Bo.red: The 3rd 25

Remember when I started 101 things about me and never finished? Back in June? Lol. Well here's another installation! Wheee!!
1) Men with long nails gross me out. Especially if they're dirty. Ick.
2) I used to eat an entire bag of popcorn by myself when I was a kid, then run my fingers along the inside to scrape all the butter off and lick them. Over and over. This was pre-100 calorie bags. I was gettin' my trans fat ON with extra butter if I could convince my mom! I used to LOVE popcorn.
3) I miss dressing up. I know this isn't a surprise to you, but dressing in a college town is nothing like it was at my job and I miss looking like a person. Overdressing is one thing but over-overdressing? I can't. You just look silly. And no, I can't wear heels to class. I do way too much walking. Funny how heels make you a person in my mind. Lololol.
4) I haven't worked out 3xs a week in months. MONTHS!! I hate it. But I still don't have my schedule down.
5) I love jewelry. LOVE IT! It makes no sense to wear most of it either. :(
6) Lots of people wear sundresses here with cute flip flops. I don't own either of those. I blame Pittsburgh for being too cold even to wear that type of stuff in the summer. AND my crazy work schedule wherein I was too tired to go anywhere I would put on something like that.
7) I used to collect keychains. Especially those ones with pithy sayings. No, I don't remember any of them. Maybe that's why I despise graphic tees now. IDK.
8) I'm missing a bag full of spices I brought from Pittsburgh. I WANT THOSE SPICES!! Rach and my other food network homies got me spice crazy and I now feel like I'm missing a limb! But my old standbys s&p and fresh garlic are still around.
9) I used to pick my favorite colors based on what my cousins Kim and Erica liked. Blue, green, purple and black were all at the top of my list at some point of my childhood. I no longer have a favorite color. I used to be appalled when my mom told me she didn't. I like all colors. Except orange. Yuck.
10) My sister and I sing everything. Us together is like a two-woman show. It's probably really annoying. Matter of fact, I've been told it's annoying. We do it anyway. Me and Joellen are like that, too.
11) The get it girl. It's hood but I love it. I can't even describe it. We say get it girl, get it girl, and do this ridiculous move that slightly resembles the butterfly. Her and Michele (her on and off again BFF) made it up I think.
12) Ghettorobics. I thought I'd written about this before. Classy JoJo & fave roomie Kristen from college are both from New Orleans. DJ Jubilee had the hoodnessosity music. (If you click, be forewarned it's long and will make you die laughing but may not be suitable for children.) He called out dances you were supposed to do. It was a WORKOUT!!! Catching the wall, walkin the dog, the sissy boom, etc., etc. So I called it ghettorobics.
13) I was a snotty, snotty child. I had year-round allergies. The first time I sneezed without needing a tissue was my freshman year in college. I'm not joking. I was so amazed I immediately called my mother. I carried tissues EVERYWHERE. My parents' cars were required to have them as well.
14) I didn't get my license until I was 22. Exactly one week after my 22nd birthday. I got my car the same day. That was mostly because my dad was putting in the down payment and living in Pittsburgh while I lived in Charlotte. I didn't want him to go to Pittsburgh and come back who knows when.
15) I didn't get my first job until I was 19. The summer after my sophomore year in college. In high school my parents wanted us to concentrate on school, and in college as well. But during the summers while in college my mom was like ok you need a job!! I worked at Express.
16) No cable. That was us for years because my mom wanted us to do our homework instead of watching tv. At least 8 years cable free. Probably longer. I got to the point where I didn't really miss it. I do now but I think this not having a tv is breaking me of that obsession just a little. But I can absolutely see myself being at a good friend's house or Rashan's house and just being like, "Okay I'm gonna need at least 5 hours with your tv. Thanks." TV binge.
17) I dated 2 guys because Stace thought they were hot. I thought they were hot or hotish, too, but it was an added bonus that Stace thought they were hot. If she really liked them like that they would've been off limits, but since she thought they were hot, they were prime parade-able material. Don't worry, she did it to me, too. We had a contest for this one dude. HILARITY!! She won. You know I didn't like that! He didn't like me because I threw water on him. Big baby.

And actually I dated one of the guys and made him drive across campus to bring me an apple. He brought it to my dorm from the Banks (on campus housing that's really off campus), I came downstairs to get it, said thanks, then went back up to my room DYING laughing. He went back to the Banks and we got back on the phone. Too funny! Stace and I used to go visit him in the pharmacy building when he was there all night studying. The pharmacy chicks used to give us some DIRTY looks. It was hilarious. The other guy was the physics nut I told you about and we didn't really date. Just hung out a couple of times. Made him a member of the team. He was on the starting 5 for a while. Both of them were... maybe at the same time. I can't remember. (I should clarify that being on the team meant nothing other than you were under consideration to share my time. Starting 5 meant you were closest to eliminating the rest of the team. None of it included anything untoward.)
18) Okay this is mildly embarrassing but since it's from 4 years ago, I suppose I can talk about it on the internet for the first time ever. This despite the fact he may read my blog. Hahahaha. I'm laughing already. Remember the dude I had a huge crush on? I decided we were going to have a mass of children and picked out their names which I can still recite in order. They are: W.endell, Wendella, Wendesha, Wendara, Wendena, Wendy, JoiWynel (in honor of his little sisters, my friends, who introduced us) and Sean (for Sean "D.iddy" C.ombs for bringing me my then fave group 112). Also in honor of his role in bringing 112 to the world, I was going to give him my first born. Yes, I used to say all of this after reciting the names. HILARITY I SAY! And people used to make me recite all these names on a regular basis. Lolololol. For the record, I would never name any of my children any of those names. Not even Sean. Too common. My children need mandingo warrior names.
19) Speaking of names. I used to hate my name. I thought it was a boy's name. My mom liked it as a combination of hers and my father's name. I liked that I'd never met a girl with my name and there were some hawt guys (including my freshman (we all picked freshmen we would give a chance lololol)) with my name before. I still have never met anyone who spells his (or her) name like mine. I rock.
20) I'm messy when I'm alone. When other people come around I like to clean up. Unless you know me too well, then you see my horrendous room. Me and Kristen's room was ATROCIOUS!!! Lol. My mom was like, "You finally found your perfect roommate." Indeed I did. We used to watch the headlines on CNN all the time back when headline news did the bigger ticker at the bottom. I missed that thing back when I had cable. It wasn't the same.
21) I love books. My mom made us go to the library when we were younger instead of buying books until it got to the point where buying books was pointless to me. **Particularly because I judge them by their covers.
22) I know my philosophy on almost any issue.
23) I'm not picky. I'm aware of my tastes. This is most true when it comes to food. I know precisely what I like. You should hear me with fast food places. Par example. At Wendy's I won't eat any of their veggies because the tomatoes are always soggy and the lettuce is always that white outer leaf and I just don't like giant onions. This is at Wendy's in multiple locations in every city I've lived in or visited. They have awful vegetables. I love the spicy chicken sandwich. At Burger King I get a whopper junior (used to be the whopper when I was in h.s. but now I can't eat all that AND fries) with cheese, light mayo, no onion, ketchup, mustard and pickles. Again, the big onions I can't deal with. Love pickles. Their chicken sandwiches are pretty good, too. Taco Bell, just about any taco, burrito, chalupo, whatever with fire sauce. McDonald's, Big Mac, no onions, light special sauce. I could go on for days.
24) I have at least 13 pairs of jeans. Is that a lot? No one else I'm regularly around is into clothes so I have no frame of reference anymore. I love jeans and would absolutely buy more if non-essential shopping wasn't an anomaly for me at this point.
25) Grocery stores are love to me. I'd like to go to one right now!


1969 said...

I feel like I know you so well now. That and I need a shower after hearing all those future baby "W" names....Ewwww. LOL

Darius T. Williams said...

I love a good grocery store too - and men with dirty fingernails - um, yucko!

Nobody not really... said...

I'm pissed off you had ol boy bring you an apple like that. Dag.

Rashan Jamal said...

wow, you put the W story out there. LOL I didn't think you would ever do that. LOL

I'm glad I already knew most of this stuff. Come on and have a TV watching binge. I'll just watch movies on my computer while you get your fix.

Jameil said...

1969... lol. i never had actual intentions of doing that. i was joking. but it was still funny.

darius... of course you love grocery stores. lol.

nobody... lol. he wanted to.

rj... hahahaha. i didn't either. tv watching binge would be awesome.

Momisodes said...

13 pairs of jeans? Good heavens! I don't think I even have 13 pants in total :)
I am right there with you on the men with long nails-GROSS!

During 5th grade, my BFF's name was Jameilla :D

Jazzy said...

1 - me too! especially when that pinky nail is extra long. i call that the "coke nail"!

4 - me either...sigh! Not working out feels weird doesn't it?

12 - LMAO! I can only imagine how hilarious that looks, but ghettorobics sounds fun.

16 - girl I didn't have cable until I moved out on my own @ 20!

Desy said...

hahahaha, the Wendell series is priceless...

100% agree with 1) Men with long nails gross me out. Especially if they're dirty. Ick

and you can never have too many of any type of clothing... so shop on my friend... shop on...lol

Southerner in Suomi said...

#13 - Wow. I had the perpetual ear infection. But I don't remember constantly digging in my ears.

Jameil said...

it's so funny the parts you guys pick out to comment on. lol.

sandy... lol. i have boggled many minds w/my jeans collection. long nails are so gross! your bff was awesome!!

diva... right? you KNOW he's on some drugs! not working out feels awful! ghettorobics is HILARITY! people used to come just to watch. we'd be sweating at the end. no cable for 20 yrs?? ack!

desy... isn't it tho? i will be doing no shopping for a while. bah.

v... my sister had lots of ear infections when she was a baby, young child.

dreamyj said...

i'm trying to get my work out game back up as well, but school is keeping me way more busy than I ever wanted to be!

Open Grove Claudia said...

hmmm.... I hate long finger nails on a guy AND love jewelry but don't wear it. I miss dressing up to...

Living your dream life really sucks sometimes! ;)

Liz Dwyer said...

LOLOL about making that boy bring you an apple! Get it girl!

I didn't get a license till I was 23 but I'd driven illegally for a couple of years before that. And 13 pairs is not a lot of jeans. There are so many different fits and washes to choose from. I miss wearing my heels too. Can't rock them walking down the hill to pick up the boys from school.

You're awesome, Jameil!

Jameil said...

dreamy... isn't the busyness outrageous? i know it's even worse for you in med school!

claud... oh jewelry and dressing up. WE MISS THEE. well i do. lol. and hush abt sucky dream lives. lolol.

liz... hahahahaha. illegal for years? wow! i didn't think 13 was a lot either but some people are SHOCKED! by the extravagance. lol. thanks liz! you're awesome, too.

CNEL said...

LoL @ starting five.

LoL @ one point I had kid names picked out with this one girl, not with said girl, and now I know kids aren't for me.

Ms.Honey said...


I'm surprised I read all that hahaha

I love pickles I think I want one now...

Those W names I'm sooo glad you let that go along with the long explanation hhahaha

Jameil said...

cnel... not kid names chosen WITH someone! wow!

ms honey... lol. i love pickles, too! the w names & explanation were hilarity! how could i keep that to myself? lololol

Anonymous said...


I guess she could be Wendy for short.

Jameil said...

everything... most certainly not! that's her sister's name!