Bo.red: The First 25

I'm gonna get my 101 things on again... I've done it before but am currently too lazy to link it. Sorry for you. We'll just start with 25... It was gonna be 50 but I'm too bored to do even 50.

1) IIIIIIIIIIIII'M 50! Ever seen that SNL skit w/Molly Shannon? It's hilarity but I won't link it. Remember that lazy thing? It's been only seconds. It still applies. **Amended to add link.
2) My hand hurts. Just the right one. Too much time w/the mouse. Now reverting to one-handed typing. It's been hurting for at least a week. Perhaps I should spend less than 12 hours/day... nearly every day on the computer...
3) I talk too much. How do you spend 6 hours a day on the phone with a person multiple times a week? "Girl wouldja shut up??" HAHAHAHA!! My sister and I used to repeat that all the time!! Pretty sure that was from this soundtrack but I'm not sure. I've now broken the prelude and number 2. It's taking too long.
4) I also can't seem to talk to anyone for less than an hour... except my mom. And that's just because she makes me get off the phone. She doesn't really like the phone. Neither does Stace (allegedly) but I make both of them stay on at least once a week anyway just to prove their love for me. I'm not above throwing hissy fits.
5) I'm never not thirsty. Lots of sugar makes me sleepy, too. Maybe I should get checked for diabetes. Hmmm... better do it while I still have insurance.
6) My love for sandwiches makes me a bit ridiculous in the deli. 1/2 lb. of maple ham, 1/2 lb. of honey turkey, 3 slices of Jarlsberg, 2 slices of Swiss. And I need to start asking for one roll of this kind of bread, 2 slices of that. It'll be great. Everyone will love it.
7) Sometimes I take milestones too far. Like when I thought, "This is the last time I'll fill the soap dispenser in the bathroom." Jameil. Get a grip.
8) The LinensNThings near me is going out of business. The last day I'm gonna go rack up on stuff for school. I should probably find out when said day is.
9) The computer I need for school still costs one million dollars even with the student discount. Still fielding money suggestions not involving a corner or a pole. Comin to the stage... NOT ME!
10) I'm so glad I'm working only 5 more weekends of this awful schedule and then I'll be done. Today was a nice, relaxing day. Saturday and Sunday were the makings of a cutter.
11) I still don't have anywhere to live in Gainesville. I'm supposed to get a housing update today. Last time the update that they send to everyone had something like 1-2 apartments available in each place. I was like wait... what? Problem.
12) I'm trying not to stress out and remind myself that I still have a little bit of time. But also not trying to go into that procrastination state I find myself so often fond of.
13) I want a burger. I said that almost 2 weeks ago and other than BK haven't gotten one. I want a giant burger. I'm getting one on Thursday. If D's tired, he can suck it up.
14) I researched and bought a plane ticket for him (his money, my effort) online the other day and thought, "Who knows when I'll do that again." Slightly less stupid milestone.
15) Do you know what's on the way to Gainesville from Charlotte? Savannah. I am SO going here on the way down!! A picture (skip past all the passed out people) is not enough.
16) I researched some Gville night life, too. Yes, I use that loosely. There seems to be all of 3 places I would consider.
17) But there are at least 5 non-chain MEXICAN restaurants. There are also 2 Cuban restaurants. Son. Do you know what this means?!? I'm gonna get my HH (Hispanic hubby). That's right. I know a Cuban chef is more likely than a Mexican chef in Florida, so I'm willing to expand my horizons. I am SO generous.
18) I sure wish that HH was around now so he could make me some lunch. I don't even feel like fixing myself a sandwich.
19) It's sooo pretty here today. High: 75. Perfect and sunny. Similar tomorrow and Wednesday. Did I tell you guys I love summer in Pittsburgh? I'm kind of disappointed to be leaving in the summer.
20) Not disappointed enough to stay!!!
21) Know what I won't miss? The snow. 67 as an average high in January? Don't mind if I do. Thanks Gainesville.
22) I need a GATOR shirt before I go down there. Had to wade through a sea of orange, and some questionable navy. The color is supposed to be ROYAL blue. Yeah... get that together. I'll link to some of the hideous shirts later.
23) "P.op bottles on 3. 1, 2, 3. P.op bottles." Ugh. That song stays in my head all day and all night. I CAN'T GET IT OUT!!
24) I skipped the gym because I was so sleepy today. I went once last week. Three times the week before. I've gotta get this schedule before. I found free Tango lessons on campus, though. I'm SO doing that. Can't wait.
25) I WANNA MEET SOME BLOGGERS!! Everyone's meeting each other and I'm all left out in this stupid city. I WILL QUIT YOU PITTSBURGH AND I HAVE!! AUGUST 3RD AND I'M OUT!!


San said...

A pole. Better yet. A pole on a corner. A sign. WILL WORK FOR JARLSBERG AND HARDWARE. Small print: I fill soap dispensers. Cheap. Well, it gets you off the streets.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

link the molly shannon clip please?! oh and let us know how p. deen is cuz i wonder...her show cracks me up!

Southerner in Suomi said...

You gotta take pics a Paula D.'s restaurant!! Now I have a reason to come to Florida!! Cause ain't nobody coming down here.

Momisodes said...

I want to meet blogger too! I feel so unpoopular reading other blogs where they go out and meet other cool bloggers :(

I can't talk to anyone less than 1 hour either. My mom can't be on for more than 5 minutes.

So....gonna go MAC?!?! :)

Jazzy said...

You accused me of being on blog crack for doing this, so you must be REALLY bored!!

#5...I definitely thought of diabetes as soon as I read "I'm never not thirsty". Get that checked...don't forget.

#9...LOL!!! I heard hooters pays well. I can feel the withering look coming. LOL

#11...I have fam in Gainesville if you get really desperate...keywords - if you get really desperate. Nuff said!

#17...Those Florida Cuban guys are HOT!! Brings back fond memories of my last trip to Miami.

Sha Boogie said...

Ohh! Ohh! Jealous am I? Much! PD's restaurant *sigh* so not fair...

Liz Dwyer said...

"Still fielding money suggestions not involving a corner or a pole. Comin to the stage... NOT ME!"

STOP IT!!! I have tears running down my cheeks from laughing. That was, hands down, the funniest thing I've read all day!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm never not thirsty either. I drink an insane amount of water everyday.

You don't talk too much. You spend 6 hours a day on the phone with someone if they are extra interesting. I don't know too many people like that.

LOL @ coming to stage.. NOT ME...

Say what's up to my moms and grandma in Savannah.

I met some bloggers a couple weeks ago..oh that's right, you already know and are jealous of that. You'll meet some bloggers soon.

magnoliapeach said...

Can't talk less than an hour?!
I can hold a whole conversation in 1 minute.

Okay so you didn't like the Luke suggestion for cash, ummmm I'm at a loss for any other way to make quick cash, lol.

Oh and you can send me the Cuban Chefs brother, thanks!

Sparkling Red said...

I do the weird milestones thing too. I left a group that I've been part of for three years, and everything was THE LAST - time I walk up these stairs... last time I sit in these uncomfortable chairs... last time I have to deal with the nasty ladies room... Actually I couldn't find anything to miss except the people.

La said...

I'm pretty sure I need a macbook air like I need the next breath I am to take. I'm not willing to turn to the pole... yet.

#5 worries me. Please go holla at a doc before the benefits terminate.

If you move to florida that means we can start our...err... your search for a Mexican chef right? As long as he's any other kinda Hispanic than Cuban I'm in. Diva they may be hot but they are MEAN and controlling, lol

Open Grove Claudia said...

I love this! But I absolutely hate in between days - the days when you've made a plan and have to wait for it to manifest. I go completely and totally bonkers in that space. You are showing such restraint!

I'm very confident that everything is going as it's supposed to. I believe in you and your dreams.

p_nami said...

Umm...you can sell off some of your clothes to a consignment shop to make money for the computer;)
(Stop throwing shoes at me Jameil!)


Jameil said...

san... act right!! lol. what hardware???

pcd... linked! i will def. let you know. her show is straight butter and mayo! sometimes she grosses me out!!

v... you know i will! duh! come on down!!

sandy... i know! it's not fair! i didn't know you were a talker! i love it! i have to go mac to edit my movies. *testing the water with a toe...*

diva... yep! i'm gettin it checked. WITHERING LOOK. that sounds awful... just come visit your fam and holla at me. hey hot cuban!! lol.

sha... yes!!! lol

liz... hahahaha. glad i could help!!

rj... water guzzler extraordinaire. i must be extra interesting then!!! i figured you'd like the comin to the stage. hey m and g and bring baby pics! take like 20 from the wall. hahahahahaha. face @ blogger meet up you jerk.

mp... 1 min?? no indeed. no i didn't like the luke suggestion! act right!! lol. you don't want a mexchef's bro? stop discriminating!! either way, you get the less hot one.

red... hilarious! i can't wait for that day! we have a building less than a year old so i won't have all the nastiness but i did that when we left the old building. at least you miss the people there are some who will fall into that category... and lots who will not.

la... man oh man. that computer is PURTY ain't it?? i'll go to the dr! yes i can get my mex chef on! can't wait!! i didn't know that abt cubans! hmm...

claud... glad you like it! oh i'm def. in the waiting stage! the restraint is on the blog. it's in real life but i really am showing it on the blog! thanks claud! that's so nice!

doll... you're so mean! i'm crying right now!!