Those of you keeping up with my romps via twitter are all I'm sure wondering WHERE IS SHE? I KNOW SHE HAS INTERNET ACCESS!!! First, sorry V! The crazy connection logged me out of chat and then wouldn't let me log back in. My bad. I didn't get to find out about your inappropriateness. Lol.

Thursday when I realized I wouldn't be able to start shooting my story any time in the next 2 days, I decided to go meet my mom, cousin, aunt and cousin's mom in Tallahassee for the FAMU/WSSU game. Winston got SPANKED!! I didn't see SK3 (Adei's baby sis tho I was looking for her and realized she may not know what I look like anyway...) but many hijinks ensued as is to be expected any time you get 3 people with my family's blood coursing through their veins. Okay I'm lying. You only need one of us! Just like the Von Kutieboots! Lololol. I will be back with PICS, details, family history and MUCH junk talking ASAP (likely next week)! Oh and it was AWESOME seeing my mommy!! SHE ROCKS!!! TTYL.


Rashan Jamal said...

Junk talking? Where do I sign up for that one?

Glad you got to see your mommy!

Desy said...

were you and mom donned in the customary green and orange paraphernalia...or did you leave that for the undergrads?.... it would be an experience for me to hear my mother junk talk...lol. i'll have to experience that one day.

Jameil said...

rj... you obviously already know the answer.

desy... you will never EVER see me wearing hideous orange and green. i'M A HAMPTON PIRATE!! I do NOT support FAMU. My mom's not a junk talker either.

Adei von K said...

You know I will forever love u for sk3 right? Omg it brings such joy to my heart whenever I read that! "Hiiii! I'm sk3, baby sis of stace and stank and this is my big yellow headband!"


I'm glad u made it and had fun! Yay!