I Can't

I've been trying for the last 1/2 hour to get blogger to function properly.  It just ate a post and I'm LIVID since I also tried to post yesterday to no avail.  So right now I will tell an anecdote instead of what I wanted to talk about so I can calm down before I skip the gym for yet another day and go home and try to find something I want to eat in my cabinets (or say FORGET THAT and just grab something from ChickFilA on campus.)

When Rah was last here he drove me to and picked me up from class.  After my night class he told me he thought he had dropped his wallet under the seat.  I was concerned and thinking how on EARTH did that happen.  UNDER the seat?  Perplexed, I reached under the driver seat and first found a Krispy Kreme box.  I was so confused.  Errrr???  But most of all disgusted.  I was like, "Okay what and why. That is NASTY! How long has that box been there?? I have NO recollection of putting it there."  He was like, "I got you those."  Of course I started squealing.  It was a surprise!  Lol.  Yay!  AND he said when he drove up the hot light wasn't on (there is no point in those doughnuts if the hot light is off) but as he pulled into a parking space it came on.  KISMET!!  I ate all 3 of them in the car.  What?  

Alright I've decided on poached eggs, swiss and sausage on an english muffin.  Good to eat the food I actually have in my house.  

I have so much work to do BUT there is some fun approaching.  We have to make a photo montage to a randomly selected (by our professor) piece of protest music.  Guess which song I picked.  "Changes" by T.upac.  Hilarious.  Glad I didn't get the civil war song one of my classmates got or U2.  I was thinking of going very literal but since we don't have to, now I'm considering a Katrina theme OR a Rocky (for new readers that's my nickname for the man who should be our next president. Note: I will lose my mind if he's elected next week) theme.  I was thinking of that just because of change but I think it will be hard to squeeze Rocky out of those words about police brutality and drugs.  We'll see.



Yes, it's true.

I've become part Floridian.  



I think of it a bit like becoming a reptile.  Your body has to re-program itself away from normalness, i.e. seasons, toward insanity, i.e. heat.  It sucks something serious.  This morning I had to put on a turtleneck (albeit a thin sexy one-- if you don't know how a turtleneck can be sexy, tis a pity) and a JACKET over it.

Although it's been cold, please don't mistake it, I haven't lost all sense.  I know the difference between cold (Pittsburgh) and Florida cold.  I know that the current temperature of 55 (That's it!?!?! What's wrong with my body!?!? I just knew it was in the low 40s since it's supposed to drop to 33 tonight) has everyone bundled up in LEATHER JACKETS AND a hoodie like the dude next to me in the library (ok bruh, you're overdoing it) and my hands feeling like blocks of ice.  However, Pittsburgh at this moment is reppin 41 but it feels like 33.  In Toronto, it has already snowed.  Naw, naw, my dog.  It can't be me!  I have literally prayed to God that those days are over for me.  Shout out to him in advance for making it happen.

Now on being M.I.A.  My bad.  Don't say you weren't warned about my absence.  It felt oddly freeing not to have to check in daily.  That doesn't mean I didn't think about you.  I just barely had time to call Rah. And that's only because I knew he'd be up at 4 a.m. when I finally stopped working after 12-15 hours.  Mommy didn't even get a call those last couple of days except a "I'll talk to you when it's over."  But we caught up for an hour and a half yesterday.  My mom rocks!  Yours is a poor facsimile!  MOM WARS!!  

The film is "done."  I'll let you see something and/or tell you more about it when I tweak it more and get it to a point where I like it more.  If you think I'm hard on other movies, I'm TERRIBLE on my own.  Next up: 15-20 page documentary history paper.


Quite Alive

I know you're wondering how things are going for me.  The first couple of questions on the doc history mid-term were things I knew.  I did want to hold my head in my hands to keep all the info from spilling out.  There were a couple of questions that had me like uh... what? until I thought about it and realized I knew the answers.  So it wasn't too bad.  The highest possible score is 108 so my A should definitely be intact.  In my doc writing class I got an A on our first hand in assignment- a story analysis.  Score!  We've had a couple of presentations as well that I've done fabulously on.  Ow!  That's the class I had a pitch and proposal for my proposed thesis.  That went well, too.  Yippee skippee!!  

Anyway.  The present focus is my short film which is due on Monday.  We're (my partner and I) taking a food break before we go back to the lab for more transcribing- which oddly enough I like.  I find it soothing and I can see where the film will come together.  Holla at the kid!



Yo, another spoiler alert for all you students.

Grad school is a lot of work.


I know, I know.  It'll all be over soon.  I won't die from the work.  It's only mid-terms.  Blah blah blah.  You're all lying when you say that.  You're plants from the man.  The madness ends next Monday as far as papers, pitches and our observational short being due.  After that, we have 2 more days of class, then we have a week off while our professors film in Prague.  I'm going to Atlanta, then BARACKING THE VOTE!!!  Rashan is leaving in a couple of hours :( but I will have plenty of work to keep me ridiculously busy.


Project Runway Recap!

This is one giant spoiler after another. You shouldn't read past the first paragraph if you don't want it ruined. Rashan taped every episode I haven't seen and brought them all to me with a tv and a VCR! Ow! How awesome is he? VERY! And this show? Fabulosity! Me? Excitementnessocity! I can't wait!!!!

The presidential at the Westin in Times Square? That has to be like 5k a night. Moet on the house. Lol. I can't believe Jerell's gone! I actually liked his wedding dress. It intrigued me. I loved the bodice. LMAO @ going for that alien-looking girl. HILARITY!! Kenley. you're being annoying. Oh there's the ANTM girl. Naima. I never liked her. She was so boring to me. I think that was the last ANTM season I watched from top to bottom. The rop strangles the organic nature of what's happening here. Hilarity. The rope is ridiculous, Kenley. Just like your attitude. your wedding dress is gorg, Kenley but you are super annoying. The knockoff angle is what it is. As much as I can't stand that phrase. Korto should take some stuff off the the wedding dress. Edit some stuff honey. Don't be crazy. Hardheaded is bad. Stop it.

I love Leanne's waves. You know I'm a fiend for the ocean anyway. You don't need pants. Tim says you should but ehhh. I know he knows more than me but I love the stuff you have so far as much as your personality bores me to death. I'm deadly bored. I'm bored and I'm dead. Kenley's stank attitude is soooo annoying. Korto is making two new looks??? WOW!! and 3 women in the finale? Hot. But it broke my little heart to have Jerell leave. Rah says I'm wrong for blogging runway but since this is the season finale and apparently the last one on Bravo, *TEAR!*, PR will never be the same. It's so necessary. I've seen every competition episode from Season 1, Episode 1. J'adore this show. J'ADORE!! Thanks Kenley for your "if they're not impeccably made you're out" comment. We didn't know that without that little bit. Dummy. I like that Kenley painted her fabrics. I don't like most of WHAT she painted.

1 day until the runway show! Ow! I am me and I can't wait. Here I'm is. I can't wait. Wait I can't. Wait I won't. I like the cute little Asian hairdresser on the show. I think they hate being called that. Kenley stop it with the faces. Korto, love the diagonal strap on the new outfit. The model bringing her dog to a fitting with all of their collections!??!? Unacceptable!! And it "dropped a load" to quote Korto.

Y'all betta work. I can't imagine walking into that tent for the first time. It must be awesome. Kenley, for real? No one touches your stuff?? Glad Blaynelicious didn't make it. But love your face. That phfrase is hilarity. I love eyelash extensions. The feathers and colors and everything else. Why is model Tia crying? What is her problem? I don' like that pink dress Kenley has Topacio in. And that name is crazy. In case you were wondering. Love the green in Korto's connection. Kenley's feathers are so me. They really really do it for me. But despite myself I like Leanne's the best... wow... so odd.

Here we go! Heidi on the runway! Yay! What does Jennifer Lopez' foot injury have to do with her not being a guest judge? You just sit in a chair. Tim Gunn's the guest judge? As much as I love him, that's boring. yeah Kenley you should've improved your attitude. Chris March! I didn't Michael Knight in the audience. You know I want see him. Like Rah said, you couldn't just pluck some other famous person out of the crowd? Kenley first. Outfit one is whatever for me. 80s. Outfit 2, worse. Puff sleeves. Outfit 3, yuck. Outfit 4, bridesmaid dress. Pretty. The next, yes with the big black skirt. LBD ehh. Not terribly innovative IMO. The dress with the diagonal painted flowers i kinda like. I don't like the collar. The painted dress with poofy sleeves yuck. The huge collar and black skirt absolutely. Wedding dress pretty tho they said it looks like Alexander McQueen. I'm not a big follower of his so I wouldn't know.

Next up, Korto. My girl tho her wedding dress definitely needed more editing. And she dedicated it to her daughter. Adorable. "Enjoy it, Don't I like hot?" Love. Hilarity. Look 1. Yes. Look 2, yes again esp the low v back. The 3rd ehhh but I like the necklace. The white suit, yes yes yes!!! Dress 3, I like, too. Love the African dresses. Yes again on the next one. Love the green short dress, too. The white with the trim, indeed. The yellow cutie with diagonal stripe, yes. The green long with the high slit? Gorg. Love the greens and yellow and tan and white. Adore her color story.

Now Leanne. Little boring Leanne Let's see kiddo. Look one love the skirt, not the top so much. Look 2 yes on the whole thing. Love these shapes. Look 3 no on the top, nice pants. Look 3 again not the top again. Look 4 I like a lot, not necessarily the belt. Ehh on the next one. Yes on the next. The dress here I like a lot. The long flowy one gorg esp. on the model's dark skin. I love all her black models. The wedding dress is gorg. And has pockets, too which I don't always like but definitely do here. Actually i usually like pockets on dresses. Jillian liked Kenley? Yuck. *Side note: Top Chef needs a good BLACK woman chef. Ridiculous that there hasn't been one yet.

I don't think Korto's pieces were overworked. I love over the top. I know that shocks you. Their love of Leanne is a bit much for me. I love that she doesn't cry, though. Wipe those tears. Still rootin for Korto. If they pick Kenley I'm jumping off of a bridge. Too bad I've yet to see anything other than an overpass here. Too much flat space to need a bridge and not enough water. Hmm. I refuse to go back to Pittsburgh to kill myself (or pretend to). My life is safe. She's out. 3rd place. You have no idea what's going on in the fashion world which is a problem. The winner... I knew it. So close again. When will be ever have a black designer win? BAH!!!


Written By Children

The following actually appeared in an editorial by the daily student newspaper on campus which has become increasingly irritating. I'm sure you'll understand why.

"During last week’s Student Government elections, student voters overwhelmingly rejected the referendum to install hand scanners at Southwest Recreation Center. OK, they did more than reject the referendum. An 84 percent supermajority verbally scolded the hand scanners in front of their parents and b****slapped the taste out of the scanners’ mouths, all while peeing on the scanners’ rug."

Really? You do or don't want jobs and respect?


ACRs* of the Day

A girl with a tragus piercing (I only know the technical term because my sister has one), bull nose piercing, and eyebrow piercing (probably tongue, too, but amazingly her mouth wasn't flapping), very low cut halter mini dress allowing her body parts to spill out, paired with combat boots, bushels of curly dark hair piled on top of her head, applying lipstick and mascara using a compact mirror.... while riding the bus. Meanwhile she's smiling and giggling as her male friend rubs her meaty tattooed arm and whispers in her ear. I'm trying not to vomit.

Then they start kissing.

At nine in the morning.

To quote Diva, "I ain't able." There is NO ONE I want molesting or kissing me at 9 in the morning. And especially not in public. No one.

*A.lachua County Residents. The acronym for the locals.



You will likely find yourself thinking once again at some point over the next 2 weeks, where is Jameil!?!? Well, Jameil is trying to get her study on since she is a graduate student trying to make straight As who has 2 papers due and a short answer and essay mid-term exam in the next two weeks. AND filming is underway on her first short film. Yes, the kid is going to be quite busy. I know you're wishing for more details BUT you shall have to wait. I haven't even been able to type up my list of movies for the week. I probably could have squeezed that in but I haven't as of yet and now isn't the time for the detailed nature of those lists. I'll keep you in the loop as time opens up. TTYL kiddos.



Those of you keeping up with my romps via twitter are all I'm sure wondering WHERE IS SHE? I KNOW SHE HAS INTERNET ACCESS!!! First, sorry V! The crazy connection logged me out of chat and then wouldn't let me log back in. My bad. I didn't get to find out about your inappropriateness. Lol.

Thursday when I realized I wouldn't be able to start shooting my story any time in the next 2 days, I decided to go meet my mom, cousin, aunt and cousin's mom in Tallahassee for the FAMU/WSSU game. Winston got SPANKED!! I didn't see SK3 (Adei's baby sis tho I was looking for her and realized she may not know what I look like anyway...) but many hijinks ensued as is to be expected any time you get 3 people with my family's blood coursing through their veins. Okay I'm lying. You only need one of us! Just like the Von Kutieboots! Lololol. I will be back with PICS, details, family history and MUCH junk talking ASAP (likely next week)! Oh and it was AWESOME seeing my mommy!! SHE ROCKS!!! TTYL.


Thursday 13: More Me

I know that's just what you were hoping for so that's what you get! Lucky you!!!

1) I don't like grilled cheese. Mostly due to the Kraft singles which taste like plastic to me. REAL CHEESE PLEASE!! I don't even want those singles on a burger. Cheese toast is even worse. My mom made it one morning and I threw up and I've never eaten it again. And never will. I do, however, like grilled ham and cheese. Again, with real cheese of almost any kind.
2) Speaking of which, I love cheese. Oh cheese! Swiss, cheddar, monterrey jack, not so much on the American, yes on provolone, bleu, feta, mozzarella, fontina, gouda, havarti. I know I'm missing some. I like cheese with herbs and without. Cheese is the business!
3) I also don't like PB&J. The gasps are reverberating around the interweb. I like jelly, I like peanut butter, I don't like them together. I'll eat jelly on toast. I'll eat toast with peanut butter. I'll eat a peanut butter sandwich. PB&J? No. I used to go through phases where for 3 months I wouldn't like it, then I'd like it for 9 days or something peculiar like that, then not again for 6 months.
4) My sister played a big part in my aversion to film prior to my current immersion. She used to watch one movie every single time she had control of the TV and VCR for a month. The Wiz, The Wizard of Oz, Annie and Sound of Music were all a part of her obsession rotation, but only one at a time. There was no switching up. DROVE ME UP A WALL!!
5) I love clouds. My mom says I've always been fascinated in them and pointed out different shapes among the puffs and wisps in the sky. I even remember some of the names as we learned them in 2nd grade (cirrus (look like a horse's tail), cumulonimbus (the big fluffy ones), stratus).
6) I like trash cans. No, not like dumpsters and the garbage cans you see around cities and in public bathrooms. Those disgust me. I can't explain this one other than I think they add to the overall aesthetic of a room. My current trash can does not match my decor but serves its purpose. When I hit the lottery (which would require me to play... and I don't), I will get rid of it and get a fancy, art deco-esque can. In kitchens I like the stainless steel ones. Those are hot. The flip side of this is I would feel crazy paying $50 for something to put raw chicken packets and rotten spinach.
7) I'm trying to figure out a way to eat an entire loaf of bread while living alone. I haven't been able to manage it once. I don't like bread enough. Who knows a way to buy bread that would require less than an entire loaf OR a few buns or rolls at a time? I guess I could go to a bakery. But how cost-prohibitive would that be? Remember I'm a poor graduate student on a budget.
8) I catch flies and kill them. You're in my space? You're dead. You shouldn't have flown in here. Now is not the time for me to become captain save-a-fly. It's quite country and hickish when you see it and kind of embarrassing when I lose myself and catch a fly in front of someone who sees me as genteel and ladylike. It's so non-sequitur! Ah well. New mantra: the fly must die. Love it.
9) I don't iron. I seem to always date these men who iron everything they put on their bodies. Sometimes it inspires me. Most of the time it exasperates me because it adds hours to the time it takes to get out the house. That's not to say that I ever leave the house looking crazy wrinkled. I don't ordinarily buy things that need an iron. If I must iron, once I get started, I find it therapeutic in some odd way. That can lead to me ironing multiple things which I may not even wear for weeks.
10) I rarely take more than 20 minutes to get ready. That's shower, lotion, clothing and of course selecting clothing is often the longest part for me. Even going to class is a pain in my neck because I want to be careful about my image. How responsible. Especially when some people wear hole-filled shirts, mismatched socks, etc. etc. Wear what you want but that doesn't mean I'm not perplexed by it.
11) I always believe I'm going to win. Everything. When there's a drawing or some sort of contest and I don't win, I'm always shocked. That's odd. Because I'm not like Stace where I can just hear a phone number, call in, win something on the radio and find out later what it is. Or enter one of those contests in the mall and win 2 trips to the Bahamas in 2 weeks. Yes those things have really happened to her. For me, I enter stuff all the time and never win.
12) If I had a super hero power I would choose to be able to hear people's thoughts. But I would want to be able to turn it off. I don't need to know all your nasty, perverted secrets.
13) Sometimes I feel bad when I get free music. I feel like I should support the artist so they can stay around. So I try to do that when I can. But if there's free music... who am I to turn it down? Crazy, that's who.



Bo.red: The 3rd 25

Remember when I started 101 things about me and never finished? Back in June? Lol. Well here's another installation! Wheee!!
1) Men with long nails gross me out. Especially if they're dirty. Ick.
2) I used to eat an entire bag of popcorn by myself when I was a kid, then run my fingers along the inside to scrape all the butter off and lick them. Over and over. This was pre-100 calorie bags. I was gettin' my trans fat ON with extra butter if I could convince my mom! I used to LOVE popcorn.
3) I miss dressing up. I know this isn't a surprise to you, but dressing in a college town is nothing like it was at my job and I miss looking like a person. Overdressing is one thing but over-overdressing? I can't. You just look silly. And no, I can't wear heels to class. I do way too much walking. Funny how heels make you a person in my mind. Lololol.
4) I haven't worked out 3xs a week in months. MONTHS!! I hate it. But I still don't have my schedule down.
5) I love jewelry. LOVE IT! It makes no sense to wear most of it either. :(
6) Lots of people wear sundresses here with cute flip flops. I don't own either of those. I blame Pittsburgh for being too cold even to wear that type of stuff in the summer. AND my crazy work schedule wherein I was too tired to go anywhere I would put on something like that.
7) I used to collect keychains. Especially those ones with pithy sayings. No, I don't remember any of them. Maybe that's why I despise graphic tees now. IDK.
8) I'm missing a bag full of spices I brought from Pittsburgh. I WANT THOSE SPICES!! Rach and my other food network homies got me spice crazy and I now feel like I'm missing a limb! But my old standbys s&p and fresh garlic are still around.
9) I used to pick my favorite colors based on what my cousins Kim and Erica liked. Blue, green, purple and black were all at the top of my list at some point of my childhood. I no longer have a favorite color. I used to be appalled when my mom told me she didn't. I like all colors. Except orange. Yuck.
10) My sister and I sing everything. Us together is like a two-woman show. It's probably really annoying. Matter of fact, I've been told it's annoying. We do it anyway. Me and Joellen are like that, too.
11) The get it girl. It's hood but I love it. I can't even describe it. We say get it girl, get it girl, and do this ridiculous move that slightly resembles the butterfly. Her and Michele (her on and off again BFF) made it up I think.
12) Ghettorobics. I thought I'd written about this before. Classy JoJo & fave roomie Kristen from college are both from New Orleans. DJ Jubilee had the hoodnessosity music. (If you click, be forewarned it's long and will make you die laughing but may not be suitable for children.) He called out dances you were supposed to do. It was a WORKOUT!!! Catching the wall, walkin the dog, the sissy boom, etc., etc. So I called it ghettorobics.
13) I was a snotty, snotty child. I had year-round allergies. The first time I sneezed without needing a tissue was my freshman year in college. I'm not joking. I was so amazed I immediately called my mother. I carried tissues EVERYWHERE. My parents' cars were required to have them as well.
14) I didn't get my license until I was 22. Exactly one week after my 22nd birthday. I got my car the same day. That was mostly because my dad was putting in the down payment and living in Pittsburgh while I lived in Charlotte. I didn't want him to go to Pittsburgh and come back who knows when.
15) I didn't get my first job until I was 19. The summer after my sophomore year in college. In high school my parents wanted us to concentrate on school, and in college as well. But during the summers while in college my mom was like ok you need a job!! I worked at Express.
16) No cable. That was us for years because my mom wanted us to do our homework instead of watching tv. At least 8 years cable free. Probably longer. I got to the point where I didn't really miss it. I do now but I think this not having a tv is breaking me of that obsession just a little. But I can absolutely see myself being at a good friend's house or Rashan's house and just being like, "Okay I'm gonna need at least 5 hours with your tv. Thanks." TV binge.
17) I dated 2 guys because Stace thought they were hot. I thought they were hot or hotish, too, but it was an added bonus that Stace thought they were hot. If she really liked them like that they would've been off limits, but since she thought they were hot, they were prime parade-able material. Don't worry, she did it to me, too. We had a contest for this one dude. HILARITY!! She won. You know I didn't like that! He didn't like me because I threw water on him. Big baby.

And actually I dated one of the guys and made him drive across campus to bring me an apple. He brought it to my dorm from the Banks (on campus housing that's really off campus), I came downstairs to get it, said thanks, then went back up to my room DYING laughing. He went back to the Banks and we got back on the phone. Too funny! Stace and I used to go visit him in the pharmacy building when he was there all night studying. The pharmacy chicks used to give us some DIRTY looks. It was hilarious. The other guy was the physics nut I told you about and we didn't really date. Just hung out a couple of times. Made him a member of the team. He was on the starting 5 for a while. Both of them were... maybe at the same time. I can't remember. (I should clarify that being on the team meant nothing other than you were under consideration to share my time. Starting 5 meant you were closest to eliminating the rest of the team. None of it included anything untoward.)
18) Okay this is mildly embarrassing but since it's from 4 years ago, I suppose I can talk about it on the internet for the first time ever. This despite the fact he may read my blog. Hahahaha. I'm laughing already. Remember the dude I had a huge crush on? I decided we were going to have a mass of children and picked out their names which I can still recite in order. They are: W.endell, Wendella, Wendesha, Wendara, Wendena, Wendy, JoiWynel (in honor of his little sisters, my friends, who introduced us) and Sean (for Sean "D.iddy" C.ombs for bringing me my then fave group 112). Also in honor of his role in bringing 112 to the world, I was going to give him my first born. Yes, I used to say all of this after reciting the names. HILARITY I SAY! And people used to make me recite all these names on a regular basis. Lolololol. For the record, I would never name any of my children any of those names. Not even Sean. Too common. My children need mandingo warrior names.
19) Speaking of names. I used to hate my name. I thought it was a boy's name. My mom liked it as a combination of hers and my father's name. I liked that I'd never met a girl with my name and there were some hawt guys (including my freshman (we all picked freshmen we would give a chance lololol)) with my name before. I still have never met anyone who spells his (or her) name like mine. I rock.
20) I'm messy when I'm alone. When other people come around I like to clean up. Unless you know me too well, then you see my horrendous room. Me and Kristen's room was ATROCIOUS!!! Lol. My mom was like, "You finally found your perfect roommate." Indeed I did. We used to watch the headlines on CNN all the time back when headline news did the bigger ticker at the bottom. I missed that thing back when I had cable. It wasn't the same.
21) I love books. My mom made us go to the library when we were younger instead of buying books until it got to the point where buying books was pointless to me. **Particularly because I judge them by their covers.
22) I know my philosophy on almost any issue.
23) I'm not picky. I'm aware of my tastes. This is most true when it comes to food. I know precisely what I like. You should hear me with fast food places. Par example. At Wendy's I won't eat any of their veggies because the tomatoes are always soggy and the lettuce is always that white outer leaf and I just don't like giant onions. This is at Wendy's in multiple locations in every city I've lived in or visited. They have awful vegetables. I love the spicy chicken sandwich. At Burger King I get a whopper junior (used to be the whopper when I was in h.s. but now I can't eat all that AND fries) with cheese, light mayo, no onion, ketchup, mustard and pickles. Again, the big onions I can't deal with. Love pickles. Their chicken sandwiches are pretty good, too. Taco Bell, just about any taco, burrito, chalupo, whatever with fire sauce. McDonald's, Big Mac, no onions, light special sauce. I could go on for days.
24) I have at least 13 pairs of jeans. Is that a lot? No one else I'm regularly around is into clothes so I have no frame of reference anymore. I love jeans and would absolutely buy more if non-essential shopping wasn't an anomaly for me at this point.
25) Grocery stores are love to me. I'd like to go to one right now!


Clash of the ACRs

When we first got to the university, we were warned of the ACRs: Alachua County Residents. One of the buses that goes by my house is always full of them. One morning I was annoyed because there were two guys with their bags on seats and women standing. This morning one smelled like his skipped the shower. Two stops after mine, one got on reeking of a days-long alcohol binge sans soap and water. His scent hit the bus before he did. Then he apparently didn't know about the price jump and argued with the bus driver about it.

I don't know what he said.... but she got buck!


"mumble mumble mumble" I have no idea what he said and he was closer to me than she was.



Bus slams to a stop and doors pop open.


He's silent. She drives off and they're both mumbling. She loudly, him under his breath... two seats away from me. I'm looking around and the 5 other students on the bus all look like their about to wet their pants and praying no one pulls out a weapon. I'm glad my stop is next. I make it off the bus thanking the driver (why?? for scaring the everyone on the bus???) out of habit and because I figure she needs some appreciation in her day. She tells me and the rest of the people who thank her while disembarking "Have a nice day" in the most pleasant of voices. All I could do as I walked to class was shake my head and laugh.... clash of the ACRs.

**If you haven't registered to vote DO IT TODAY!! (Click here for online registration) In many states if the deadline has not passed, today is the last day!!


Movies 9/28- 10/4

1) "Grizzly Man" (Werner Herzog): I loved this movie. I didn't like his most recent when I saw it a few weeks ago, but this one I loved. It was a well-told story about a man who made it his life's mission to "protect" Alaskan grizzly bears and ultimately died when him and a companion were eaten by one. Yes, eaten. It was the first movie I saw this week and a great start! You felt like you understood the subject of the film, helped along by those who knew him, and the more than 100 hours of footage he left behind.

2) "Can Mr. Smith Get to Washington Anymore?" (Matt Coen, Mike Kirne, Frank Popper): We started this in class so I finished it. It's about this nerdy guy running for U.S. senate with these very idealistic goals and how he gets 500 volunteers to help him push his mission. You're rooting for him because he's an underdog. I liked it because I liked the character and he had some good supporting characters.

3) "Vertigo" (Alfred Hitchcock): Oddly interesting. One of Rah's favorite. We watched it as a date on the phone. Very cute right? Anyway back to the movie. I didn't like the ending of it. It shocked me. I wasn't expecting it. Interesting plot twists prior to that.

4) "In the Shadow of the Moon" (Ron Howard): AWESOME!! As soon as I saw this, it and "Grizzly Man" had to duke it out for movie of the week. The 9 living men who have been to the moon all took part in this documentary, telling their stories supplemented by archival footage from the time. I felt like I was watching Neil Armstrong take that first step with the entire world and I was more than 10 years from being born! Made me wonder how anyone could go to the moon and not believe in God (btw most of them do). Every science or space travel nerd should see it. Brought out the kid and me AND gave me a religious boost (which I needed after that **AWFUL bible study-- see no. 10). All of them seemed so philosophical about life after their trips to the moon. It was great.

5) "Girl 27" (David Stenn): About a 17-year-old raped at a Hollywood party and the ensuing smear campaign and cover-up. Narrated/hosted by the filmmaker. He put himself in the film more than I thought necessary. Definitely didn't like the inclusion or see the necessity of the inclusion of Greta Van Susteren. I don't like her, but I know how to be impartial. She didn't add to the movie. The entertainment lawyer didn't add much, either. The tension leading up to seeing Girl 27 was fantastic. Good lighting on her in the interview. Another long-distance date movie for me & Rah.

6) "The Thin Blue Line" (Errol Morris): A teenager steals his neighbor's car, drives miles away, picks up a drifter. They go to a movie and at some point in the night a police officer is shot and they speed away from the scene. This movie is about who was responsible. They mount the evidence that was and was not used and the stories of the attorneys, police officers and the two suspects. Well-told story. Used recreation which made it almost a docudrama. I understand WHY they used recreation because it advanced the story, but I don't know how receptive I am to using it. Another instance where perhaps I haven't fully formed my decisions on that and they are subject to change.

7) "180 Days: Life After Prison" Student film: I know the story behind the story so I understood more the things going on on camera. Nice reunion scenes. I didn't like the music. It's about a man's first 180 days out. They had to stop filming to finish their film and graduate just as you could tell things were about to really unravel for the main character.

8) "Deliver Us From Evil" (Amy Berg): Another date movie for us. Realize we go by movies I can check out and he can watch online, not whether it's romantic because this clearly is not. The filmmaker follows a Catholic priest who admitted to molesting children across the state of California, one reportedly as young as 9 months old, for years as the church bounced him from parish to parish. It used survivors, the priest and deposition tapes from his trial. Amazing lighting in this film. Great shots. Well-told story. Another one in the excellent movie category. The subject matter definitely made it difficult to watch.

9) "First Letters" Student Film: I really liked this one. My favorite of the student films I've seen so far. I saw several in my first week on campus that I don't think I mentioned here. This film documented two kindergarten classes in the area as they became pen pals and met each other. Very cute.

10) "Bringing Up Baby" Katherine Hepburn, Cary Grant. Baby is a leopard they chase across part of Connecticut. 30s B&W movie. Amusing.

11) "Salesman" (The Maysles Brothers): Bored me. I'm not so much a fan of verite-style films where it's character-driven with no real plot. I liked Grey Gardens okay but this one not so much. The characters (Bible salesmen) didn't capture me as much in this one. There's something sort of creepy about people pushing a $50 Bible. My bible didn't cost that much and it's the best I've ever had. I love it. Anyway I can admit I didn't finish this movie. After 70 minutes I couldn't even focus anymore.

12) "How to Draw A Bunny" (John Walter, Andrew Moore): Another date movie. I loved how stylistically this movie was able to show how utterly odd artist Ray Johnson was. Okay let's say unconventional he was. Lol. He was weird. I kept saying, "You're so weird." But I like collages so I really liked some of his stuff. And it was quirkily crazy. I think Joy would like it. Rah thinks so, too. Lol.

13) "One Day in September" (Arthur Cohn): Story of the 11 Israeli athletes captured by Palestinian terrorists at the 1972 Olympic games in Munich. Appropriately covered several viewpoints and included the last living terrorist telling his side of the story. Great tension and use of archival footage.

14) "The Big One" (Michael Moore): Another date movie. Moore took us along on his journey film of his book tour. Kind of boring. He employed his usual tactics of attempting to ambush CEOs and those of similar ilk.

15) "The Beauty Academy of Kabul" (Liz Mermin): Too much Afghan history too fast at the beginning. The movie is about a beauty school set up in Kabul. I liked the characters well enough but was still not terribly drawn in by the movie. Verite style and character-driven. Another date movie.

16) "The Weather Underground" (Sam Green, Bill Siegel): About the militant group of white mostly college students who wanted to join what they saw as a worldwide revolution. Their aim was to overthrow the US government. The subjects of the film came off as amazingly naive. Overly long conclusion. I still enjoyed it. Another date movie.

17) "Funny Girl": Barbra Streisand movie I liked! I can absolutely understand why people love her. I liked it a lot. Fun movie and for her, an Oscar-winning role.


Daddy Daughter (Phone Version)

My dad and I talked on the phone for more than an hour Wednesday night. It was great. He's awesome. Since I know you've missed our daddy daughter night's almost as much as I have, here's part of our conversation.

Me: I know you miss me. You walk by my room and just sigh sometimes, don't you?
D: Actually I go in your room, curl up in a ball on your bed and cry. Boo hoo hooooo.

YES HE SAID BOO HOO HOO!!! DEAD!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I love my dad. He cracks me up. And he helps me out, too. Thanks, D. Now come on down to Gainesville so we can have Daddy Daughter Night, please.



As you know, Stace's "P" isn't working on her phone. Whilst we were i'm-ing the other day, I took a long moment to make fun of her for it. I redacted some details to cut down on drama and Protect the guildy. Lolol. You'll get the title of the post by the end, though. Pwahahaha
must bring you to my aradigm
daaaaah, one of my keys isn't working
me: i guess
obviously the p
Stace: so annoying
me: pannoying?
don't panic
Stace: omg, i can't even...
you're wack
me: pause
Stace: i hate you
me: you luuuuurve me
2:16 PM 
you pander to me
Stace: i can't even tye sarah alin!!!
me: but don't patronize me
Stace: daaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
me: pray abt it
Stace: LMAO!!!!!!
me: calm your palpitations
Stace: that one was good!!!
me: lol
2:20 PM 
me: hahaha
me: pish tosh!
Stace: and you know you osted those ictures....
me: i didn't POST the PICTURES...
Stacey: you're a donkey and you know what word i REALLY wanted to use...
me: (blah blah blah *redacted*) the present
you wanted to call yourself a prostitute?
Stace: ...
2:22 PM 
me: where is that poem??
Stace: why couldn't 'q' or 'x' be broken??
me: i can't find it!
maybe you don't punch it as much
me: i'd like a panini, you?
2:23 PM 
Stace: you're wack
me: hhaahahahaha
this is soooo funny!
aren't you proud?
Stace: you're a itch
me: couldn't use the p again?
2:24 PM 
pitch a ball?
pitcher of water?
Stace: no, my b works
i wanted you to do the math
me: pouch.
that hurt
Stace: b +
woo hoo!!!
me: hahahahahahahahahahahaha
2:25 PM 
Stace: LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!
me: hahahahaha i'm in the library DYING!!
Stace: word? shhhhh! this is a library!!!!!!!!!
me: i'm doing the silent almost falling out of the chair laughter
it's hilarious

2:26 PM 
Stace: what is she trying to do?!?!?
me: one was while he was headed here, the other on sunday
Stace: she's lost her mind

me: like create Problems
Stace: ummmm, that's so old now
me: make a toPic of convo
or prove...
Stace: as you can see, i can have healthy convos without that letter
2:27 PM 
me: possibly
Stace: should... next time
me: but probably not

2:30 PM 
Stace: rayer.... CEASE and DESIST with the lies!!!
2:31 PM 
me: hahahahaha

2:32 PM 
Stace: hanging head. are you done?



Thursday 13: Loving Learning

Things I've learned in the last 6 weeks. WOW! I can't believe I've been in school that long! I hope to apply many of these lessons throughout my life as a filmmaker. I'm setting up some insane standards for myself, but why aim any lower than the moon?

1) I can't stand narration. It drives me bananas!! I don't want to hear what you have to say. Let the characters in the movie speak for themselves. Nine times out of 10, they can say it better and what you're saying is redundant anyway.

2) Title cards aren't much better. When you use 18,901 title cards in one film, it's just as bad as using excessive narration. Please use sparingly.

3) YOUR MOVIE IS TOO LONG. Okay, okay. I already knew this and it was most certainly a pet peeve of mine in feature films and in documentaries or non-fiction films (not necessarily one and the same). If you're going over 90 minutes, you better have a very good reason. Most of the time filmmakers just haven't edited enough. I know your subject is compelling, but don't make the movie long because you wanted to add every single thing they ever said that you thought was interesting. Make it count.

4) I like to watch documentaries. I'm sure you're thinking, "Um... you want to make documentaries... shouldn't you have already known that." I did. But making them and watching them is not the same. Furthermore, it's very different to watch a documentary and analyze it.

5) "It must be nice to watch films in class and for homework." Please see this as a continuation of the previous point in reference to analyzation. If you think this is leisurely film watching, you are mistaken. Though I enjoy a portion of the films I watch, I also have to pay attention and learn things from them.

6) You have to sit through some really awful movies to get to the good stuff. Whether it's the plot, microphone wires showing, awful lighting, nearly unintelligible sound, the aforementioned narration and length issues, there are a lot of films that are very difficult to watch.

7) People look crazy going to class. Yes, this isn't all about films and filmmaking. I went to an HBCU. People dressed decently to go to class. Many people wore heels (reasonable because the campus is much smaller than this one), blazers, but most importantly next to no one wore pajamas or gym-type clothing. It gave me a high standard. That doesn't mean I believe you HAVE to wear these types of clothes to class but your crazy t-shirt doesn't speak highly of you and you SHOULD have to at least get dressed.

8) It is FUN to go to a school with a ranked football team! I can't wait to actually go to a game. The stadium seats 90,000. Yes! You read that right! And everyone who has been insists it is an experience not to be missed, as you can imagine. I intend to find out for myself!

9) Basketball tickets are FREE!!! AND the team has been awesome in the past few years! Yeah!!! It could've been more than the last few years but before that I was so ACC-centered I didn't even really notice. I'm still a huge Duke fan (and will support accordingly should the teams meet!), but living in football-crazy Pittsburgh definitely got me away from my first sports love. I'm SO glad to be reunited! There are at least 3 guys in my program who are also excited about the games. We're gonna get a block of seats!

10) Finding a church is HARD!! Yes, I knew this but trying 4 churches in the last few weeks is wearing on me. I've been to Bible Study 2 consecutive weeks where the pastor used or referenced 10-45, yes 45 verses. The first pastor used 10 and did not connect any of them which left me frustrated. The 2nd pastor used more than 45!! This left me mad. He only had us read about 15 of them (like that's not enough). Then he read at least 30 of them so quickly that you could only get maybe every 2-3 and said, "If you can't keep up, you're gonna have to get the cd." It's one thing to suggest the cd and another to rattle off the verses so quickly that you couldn't keep up if you tried. I stopped trying quite so hard and just looked at him with an annoyed face. Why write down verses you're not talking about in depth, which bounce all over the Bible and don't relate to your original text, AND I know I won't go back and look up? There's no point.

Then you took up an offering, AT BIBLE STUDY, had 25 minutes of music, 5 minutes of announcements, called for new members, talked about your desire for the gift of prophesy, sowing a seed (if you give what you can today, maybe next year God will help you give $1,000), and raise your hand if you would like God to help you speak in tongues. It was just about everything I'm NOT looking for in a church.

First, when I come to bible study I don't want music. I want to get straight into the word. Then, I don't want you to do a cursory explanation of 15 verses. When you force people to bounce all over their Bibles they lose interest and become frustrated, or believe something's wrong with them. There is no need to use that many texts in an hour. You need to edit!!! Go DEEPER. I got spoiled by my pastor in Pittsburgh.

Second, a call for new members is weird at Bible Study because didn't you just do that on Sunday? Unorthodox but not something I can't stand for. Your desire for the gift of prophesy, "like the lines of people you see on tv" (YES THAT'S A NEAR-EXACT QUOTE) is discouraging. Some of those people are charlatans. I don't want to be a part. Why don't you just ask God to speak to people through you via his word? That word prophesy is SO loaded.

Third, sowing a seed. I can't go to a church obsessed with money. This is a deal-breaker. Stop trying to get rich from being a pastor. As my dear pastor said (paraphrasing), "You can't control and manipulate God. He doesn't bless you because of what you do. If He did that, He wouldn't be all powerful. He blesses us IN SPITE OF ourselves. He will supply our NEEDS." Please be biblically-based in your message or I will remove myself from your presence.

Fourth, on speaking in tongues, his question led me to believe they teach you to speak in tongues there. You can't teach someone this. In I Corinthians 14, it clearly shows it the language spoken has to be interpreted. It's not just babbling. It's supposed to be a message. Another thing people take and twist however they see fit. DRIVES ME BANANAS!!

Oh and I didn't like when he pumped his body and said, "When you thrustin [meaning sex], Jesus is thrustin with you." I understand the message, that Jesus is with you all the time and everything you do, He knows about, but the body movement to illustrate? I'm gonna have to pass on that one. Why'd y'all get me started?

11) Working and going to school is for the birds. I don't know from experience yet but I'm about to have to find out.

12) I need the internet and a tv!! Not having either has allowed me to see far more films than I likely would have, but the lack of internet is putting a damper on my ability to research.

13) I like blending into crowds. With 50,000 students, it's easy. At first I felt very self-concious about being in unfamiliar territory, but now I've noticed there are so many people, most don't pay much attention to you. Most of the time I like skating under the radar here. It's very different from how I used to be. I still like seeing people I know, but it's nice to not have to worry about the issues that arise with being incessantly noticed.