Yes, it's true.

I've become part Floridian.  



I think of it a bit like becoming a reptile.  Your body has to re-program itself away from normalness, i.e. seasons, toward insanity, i.e. heat.  It sucks something serious.  This morning I had to put on a turtleneck (albeit a thin sexy one-- if you don't know how a turtleneck can be sexy, tis a pity) and a JACKET over it.

Although it's been cold, please don't mistake it, I haven't lost all sense.  I know the difference between cold (Pittsburgh) and Florida cold.  I know that the current temperature of 55 (That's it!?!?! What's wrong with my body!?!? I just knew it was in the low 40s since it's supposed to drop to 33 tonight) has everyone bundled up in LEATHER JACKETS AND a hoodie like the dude next to me in the library (ok bruh, you're overdoing it) and my hands feeling like blocks of ice.  However, Pittsburgh at this moment is reppin 41 but it feels like 33.  In Toronto, it has already snowed.  Naw, naw, my dog.  It can't be me!  I have literally prayed to God that those days are over for me.  Shout out to him in advance for making it happen.

Now on being M.I.A.  My bad.  Don't say you weren't warned about my absence.  It felt oddly freeing not to have to check in daily.  That doesn't mean I didn't think about you.  I just barely had time to call Rah. And that's only because I knew he'd be up at 4 a.m. when I finally stopped working after 12-15 hours.  Mommy didn't even get a call those last couple of days except a "I'll talk to you when it's over."  But we caught up for an hour and a half yesterday.  My mom rocks!  Yours is a poor facsimile!  MOM WARS!!  

The film is "done."  I'll let you see something and/or tell you more about it when I tweak it more and get it to a point where I like it more.  If you think I'm hard on other movies, I'm TERRIBLE on my own.  Next up: 15-20 page documentary history paper.


Rashan Jamal said...

I won't dare start a mom war with you. LOL

It's cold here today too. I had to turn the heat on last night. I hate turning on the heat. I am to heat like old Black grandmothers are to AC. I just don't use it all willy nilly. LOL

Glad you got that film finished. Can't wait to see the completed product.

Monie said...

Booooooooooo, we have been having snow flurries here.

LMAO @ poor facsimile

M-Dubb said...

Your mom has NOTHING on my thug-mommy!

the joy said...

Girl I had on a sweatshirt last night and I thought I was gonna die! Shivvering!

You have a job young lady, its called school!

Momisodes said...

50's huh? That is about what it is here in Boston too. So it is pretty cold down there! Actually nevermind. There's frost in the morning some days.

If I remember right, my friends in UF (years ago) complained bitterly about the winter in Gainesville (because they were wussy Miami natives like myself).

Jameil said...

rj... that's right! turning on the heat sucks!

monie... that is WACK!


joy... school is hard work, too, son! i had on a sweat suit last night (i would never leave the house in such)

momisodes... i know! i don't want to be as cold in FLA as people up north. frost in the AM is garbage!! south florida people always freeze outside of that area. lololol. they are the ones talking about how cold it is here.

Jazzy said...

lol @ I think of it as becoming part reptile!

We had flurries in Jersey today. I'm hoping nuthing stuck...I'll see later tonight.

lol @ "done"...looking forward to seeing it.

Adei von K said...



I derive such pleasure from this post and your updates on f'book


My dog had on a TURTLENECK today! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Cali is goin through this ridiculous La Nina so Im over 90 degree weather and its almost Nov. All my cute fall/winter stuff is goin to waste... My moms the bestest forever in the whole world the whole universe you cant take it back time infiniti! Yaay on being done its just like grad school...right from one big crazy into another...no shame!

Darius T. Williams said...

Good luck w/that paper - doesn't sounds too fun. And you're right - we were warned - but you're in grad school - get ya learning on!

Jameil said...

diva.... it so is. NO FLURRIES!! THAT IS WRONG!! i'm not in love w/the finished product so we'll see.

adei... hush up. i won't tell you abt the scarf today.

amber... ok i can pass on 90s but can I get some 70s? I love when it's transitional weather and you have your largest wardrobe of the year. It's the best. And yes, grad school is full of crazy. I can't believe you're doing a 3-year program. I'm like 2 yrs is perfect for me. Not too short for me to up and move, not too long for me to go insane from school work. more power to you.

dtw... lol. i know, right. thanks!