"You Don't Eat Cake!??"

I have been on the phone entirely too much the last few days and getting ridiculously little sleep. Yesterday I went to the "pre-wedding celebration" for fave roomie & Coco's line sister at this gorgeous hotel downtown. She's SO sweet! I had forgotten how nice she is! I know you're asking what a pre-wedding celebration is. Essentially a reception for her future hubby's Pittsburgh-based fam. As I was walking in, some city worker picking up garbage grins at me and says, "Nice legs." Ok... odd... I don't think I've heard that since I've been in Pittsburgh so I kind of forgot. Lol.

Inside, there was a pasta bar, cocktails, and these ridiculously yummy cookies. Oh and a live reggae band. They were good. It was fun! I was glad I split up my sleep again to go. It's nice to talk to someone who knows a lot of the same people I know. Plus you can tell they are in love and it was so sweet to see. His mom and her parents were so nice, too.

When the cut the cake, I became an attraction because I didn't get any. When asked why by 5 different people, I said, "I don't like cake." The response was a flabbergasted, "You don't like cake???" And L's dad got a piece, then came back and said, "You sure you didn't change your mind about that cake?" Hilarious. Pretty sure I didn't start liking cake in the last 3 minutes. I just leave it at I don't like cake because it's far easier than explaining all my idiosyncrasies. I've never liked icing. I think it's disgusting. Butter cream icing is ok but still not something I'd like to make a regular part of my life.

I used to always get sheet cakes at my birthday parties until right before my 7th birthday, my mom found out I don't like them. She was like, "Why didn't you say something before?" I said, "Because I know everyone else likes them." She said, "It's your party!" So that year and the next it was ice cream cakes, then pound cake for a few years, then cheesecake. Now I just skip cake altogether unless it's a key lime cheesecake. I'm straight. I'll eat it every once in a while but cake just isn't my thing. See? That's a lot of explanation. Just easier to say, "I don't like cake." Lol.

Son! Why did I offer to give this guy a massage and he refused?? STUPID! Granted it was a heart massage... and would've required me to cut him open without anesthesia, but COME ON! A massage is a massage, no? Some people. I'm gonna sleep great tonight.


Sparkling Red said...

Hurray! I'm first to comment, so that means I get dibs on your cake. I'll give you my address and send a couple dozen bubblepak envelopes, and you can send me any cake that comes your way. Thanks in advance.

Unknown said...

I don't blame you, I'm not a big cake fan either, I eat it because I feel obligated at some events, lol. But, if I can skip it, I will. A cake was bought for me at a friends house for my birthday and I didn't eat any, rude?..lol

1969 said...

Can I have your cake then cause I love cake!!!

Hmm...I love that hotel also. :)

All-Mi-T [Thought Crime] Rawdawgbuffalo said...

im with that its nice seeing folk in love

but i bake cakes
but dont eat them either

Jameil said...

red... lol. you cake people are funny.

shavon... welcome! obligated??? never! and i def. don't think its wrong. i think my friends should know my every idiosyncrasy! of course they couldn't possibly but the ones i repeat often, i expect them to fall in line! and they should know i don't like cake. def. not rude.

1969... lol. you and red can fight over it. that hotel is so gorg.

torr... love is so beautiful. i don't mind baking cakes but it's less fun when you don't eat them.

Momisodes said...

No wonder you have nice legs and look great in outfits, you don't eat cake! Wish I was born with that aversion too. I'd look so much cuter in fitted skirts...

Rashan Jamal said...

Are you sure you dont like cake? Maybe you just haven't had the right one.LOL

I hate when people try to convince you that you don't know your own tastes.

Heart massage? I woulda had to pass on that one too.

Adei von K said...

you don't like cake?? who doesn't like cake. you are so weird. i bet you don't like air either.

Jazzy said...

lmao @ Stace!

you obviously haven't had a good piece of cake but you ARE from the south...land of some of the best pound cake...so maybe you're just weird like that. side eye

you can give a heart massage without cutting open dude's chest plate ya know

p_nami said...

Hmmm so when you get married are you going to have layer after layer of cheesecake?

Anonymous said...

See I understand this..you would rather have a dessert that you really enjoy, rather than one that is just sweet.

Southerner in Suomi said...

Do you know that I love icing? LOVE. LOVE. LOVE!!

pink said...

I turn down cake at parties also. i dont like the icing. and i hate how people look at me when i scoop the icing off with the fork. they always ask "you dont like the icing?!" they get the dumbface cuz thats a dumb question.

PCD (Pretty Circle Drawer) said...

of all the things you DO eat, you DON'T eat cake?!?!? ha ha ha...hey, i can't talk...i hate all things pie-ish, that includes cobblers and anything with crust-BLEH!!!

Open Grove Claudia said...

Good for you for taking care of yourself. My husband D doesn't like icing either - same reason. He'll eat white cake, with a tiny bit of white frosting, but prefers just the cake.

I just love food - period. ;) All food.

Jameil said...

sandy... lol. that may play a role. i just generally don't have a taste for sweet stuff. but i love love LOVE cinnamon and krispy kremes!! don't forget that! lol. i'm sure you look fab in fitted skirts! stop it!

rj... says the king of caking... i'm sure. lol. man folk tryin to tell me what i like will be the death of me! you know you want a heart massage. stop frontin. lyin in front of alll these people.

stace... really? you're right. those are the same. SPILLED MILK.

diva... don't encourage her! i've been around some pretty stellar cake. can i not like cake? isn't that more for you? go saddown. aren't massages more fun when there's cutting involved?

doll... oh my husband-to-be is in charge of the cake. i don't care at all about the cake as long as it's relatively simple. i really don't even want to do that feeding each other thing b/c i don't want cake in my mouth. lol. now i'm just being ornery.

everything... EXACTLY!

v... yuck. that's the worst part.

pink... welcome! see! someone else understands! not down w/the icing.

pcd... nope. i love pie, tho! and the crust! sometimes esp. the crust. me and my sister used to fight over it.

claud... he should eat pound cake. it's much better. i love food. but i prefer it savory.