ACRs* of the Day

A girl with a tragus piercing (I only know the technical term because my sister has one), bull nose piercing, and eyebrow piercing (probably tongue, too, but amazingly her mouth wasn't flapping), very low cut halter mini dress allowing her body parts to spill out, paired with combat boots, bushels of curly dark hair piled on top of her head, applying lipstick and mascara using a compact mirror.... while riding the bus. Meanwhile she's smiling and giggling as her male friend rubs her meaty tattooed arm and whispers in her ear. I'm trying not to vomit.

Then they start kissing.

At nine in the morning.

To quote Diva, "I ain't able." There is NO ONE I want molesting or kissing me at 9 in the morning. And especially not in public. No one.

*A.lachua County Residents. The acronym for the locals.


Jazzy said...

I laughed so hard, my eyes are teary!

"I'm trying not to vomit."

I can just picture the look on your face!!!! You side eye'd didn't you!???? LOL

Public transportation is just full of interesting stuff for blogging isn't it?!

Adei von K said...

Not just in public, but on a bus. *face*

Why are locals such... locals?

So...Wise...Sista said...

Then surely you have yet to find the right molester!

That's what that's called? Didn't know it had a name. Blogs are for learning!

Ms.Honey said...

Ewww...can you say gross...I prob still have crust in my eye at 9am and that is even after taking a shower lol

Monie said...

*dead* *dead* *dead*

You literally have me over here dying laughing!

Chris said...

LOL! So I see the freaks don't necessarily come out at night anymore...

Darius T. Williams said...

LOL - we love Diva - don't we. LOL - now that's funny.

You already know what type of stuff I run into the bus - lol.

Rashan Jamal said...

love the description of meaty tattooed arm. I feel like I was there. LOL

*making note to NOT molest and kiss at 9 am in public*

Jameil said...

diva! I WAS SIDE EYEING SO HARD!! ACK!!! it's like this stuff happens to me to make God laugh b/c he knows i'll blog abt it.

adei... seriously.

wise... nah dog. ain't no way i want anyone rubbing up on me that early in the am on public transport.

honey... girl!

monie... someone should benefit.

chris... but whyyyy???

darius... at least they weren't singing to their feet. lololol.

rj... i'm glad you have made the note, and felt like you were there.

Momisodes said...

I wasn't even there, but I still feel nauseous reading about it.


Dadisodes fully understands not to even speak to me until after 9am

magnoliapeach said...


Yeah, that's all I had to say! LOL!

1969 said...

No one? Okay, maybe not on a bus.

CNEL said...

I'm with you PDA makes me so, so nearly sick to my stomach.

Don't people know there's a time and a place for everything.

tragus piercing said...

wow, tragus piercing, how did that come out? Did it hurt?

Jameil said...

LOL. No. It really just grew out. More annoying than anything. At then end it was just hanging on by a piece of skin. She said it's pretty common when the piercing is done improperly. So I went with her when she got it re-pierced.