Faburella Eating & On that Purp

So if you can't tell by the title, today is MUCH better. To all of you who knew I wouldn't be cutting myself, represent. To those of you who felt the need to talk me off the ledge... I'll just shake my head. I thank you for your misdirected sympathy and charge it to you being a new reader?? Infrequent reader?? IDK but poor things.

First things first, Faburella. While rushing to catch the elevator in the parking garage, Fabulosa (me), wearing a slightly off the shoulder, ruched cap sleeve, knee-length, royal blue chiffon dress with a sweetheart neckline with a blue and gold brooch at the waist, slipped out of one of her 2.5 inch gold open-toed d'orsay (my favorite kind) heels-- Nine West, of course. She found herself thinking Cinderella, nay, FABUrella. And it stuck. She yelled out, "Hold the elevator," while slipping back into the aforementioned shoe. She got on, made it to the ground floor where walking quickly again, her ridiculously narrow ankle nearly slipped out again! And no, she can't go any smaller in her shoe size. But she would like every shoe maker to offer a 7 1/2 narrow, please.

Once inside, Faburella, now back to being called Fabulosa, because Faburella looks so ugly spelled out and she hopes no one takes it as a sign to name their child as such, still in QUITE the nasty mood, settles in. When the play begins, she is transported back to her first viewing in New York City (brace yourself for language shocks, she was a bit less PC then) and how much she enjoyed it (having decided not to wear what she wore the first time), allowing the parts about God to give her a little lift. But it was back to reality and a bit of bitterness once she left the show. Really a wallower, that one, on that particular day... yesterday that is.

Even with the two text messages telling her to "pop bottles" because Rocky is the nominee, she couldn't get excited. That's mostly Billary's fault (we shall blame her for the entire day, and every other bad one in the last 16 months, shant we?) since she wouldn't let him have his moment. Instead choosing to taint it by once again LYING and refusing to acknowledge he had enough delegates to clinch the nomination like she said she would "if," she said, he reached that "magic number." Well... and here you go still standing alone. And that, my friends, is only part of the reason why Fabulosa believes there is no way you can expect Billary to be offered a chance at a "dream ticket." We shall call that by its true name, a nightmare ticket. Let's not even get her, our dear Fabulosa, talking about how you can't preach a message of change and the first chance of a new name in the white house for the first time in nearly 2 decades, then add one of those names to the ballot. Moving along or we shall be here all day.

Fabulosa had gotten about 3 hours of sleep before the show. She got 2 hours after the show and was quite sleepy and still in rather a nasty mood. She cheered up a bit on the way to work. She was freaking out a bit about having less of her show (the noon) done by 9:30 than she had for the previous two days, but taking deep breaths. Then a tornado watch was issued to go along with the flash flood watch, strong storms and high winds for the southern part of our viewing area. She had to lead weather and go second on the tuxed-up animals with triple-team coverage. That thing was crammed full of news! And even with a mini crisis minutes before the show, it was clean and she even heard, "I thought it was a good show." So Fabulosa was feeling fine.

Then she comes out to find one of her fun co-workers eating a burger... IT'S A COOKOUT DAY!! In the summer, Fabulosa's job has cookouts (she thinks once a week but can't remember as it's been so long since she worked a schedule where she might be able to enjoy such a luxury) and provides hamburgers, hot dogs, sides, drinks and desserts. Today was one of those days. She grabbed a burger, a dog, and a super moist mini brownie square and returned to the newsroom to eat with fun co-worker.

They talked and then came one of the other highlights. Fun co-worker is a republican but said she LOVED Rocky's speech (search "O.bama looks to November") last night and thought it was one of the best speeches she's ever heard, uplifting and unifying. This made Fabulosa SO proud. SO proud. Her vote finally counted after voting for years and years and years and never helping a candidate to power. Her vote helped bring the man who will shape America, if all of you reading this now will head to the polls in November, to the white house. She is overwhelmed and overjoyed and brought to shocked tears while listening to this speech, to own a piece of this campaign. God bless America for giving him, and change, a chance.


Sparkling Red said...

So glad to hear you're feeling better! The Faburella/Fabulosa story has a happy ending. :-)

Anonymous said...

The Fist Pump alone is better than BOTH of the other speeches.

Momisodes said...

Fabulosa & Faburella- love it!

Glad to hear today's better :)

When I heard about Rocky, I immediately thought of you! :)

Sha Boogie said...

Mmmm..moist brownies. i've been craving hot dogs all week! can you smell the jealousy coming out of my bones?

Jameil said...

red... thanks!!!

ink... hahahaha. THEY ARE SO AWESOME!!!

sandy... lol. thanks! me too! and awwww! lol.

sha... mmm them brownies were bangin! i should've gotten a plate full! i didn't get any for memorial day so i was overdue! they were GOOD too!! all yummy and grilled!

Rashan Jamal said...

I'm naming my first born Faburella... Faburella Neshay!!! Thanks Jameil...

I'm glad you are cheered up.

Question: How come your heels are always in .5 intervals? Do they make just regular 3 inch heels or are they all 2.5 or 3.5?

LOL @ the language shocks. Thanks for the warning.

Adei von K said...

jameil, that descriptive paragraph of you trying to catch the elevator sounded like something out of a fairy tale!!! i need a pic of the outfit!!!!! chiffon and ruching and sweetheart neckline!?!? sounds soooooo pretty and dainty and feminine!!

so did michelle and barack dap each other up or what? i was GEEKED!!

hillary... go get your man, bill. everyone knows he's running the streets.

cookouts and brownies. who can be mad after that???

So...Wise...Sista said...

How bout I remember the first time you saw TCP in NYC...so much so that I aint revisit that link cuz I remember who u went with. Booooo! Awwww, we go back like Sister.Patterson's hairline. :)

CNEL said...

I tend to not make grand political pronouncements, my friends sometimes call me apolitical, because my politics are sometimes unpredictable or undefined.

I must however concur with your characterization of the ticket as a nightmare ticket.

There's no two for the price of one with Hill and Bill, there's two who would think they could do the job better than him.

Plus I'm pretty sure Mrs. Obama is sitting back there like "Baby no."

Who the hell tries to hijack the Veep nomination?

Southerner in Suomi said...

Work cookouts? Man, I'm jealous.

Do you know I had to strong arm my editor to change the TV from baseball to Obama/

It's blasphemy that we only have one TV in this damn newsroom!

Jameil said...

rj... i'ma throw up on you. i don't know why on the intervals... yeah... i'm a different person now as i keep having to repeat...

stace... lol. thanks! i knew i should've taken a pic. that zipper was HARD to get up and down alone!! you black folk and the dap. silly. you wrong for the bill comment. i don't think it's necessary to bring fam into it. mmm foood.

wise... lmao @ sis patterson! are you back for real this time? b/c i'm sick of you teasing me.

cnel... exactly. on all but the final. the last question is mostly for her supporters. no one else is taking that seriously.

v... mmm... love the cookouts. that is foolishness that you have 1 tv and they didn't want to watch history. ugh. NEWS.

p_nami said...

Shoot! I've been wanting some brownies for awhile.

Loving the names BTW!

Jazzy said...

That kyle sounds like a snappy dresser! Cufflinks? me likey too! Lmao @ "no pictures please"!!! Too funny! Can't believe dude wore a TEE SHIRT!!

Someone has her mojo back!

Cookout day...wish we had something like that here!

Loved Rocky's speech as well!

Jameil said...

doll... mmm. brownies! thanks!

diva... kyle is the ex. sometimes it was great. sometimes it delved into old man territory. LOVE cufflinks tho. TEE SHIRT!! i was and still am too thru. TOO!! my mojo never leaves for more than like 10 mins. i'm generally a happy person. cookouts are def. one of the best things abt my job. lol.

Virtuous Blue said...

ha, that story was too cute? So has the publishing deal already been arranged or what? let a sistah know, so I can grab my copy lol.


Jameil said...

no... is that an offer? lol.