??" HAHAHAHA!! My sister and I used to repeat that all the time!! Pretty sure that was from this soundtrack but I'm not sure. I've now broken the prelude and number 2. It's taking too long.
4) I also can't seem to talk to anyone for less than an hour... except my mom. And that's just because she makes me get off the phone. She doesn't really like the phone. Neither does Stace (allegedly) but I make both of them stay on at least once a week anyway just to prove their love for me. I'm not above throwing hissy fits.
5) I'm never not thirsty. Lots of sugar makes me sleepy, too. Maybe I should get checked for diabetes. Hmmm... better do it while I still have insurance.
6) My love for sandwiches makes me a bit ridiculous in the deli. 1/2 lb. of maple ham, 1/2 lb. of honey turkey, 3 slices of Jarlsberg, 2 slices of Swiss. And I need to start asking for one roll of this kind of bread, 2 slices of that. It'll be great. Everyone will love it.
7) Sometimes I take milestones too far. Like when I thought, "This is the last time I'll fill the soap dispenser in the bathroom." Jameil. Get a grip.
8) The LinensNThings near me is going out of business. The last day I'm gonna go rack up on stuff for school. I should probably find out when said day is.
9) The computer I need for school still costs one million dollars even with the student discount. Still fielding money suggestions not involving a corner or a pole. Comin to the stage... NOT ME!
10) I'm so glad I'm working only 5 more weekends of this awful schedule and then I'll be done. Today was a nice, relaxing day. Saturday and Sunday were the makings of a cutter.
11) I still don't have anywhere to live in Gainesville. I'm supposed to get a housing update today. Last time the update that they send to everyone had something like 1-2 apartments available in each place. I was like wait... what? Problem.
12) I'm trying not to stress out and remind myself that I still have a little bit of time. But also not trying to go into that procrastination state I find myself so often fond of.
13) I want a burger. I said that almost 2 weeks ago and other than BK haven't gotten one. I want a giant burger. I'm getting one on Thursday. If D's tired, he can suck it up.
14) I researched and bought a plane ticket for him (his money, my effort) online the other day and thought, "Who knows when I'll do that again." Slightly less stupid milestone.
15) Do you know what's on the way to Gainesville from Charlotte? Savannah. I am SO going here on the way down!! A picture (skip past all the passed out people) is not enough.
16) I researched some Gville night life, too. Yes, I use that loosely. There seems to be all of 3 places I would consider.
17) But there are at least 5 non-chain MEXICAN restaurants. There are also 2 Cuban restaurants. Son. Do you know what this means?!? I'm gonna get my HH (Hispanic hubby). That's right. I know a Cuban chef is more likely than a Mexican chef in Florida, so I'm willing to expand my horizons. I am SO generous.
18) I sure wish that HH was around now so he could make me some lunch. I don't even feel like fixing myself a sandwich.
19) It's sooo pretty here today. High: 75. Perfect and sunny. Similar tomorrow and Wednesday. Did I tell you guys I love summer in Pittsburgh? I'm kind of disappointed to be leaving in the summer.
20) Not disappointed enough to stay!!!
21) Know what I won't miss? The snow. 67 as an average high in January? Don't mind if I do. Thanks Gainesville.
22) I need a GATOR shirt before I go down there. Had to wade through a sea of orange, and some questionable navy. The color is supposed to be ROYAL blue. Yeah... get that together. I'll link to some of the hideous shirts later.
23) "P.op bottles on 3. 1, 2, 3. P.op bottles." Ugh. That song stays in my head all day and all night. I CAN'T GET IT OUT!!
24) I skipped the gym because I was so sleepy today. I went once last week. Three times the week before. I've gotta get this schedule before. I found free Tango lessons on campus, though. I'm SO doing that. Can't wait.
25) I WANNA MEET SOME BLOGGERS!! Everyone's meeting each other and I'm all left out in this stupid city. I WILL QUIT YOU PITTSBURGH AND I HAVE!! AUGUST 3RD AND I'M OUT!!


You Kiss Your Mother With That Mouth?

The cursing is driving me insane. I used to have a potty mouth. Go through the archives and you will see myriad and sundry examples of this. Start from the beginning and stop around last April or May. I had already started lessening the frequency by that point, but it's trickled almost to a stop in the last few months. Trust and believe it's been a conscious and difficult effort.

Everywhere I go from work (unprofessional much?) to my blog, I'm surrounded by people who curse like sailors. It makes me really uncomfortable. It's a lot harder not to curse when everyone around you is dropping f-bombs and everything else. People can say and do whatever they want on their own blogs. You know I don't regulate people's blog content and get heated when people try to do that on mine. But when you're going to someone else's house, you don't put your feet on the furniture. So I'm going to ask you to stop cursing in my comments. You are all very colorful people and I love that. Don't be less expressive. But the cursing... I need to stop. I'd rather not cringe on my own blog. Thanks for your help.


Organization of the Crazy*: A Requiem in 5 Acts

My sister's boyfriend is 2 years younger than her. His mom calls her a cradle robber. This mildly annoys my sister. But since it's true, she doesn't get too bent out of shape. But the other day, the woman sends her son a text, "If you wake up in a red room with no windows and no doors, don't worry, you're in my heart." Cue it. Roll it. "Womp womp womp wooooomp."

Better? The text she sent to my sister, "If you wake up in an all black room with no windows and no doors, don't worry you're in my heart. My heart is only black for you." I fell out laughing. She also told her, "I'm going to kidnap you if you guys ever get married and put on your dress and walk down the aisle and he'll see it's me." Girl if you don't dump him and block that psycho woman from sending you texts, you better! Or let her know you got a crazy overprotective big sister who doesn't mind showing her who's running things. "CUZ I'M A BOSS!" Act like you know.

From a facebook status (stupid interweb crack)--
Heard on the metro:
Girl: I get in the clubs for free, VIP and all I can drink!!!!
Friend: How you get all that?
Girl: It's the favor of the Lord.


I hate both of you. It's more likely your hoochie clothes and willing ways. Just sayin...

While talking to one of the elder statesmen, we were going back and forth naming really old, or dead people, starting with Methuselah. He apparently didn't know the purpose of this pointless exercise because when I said, "H.itler," he goes, "Ouch! You can't call people that!" "What? I wasn't calling you that. I thought you knew we were naming your contemporaries."

Stace posted her ugly pics on facebook.
So I changed my status to, "Jameil wants everyone to know she can't stand Stace."

She writes on my wall, "you won't get extra credit in doc school for being a hater...no bonus in your check for being a hater...your mom won't love you any more than she does now...my pic is what's up, step YOUR game up. Mgmt."

So I say, "Actually i am not only encouraged to hate, i get more money for hatin, and YOUR mom loves me better. she thanks me for my contribution to society. the CEO"

We can go all day if you'd like.

Dad: Your cousin George died.
Me: Ok.
Dad: Do you know who that is?
Me: Vaguely. How old was he?
*refers to his brother on the phone*
D: 78.
Me: Oh. *some background: I can't get too worked up when old people die... unless they're fabulous fashion designers... or a close family member and my dad's first cousin doesn't count. Death happens.*
D: That's pretty old.
Me: 78 is not that old anymore.
D: Old enough.
Me: I guess. So when do you plan on dying?
D: Right now.
*I pinch him. What? He deserved that..*
Me: No. You can't die right now. You have to walk me down the aisle.
D: Jameil, if I wait to walk you down the aisle, I'll never die. "James, you're 175 years old. What are you waiting for?" "To walk Jameil down the aisle." "Jameil died 50 years ago." "Oh... I guess I can die now."

And you wonder why I am the person I am!!! I suppose I should be glad there's no pressure, though, huh? Trust! I am VERY grateful for that! Lol. But keep actin, D and I'LL NEVER GET MARRIED JUST TO SPITE YOU!!!

*Name yoinked from La. And so what??? These people are killing me!! Hence the requiem... a prayer chant for my fragile soul.


Goin' Gator

I HAVE SO MUCH STUFF TO DO!! And for some reason, I haven't gotten very much paperwork. Read: NOTHING! I got my acceptance letter and a packet that looked like information you would send to a prospective, not incoming student. None of it was stuff that needed to be signed or returned. There was a map and some other random stuff. Of course that made me SUPER wary. Like wait, what? I like lists. I need order and things I can check off. This is done, this is done, this is done. Thanks. Know what I mean? And I keep waiting for more and getting nothing. WHERE IS MY INFO! I NEED SOME LISTS!!! The type A controller in me is going a bit nuts.

And then there's the procrastinator in me who is like it'll all fall into place eventually. Oh this chick gets on my nerves. WE GOT STUFF TO DO!! NOW MOVE!! The baby sister is gone (she's only 19 months younger but it feels like a lot more most of the time) now. She left a little less than an hour ago. But first I put my fave hood chick and my fave current boy band on the iTunes! Ow! Oh yeah! She also packed up all my books for me. I have them separated into three boxes-- one box for the books I don't need to bring to Florida which includes the crappy chick lit I buy for plane rides (nothing serious for those things, please!!) and other books I don't necessarily love that can stay in Pittsburgh until my dad comes down or if I have room, can stay at my mom's house. Then there are two boxes for the spiritual books, speaking of spiritual, Red has an amazing testimony!, journalism and political books, black consciousness books, non-fiction and amusing books, but mostly stuff that makes me look smart!!! Hahahaha. Those are all going to Florida. My sister was like, "Stop lyin." What? They are actually books I own. Stop hatin cause I'm deep. "Hey, jealousy! How you doin girl?!"

She also did the typical college thing: steal stuff we won't notice until it's gone unless you happen to see it leaving. YOU GRADUATED!! STOP DOING THIS!!! I've been telling her for years if she asks, she can have it. When she just takes it, even if I don't want it anymore I'm stealing it back off GP. I can't help that I'm a thug. *snickering* I couldn't even get that out without collapsing into giggles. I should take a picture of my neighborhood entrance in the burbs where we grew up so you could even more fully understand the hilarity of that statement!! You should see my sister and I giving my mom the side eye when she says something about the 'hood. Really mom? The hood? Ok PK, never lived in the hood a day in your life! Cracking me up!! She doesn't get why I do this (again, I'm the thug, she's not). Her thing is why make a big deal if you don't care if I have it? GP, GUH!! STOP STEALIN PEOPLE'S STUFF!! I DON'T CARE IF IT'S FAMILY!! I can see some younger children defending her actions right now. Brats. I used to have so much fun calling her a brat because she'd get so mad. Good times, good times (read the section about Bill-- HILARIOUS!!!).

Son. How about we didn't go to the restaurant I wanted to go to last night. My sister looked at the menu and was like, "I don't like food like that." I CAN'T STAND UNADVENTUROUS EATERS!!!! DRIVES ME BANANAS!!! I didn't want her ruining the experience for me by turning up her nose (speaking of noses, last night my dad says to my sister, "How can you breathe out of that nose? It's so little." DEAD!!!) or making faces or picking at it (YOU'D PROBABLY LIKE IT IF YOU'D JUST TRY!!!) so I was like, no, we're going to Johnny's (for some reason it's called Johnny C.arino's here... hilarious. Have to make it palatable for the y.inzers huh?). It's actually really good. I had an Italian margarita-- LOVE THOSE!!, Italian chili, and eggplant Parmigiana which I'd never had before but loved. It's also preceded by some really good bread. It was all delightful but you know I was looking at them like you people... Whatev. I also refused to pop the bottle last night. Guess I'll just take it to the head by myself or me and D will drink it when we really celebrate Daddy Daughter night before I leave. Sigh. I've been saving this bottle for 3 months. I said I'd pop it when I found out I was getting my get out of steel (makes more sense than dodge in this case) card. That's alright. I LOVE delayed gratification. Do you know how great things can be when you build it up? All that "wantin and wantin and wantin, woo! Make ya head blow!" Name that movie! But seriously, if it's something good and worth waiting for, I LOVE a good build-up. I'm the queen of countdowns. Speaking of which-- 30 more days of work for the kid. 30! That's one month of days! Wheeeee! Then I'm bouncing from the burgh! Ow!

And now a confession... I don't like orange. Like at all. If you know anything about UF, you know this is a problem. I used to hate it. I've allowed it to be accepted in my life in small bits and pieces. Like some SMALL spots of orange in a tapestry. But just straight up orange? No. Elaina (the baby) likes my least favorite orange-- TRAFFIC CONE!! UGH!! HIDEOUS!!! It's one of her fave colors. She once had this satin, traffic cone orange bubble coat. FACE. I could never keep a straight one. It was always the ug mug when she wore it. Matter of fact, I think she still has it... So while my sister and I were shopping, I was trying to get myself orange acclimated since I'm apparently going to be surrounded by it only slightly less than if I went here-- I can't lie, that website made me visibly blanch right now. My sister was trying on clothes. She opened the dressing room door and caught me touching an orange shirt and looking at it disgustedly. She was like, "Stop looking at that shirt like that." Oops. Hahaha. So I've decided the way I will survive is to wear gray, white, black or blue shirts with splashes of orange. NO ORANGE SHIRTS! All of those, free or not, will go to the fam. I'm not even wearing a free orange shirt. Yes, I'm serious.

On an up note, it's mad hot there!!! I'm SO gettin my blue black (end of 2nd paragraph) on! It's gonna be so hot. I'll be like, "Hey... how you doin?" *insert sexy face* "Aren't I blue black? Don't you love it?" hahahaha

Side note: Listening to Day26 right now... ummm.... in love with this song!


Get Up, Get Out & Get Somethin'

We should probably do that, huh?  Yeah... we were both up talking on the phone for hours last night.  I went to bed at 3 and she was still up.  So we've been sleeping a lot but you know that's what I needed!!!  Feels great.  I don't think we're going to see the dinosaurs today.  We're watching Spanglish right now.  SO gorgeous.  Sorry the flowers there distracted me.  Love this movie.  Elaina (my sister) made barbecue chicken, corn, and green beans for lunch.  YUMMY!! Let's keep this one around!  Until tomorrow morning, anyway.  She starts her new job as a camp photographer!  Yay for the baby!

Tonight I want to go to Six Penn Kitchen.  I'm looking at the lobster mac and cheese and the crab cakes.  Maybe I can get someone to just get the lobster mac and cheese and I'll taste it.  Mmmm... Daddy wanted to stay in for Daddy Daughter Night and I was like "NO!  You said we celebrate me getting into grad school when Elaina gets here, including popping that bottle of Veuve."  Oh yeah!  So of course he gave in.  Hmph!  Act right!  "You know what this is... it's a celebration! Grab a drink, grab a glass!"  Can't wait.  And I'm making everyone dress up, too.  You know I have to run these things around here!  Lol.  Alright more movie time now.  Adios muchachos!


My Sister's Here!!

Are you excited??  I am!  We get along really great for a few days!  Lol.  My sister just told me her ex-bf is moving to West Palm Beach!  Get ready Adei!  He'll have to party with us in the MIA for Labor Day.  My coworkers are so excited for me.  A few were upset because I didn't tell them first... SORRY!!  Their indignation got on my nerves until I realized they just wanted to share in my happy moment.  So sweet.

I also... joined facebook.  Jesus keep me near the cross.  Another interweb crack device.  I did it because that's how my line sister met people in her program at Syracuse before she went.  The previous 2 classes at the DI (Documentary Institute) @ UF had only 10 people so I imagine mine will only have that many as well.  Apparently it's a big deal to get into UF because it's very competitive.  Well then... glad to get in!  It was my second choice.  I didn't get into Berkeley.  After I didn't get in, though, I took a closer look at UF's program and I really like it.  I was a little gun shy mostly because the program is newer (I'll be the in 10th graduating class.)

It's the GRANT HILL episode of Living Single!!  Lol.  I used to be a HUGE Grant Hill fan.  All my friends used to call me every time this episode was on.  I'd turn to the channel and then SCREAM when Khadijah kissed my man!  Hahahaha!  So I've seen it at least 10xs.  Probably more.  Probably much more!!!

Alright.  That's the mini update.  I'm on my sister's mac.  I have to get one of these for school.  if you have some money ideas, I could certainly use those to pay for school... and this $1,800 computer!!


Are You Ready?

I GOT INTO GRAD SCHOOL AND I'M LEAVING PITTSBURGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I just got excited all over again typing that! Fabulous! I love it! I'm so excited and I just can't hide it! I'm about to lose control and I KNOW I like it! Oooh Ooooooh Ooh! Ohhhh yeah! Just saaaail along that's whatcha do ya just saaaaaail along! B! Do you even know how excited I am!!?!

So I know you're thinking wait what? Slow down! Who what when where and why? Okay so I won't give you the entire story now because I'm too excited to be still.... hahahahahaha (even though I found out more than a week ago-- 2 weeks on Friday) but I'm going to the University of Florida's Documentary Institute in the fall to get my master's in documentary journalism!! I couldn't tell you because the official note had to go out at work before I could spill the beans! My last day there is July 30th! Wasn't it worth the wait!? My whole world is going to change in just months! Yeah!!!!!!!!


Don't Be Mad

But I can't tell you until tomorrow.



Ya nasty.

I'm really sorry though. I'm bursting to tell and I PROMISE it's not my fault that I can't yet. Sigh. I'm more upset about it than you are. I really wanna share! So don't beat me! Please! My sister's coming tomorrow! Yay! She's only gonna be here 2 full days. Boooo. So we're gonna shove some stuff into those two days... which is kind of bad since it'll be my first consecutive days off in quite some time. Ah well. Whatever. You can sleep when you're dead. Or you can sleep right now because after the gym today, the kid is sleepy! Oh yeah and it's gonna be in the 60s the next two days... in mid, almost late June... please spray me liberally with bullets, taking care not to miss any vital organs. Thank you for your attention to detail.


Obsession Is A Sin

I am completely and utterly in love with this painting. Love it. You know how I feel about vibrant colors. I adore them. I don't even know what kind of flower that is but it's gorgeous! I think about this painting for hours a day. I kind of need it. So I'm pretty sure I need to buy it... but how do I justify the minor extravagance of even the price of the print? Leave your suggestions in the comments... lol.

I have so much cleaning to do. Argh. I need some real sleep. I haven't had any in about two weeks. You know my relationship with that phone. I've been sleeping in shifts a few hours long. That's also partly because I am working a lot. Oh work. You may me want to become a cutter with your long, long hours. Saturdays and Sundays seem to be getting longer. I'm no spring chicken you know. 11 hour days start to wear on you after a while-- you know 2 years.

One of my fave coworkers Cat, you know the one moving to Myrtle, had her going away party. I dragged myself out of bed after hitting snooze for about an hour to go even though by the time I got there I could only stay for about 20 minutes. Turns out it's probably for the best, though, since I wasn't drinking. It's pretty hard to stand in a bar with people who are nearly levitating and you're not drinking JUST because you have to go to work. Hahaha. I am sans social life. It's quite sad. But I will survive. Oh as long as I know how to --- (what's this word? Love?) I know I'll stay alive. Then Rashan, La and Joy had to go and meet, further ruining my life. I WANTED TO MEET LA AND JOY BEFORE ANYONE ELSE!! THAT'S NOT FAIR!!

My sister is coming on Tuesday. I think I'm gonna make her go see the dueling dinosaurs with me. I'm gonna try to use my 4-year-old student i.d. and she will definitely be pulling out her fresh one so we can slide some extra dollars off of the price! Don't call me cheap. If you do, you're just jealous. I want to go to this middle eastern restaurant, too since it's near there. That menu! The prices are so great I want to order like 15 things and make her try them all with me. It'll be great. I can't remember if she likes adventurous (i.e. non-"American") food. I think she does a little.

Ooh! Daddy should take us to Kaya for Daddy-Daughter Day this week. She should like that. Good times. He's so excited to have his fabulous daughters with him. I gave him his father's day card yesterday since I knew I wasn't gonna see him today and he was so excited. It was too cute. I'm the thoughtful child. I know that sounds vain but that's the consensus from both parents and my sister, so there. Not that the other one's not thoughtful, but I'm amazing. Nah mean? Hahahaha.



You already know I don't like forwards. I can't find any posts to link to so just take my word for it. (If I can't find posts now at just over 500... where will we be in 3 years?? Wow...) I straight delete them. Don't even open them. Stace played me the other day. It was something I needed to read and act on in a limited amount of time. I ignored it b/c there were 8 FWs in front of it and missed the deadline. She says she loves me but pretty sure that proves otherwise. Especially since she mentioned it after the fact.

Why do people still send me the "Friendship" ones? Do they hate me, too? I had one former friend actually get mad at me because I asked her to stop sending me forwards. Then the argument devolved into her getting out every frustration she ever had with me and me saying, "Well how bout you just cut me out of your life because I'm done. Have a nice life." She wanted me to go back and forth with her but her last email I just deleted and kept it moving. "I got, no time for fake ones." Thanks Diddy. Let's go get our blue black tans on. Miami baby! I'm thinking Labor Day. Who's down?

Your concern for me in my last post is a bit disconcerting. Do I really sound worried??? I'm straight. I'm not in a rush. But it's hard not to think about marriage and children when they are all around you in the form of family and friends remember this and this (number 11) and this? Yeah... so calm down!

I'm letting my thoughtful side come out. I created an amazing dish for one of my homies. A melange of cantaloupe and bologna with a turmeric crust. It's a food said homie is disgusted by, one homie won't eat and a spice homie has never heard of. Hot, right? That's for you, dog. Because I'm just that nice. But I will cut you if you send me a forward. Better than cutting myself, right?

Also one of my blog homies who has dropped out the game but is considering a return is in med school at Howard. That means I need all you Howard and DC heads to leave all your gems about the hot spots for everything! Get to work!



Shelly & Rocky. BEST COUPLE!! His campaign advisor said, "She obviously loves him deeply and believes in him, and more than that, she believes in this. And that motivates him.”


Tell me. And do it quick now! Does it get better than that?? Does it!!?? I'm SO marrying a man I believe in like that. Not to necessarily change the world on that scale, but to change our corner of the world. HAWT!

Also, though I've come no closer to deciding what my children will call me, (any word on whether I can just skip to being grandma? No? Hmmm.), I'm adding possibility for the grandkids. I've been tossing around Grandma Dahling for a while. Also just thought of "Fly Grandma" because I will be. I'm sure the other grandma will take issue with that. THE HATER!! Lol. I can't help who I am! I'm also tossing around the idea of being Nana. That's kind of cute. I think I could get with Nana.

Why did my dad say last night, "I should've left you in your momma's uterus." HATER!!


Slowly, But Surely...

Life is taking over. I'm okay with that. That's how it was before I moved to Pittsburgh. Actually, I LOVE IT! I still can't tell you my big news until MONDAY! Sorry kids. I really thought I'd be able to say something sooner. Don't you worry, though. I'm ITCHING to tell you guys RIGHT NOW so as soon as I'm able, I will RUN to this computer and tell my face off!! Lol.

My mom's in Mississippi right now visiting my grandma ahead of my cousin's wedding. Apparently said cousin is bridezilla and has had every detail of this wedding planned out for 2 years. Wow... I have no such sense of dedication. The older I get, the smaller I want my wedding to be. (This is appalling to Stace.) I don't need to spend exorbitant amounts of money on a wedding. It's one day. You get yourself all worked up about details your guests won't even notice let alone tell everyone, "OMG, did you see the napkins were folded on the LEFT instead of the RIGHT??" Yeah... no. I'm convinced the show, "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" was created to keep me from trying to do my own wedding sans planner. And for that, I say thank you JESUS!!

Another cousin will be 40 in December... and she's pregnant!! My cousins stay giving me hope. Two of the ones with weddings this year are 30 and 29. Thanks and thanks! That means no rush for me! (Please don't think I was just trying to find the next available Mexican chef... although... lol) And now we're havin' kids at 40, too?? We've got forever! Me and chef-o Mexico. I should probably learn a bit more Spanish... So 39-year-old cousin's husband has 3 kids from a previous marriage, boys, 2 boys and a girl with cousin, and now his 7TH!! on the way... wow. They are the cutest, most in love couple ever with their millions of kids... I'm gonna have to pass on creating a tribe, though.

Short work day today, yes!! I have TWO episodes of Top Chef to catch up on today since I haven't had 2 consecutive days off in 2 weeks (including this one). I choose sleep or talking on the phone over tv and even blogging... amazing, right?


Dance, Dance!

I'm so that girl you see dancing in the gym to her music. Dancing on the bike, dancing on the elliptical and smiling at myself in the mirror while checking out the lines, dancing as I walk around the track. Just be glad I don't do the high kicks and kick ball changes I want to do. And no I won't do it and video tape it just to entertain you. I'm sleepy again. I should be cutting up peaches for the peach lemonade I'm bringing to the fĂȘting tomorrow of one of my fave co-workers before she moves to her new producing job in Myrtle Beach. Sigh. This place loses more good people every day. She's one of those people who makes my job easier. It's really nice to have those around.

I'm THIRSTY! I could guzzle water right now and feel quite alright with that! I worked it out in the gym today again. Two days in a row! Taking a break tomorrow, then going back on Thursday. I'm also sleepy and kind of bored. I have a lot of things I should be doing right now. Ask me how many I'm actually doing. Oh wait... I'm typing this so you already know. Can you believe I spent just $13 in the grocery store today? I was really proud of myself. I don't know how to spend less than $50 in any store and I'm only ever shopping for myself. But I do like giving gifts and cards so that can really bump up the price. Oh life. Ok I'm off to read some of your blogs now before collapsing into my bed super early. Ciao!


"You Don't Eat Cake!??"

I have been on the phone entirely too much the last few days and getting ridiculously little sleep. Yesterday I went to the "pre-wedding celebration" for fave roomie & Coco's line sister at this gorgeous hotel downtown. She's SO sweet! I had forgotten how nice she is! I know you're asking what a pre-wedding celebration is. Essentially a reception for her future hubby's Pittsburgh-based fam. As I was walking in, some city worker picking up garbage grins at me and says, "Nice legs." Ok... odd... I don't think I've heard that since I've been in Pittsburgh so I kind of forgot. Lol.

Inside, there was a pasta bar, cocktails, and these ridiculously yummy cookies. Oh and a live reggae band. They were good. It was fun! I was glad I split up my sleep again to go. It's nice to talk to someone who knows a lot of the same people I know. Plus you can tell they are in love and it was so sweet to see. His mom and her parents were so nice, too.

When the cut the cake, I became an attraction because I didn't get any. When asked why by 5 different people, I said, "I don't like cake." The response was a flabbergasted, "You don't like cake???" And L's dad got a piece, then came back and said, "You sure you didn't change your mind about that cake?" Hilarious. Pretty sure I didn't start liking cake in the last 3 minutes. I just leave it at I don't like cake because it's far easier than explaining all my idiosyncrasies. I've never liked icing. I think it's disgusting. Butter cream icing is ok but still not something I'd like to make a regular part of my life.

I used to always get sheet cakes at my birthday parties until right before my 7th birthday, my mom found out I don't like them. She was like, "Why didn't you say something before?" I said, "Because I know everyone else likes them." She said, "It's your party!" So that year and the next it was ice cream cakes, then pound cake for a few years, then cheesecake. Now I just skip cake altogether unless it's a key lime cheesecake. I'm straight. I'll eat it every once in a while but cake just isn't my thing. See? That's a lot of explanation. Just easier to say, "I don't like cake." Lol.

Son! Why did I offer to give this guy a massage and he refused?? STUPID! Granted it was a heart massage... and would've required me to cut him open without anesthesia, but COME ON! A massage is a massage, no? Some people. I'm gonna sleep great tonight.



I bet you thought I wasn't going to post today... WRONG!

Here I am! Did you miss me!? I know you did. You're so sweet. Sweet as pie. Thank you dahlings. All my wonderful, wonderful fans. I had two breakfasts this morning. Tell me, does it get better than that? I think not, my friends. I got off early this morning and headed straight to the gym... which wasn't open. Huh??? It doesn't open until 8 a.m. on Saturday. What is that about?? Am I the only one to whom that seems mad late to be opening a gym? 8 a.m.?? Umm... whatever. I was about 10 minutes early and there was already a crowd of 15 or so forming outside. Ok gym stalkers (and obviously not my usual kind). I got my favorite step machine and worked it out on there. Then I hit the track, then I did some leg/arm combo work (squats and arm lifts with weights). My body is like, "Yeah girl! Now that's a workout!!" Hotness.

After the workout, I stopped at the homie, ChickFilA and got a chicken biscuit meal. Yum! Then my dad came downstairs and made sausage, eggs and grits. I can't stop thinking about that fried egg. It was love on a plate. DElicious. Thank you sir may I have another? Mmm!


Life is Good!

Life is Great!

I'll tell you why!

And I can't wait!

But you have to! Sorry! Less than a week and I'll drop that knowledge on you! I promise it's worth the wait! Until then, if you don't know, speculate! If you do, throw everyone else off the trail with WILD and rampant speculation! Have fun! Go!


Thursday 13: I'm Not Picky... I Just Know What I like

13 Strange Bizarre Complex Things About Me

1) I love ketchup but only Heinz. If Heinz, I can eat mounds and mounds of ketchup. 6 packs per container of fries. Yes, I counted. Delmonte is ok. If Hunt's or God forbid that super sweet, watery one with the S name. Ugh!!! I can't stand it. I can't remember what it is but if I ever saw it again it is IMMEDIATELY out the door. IMMEDIATELY.

2) I don't like white bread but wheat bread? All day.

3) I like tomatoes. But only if they're perfectly fresh. Not too ripe and not too underripe. Over or under results in me making the vomit face and not so gently ripping it out of my sandwich or burger and making a note to contact the purveyor of these "vegetables."

4) I like lettuce. But not those white outer leaves WENDY'S always seems to use. They're awful!!! Every single Wendy's I've been to around the country uses this lettuce. It must be the cheapest. I don't even like iceberg lettuce that much and they make me want to throw the baby (lettuce) out with the bath water!! Horrendous. To the point that I refuse lettuce at Wendy's. I eat lettuce at BK, McD's and sometimes Arby's (they're hit or miss) but Wendy's? Never.

5) I like onions but only when thoroughly mixed in my food. Like chili or inside the burger. Raw onions I will not eat especially in a ring. Disgusting. I can't walk around tasting my breath for the rest of the day. Nasty.

6) I like nuts but not in my food. Nuts must only be eaten solo. Nuts mixed in or on top of anything will be picked out. I will ABSOLUTELY pick out every single almond in my bowl when eating Honey Bunches of Oats w/Almonds when my dad buys it. I've told him but he doesn't remember always that I don't like nuts in my food. So I slowly pour so I can eliminate all slivers and pieces of almond. I pretty much like all nuts enough to eat a handful. But not in my food.

7) I don't really like Chinese food (because I used to eat it once a week. I'm sick of it). But I LOVE egg rolls.

8) I love cranberry juice. But only 100% juice. It can be mixed with raspberry or grape but nothing else. I can't stand blueberry or pomegranate. Shuddering now.

9) I LOVE salsa. But not the pureed kind. It needs to be a bit chunky and definitely a bit hot. If it's not hot it will sit in my refrigerator like the stone that the builders rejected... except it won't become the corner stone. I might throw it in some random dish with some jalepenos. So maybe it does become the corner stone... hmmm....

10) I love hair. I think it's so pretty. But my own annoys me to no end. I fantasize about taking a razor and shaving it at least once a week.

11) I love learning but I am annoyed by what you get at the "end" of it. A sheet of paper and a horrid ceremony.

12) I like dogs. But not those little yappy lap dogs. I want a REAL dog. Not a toy or a rat.

13) I like getting gifts but I like giving them, too. I know that makes it fun for everyone! And I'm okay with that! Yay for gifts!


Faburella Eating & On that Purp

So if you can't tell by the title, today is MUCH better. To all of you who knew I wouldn't be cutting myself, represent. To those of you who felt the need to talk me off the ledge... I'll just shake my head. I thank you for your misdirected sympathy and charge it to you being a new reader?? Infrequent reader?? IDK but poor things.

First things first, Faburella. While rushing to catch the elevator in the parking garage, Fabulosa (me), wearing a slightly off the shoulder, ruched cap sleeve, knee-length, royal blue chiffon dress with a sweetheart neckline with a blue and gold brooch at the waist, slipped out of one of her 2.5 inch gold open-toed d'orsay (my favorite kind) heels-- Nine West, of course. She found herself thinking Cinderella, nay, FABUrella. And it stuck. She yelled out, "Hold the elevator," while slipping back into the aforementioned shoe. She got on, made it to the ground floor where walking quickly again, her ridiculously narrow ankle nearly slipped out again! And no, she can't go any smaller in her shoe size. But she would like every shoe maker to offer a 7 1/2 narrow, please.

Once inside, Faburella, now back to being called Fabulosa, because Faburella looks so ugly spelled out and she hopes no one takes it as a sign to name their child as such, still in QUITE the nasty mood, settles in. When the play begins, she is transported back to her first viewing in New York City (brace yourself for language shocks, she was a bit less PC then) and how much she enjoyed it (having decided not to wear what she wore the first time), allowing the parts about God to give her a little lift. But it was back to reality and a bit of bitterness once she left the show. Really a wallower, that one, on that particular day... yesterday that is.

Even with the two text messages telling her to "pop bottles" because Rocky is the nominee, she couldn't get excited. That's mostly Billary's fault (we shall blame her for the entire day, and every other bad one in the last 16 months, shant we?) since she wouldn't let him have his moment. Instead choosing to taint it by once again LYING and refusing to acknowledge he had enough delegates to clinch the nomination like she said she would "if," she said, he reached that "magic number." Well... and here you go still standing alone. And that, my friends, is only part of the reason why Fabulosa believes there is no way you can expect Billary to be offered a chance at a "dream ticket." We shall call that by its true name, a nightmare ticket. Let's not even get her, our dear Fabulosa, talking about how you can't preach a message of change and the first chance of a new name in the white house for the first time in nearly 2 decades, then add one of those names to the ballot. Moving along or we shall be here all day.

Fabulosa had gotten about 3 hours of sleep before the show. She got 2 hours after the show and was quite sleepy and still in rather a nasty mood. She cheered up a bit on the way to work. She was freaking out a bit about having less of her show (the noon) done by 9:30 than she had for the previous two days, but taking deep breaths. Then a tornado watch was issued to go along with the flash flood watch, strong storms and high winds for the southern part of our viewing area. She had to lead weather and go second on the tuxed-up animals with triple-team coverage. That thing was crammed full of news! And even with a mini crisis minutes before the show, it was clean and she even heard, "I thought it was a good show." So Fabulosa was feeling fine.

Then she comes out to find one of her fun co-workers eating a burger... IT'S A COOKOUT DAY!! In the summer, Fabulosa's job has cookouts (she thinks once a week but can't remember as it's been so long since she worked a schedule where she might be able to enjoy such a luxury) and provides hamburgers, hot dogs, sides, drinks and desserts. Today was one of those days. She grabbed a burger, a dog, and a super moist mini brownie square and returned to the newsroom to eat with fun co-worker.

They talked and then came one of the other highlights. Fun co-worker is a republican but said she LOVED Rocky's speech (search "O.bama looks to November") last night and thought it was one of the best speeches she's ever heard, uplifting and unifying. This made Fabulosa SO proud. SO proud. Her vote finally counted after voting for years and years and years and never helping a candidate to power. Her vote helped bring the man who will shape America, if all of you reading this now will head to the polls in November, to the white house. She is overwhelmed and overjoyed and brought to shocked tears while listening to this speech, to own a piece of this campaign. God bless America for giving him, and change, a chance.


Becoming A Cutter

Bad idea? Good idea?

Today was AMAZINGLY sucktastic! But at least I looked pretty doing it. To quote one coworker, "You look like spring! I like it!" Thanks! :)

Right now instead of going for the knife drawer, I will head to my bed to bury myself in it until I wake up to cook myself some dinner and wash my hair. Then I will go see opening night of the C.olor Purple. Then I will come back and sleep for a few hours before going to sleep, then back to work, then back to sleep then back to... oh I was supposed to stop huh? Well tomorrow I work, then I have one day off then I work 6 more days. I'm not in the mood. At all. Yes, there is a giant thunder cloud over my head.


Hey Life! Yeah YOU, Life!!

You're boring me.

Like a lot.

I had the most boring day ever. I stacked my show (put the majority of the stories in there for the noon) and had most of it written by 10:30 this morning. That's even taking a 10 or so minute break. Boring, boring, boring. It's not that I want breaking news this week or next or the next. Lol. I just don't understand the point in getting there so incredibly early to put that show together. It's half an hour with 3 live shots. It doesn't take all that.

The point: I'm tired of going to bed in the middle of the day, waking up in the middle of the night, and doing little to nothing in between. I went to the gym today and saw a mildly cute guy but he seemed 22. Bah. There are these 3 guys who work there who take turns staring and/or orbiting me. You're getting on my nerves. Hello and good-bye. You say hello I say good-bye. At least it was less crowded than usual. Most of the morning crowd was gone. This woman said to me last time I went, "You're coming from work? I commend you for your dedication!" Lol. How sweet. I worked it out today so hopefully I'll have some of that good soreness tomorrow.

I'm currently the poster child for the young and the restless being that I am both.




I felt like I was floating on it as I got dressed this morning. I woke up at 7 after going to sleep around 3 (talking on the phone of course). No, I didn't end up going anywhere last night, but I was entertained nonetheless. After I woke up I started reading, then checked a couple of blogs.

Then I decided no matter what I was wearing my white skirt with the giant pink flower on it. I love that skirt! It's so fun! And I know how to walk so it swings with me like a bell. Every time I wear it I get lots of compliments. I wore it with a white shirt and gold sandals. My dad said, "You look so pretty!" Ain't he sweet? He was supposed to go to church with me but he slept in.

Guess what? IT FINALLY FEELS LIKE SPRING!!! (I giggled when I thought this this morning... June 1st! Lol) YAY!! It was around 66 degrees when I went to church, it's 71 now with a light breeze. It feels AMAZING!! I love it! I love you, spring!!

After church I went to Trader J.oe's, of course. (I always go after church because it's close to my church but nothing else in my life.) Fresh salsa (hot, please), tortilla chips, those yummy orange soy creamsicles, red pepper and oregano cheddar, ground turkey, soft tortillas, chicken, baby spinach leaves, chocolate cake, and cinnamon graham crackers all got thrown in the basket. Yum. I can't wait to eat all that. I already got into the chips and salsa and creamsicles. I could eat the whole box right now but I'll maintain some self-control.

I planned to go to the gym after church but with the perishables, I had to come home first. So I said I was going to cook for my dad but someone has a hot date. Cool with me. You know I can sit here and eat snacks all day. If you didn't know, now ya know ya know. (Biggie) I think I'll go do some more reading. Today is such a pleasant day. Oh yeah. I'm working crazy hours for the next couple of weeks so more strange off days and schedules ahead. Tomorrow, Tuesday and Wednesday, though I get to sleep in!!! I don't have to be there until 3:30 a.m. instead of 1 a.m.!! Whooo!! You're free to laugh or call me crazy but I will celebrate the small things! Baby steps! Lol. This means I have to force myself to stay up until 7. I know you're calling me crazy again but I usually go to bed around 4... that's right... p.m. Oh the hot mess that is my sleep schedule.