Entertain Yourselves *UPDATED*

Sorry, kids. The busy period has begun!  I will not be able to entertain you for the next few days with a gaggle of friends and family in town and frolicking hither and yon.  I am SO excited about my screening and ready to take over the world!!  Think happy thoughts!  Maybe read the archives...

Also...  today will be a day of rest... especially since I only saw ONE movie this week!  LOLOL.  Hopefully I'll be recovered enough tomorrow to tell you all about this weekend!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 46

1) Here's a little tip: If the majority of your tweets are s.exual, you look INCREDIBLY hard up.  #cmonson Everyone doesn't need to know all of your proclivities.  Make something a surprise to somebody!! 
2) Since it comes up weekly, we won't be putting our film online.  We WILL be applying to multiple film festivals so if there's a fest near you that you think we should enter, put in your request!
3) Funny twitter explanation of the week re: crackheadthoughts, "People are tweeting what they assume people doing crack cocaine must think." LOLOL.  Thanks twitter.  For all the people too slow to figure it out from reading two tweets.
4) I hate the term 'middle-aged.'  It sounds so boring... and OLD.  Matter of fact, I'd rather be called 'old' than middle-aged.  Not at the ripe old age of 27, but when I reach that time when people might start calling me that, I'd like to skip that particular descriptor.
5) My thesis partner and I took the weekend off last week.  Productivity-wise, it was one of the best decisions we've made in a while.  We came back refreshed and ready to take on the film.  We'll be able to work through Wednesday and wrap it up!  LOVE IT!
6) My mother never cooked with bread crumbs (she just didn't like them) so I didn't either for a long time (I know I have texture issues and I certainly don't like them on mac and cheese).  The first time I did cook with bread crumbs? SWEET BABY JESUS!!  I shall never forsake the breadcrumbs again!  No, not never!
7) I could never be a mailman.  If I saw lots of different sized packages like I've had at my house in the last week and over the next week I would be DYING of curiosity!!  I have stuff coming for my screening, post-graduation derby party, Stace's birthday & Mother's Day from several different locations.  That's not including my Rachael Ray & Food Network magazines!  I LOVE GETTING MAIL!!!
8) When you wear a LOT of makeup... it makes you look like a drag queen.
9) Speaking of makeup... I need a red lipstick!  I should go to the Mac counter.  Who to take with me??? I think Rashan! LOLOL
10) I wish it was mandatory to post who Shelly O's wearing every time you photograph her so I don't have to go looking for it.  FLOTUS is flyyyyyy!!!
11) Have I told you lately how much I love grenadine?  LOVE!!!
12) I always delete people from my facebook when I'm in a bad mood.  Then my mood improves and I promptly forget who I got rid of.  Usually they're people I don't know or speak to anyway.
13) People. It's 2010. There's no excuse for your hours not to be online.  Even if it's just on the yahoo page that has reviews.


Movies 2010, Week 14

April 18-24, 2010
How proud of me are you this week?  Putting the finishing touches on our film and still managed to watch 6 movies!!  Yeaaah!!
98) This Is It. "Documentary" about Michael Jackson's preparations for his 50-concert tour in London.  Sort of a strange opening.  I thought it could've started much better.  Some AMAZING "Mike is the man" moments like Smooth Criminal and Beat It.  Pretty good.  3.8 stars
99) Divorce, Italian Style. Italian comedy from the 1960s about a man who wants a divorce but can only get it by tricking his wife into adultery which would give him impunity in murdering her.  Nuts!  Pretty funny with the ironic twists and turns.  4 stars
100) A Place in the Sun. A George Stevens-directed film starring Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor with an appearance from Raymond Burr.  It's about a factory worker juggling a wealthy socialite and his pregnant girlfriend.  A 6-time Oscar winner.  I can see why.  Definitely a movie the Academy loved back then.  A few of the final scenes were too melodramatic but still an intriguing movie.  4 stars
101) Calamity Jane. Doris Day stars as a gangsta shooting woman in the wild west.  I wasn't expecting a musical... Silliness in a good cowboys and bad indians flick.  A child might like this.  Not I.  Very badly lip synced.  Incredibly predictable.  I was amused at times but I don't need to see this again.  3 stars
102) Hurt Locker. Riveting Oscar-winning film about an explosives team in Iraq.  Some of the photographic cinematic devices get in the way but that doesn't stop it from being a movie you're glued to from the first minutes.  Some scenes dragged because they went on too long.  I couldn't wait to look up details about how and where this was shot.  The final scenes were pretty dissatisfying.  Was something supposed to be building to that?  A good film but it could've been better with tighter editing.  I wonder what soldiers think about this film.  4 stars
103) In the Good Old Summertime.  Musical starring Judy Garland about two people who are fab pen pals who can't stand each other in person.  Yes, the 2nd version of 'The Shop Around the Corner' and 'You've Got Mail.'  At least the last one was slightly different.  I think I like this one a little better than 'Shop.'  Cute. 4 stars

I tried to watch "Paradise Now" about two Palestinians chosen to be suicide bombers who have second thoughts after visiting their friends and family.  I couldn't watch it because it was dubbed in English in the Netflix online version!!!  I refuse to watch foreign films w/English dubs.  Foolishness.


Excited Than a Mug!

And you know how excited a mug be!! REAL excited!! So next weekend is my screening! Rashan's coming Tuesday. John & I plan to be done editing & everything next Wednesday. We're adding in more music today. It's really cool! Check out the graduation weekend schedule for the rest of the week!

Thursday, April 29th
Dinner: Sushi for those who are in town!! YEAHHH!! So excited about this one! I've definitely decided I don't eat enough sushi!

Friday, April 30th
1:15-1:45 p.m. Jameil & John (my thesis partner) Screen test
5:30 p.m. The screening pt. I
7:30 p.m. The reception
8:00 p.m. The Screening pt. II Each film is about 45 minutes.
10:30 p.m. (or whenever the screening ends) Post-screening party!! There will be a keg & I've told my parents I EXPECT them to be there! I know you're old, but you can do it! LOLOL.

Saturday, May 1st
8:00 a.m. Jameil reports to graduation

8:30 a.m. Processional starts
9:00 a.m. Graduation begins (I hear there's no speaker! Say what?? You know how to get me in the house!)
11:30 a.m. Post-graduation brunch @ Jameil's
5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m. Graduation/Kentucky Derby Party! Bring a hat! Y'all. I CAINT WAIIIIIT TO BUST OUT THIS HAT!! It's gonna be the most awesome hat you've ever seen!! So derby. Derby like a mug. And again, you know how derby a mug is. DER.BY!


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 45

1) Did I tell you the day I learned Rashan knew what a bossa nova beat was and LIKED IT, it was a wrap?  A WRAP!!  LOL.
2) I love Stace.  But she's nasty.  When she doesn't use all her polynesian sauce at ChickFilA... she drinks the rest.  Her excuse: waste not, want not.  I just threw up on my way to collapsing into diabetic shock.  Ain't no cause for that. 
3) Can someone tell Best Buy these aren't real developments, but things they should've been doing in the first place?  "Now make online payments to your Best Buy Card on weekends and holidays at no cost, plus no same day payment fees when you use Online Bill Pay!" Foolishness.
4) Rashan hates it when I say tweeps. TWEEPS TWEEPS TWEEPS.  LOL.  Better than tweetie pies, n'est-├že pas?  Oui.
5) Victoria'sSecret, everyone knows 'sun-washed' means faded.  Not that cute of a term.
6) I love sending people articles about subjects they love or are passionate about, mostly from the NYT.  I'm not sure how I fell out of reading the LAT, but I did.  If you have a topic you want me to BOLO (be on the look out, Stace LOLOL), let me know and I'll email you when I come across it!
7) Rashan & I were watching Discovery Channel (or was it Animal Planet? Whichever one had a program narrated by Oprah) and were SO into the water buffalo getting killed by a komodo dragon.  Really cool.
8) Remember how the last time Rashan was here we had an incredibly bad spate of food?  This time was the opposite.  Everything we ate was bangin!!  More of that for the rest of our time together, please!
9) We've gotten an insane amount of feedback on our film in the last 2 weeks.  So much we had to take a weekend to process it.  Now we're back on our grind and getting ready for our screening next Friday.  SO EXCITED!! :)
10) My defense went well!  I now officially have a master's degree!  All that's left is to walk across the stage-- a mere formality.  I'm way more excited about my screening than graduation.  It's no secret I hate graduations.  I'll be delighted to skip the next one at Wake Forest.


Movies 2010, Week 13

April 11-17, 2010
I did so much better with my movie watching this week! Yay!!  I think w/o Rashan here I could've done even better but I'll take that trade-off!
93) Holiday Inn. Fred Astaire and Bing Crosby star in a film about a dance trio that splits up.  I was mildly annoyed by the mammy role that popped up.  That was nothing compared to Crosby in black face with a black face PICKANINNY ACCOMPANIMENT!!!!  LIVID.  Who even cares what the rest of the film is about?  Or that Bing sings 'White Christmas' beautifully?  Not me.  If you don't know why this is offensive, read this and don't give me that 'It was another time" excuse unless you're willing to use it to excuse anti-s.emitism of years past as well.  2 stars
94) Alice Adams. Katharine Hepburn stars in this 1935 film directed by George Stevesn about a small-town girl with social ambitions who falls in love with a local playboy.  My soror Hattie McDaniels also appears.  Really slow-moving film.
95) Slingshot Hip Hop.  A foreign documentary (in Arabic w/English subtitles) about Palestinian rappers.  Pretty interesting with some cool editing techniques.  It seemed like a student film.  Not in a terrible way but just that some technical things were distracting.  The story line was also very fluid.  Still, if you like music & foreign film about struggle, you will probably like it.  3.7 stars
96) Radio Bikini. Compilation documentary about an atom bomb test that affected thousands Americans.  Pretty boring with no real story line.  2.8 stars
97) 12th&Delaware. Documentary about a p.ro-life clinic at the same corner as a Florida a.bortion clinic.  Very very heavy and ominous.  3.3 stars


April Goals

This is to update my March goals and get into my April goals... mad late again.  I'm gonna be on it next month!!  I promise!!  Lol.

1) Work on my relationship with God.  I did much better on this this month!  I did a devotional almost every day.  I'm going to continue with my devotional this month!

2) Finish my film.  The amount of progress we've made is so cool!!!  An Emmy and Oscar-nominated documentary filmmaker is coming to critique our films and give us feedback at the end of the week.  AND it just so happens I really enjoyed her first two films.  Very exciting.  I defend my thesis film tomorrow at 9:30 am.  Then at the end of the month, we screen!  SO COOL!!

3) Take the next step in my career.  I did apply for a summer position so score on that front!  This month... I think I'll try to do some more networking.

4) Try new restaurants.  Great job with this in March, pretty nice in April thus far and I think I might aim for just 2 more new restaurants.  I don't really have a desire to fall in love with another restaurant here when I'm leaving June 5th.

5) Cook at least 3xs a week, 2 of those new recipes.  I did pretty terrible with this this month and am on track to do just as bad or worse.  Uhhh... yeah.  I work then get home and don't feel like doing ANYTHING.  I've been eating out a lot even though I gave up fast food for Lent.  I'm going to aim for better the rest of the month. 

6) Watch more movies.  I'm now quite behind in my movie-watching.  I don't blame the film for this one.  I blame "The Office."  I've watched every episode in the first 5 seasons and most of the episodes in the 6th season...  I'm almost caught up.  LOLOLOL.  Gotta do better.  Meh.  This is a goal I don't care that much about.

7) Workout more. I was shooting for 3xs a week and that didn't happen... again.  Same as the cooking thing.  I just don't feel like it.  But I seriously have got to do much better.  And I will.

8) Statecations.  I don't even have time for a statecation but next month... MIAMI!!!  I don't know if I'll make it on the Florida statecation front before I leave but maybe Georgia this summer.  I've always wanted to go to Augusta.  We'll see.

9) Contact my grandma once a month.  I sent her a card for Easter.  She loved it.  I sent my screening invite.  I'm sure she'll be overjoyed by that, too.  She's due a phone call this month... maybe I'll wait until her birthday on May 4th.  She gets 2 calls in May because of Mother's Day so she'll enjoy that.

10) Do taxes and FAFSA.  Way late on both of these... I'll have both done by the end of the day.


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 44

1) I started cracking up at "The Office" and couldn't stop laughing.  Rashan said, "There goes my favorite sound in the world."  I said, "My laugh?"  He said, "You laughing uncontrollably."  LOLOL!  Awesome.  I love that man.  People have been telling me for years they love my laugh but from him?  Sounds even better.  :)
2) Sometimes when people tell me they love something about me it makes feel self-conscious about it.  LOL.  But not enough to not laugh!  Hilarious.
3) Unicorns are creepy.  Why do little kids like them?  (Including little Jameil)  It's not natural for a horn to be sprouting from a horse's head.  Yuck.
4) Have I ever told you how much I love picking stuff from registries?  LOVE IT!!  The thought of being able to give someone a gift you know they'll love because they picked it = awesome!  Even better when I don't have to pay for it.  Last month was flowers Rashan sent to his mom.  The latest is Rashan's old friend/coworker who's having a baby.  Yippee!!
5) When you curse on the internet, do you really feel better about it when you change the spelling?  If so, why?  It makes me work too hard.  If you're going to curse somebody out (not that I think you should), why not go all the way?
6) I think I'm going to do a post on the art of wading through online user-generated content i.e. on news stories and product reviews.
7) Parents, I'm going to have to renew my request that you stop telling me about your children's bodily functions.  YUCK.  Rashan swears I'm going to do the same thing.  PLEASE not on fb/twitter/etc.  PLEASE!!  We're not all mommies/daddies and don't need to know!!!
8) Me and Rashan think fb pokes are the dumbest thing ever.  I kept poking him and he would be like, "Did you poke me again?  I thought I removed it.  What happened?"  And I'd act all innocent/confused.  After the third time he realized I just kept poking him.  LOLOL!!!  We spent the weekend poking and repoking each other.  It made me giggle about 10 times.  Then we stopped.
9) We are partying it up for Stace's birthday next month and I. CAN'T. WAIT!!!!  I'm so excited!!!
10) I realized I like the white people from my high school more when I see they have non-white friends.  It irritates me when I see people's pictures and they're completely segregated.  I don't really want to see you if you don't bother to be around people who don't look like you.  You seem really closed minded.  If you're not, you should know that's what your pictures say about you.  You may ask, what about the black people.  Black people live in a world surrounded by white people.  Particularly for the educated, it's highly unlikely we don't have white friends.  Call that what you want.
11) Here's something creepy about me.  When I see cute puppies or kitties in classic films, I always think about how long they've been dead...  It's not a fond thought.  It's weird, but I always think it.
12) I defend my thesis on THURSDAY AT 9:30AM!!!  How crazy is that???  We have to turn in our fine cut today (as close as possible to what we show on the 30th), then defend it individually Thursday.  I'm up at 9:30!  Oh yeah!!!  I'm SO ready!!  '82 I was born ready! :)


Movies 2010, Week 13

It's becoming a habit, huh?  Too much work to watch movies.  I just get weary of the bad ones in much less time so I stop watching them.  It's like, why should I watch that crappy movie?  I don't want to be bored in my leisure.  It's too precious.  Holla!  I watched a ridiculously low number of movies this week.  Ready for it?  Two.  ROTFL!!  How do you go down from a record low of 3 the previous week??

April 4-10, 2010
91) Mildred Pierce.  Classic film nominated for 6 Oscars starring Joan Crawford about a woman interrogated when her second husband is found dead.  The bulk of the story is told in flashback.  Interesting though I figured out the end pretty early in.  Good, not great.  3.8 stars
92) The Killing.  Stanley Kubrick film about a race track heist.  The entire film is the build-up to the heist.  It's somewhat interesting.  The narration is incredibly irritating with its inclusion of way too many useless details.  And if the details are important, there are still too many to pay attention to.  The end was a complete and utter let down. Boooooooooooooo.  3 stars

**I also tried to watch Ruthless People. Outrageously cheesy open.  Danny Devito & Bette Midler star as husband and wife.  He wants to bump her off, then finds out she's been kidnapped for a ransom.  He thinks his problems are solved!  False.  (Of course.)  I can't even believe I got this film.  I hoped it would be funny... but I couldn't even get into the first 10 minutes.  Plot was too stupid and over the top.


April Fools?

My bad, guys.  It was indeed April Fools when I asked for advice.  Rashan and I do not have that issue.  I really do appreciate all of you who took the time to give me some wonderful advice.  I now know some of you have great perspective on things.  I won't harken back to the post that made me eschew blog advice all together because it relates to a different time in my life.  Suffice it to say, people who didn't know me like that gave me unsolicited, RUDE advice.  THAT is why I made it clear from then on: I don't want your bad advice.

What I said on April 2nd was true, I am not too proud to ask for advice.  Show me a (wo)man who leans only to (her) his OWN understanding and I'll show you a fool.  It probably won't be relationship advice since Rashan and I, though very open, aren't really letting you all the way into our relationship and you don't have the facts.  Because you don't need them.  We appreciate the support.  It's great to know there's such a large network of people we've never met rooting for us!  But to KEEP our relationship healthy, it's important that it remains our own.

Why did I keep it going?  I have this incredible aversion to people ruining other people's fun.  Let's be real about it: I get pissed.  If you think you know so much, email me or keep it to yourself.  Being the first one to say "HAHA! I KNOW YOU'RE LYING! APRIL FOOLS!!" is really only awesome to you.  So again, I apologize to anyone who may be upset but thanks for the support!


Grilled Cheese and Oatmeal

Can someone else tell Rashan this combination is nasty?  Because he won't listen to me.  Grilled cheese and oatmeal?  It's not like you eat bland oatmeal or swirl in some sriracha.  It's a lunch entree (which I find disgusting-- NOT a fan of grilled cheese since it reminds me of cheese toast and I HATE CHEESE TOAST AND KRAFT SINGLES-- another Jameil family food legend...) and a sweet breakfast food.  Not okay.  The two should not mingle. When I said it was gross, he said, "WHY ARE YOU ADVENTUROUS ABOUT FOOD UNLESS I'M EATING IT???"  Is that a real question?  Can you enlighten me as to what is adventurous about OATMEAL (which I like) and grilled cheese (WHICH 3-YEAR-OLDS LIKE...)?  I like grilled HAM & cheese but cheese and bread a sandwich do not make.  So tell him he's nasty in the comments after you hear this story. 

One day before school, my mom, as usual was making us breakfast.  (She used to be a stay at home mom... but I don't remember if she was at this point.)  Today, she decided it would be cheese toast.  I had grown increasingly to loathe cheese toast.  It was toast with a Kraft single on top MICROWAVED.  UGH.  I feel slightly nauseous just thinking about it.

My sister, the much pickier eater, but a pleaser, was happily eating and I refused.  My mom said, "You better eat that."  I said, "I don't want to. If I eat it I'm gonna throw up."  I think I was about 9.  She said, "Eat it anyway."  I was obedient.  (Except with beets.)  I ate it.  Then I threw up.  TOLD YOU.  I'm a woman (or child) of my word, son.  She doesn't remember this story but my sister and I retold it over Christmas.  MERRY CHRISTMAS, MOM.  Now eat your cheese toast.  I still don't eat cheese toast.  And I still don't eat Kraft singles.  I used to eat them on burgers but now I'll pass on the plastic cheese.  I'd rather eat it plain.  (Side note: I never willingly ate a cheese-less burger before hitting 22 and still find it to be an abomination.)


Monday Mindspacing Vol. 43

1) There's nothing sexy about a man with a LouisVuitton bag.  Of any kind.  I'm convinced you don't play for my team.  That's fine.  But I'm not going to bother to find you sexy.
2) It drives other people crazy when I'm with a bunch of people I know and take a picture of myself.  Like w/all these people around, why not let one of them take it?  Well... because I might like my vantage point better.  Any more questions?
3) If you block someone, does that make you exempt from all the retweets?  Let's say, and this is only an example, someone wanted to stop seeing RevRun tweets from followers...  If I block him, will that magically happen?  Let's try it.  IT DOES!!  You're welcome!
4) I almost deleted Stace the other day when she retweeted 50 things from EBadu/her stans.  Go write a blog.
5) Sometimes I want to tell people they're "smart."  Like, "You so 'smaaaart.'"  *Eye roll*  We make fun of you b/c we're mean girls + Rah.  To quote La, "Not saying you're stupid but you're giving your brain more credit than it deserves." HAHAHAHAHA!! 
6) Biggest twitter/fb/blog/life irritant?  Studied aloofness.  No one DOESN'T CARE that much.  Not possible.
7) I can tell all the people who don't live in Florida b/c they're handing out soup recipes.  It's 70+ or 80+ daily here... done with soup!  Lol.
8) Best Chinese food menu item description?  "Are you tired of your everyday bland soup entrees? Declare your independence with a tender chicken broth packed with selected white meat from the v.irgin b.reast of the great American chicken."  The what part from the who?  ROTFL!!!
9) My mom HATES green beans.  That is HILARIOUS to me.  Wait.  You like beets, turnips & liver but not green beans?  That makes NO. SENSE.  She had them poorly prepared too many times.  Ironically (maybe?) she prepares them amazingly.  Yessss chicken broth instead of water!
10) There are only 3 things I'll leave my room for when I'm sleepy or going in there to wind down: lip gloss, lotion & sudoku!
11) I'm SO glad my bedroom is the darkest one in the house.  I'm a night person.  So I do a lot of day sleeping when I can.  Florida must have the brightest sun I've ever lived in.  Like walk out the house and your eyes beg for mercy (MERCY!).  Like sunglasses are more than a fashion statement.  Like you get the point.  But somehow my window gets the least amount of light.  SCORE!  :)
12) One of my cousins just said counting down to Florida..... If she comes to Florida & says nada to me, I'm gonna be PISSED.  For like 5 seconds.  Then I'm going to go where she lives, talk about it, and make no plans to see her.  I'll have Rashan or my mom to keep me company.
13) I used to have an aversion to kettle cooked chips.  Now they delight me! :)
14) If you went to see the latest TylerPerry movie this weekend, I'm sad for you.


Movie Break!!

I only watched 3 movies this week so I was going to just save them for next week when I'm hopefully no longer 3 behind or still ONLY 3 behind but why not?  Of course I've been working hard on my own film 6 days a week.  I love the progress we're making (my thesis partner and I).  It's really cool to see the story line come down and the visuals coming into place.  I like when we agree on things and can see the value in getting rid of things.  I even like tamping down on my need to control things!  Goody! 

Tomorrow our third rough cut is due.  We'll be in the lab for 3 hours today putting the final touches on it.  It's really close to where we need it to be for our fine cut due next Monday which is the last cut we'll show our professors before we show them the final film.  Really cool!  My thesis defense is 11 days away!!!  Can you even believe it???  That sounds SO crazy!!  And my screening is less than a month away.  Wow... time flies when you're busy as all get out and mostly enjoying it!!  (Sometimes a break is nice!)

March 28- April 3, 2010
88) Send Me No Flowers.  Rock Hudson, Doris Day & Tony Randall star in this film about a hypochondriac man who is convinced he's going to die very soon.  I seriously CANNOT believe how long this film went on!!!  It went from silly to outrageously irritating.  EDIT.  Rock Hudson is nice to look at, though.  2.3 stars
89) Come September. Rock Hudson, Sandra Dee star in a film about an Italian love affair filled with insane events.  Really funny and fun at first but dragged on too long. :(  Brings it down to a 3.5-star film.
90) Kitty Foyle. Drama (for which Ginger Rogers won an Oscar) about a working girl dating two men, one of whom has a mother who doesn't approve of her.  Kind of boring.  Meh.  3.3 stars


Advice: The Follow-up

I would like to thank all of you who offered advice.  No thanks to those of you who didn't.  ESPECIALLY YOU, GINAE.  Loud and wrong.  Almost makes me never want to ask for advice again.  But I don't let other people's ideas of me control me.  I'm curious as to why all of you were so sure I wouldn't ever ask for advice.  I mean I know I'm me but really?  NEVER?  I'm NEVER going to ask for advice?  Let's check the archives.

Most recently, I talked about how single people shouldn't give relationship advice.  I made the caveat HORRIBLE advice.  If single people give GOOD advice, then it's fine, but so often it's like, "GIIIIIIRL!! THAT MAN AIN'T NOTHIN!! DON'T TAKE THAT!!"  Chile please.

Then another time I talked about how people (Rashan) give unsolicited advice on how to manage my time.  UNSOLICITED being the operative word.  MESSSSSS.

That doesn't mean I don't know how to take advice.  I just don't know how to take bad advice.  Sometimes hearing things from other people, even obvious advice that you already knew for other people somewhere in the back of your head, is what makes things click.


Advice Needed

As you know, Rashan and I have a great relationship.  We love being together and it's becoming increasingly torturous to be apart.  There's just one problem. 

I really want to get married and it's not that he doesn't because obviously he's an old man, but he's put all these obstacles to us getting married any time soon.  He wants me to be out of school, he wants us to live together first (which I'm opposed to), and he wants us to have at least $5,000 saved toward a wedding and we haven't even started.  I feel like all of these are stalling tactics. 

I know what you're thinking, why would I put our business out like this on the blog?  Especially since I usually eschew blog advice.  Mostly because our relationship started on the blog and we've kept you guys mostly in the loop.  Plus sometimes a person who's a relative stranger is the one with the best advice.  I don't think it's fair to only talk about the great things and leave out the difficult things.  I've blocked him from viewing my blog for the day so feel free to be completely honest.  Do you think he wants to really marry me?  Are these just stalling tactics?  Is he being reasonable and I'm being unreasonable?  What should I do?